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  1. Bulldog44

    Husky68 ANH TK (trimmed AP)

    Robert, nice work on the TD. Hope the armor party was helpful. Even if the TD comes up a bit shorter than the 190.5 that is fine. Getting it close is enough. 184-190.5 is safe enough. If the caps are fitting snug enough, you can always use them to adjust the overall length by how far in or out you position them. I have entertained the idea of using the TD as a wireless speaker container but have not yet tried it. Someday when I get a chance I might give a a go. Another idea I wanted to try was to have the TD plate lift up on hinges to reveal some tripped out inner details.
  2. Bulldog44

    Patrick's ANH E11 build thread

    Selector switch looks great! Nice work on that and the light tubes. Looking forward to see how the sanded tube helps with the LED lights. Does it all fir nicely in the receiver tube? Keeps those updates coming!
  3. Bulldog44

    Husky68 ANH TK (trimmed AP)

    Thanks Paul for confirming that! I think I remember wondering if the CRL was incorrect as I was building my RS armor to the RS suit measurements,. So to play it safe I went with 190 to be in the ballpark. I thought better to leave some meat on the bone just in case, as I could always trim it down afterwards if required. Harder to fix if its over trimmed.
  4. Bulldog44

    Husky68 ANH TK (trimmed AP)

    For the TD I would certainly stick closer to the CRL measurement. My TD ended up being 190mm in length. When you sent me that TD pic the other day I didn't see the measurements, sorry. I used this photo which I believe was the TD from the RS suit (screen used)- experts out there, please correct me if I am wrong. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/image/2484-td/
  5. Nice work Marko. This will be interesting to see when its all finished. For the openings you cut out for the displays, will you be able to frame the open window area so you can't see the cut edges? Just worried the uneven edges might be visible.
  6. Bulldog44

    Husky68 3D Printed E-11

    I used the electronics from one of these blasters to install in me F-11D. Good cheap option.
  7. Bulldog44

    Husky68 ANH TK (trimmed AP)

    I also chose to work with e6000 as its very forgiving. My RS armor is pvc and the glue they gave me at the time did not set properly. Had same issues. Takes more time to set but worth it in my opinion.
  8. Bulldog44

    Husky68 ANH TK (trimmed AP)

    Hi Robert. One thing that worked for me when gluing the outer strips was to glue only one half of the strip at a time. First I made sure where I wanted the strip to be, then I sanded the area on the armor part & the glue side of the strip. Again, I glued only half the strip down let it set properly and then I glued the other half afterwRds. This helped keep things in place better for more and much easier to work with than trying to get both halves to stay aligned& under stress while setting.
  9. Bulldog44

    Greetings from Pensacola FL

    Hi Tyler. Great to have you here and best of luck on your journey to becoming a TK. Read up, then read up some more! The ask a bunch of questions whenever you need advice or help.
  10. Bulldog44

    E11 Blaster (Completed with electronics)

    Fieldmarshal makes a amazing aluminum sterling replica that makes it easy to assemble and install electronics. TRamp makes an excellent ready to go electronic system for E-11s but you will have to install it yourself. Worth the money if you can afford them both.
  11. Bulldog44

    Helmet Fans/ Battery pack

    This is truly a brilliant idea!
  12. Bulldog44

    Husky68 ANH TK (trimmed AP)

    From what I remember with my armor I first glued the outer strip on one side then reinforced that by gluing the inner strip afterwards. Then I moved to the other side . This worked well for the parts that seemed to have a lot more stress when trying to glue strips on the sealing end . I was using e6000 though so that sometimes didn’t cure well and was a weak binder.
  13. Bulldog44

    Husky68 ANH TK (trimmed AP)

    Second what Mark says. Glue the inner strips in after not at the same time.
  14. Excellent work on the cylinders.
  15. Bulldog44

    Husky68 3D Printed E-11

    Got the popcorn ready!
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