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  1. Awesome! Congratulations Dan! Another EIB in Japan. Up next...Centurion!
  2. Great work Robert! The belt can be a bit challenging to get it right but you went fir it and it turned out well. Good research and planning.
  3. Welcome Nick. Sorry to hear you had those experiences with those armor. Making your own kit will be a huge task but if you can do it go for it I say. If that doesn't turn out as you hope, rest assured there are many other great kits around to choose from. Best of luck!
  4. Hi Marciano. Welcome to the FISD, great to have you here. ESB trooper sounds like a good start indeed for a first costume. The executioner trooper would certainly be fun to try sometime. (3D printing has come a long way and now there are many generous members who share their files for others to print out their work.) For the ESB trooper though I think you will find it lots of fun to work with original costume parts. ESB had a few interesting tidbits of history with the original suits being used from ANH and newer suits being made as well for the production. I am not well versed in ESB armor but there is plenty to read about here and from other sources on line. Best of luck on your journey. Feel free to ask away with any questions!
  5. Congratulations Dan!!!!!! Welcome to the ranks and I hope to get to troop with you soon! Wish you all the best!!!! So happy you crossed the finish line and now can enjoy being a 501st trooper.
  6. Love reading your journey. Thanks for sharing. I wish you all the very best of fun and glory in future adventures as trooper! Honored to have you in our ranks!
  7. Thanks for all your comments and ideas. I went home with the intent to leave things as they were but somehow it didn't just feel right so I did end up removing the cover strip and re-aligning the halves. Hoping it stay put during the drying stage. I think I was able to get the top edge to line up better and just sacrificed the bottom alignment a touch. I used every magnet in my arsenal and a few clamps. Update on this when it sets. Fingers crossed. Thanks again for listening. Edit: Attempt 2 photo. Magnet crazy!!!!
  8. Thanks Daniel. I think I tried to align the inner thigh with the bottom edge because the top of that ridge on my part is virtually flat so its hard to tell exactly where it ends. I considered heating that area and raising it to match the right side but its risky. If I re position the inner thigh to align a bit higher then the top of the thighs will even out but the very bottom edge will be uneven. Its one or the other I guess. I think after I glue the back support plate to pull the parts closer at the bottom I should be able to avoid sealing the crack.....I hope. At the moment I am feeling like I might try again, take the inner half off and re-position a bit higher so the top edges match.
  9. Thanks Rat. I guess if I cant reduce the seam with a back plate support then I might consider redoing one half so there is less of a seam.
  10. Working on my Anovos TK kit which I will probably convert to a TD. Assembling the left thigh and glued on cover strip but not quite happy with the alignment and placement. The 2 parts are quite hard to align compared to my RS TK thigh parts because the bottom ridge on the outer half (seen in the picture as right side) is very pronounced and does not sit flush with the inner half lower ridge. This makes it difficult to position the cover strip lower. If I did, the strip would not be flush and raised leaving a large noticeable cavity viewable from the side. I decided to align the bottom parts to line up rather than the top of the thighs. this has caused a bit of a problem with the outer half sitting slightly higher at the top end. (Sorry I forgot to take a pic of that.) I thought that I could trim the return edges back enough to a point where the top ridges would align a bit more evenly but I think that is not really possible. Also the two halves shifted apart a bit making the bottom ridge seam very noticeable. With some persuasion I think I can glue an underside strip to reduce the seam. From a distance it doesn't look that bad but up close, no good for me if I leave as such. When the 2 parts are flexed into the curved final position the seam almost closes up. Please excuse the messy taping and gluing. Should I remove the strip and re apply/ re align? Just would like to gather some opinions/suggestions on this. If its recommended to do so, should I align the top ridge and leave the bottom ridge uneven?
  11. Welcome James and from the looks of it you are in good hands. Getting here to the FISD is key and you have done that ! Hope you find out more info you wish to know. Building armor is tough at first but you just need to ask a lot, read up and take your time. You will get there.
  12. Hi Robert. The left thigh cover strip might need to be moved up a bit so the bottom of the strip lines up with the very top of the lower ridge section. The right side thigh cover strip has the correct placement. This pic might help: http://i1133.photobucket.com/albums/m587/RS_Prop_Masters/RS Upper Leg Build/IMG_0861.jpg The RS Props left thigh shows the cover strip position (left- original thigh/ right side-new RS thigh ) You might be able to delicately trim it down in its glued position but its risky.
  13. Congratulations on becoming a trooper! The more Brians, the merrier!
  14. Great pics! Congrats on another cool troop!
  15. I wouldn’t go too much wider as it starts to become noticeable. a few mm extra you could probably get away with but around 30mm and over it start to look too wide.
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