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  1. I wouldn’t go too much wider as it starts to become noticeable. a few mm extra you could probably get away with but around 30mm and over it start to look too wide.
  2. Hi Dan. Good question. As Joseph said, it depends on where you will do your trooping the most. The good thing is you are not locked into a garrison forever and you can apply for transfers. There is one member in japan who resides in Japan but is registered in another country garrison. There is some flexibility as long as you provide a reason I would assume if you transfer. I wanted to join the Empire State Garrison when I join seeing I am originally from NY but since live in Japan, I will troop mostly here and could not justify signing up to a garrison that I am not living near or will spend any time with unless its once a year on vacation. Oh, BTW.... I am happy if you join the JG!!!!
  3. Welcome Mathew! Lots to read up on but worth every minute of it. Certainly feel free to share your ideas about making your own costumes and props. There are some talented and experienced members here who can share their knowledge and experience in making costumes.
  4. 聞きたい事や確認などがありましたらご連絡して下さい。日本語ばっちりじゃないけどなんとなくお手伝い出来ると思います。 Josephのポストでチェックリストのリンクをご覧して下さい。EIB申し込むの写真はチェックリスト通り(順番)に並べてして下さい。 このリンクも見て下さい。細かいにEIBガイドラインを説明してます。全部必要ない写真の見本があります。 https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/22583-expert-infantry-application-guidelines/ チェックリスト分からないことがありましたら教えてくだし。 EXPERT INFANTRY PHOTO CHECKLIST 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Full Body ⃝ Front – Arms at side ⃝ Back – Arms at side ⃝ Left – Arm raised ⃝ Right – Arm raised ⃝ Right Side Detail – Arm raised ⃝ Left Side Detail – Arm raised Armor Details ⃝ Abdomen Details ⃝ Action Shot ⃝ Cod and Butt Plate Attachment ⃝ Interior Strapping Helmet Details ⃝ Front ⃝ Side ⃝ Back ⃝ Hovi Tip Detail ⃝ Lens Color (Backlit if required) Blaster Details ⃝ Blaster – Left ⃝ Blaster – Right Accessory Details ⃝ Neck Seal ⃝ Thermal Detonator – Back ⃝ Holster Attachment Mandatory Information / 必要な情報 Armor Maker = Helmet Maker = Blaster Type = Optional / オプショナル Height = Weight = Boots Maker = Canvas belt = Hand Plates Type = Electronics = Neck Seal Type = Holster Maker = Photo Guidelines - Photo Size: > 800x600 (preferably 1280 x 960) - Good Lighting - Neutral Color Background - Take zoom of photo into consideration. Additional Requirements Listed in: Expert Infantry Application Guidelines JGでEIBやCenturionのトルーパーが増やしたらいいね!頑張って下さい!
  5. Slow and steady wins the race! Good to see you are keeping a pace.
  6. Welcome Jelle! Certainly have a look at the SDS builds on here and ask around about the best way forward for each part or area that may need a change or upgrade. Yes, it’s so much fun to wear the armor and get great reactions from kids. Lots more fun awaits you with trooping with fellow members. Hope you get your amor the way you want it. I spent hours upon hours Watching ANH to make sure I was building my armor to look like the guys on the big screen while also tailoring it to my body size. Put in th effort now and you will happy you did later. Wish you all the best on your journey to the 501st. Edit: watched the recent video upload: the fit isn’t that bad, some adjustments here and there but nothing you can’t tackle. Elastic Shoulder straps might be too short from chest plate to backplate causing both plates to sit a bit high, causing spacing between your back plate and kidney plate. Or it could be that your ab /cod plate is sitting too low due to the belt not being secure enough/too loose.
  7. Good to see you back on the armor! Looks good. As you mentioned, may need to re-set the snap placement on the either the shoulder/backplate or the snaps between the backplate and kidney piece. But Greg made a really important point that the belt, when worn pushing things together a bit and will give you a better idea of how the parts fit on you. It may reveal that it pulls the lower armor parts up a touch and help decrease the gap between backplate and kidney. My butt plate flares out quite a bit but when you have the whole suit on, especially the belt, you really cant notice it.
  8. Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing which costume you go with. An R1 vacuum formed kit sounds nice!!! Have to build one sometime as I already built the backpack.
  9. Good Luck Brian getting that armor up to specs. You can do it! Post up pics if you have any questions or need feedback.
  10. Try to see how the gap looks when the two parts fit the contour of your back. The gap should be less visible when you try this. If you still have a fairly visible gap when you mock it up to your back, then you might want to re-adjust the straps to reduce that.
  11. Robert, nice work on the TD. Hope the armor party was helpful. Even if the TD comes up a bit shorter than the 190.5 that is fine. Getting it close is enough. 184-190.5 is safe enough. If the caps are fitting snug enough, you can always use them to adjust the overall length by how far in or out you position them. I have entertained the idea of using the TD as a wireless speaker container but have not yet tried it. Someday when I get a chance I might give a a go. Another idea I wanted to try was to have the TD plate lift up on hinges to reveal some tripped out inner details.
  12. Selector switch looks great! Nice work on that and the light tubes. Looking forward to see how the sanded tube helps with the LED lights. Does it all fir nicely in the receiver tube? Keeps those updates coming!
  13. Thanks Paul for confirming that! I think I remember wondering if the CRL was incorrect as I was building my RS armor to the RS suit measurements,. So to play it safe I went with 190 to be in the ballpark. I thought better to leave some meat on the bone just in case, as I could always trim it down afterwards if required. Harder to fix if its over trimmed.
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