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  1. Nice work on the paint so far. If you are not satisfied with the under layer of brass/gold after you paint the scope black, try looking into brush on metallic paints that you can polish after painting. They look quite impressive when done correctly. For the black coat, as already mentioned, semi-gloss more than flat black.
  2. Bulldog44

    Okinawa Comic Con 2018

    Thanks for sharing this Asa! Have a look a look on the JG forum and see my XO message about FISD badges. Would like to start to get more troopers in the JG showing their achievements by adding their badges in their signatures on the forum. Hope to see you at Tokyo Comic Con this year if you can make it!
  3. Nice! Can’t wait to this all together and painted up. AmZing work hollowing it out and adding the finest touches with the micro screws.
  4. Bulldog44

    Greetings from PA

    Welcome! Listen to all the sage advice above. I would also add, don't start buying things like crazy like I did. You end up with lots you find you don't want or need for your end game. Research a lot and give yourself time to exhaust the possibilities. After you looked at enough and read enough you start to build a better idea of what you will want to shoot for in the end. Best of luck and ask for help along the way. Here to help!
  5. Bulldog44

    Officialy Hello from VA

    Welcome Chris. Best of luck on your TK journey. Yes, research and more research. But please feel free to reach out and ask members here for any infp. Happy to help out when you need it.
  6. Great work hollowing that out. You will get a nice amount of light passing through.
  7. Bulldog44

    HELP! Broken trigger on Resin blaster

    Fieldmarshall might be able to supply a single trigger if you ask.
  8. Yes, nice touch using the rubber o ring. I have been testing using them too on my scope kits to hold the smaller end lens in place instead of using glue. Nice find on the micro screws. This is one major scope operation and is coming along great. More popcorn needed.lol.
  9. As Tino said, lens curved side faces outward on both ends. If you are in need of the outer retaining rings both large and small, let me know and I can send some resin ones I have from my kits. Great work on the scope!
  10. Bulldog44


    Nice, clean build thread . Looking forward to seeing you finish this. Keep up the great work! Also PM if you get a chance. Sent you a few messages but haven't heard back yet. I am ready to resend your package.
  11. The scope came out great. Love this build. Sorry I have not been commenting lately. Hope to catch up on this build in detail on my train ride tomorrow morning. Keep up the great work.
  12. Bulldog44

    M38 Hollow Core Scope Project 2016 - Bulldog44

    https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2214560615494348&type=1&l=7882c00bd3 Some useful info for the scopes and assembling the kit with the supplied lenses.
  13. Yes, as Tino mentioned there were modified scopes it seems with added lens attachments, some modified internally to make them into microscopes. But the smaller end lens housing (cylindrical part sticking out) was never removed, just those attachments added using the threading on the inside. I know the feeling to want to add realism as much as possible but I would keep the scope end original and try to add just the lens. You can can give it a try though if you want to and order another resin scope from doopy if you decide to go the other way. That’s what I did. I ordered a second scope just in case I destroyed mine during the hollowing process.
  14. Bulldog44

    Greetings from Long Island New York!

    Welcome fellow Long Islander! Great to have you here and happy to hear you ready to start your journey to the 501st. Ask away when you need help. (Side note: My profile location says Japan but I'm originally from the LI. Great to have more troopers patrolling over there, doing good!)
  15. Bulldog44

    Hi from the UK

    Welcome John. Starting with the blaster is a good first step. Lots to mod if you want or just go for a straight up build. Either way it helps with any jitters you might have about assembling armor. Best of luck on your journey and feel free to ask away. Blaster reference is a great guide to see what's possible with blaster builds. Like Tino, the link is in our signatures.