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  1. Very cool project Tino! Off to a great start. Will this costume be more battle damage style or fresh from the armory? I love the blast shield part.
  2. Welcome aboard Victor! Looking forward to seeing your completed TX especially with the integrated electronics. Good luck!
  3. Congratulations Alexander! Countdown from 10! Here we go!
  4. Yes, the jewelry caps are not the best and require more tedious cutting and sanding to get the right look. Plus the walls are super thin so they don't nice used on the thicker 9.2mm tube. Visually not well-balanced. Thanks for your feedback. I feel better now going with the decorative screw caps. I just ordered more to work on over the holiday break. Good point about the tubes. Agreed, the ABS clear tubes are looking to be the material of choice if I make lots of these power cylinders. And those needle files will probably do the job better than me fussing around with my dremel. If
  5. Here are the 4 different tube materials I have tested so far. From left to right: A- Plastic hobby tube (9.2mm OD) / Caps made from jewelry strap ends.) B- Clear ABS tube (9mm OD / decorative metal screw end caps) C- Aluminum tube (9mm OD / decorative metal screw end caps) D- Brass tube (9mm OD / decorative metal screw end caps) Not sure what is the best to use overall but for price, availability and ease to work with, the clear ABS hits all of those checks. They will be painted so the clear tubes shouldn't be an issue to use. The brass ones have nice
  6. Latest on my power cylinders- Found some newer style end caps that are cheaper and easier to modify than the ones I previously posted. End caps: 10mm OD/ 8mm ID Brass Tubing: 9mm OD To get the end cap inner diameter to fit over the 9mm brass tubing I had to drill once with an 8.5 flat profile drill bit and then again with a 9mm drill bit. I found drilling in one go with the 9mm drill bit resulted in more inaccuracy. The great thing about the flat profile bit is that it leaves a nearly perfect centered indent. This sets up my marks to drill the center holes f
  7. Wow, this is cruising along. Way to go troopers! Congrats to all those that have recently made it. Finish line is so close now!
  8. Yes Tino, correct. I am trying to make a master set to make copies from. That’s the plan for the resin ones at least. I tried using right angles ABS strips for the base plate. ABS is easier to drill for sure and would certainly be a better idea for the resin power cylinders as you suggested. The right angle parts are okay but I am not liking the sharp angle of the bend so maybe it’s better to have them laser cut on a flat piece and then just need some heat to bend them into shape. Thanks for your suggestions. I was originally thinking of all resin casted but the base plate is not
  9. Had a chance to test drilling out the inner threaded section on these caps. Luckily I had the right size drill bit but found some drilling oil is needed. You can see from left to right- pre-drilled, partially drilled and fully drilled out. Last thing to do is to cut down the cap to its final size with the mini pipe cutter. These caps look really nice and have some weight to them. Unfortunately more expensive than the jewelry caps and require drilling so these are just for experimentation at the moment. Has anyone ever used this service for CNC
  10. Thank you! They are certainly not easy to make consistently. I find something wrong each time I work on the parts.
  11. Offering metal versions?????? No way!!!!! Ha! I can't even drill the center hole correctly. Maybe if I get better at making them it's an idea to think about. But if people want really accurate and machine crafted power cylinders they should go to Chris or Dennis, Andy as well if he decides to make them again. Chris's cylinder kits are super nice too for the people who want to build them. Perhaps I could prepare kits for the budget builder. The materials I use are relatively cheap. Just labor intensive and hard to get the drill holes perfect and the cuts clean and aligned. Ho
  12. Progress on making my own power cylinders: Here is what I have made so far. Aluminum base plate is still not cut to finish yet. My tools for drilling and cutting are very basic so its hard to make these with more precision. More work on these in the next coming weeks. Paper mockup of the base plate. Still need to work on my template but so far it seems sufficient to use. End Caps- 10mm metal fittings. These are used in jewelry making. The walls are too thin when placed onto the 9mm tubing so I need to use some kind of filler or glue. I
  13. Thank you Daniel for all your time and effort.
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