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  1. Yeah, NV is going to be pretty hostile to trooping until a vaccine, that’s what we are here for. If you have a room mate/spouse/etc. that can help with fitting it will help immensely. Measure thrice cut once, save your scrap plastic for repairs. I’m in Reno but in the Neon City FB group, sounds like Clay is helping. Good luck and I hope you are thinking about EI and Centurion!
  2. I don’t mind updating the header logo if the command team wants to add it back.
  3. We both went for Centurion and joined the ranks of IA around the same time (and staff too), so I’ve always considered you my FISD twin. You have been a great asset to the detachment, cheers to 3k more posts.
  4. Glad to see it happen this year (we need something positive, lol). Here's looking to EI #2,000 and Centurion #500, hopefully the next milestones don't take as long!
  5. Yikes. I hope mine fare better. If not guess it's time to step up to ABS or PETG.
  6. Hello and welcome Dan. Plenty of people that can help close to you (although with COVID probably not in-person). Reach out to our garrison (Central California), our GMLs can help as can the attaches here. Hope to troop with you soon.
  7. The rebels are terrorists who blew up TWO death stars and killed countless INNOCENT imperial subjects. Why they get all the PR, I will never understand.
  8. They offered me any in-stock item(s) in lieu of a refund but all they have in stock is a bunch of junk. Yippee.
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