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  1. Thank you! As of right now I have to work on the 2nd and I haven't been able to find someone to cover my shift. I'm still working on it and hoping I can make it to the MS walk.
  2. Thank you! I took a look at your thread, thank you for the tips. I'm not signed up for any troops yet but I hope to find one soon that fits my hectic schedule. In the mean time I'll get to work on my EI application!
  3. Hello! My Anovos ANH Stunt Trooper armor was approved on 10/23/2019 and it's my first costume for the 501st! I'm very excited to join the ranks of the 501st Legion and my local Dune Sea Garrison in Arizona. I ordered my Anovos kit on 12/27/2016 and my BB Day was 01/11/2018. I was slow going on getting my armor put together and it spent months at a time sitting on the back burner to life. I was finally able to get my armor completed September of this year and submit my application to the 501st. It is my intention to apply for EIB and Centurion status. A few thank yous: Thank you @TK1636for inviting me into your home and helping me build my armor. Thank you @ukswrath for your amazingly detailed build thread which I tried to follow closely as possible. Thank you @justjoseph63for the flexible hand plates. Thank you @T-Jayfor the E-11 Completion kit. (I still haven't finished my Doopy Doo's blaster kit however) Thank you @TKittellfor the canvas belt. Thank you @Darman for the neck seal and holster. Thank you @FISD E-11 Reference Teamfor the fantastic E-11 build guide. Thank you @gmrhodes13for the suggestions on how to get my armor up to EIB and Centurion standards. Before: After:
  4. TK 37423 requesting access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31372 Thank you!
  5. Well I hope the ab/kidney rivets are okay with my GML, he's the one who installed them! However, I am hoping for EIB and Centurion approval. In order to re-position the snaps on the belt I will have to punch new holes in the canvas belt, correct? Or do I use the same method you mentioned for the ab/kidney rivets and fill in the male snaps on the ab plate and drill new holes slightly higher? Tony's build thread was my bible while building my armor. I used it almost exclusively other than the help from my GML. As for the arms, which gap looks correct? I know they are off but I'm not sure which one I need to move. Thank you for the help!
  6. Thank you for the input gmrhodes13. I didn't realize I had that much more work to do! Yikes! I have a question about the belt and side rivets. How do I make adjustments to those pieces since they're already set in place via holes drilled in the armor and belt and set with rivets, snaps etc. Would I just have to get a new belt and start over? I'm not sure how else I could move it up and over.
  7. Hello All, I recently finished my armor that I've been working on here and there for about a year and a half now. I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about it or suggestions on how to make it better, or know if it's good enough for basic approval. Thank you! 1. First/last name: Eric Foehner 2. Future Garrison: Dune Sea Garrison 3. Armor maker: Anovos 4. Helmet maker: Anovos 5. Cloth belt maker: Rob Kittell 6. Neck seal maker: Darmans Props 7. Boot maker: Imperial Boots 8. Blaster maker: DoopyDoos E-11 kit (WIP) 9. Height: 5’ 8” 10. Weight: 156 lbs 11. TK type: ANH Stunt 12. Contributors: Michael Culp, Ukswrath's Anovos TK build thread P.S. I'm aware that the left drop box is stuck behind my thigh armor. This is just something I missed while taking photos. It normally sits correctly in front of the thigh lined up with edge of the ammo belt.
  8. Yeah, I tried this and it did not work out so well for me ha ha ha. There was a lot of glue holding the mesh into place! I ended up having to make new screens from a strainer I got at the dollar store but I think they turned out fine.
  9. Very nice work! How did you remove the mesh without damaging it to paint the inside of the mic tips?
  10. Very cool. I haven't seen that site yet. Thank you for sharing Shawn.
  11. Thank you Joseph! There's such a huge amount of information here it's a bit overwhelming. I've looked over those threads a bit already but I will definitely be reading them more in depth and using as much help and guidance as I can get. This seems to be a really supportive community with an incredible amount of knowledge and talent. Very exciting stuff! Thanks for the heads up on the DoopyDoo kit. I think 8 weeks would give me enough time to do my research, gather tools and materials, and come up with a plan on how to build the blaster so I could hit the ground running when it arrives. I'll use your supply list to do the same thing for the armor kit before BBB day. I am definitely interested in a pair of your silicone hand guards as well. Do you have a specific glove that you recommend for using with your guards? I did a bit of looking around for gloves but I'm not 100% sure what exactly to get for Centurion. Thanks for the help!
  12. Hello fellow Eric and thank you! I like your 501st ID number. I hope to have a very similar ID one day
  13. Hello Everyone! My name is Eric and I'm located in Phoenix, AZ. I've been considering a TK build for a couple years now and I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a kit. I ordered an Anovos Classic TK kit and I'm expecting delivery in Q3 of 2017. Until it arrives I will be doing a lot of research and supply acquisition. I will be building an ANH Stunt Trooper and I am shooting for 501st Centurion status. I am very excited about the prospect of joining the 501st and helping my community though trooping. What the 501st does is just fantastic and I can't wait to be a part of it! I also hope to complete an E-11 blaster kit before Big Brown Box day! I have been doing research on kits the past couple of days and I'm leaning towards a DoopyDoo kit with T-Jays V.3 completion kit and some 3D printed parts. Any advice on where to start, what kits to look at, what threads I should check out, etc. would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to getting started on this project and getting to know the members on this forum! Eric R.I.P. Carrie Fisher
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