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  1. Welcome to FISD. Like the others have said- this is the place to learn. Take your time and do your research on the kit you are interested in. Then check out the vendors. Ask on the forums too and contact vendors as each vendor makes their kits a tad different-everyone is built different so some armor makers work better for certain bodies than others. Where they are located can make a difference on shipping too. Immerse yourself in the forums and ask ???? Post photos of your build too so we can follow and offer encouragement and perhaps offer suggestions. For the Empire!
  2. Welcome aboard. Come in, sit down, take your shoes off and stay a while. Reach out if you need anything.
  3. Welcome. I'm in Central Florida as well (Makaze Squad). Join the Florida Garrison and depending on where you live of course will determine your squad but most likely it will be Makaze. Definitely post your BB day and as you progress on the build. FISD is great. Check out the build forums and videos. You tube too. Reach out if you need something.
  4. Welcome to the fam. Make sure you request the move from WV garrison to the SC one. Once you're settled you can get trooping!
  5. Request my profile be updated. (13) TK-11764 Troop Log - Field Training Exercises - 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (whitearmor.net) Respectfully, Steve
  6. I have completed 13 so far. Can you please add my badge for 10? (13) TK-11764 Troop Log - Field Training Exercises - 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (whitearmor.net) Respectfully, Steve McD
  7. Question sir- how do I update my trooper log  thread without making another one? I added several

    troops to just now but can figure how to update the title.  TIA.

    Steve McD

    1. gmrhodes13


      Go to your first post, in the top right corner there are 3 dots, click on those and another box will open with an option to edit, click on that and you should be able to edit the title.


      Hopefully that works.




  8. (13) TK-11764 Trooper log 8. 2/16/21 Mustang car club festival 9. 2/13/21 Retro toy con Rosen Hotel Orlando 10. 3/02/21 Virtual Troop for Jack via Everglades Squad. 11. 3/13/21 Movie in the Park ANH 12. 3/14/21 Retro Comic Con, Kissimmee 13. 3/20/21 Gender Reveal, Sanford
  9. 5. 12/05/20 Autism group outing in person 6. 01/27/21 Delgado wedding in person 7. 01/30/21 Superhero 5K run in person
  10. Yes sir. Does it auto update or should I update each time I add one?
  11. 4 so far: 1. 4/27/20- Virtual troop Messages for Mark. 2. 6/28/20- Virtual troop Austin- big SW fan b day wishes 3. 7/14/20- Virtual troop- Dr Berlin- big SW fan 4. 10/24/20- Trunk or Treat Halloween event Holy Cross church Lake Mary FL . In person.
  12. Imagine being that 1,000th person right now. Assuming they know. Or even the next 2-3 people in the que..
  13. Holy cow! Love the patch. Come on y’all, (that’s southern talk for “youse guys” up north), focus, take your time and it will happen. I have confidence in y’all. We are all in this together . We’re all in the trooper Family. Woo hoo. For you and the Empire!
  14. Welcome Firedog! Now put in for EIB. Do it for you and do it for the Empire!
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