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  1. Joseph, congratulations on your milestone! Thank you for all of your contributions to FISD and the 501st!
  2. Congratulations Scott! Welcome to the ranks! It's awesome to have another Centurion trooper in the Dune Sea Garrison! One of Us!
  3. Congratulations Trooper and awesome work! Welcome to the Centurion ranks!
  4. Thank you! It's an honor to be in the Stormtrooper Hall of Fame! In that photo, I'm the short Stromtrooper in the back
  5. Great looking armor Scott! Good luck on your Centurion application! One of Us! I had the same exact thing happen to my back armor in my Centurion application photos and I have the same issue with the paint rubbing off of my doopy-doos blaster grip as well and I even primed it before painting. I think it just happens with use and is highly visible because the off-white color of the resin underneath. Not really sure how to remedy this issue.
  6. This is very exciting! "The March to 1000" was a lot of fun so I'm really looking forward to the "Centurion 500"!
  7. Troop # 7 Date: March 11, 2020 Location: Phoenix, AZ Event: Phoenix Children's Hospital - PCH Zone & Bedside Visit This was my last troop before the lockdowns started. My fellow troopers and I visited the local children's hospital to hang out with the kids in their PCH Zone. I helped out with Star Wars trivia, played some Battlefront II with the kids, and helped put some smiles on some young faces.
  8. Welcome to FISD Michel! Very nice looking set of armor and cool flag!
  9. Hello Nicolas and welcome to FISD! Good luck on your journey of becoming an Imperial Stormtrooper! I look forward to seeing your progress
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