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  1. Fantastic build Joseph! What a journey to see this through. Extremely honored you asked me to help out. Best of luck with the auction and hoping it raises big bucks for that charity.
  2. Awesome! Value is just what gmrhodes13 has said. Someone paid a lot for an original Sonix a while back and think that’s the one RS props uses now. It was well over $1,000 or way more but that was the first one anyone found at that point. There have been a few discovered so value is certainly what someone is willing to pay for it. I am interested in it if you are selling. For me the value needs to be realistic in that I would be copying the radio to make kits. So top dollar is not something I could pay as the cost to make molds, etc. would need to be considered to make it even worth it. PM me if you are interested to sell it.
  3. Happy a help a great cause. Thanks for reaching out to me for a scope. Can’t wait to see this blaster finished in all its glory.
  4. Welcome Paige. Time to build a set of armor varies but always go a pace that you feel comfortable with. Never rush things and double or triple check if you are ever unsure. Everyone is here to help.
  5. Stay safe. Looking forward to see what progress you make next.
  6. Cheers. Even if it does show up I need to have my folks ship it to me in Japan. Just might have to wait until I visit home next year. I guess another year to have it in hands won't kill me at this point. LOL.
  7. I contacted them last year and they said they would make sure my order would be fulfilled. I sent them a recent message just in case to make sure they have my order number and info. They replied and told they didn't have my shipping info but located my order number. So fingers crossed they will ship that out soon. Nice to see other people getting their goods.
  8. Excellent research with these parts. Never a dull day on the FISD.
  9. Welcome Goldammer! No worries about experience with armor building. It's a fun learning experience with lots of great support here on the FISD.
  10. The blaster cam out amazing. Top notch work! I am currently copying an MGC part for part. A nice guy who owns one in Japan kindly disassembled his so I can make molds. Once I finally get it all molded and casted up I will be back here looking how to make or acquire all the add ons to make it an ROTJ blaster. Thank you for sharing all the information on this build.
  11. The work done on this is amazing. I have 2 Disney blasters I gutted for the electronics and was thinking to junk the shells but after seeing what Hideya has done I am considering to convert them.
  12. Excellent build! It is great to see how you ran the wires from the scope by drilling the hole in the scope base. Although I make the scopes I have yet to try setting up a blastfx scope display. Hoping to try this soon. Thank you again for sharing such a detailed build log of your Asahi blaster. This deserves to be pinned for future member builds who attempt an Asahi blaster conversation.
  13. Excellent build! The original looks pretty cool but the addition of the aluminum receiver really transforms it.
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