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  1. Thanks Joseph. Most likely I will be making this kit into a Sandtrooper but there is a part of me that wants to make this into a ANH Hero so building to centurion would be the aim. Cheers!
  2. Cheers. I always assumed the right side corner of the ammo pack had to be positioned close the rear edge. Even spacing is okay even if the gap to rear edge is more than a 1/4? Just want to be sure. My RS ammo pack was long enough to so it was easy to install, no fuss. Thanks. Had a look at several EIB approvals. Each builder positioned their ammo packs slightly different.
  3. Left corner/inner thigh Right side/outer thigh With the magnets I am able to stretch the edges further so it’s not as bad as it looked when I first mocked it up. Left side still about 3/4 inch but much better.
  4. I am about to instal the thigh ammo pack for my Anovos kit but noticed the ammo pack is quite short in length. If I try to align it so there is an even amount of space one each from the rear corners the placement ends up quiet a distance from those rear corners. Basically setting the right side at 1/4 inch from the rear corner, the inner thigh side of the ammo pack is roughly 1 inch from the rear corner. My RS kits did not have this problem. Is this common with the Anovos kits? It’s a first wave kit. Wondering if I should just get the position correct for the outer right side and just deals with the inner thigh side being far off from the rear corner.
  5. Welcome Ana. Sith troopers are super cool. Hope you can get started in your journey soon. Any questions feel free to ask.
  6. Welcome Art to the FISD! Your prop building skills will come in handy for sure.
  7. Thanks Mark and Mario for tor feedback. Mark, they look good all painted up. Mario, I see what you mean about them being possibly too wide. Maybe Mark can do a test fit to see how they are since he already has them in hand.
  8. I can across these boots at H&M clothing store here in Japan. Interested to know if these are good or not for all levels. They look fairly close but not quite sure. Thoughts?
  9. Nice touch up work on the helmet. I have been working on painting an ATA helmet kit and tried my hand at painting the thin black lines on the traps. After many minor fixes to get the line a bit more consistent, I used very fine black tip oil marker to fill in the tiny line areas that were bothering me. Not exactly movie prop accurate but works well and happy with the results. The marker I used is a ZEBRA マッキー .7mm /.3mm
  10. Hi Mike. Here is the link to my build on that part. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/28778-bulldog44-dd-e-11build/?do=findComment&comment=368348 Sorry it’s not well documented in detail but I did record saying it was .8mm thin aluminum sheeting. It’s merely a cosmetic faceplate to look like the bolt but it does move back considerably like a real bolt. It’s held in place with the help of the cocking pin & to the parts underneath. It rests against the spring so it has a bit of recoil when pulled back. Not entirely durable but it works as I intended. If you want me to shoot a quick video I can do that for you. it was a a fun mod to do but took a lot of resin carving out and patience. The .8mm aluminum plate was easy to bend over a metal pipe. And easy to cut, sand to shape. Happy to answer mor e questions if you have them. Shoot me a PM or reply here. Cheers Tino! . It’s good to revisit some of these mods as it’s been a long time since I did them and could use a refresher.
  11. I helped Robert with the photos and the calf halves shifted a bit when I was aligning the thighs and calves for the front photo. Normally they are closed and do not show any opening. A slight twist back in one direction and the halves line up nicely and are fully closed.
  12. I am considering that if he is okay for me to do the work.
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