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  1. Almost there with this. A bit more sanding on some parts to get them to fit, attach and its ready for paint. Keep on pushing forward! The finish line is within sight!
  2. Thank you Joseph for all you have done as XO. Always a true trooper helping us all out and it’s never forgotten. I am happy to hear you will still be on staff so please take your time getting back to things. Life and family first. All the best to you.
  3. Sorry there have not been any updates to post yet. I had issues casting the stock and the end cap without bubbles but think I solved how to do the stock but end cap still needs a bit of tinkering . Also just ordered more resin and silicone to get small parts made. These take time as there are a few with irregular shapes that pose a challenge to cast. My goal is to minimize the seam lines. Hope to have more updates soon for you. Thanks for following this project . Stay tuned !
  4. Thanks Don. Advice always welcome and appreciated. I do coat my molds with baby powder but maybe I am using it too sparingly so I will try and apply it as you mentioned. Cheers!
  5. Thanks Ted. You’re too kind. Yes, certainly. No problem at all to order specific parts. Up close though the stock has lots of tiny air bubbles but easy to fill I think. Hopefully I can get less bubbles next casting. PM here or on FB about which parts you want and I can try casting them up for you soon.
  6. Latest Test Casts- slow progress, no time to work at night much but managed to test the parts seem below. The main stock wishbone frame still has a few trapped air issues but think I can solve that. The end cap was getting me worried as I could not cast one decent one after 4 attempts. Finally figured out a way to get the trapped air out.
  7. Recent Test Castings- Some parts still coming out of the molds a bit rough looking. Grip came out the best so far. End cap had some bubble issues. Bolt is good but wish I molded it so the cocking handle holes were more sunken. They will need to be drilled out. Hope for more to come later this week (folding stock parts) Grip- Grip with Trigger assembly- Bolt, Magazine Housing and magazine Front nozzle section and end cap
  8. Welcome aboard Albert! Looking forward to see a build thread if you get one started. Be sure to check out the build threads and ask questions when you need to. Some armor kits have minor differences from other makers so its a good idea to check out builds with the same armor to see how people tackled things. I followed a few RS armor builds when I built mine as there were a few concerns I had when trimming it and assembling. It helped to consult with RS TKs and builders to relieve some of the concerns I had at the time. Best of luck on your TK journey!
  9. Looks like the real deal! Nice paint work!
  10. Wow! This is stunning! What a great build and I learned a lot from your postings. Sorry I haven't regularly checked in. The final product is amazing. Great job. Chris's effort to bring the community a super metal e-11 is not talk of tales anymore, it is actually here. Great to see more of these beasts ready for duty! Thanks so much for sharing the build!
  11. Looks great. Good catch Mark on the frown paint. Yes, its hard to see but the paint should extend past the uncut tooth. Easy to add that Robert. Wasn't sure if its the lighting but in comparison to the grey on the top trap stickers, the ear grey does appears flatter. That would also go for the frown grey too.
  12. Welcome Andrew. Plenty of tall troopers here and they will surely be able to help you find what you are looking for. Check out any AM armor builds and EIB/Centurion approval threads to see the armor and how it looks. You will probably come across some tall troopers to get a good reference point from. Best of luck! and keep asking questions if you need to, all here to help.
  13. Thanks Tino. I hope I can deliver something worthy. Your feedback is extremely valuable and I think you are totally right, the trigger guard is very fragile. I actually made my own trigger guard for my first blaster. I will see if its possible to work something out with Chris. It comes down to cost but I am open to explore options. For the mag, I am considering to buy one of his mags and cast it but I would want to ask hm first and not do anything that ins't consented to. I know its not a fabricated piece but I still feel like its his work, time and money to get these things so I will ask and see. At the moment I am in deep with the cost to start this project so that will have to wait until I get back on my feet financially. Also I want to try and get a barrel to cast too which I don't presently have. Appreciate the support and advice! Cheers!
  14. Looks great Robert! Thats the way to go, just tackle it.
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