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  1. Welcome back Jerome. It’s great you are making your back to being a TK. I just assembled an ATA helmet which I bought years ago as a practice build. The ABS still looks fresh and new after sitting in a box for 5 years. For boots, go with what Joseph and Glen recommend, Imperial Boots. I just bought a pair in December 2019 for my sandy and they are very comfortable. Still breaking them in while I work on the costume. Price is good too. Best of luck with your armor. Certainly visit the FISD builds when you can, it’s a great motivator. See you on the forum! Feel free to reach out to ask questions when you need help.
  2. Just want to say a big thank you for the very nice visual upgrades to the forum. I really love the new section banners. They pop nicely and make scrolling through even better. Great work to the individual or team doing this!
  3. Great story as to how you ended up here! Congratulations trooper! Happy trooping to you!
  4. Here is our local forum link https://501st.jp/forums/index.php Two san will process your registration and then you should be up and running in no time there. hope to see you on there soon!
  5. Thanks. Appreciate you guiding Hideya san to Asa and me. I missed seeing this post on Sunday.
  6. BTW, Hideya san, please sign up to the Japanese Forum. Great to have you on there and other members can also assist with any help as well if you need more advice on sourcing certain items . Sometimes I am not aware of all the options in Japan. I can post up there too and ask about the s trim if it can be found in Japan
  7. Thanks Joseph for helping out here. I haven’t found a vendor in Japan for the S trim but can help source some for Hideya if he needs help. Hideya san, I have sent you a PM reply and can help with ordering some S trim for you if you are interested . Feel free to contact me about ordering some s trim
  8. This build is really coming along. Great work on this. Brave work on the shoulder bell hot bath dip. I know if i did that I would mess it up for sure with my luck.
  9. Nice job Scott. I like the spacer idea for the rail scope. Build is coming along nicely. The stamping is a nice touch to the bolt.
  10. Lol. HWT is something I might consider for sure!
  11. Thanks Joseph. Most likely I will be making this kit into a Sandtrooper but there is a part of me that wants to make this into a ANH Hero so building to centurion would be the aim. Cheers!
  12. Cheers. I always assumed the right side corner of the ammo pack had to be positioned close the rear edge. Even spacing is okay even if the gap to rear edge is more than a 1/4? Just want to be sure. My RS ammo pack was long enough to so it was easy to install, no fuss. Thanks. Had a look at several EIB approvals. Each builder positioned their ammo packs slightly different.
  13. Left corner/inner thigh Right side/outer thigh With the magnets I am able to stretch the edges further so it’s not as bad as it looked when I first mocked it up. Left side still about 3/4 inch but much better.
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