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  1. Mine showed up unannounced at my doorstep this afternoon, no email from them or anything. FWIW Puts the big in big brown box.
  2. I was informed I should be in the next wave in ~2 weeks. Ordered 11/2016.
  3. Cheers, nice find. I know some of the better models are no longer available on the common sites. Looks like a resin printer may be in your future for some of those small greeblies.
  4. I’m totally putting that on my E-11.
  5. Great trove of knowledge there. We gotta update that lineage chart with RWA and all the new kids.
  6. I have been in contact with them since late last year, and every time I reach out I am being told that I will hear more “soon”.
  7. 20-ish troops in rubber gloves and never a tear. Cotton liners is the way to go. Plus if you did ever need new gloves the rubber ones are like $5. Easily the cheapest part of the whole kit.
  8. Great to see you back at this Mark. Almost there!
  9. $500 all-in? Barring a great score on someone’s used kit that is, sadly, not feasible IMO. $500 for just the plastic bits is doable with patience. WTF for example has sales from time-to-time.
  10. …and wear protection! Bondo especially, gloves and a mask IMO.
  11. Close! Another option: girdles/spanx. One of our members uses one. Cheating? Yes, but it works.
  12. I assume the Purge trooper goes to SpecOps though.
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