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  1. TK11764 Requesting 501st access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32204 Sorry about that.
  2. Hello all. I was just approved for basic and I'm really excited to be here. My costume is ANH. I'm in Central Florida and looking forward to getting past this pandemic so I can join in on trooping. I've wanted to be a trooper for a while but didn't really know how or any of the background. The original trilogy came out in theaters when I was kid and I was hooked. The troopers were the coolest. Lately, I would see the TKs at various events or Disney and that was it. But I was kinda pushed over the edge to join by a photo I saw of 3 members ( Vader and 2 troopers) at a local courthouse during a big adoption event. The photo and story did it. I was on a mission. Making the costume was daunting but fun at the same time. It's better because of the effort put into it. Thanks yo everyone in on this site who helped me along the way! I'm 54 and feel like a kid again. Long live the Empire. TK11764 out.
  3. Thanks CableGuy. I have a big butt so I think I’ll keep the butt plate as is. It keeps it all in and I Don’t want to scare anyone the thigh ammo belt will be trimmed today. I left it up to now as one of the reference photos I saw showed it sticking out past the rear edge so I thought I was good. I like to suggestion about the back plate. Will trim the sides of that down as well.
  4. Thanks for all of the well wishes and support. I’ve submitted my request to my local GML for basic. While I’m waiting to hear back I have a question related to comfort and mobility. I’ve seen and read comments about cutting away part of the back of the thighs and or shins to cedar a better fit and ease of walking. What is the correct way to cut away the back of the shins and thighs So I can walk better? I know to keep the cut at or just above the ridge line but how do you measure so it even in both sides and not lopsided? TIA.
  5. Thank you all very much. Cover strips cut down and TD clips shortened. Going to submit today for basic approval with my garrison. Wish me luck.
  6. Adjustments completed. Thanks so much for the input. The trimming has been done and the armor fits better. Shoulders, etc. aligned much closer. Large ab plate flipped (can't believe I did that in the first place). Well now what do y'all think? Good enough for basic?
  7. Ok so just so I’m clear and I don’t mess this up: I’m going to fill the back seam of the shim where it connects to the kidney plate with paste and fill in the 3 rivet holes next to the seam. Then make the 3 rivets on my chest plate and the shim that connects to the chest plate. OR do I make another shim and connect to the chest plate and have the 2 shims meet in the middle? Sorry for the questions, hope I’m explaining it right.
  8. So can I leave the seam on the kidney plate that I have now (where the rivers are currently) or do i need to fill it with paste?
  9. Justjoseph63, OK thanks for the input. Biceps shouldn't be an issue-I can trim those down. Arms maybe a little. I was following a tutorial on the kidney shim and I thought the rivets went on each side of the shim. So you're saying to put 3 rivets on the chest piece and the other 3 on the shim part that buts up to the chest? Thanks again.
  10. Ukswrath- Thank you . I followed your tutorial! Major help to me.
  11. Name: Steve McDaniel Unit: Florida Garrison/Makaze Squad Armor: AM Helmet: AM Belt: Trooper Bay Neck Seal: Darmans Props Boots; Jivana Blaster: JSCosplayArmory Hgt: 5' 11" Wgt: 247 TK Type: ANH Stunt Names: Dave Conklin, Gary Collins, FL GML (Tim Boyle)
  12. Ok here are more photos of my build. It's actually starting to look like a stormtrooper. The ammo belt is almost done. I still need to attach the holster. The issue I found is that the plastic inside the belt to help stop the sagging is back further from the edge of the outer plastic ammo belt than I thought. The tutorial I'm following (UKwrath's) is saying to go 20mm or 40 mm from the edge of the plastic ammo belt for the first hole on the holster. The plastic inside the belt is like 70 mm back (seems to fit on the back part of my hip when I wear it). Is that a deal breaker on any level for approval? For some reason I cant upload any more pictures. Apparently I've already reached 81+ KB.
  13. Thanks! Yes I met Gary Jr and Sr at the last armor party he had a few weeks ago. Both Gary's are "wizards" at this stuff. At the time I ddn't have my armor so it was more of a look and watch and ask questions for me. Thanks for the encouragement!
  14. Thanks! Yes I met Gary Jr and Sr at the last armor party he had a few weeks ago. Both Gary's are "wizards" at this stuff. At the time I ddn't have my armor so it was more of a look and watch and ask questions for me. Thanks for the encouragement!
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