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  1. I concur with everyone else, unless you can clean the paint off you’re better turning it into a zombie trooper or cutting your losses.
  2. Mark is correct. If we can’t see it, it will not affect approval.
  3. I’m going in April, I’ll grab one for you.
  4. Hi, all you need to do is watch the sales thread for updates. Best date I can give you is early January at the moment. PS: This is not the correct forum to ask for merch updates.
  5. Because as far as it seems Anovos is sending all their inventory to Disney for their parks. As long as they get their licensing cut and product I doubt they care.
  6. I painted up a tackle box that I take with me on troops: It has most of the things in Joseph’s list. I also carry white/black/silver paint pens and sharpies for emergency scratch repairs.
  7. Cheers. Take lots of photos/videos for future TKs. Obligatory
  8. There are a couple threads where we are discussing these changes, yes. We’ve already started fixing links/images/titles, or archiving things that are too far gone (links to dead sites/images/etc.). Any major changes (like merging forums) are being kicked out to the member area for input, lest it be unpopular.
  9. My thinking is that the current "Armor and prop making" forum is redundant: - Armor stuff can live in Hard Armor - Non-SW props can go in Off Topic - SW props can go to the appropriate forum (commlinks, etc) Any prop shop/machine stuff could live in Assembly/mods or Armor.
  10. One week with no major objections. I will leave this for a few more days and if it continues this way - we will proceed. Thank you everyone.
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