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  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!! Fantastic achievement! Excellent effort put in by so many troopers. Special congratulations to our 500th Centurion!!!!
  2. Wow! Congratulations to Grave and Max!
  3. Nice! The Reference continues!!!! Hopefully more high def pics or some undiscovered pics can help shed more light on these parts.
  4. Agreed. Optional is the way to go. Too many variations with the screen used blasters. But adding details like these makes for fun blaster building.
  5. Great research going on with this. I had sort of given up on what these little parts were.
  6. Ooh La La!!!! lights!!!!! This turned out awesome! Tino , you are the MacGyver of prop making!
  7. Nice work Joseph! Looks great! Hope we can get more info on these parts. Be cool to know exactly where they might have come from or from what.
  8. I had seen the parts on the scopes but never the other parts. Thanks for sharing this Glen. Rob, I want to check out the RPF thread in this. Interested to know what all the identified parts are.
  9. Congratulations guys and welcome to Centurion! Nearly 500 strong! Finish line in sight!
  10. Congratulations Jim!!!!!! Welcome to Centurion!
  11. Agreed! That is for sure. Okay Tino, the project is there for you to challenge! Armor and blaster! Get this completed and submit to LFL and maybe we can see it in a TV show or movie!
  12. The aurebesh came out great! If you are looking for a more worn look I guess you could do a little chipping to the letters, but I like it as it is. The hose idea is another cool mod for this helmet. I think this helmet needs a full set or armor and backpack to go with it.
  13. Just when I thought you were winding down on this helmet you go and add more amazing things to it. The flashlights take the cake. This gives the helmet a more search & rescue/First aid/special Op feel. If you add lights to props you have my full attention. As a kid I loved any toys that lit up. The mini bacta tube idea is super. I think a small addition of some aurebesh text on the tank or box would look cool too. Just an idea.
  14. Yes. The tracks are just temporary set. I can take them out no problem for when I paint the tube.
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