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  1. Good luck Brit, i really hope you can pull this off as it will be a first for FISD and no doubt, your garrison and Legion.
  2. It's an impressive result for sure, my only concern is with how well it will hold up under the rigors of trooping. Bend the arms a few hundred times per troop (easily done) and will they last the distance . I think you will have a good testing phase ahead of you but great job so far.
  3. Super clean build so far Matt, keep up the great work
  4. Almost done after 18 months of solid work. We are working on a way to relocate the old intros as a bulk rather than one by one which would take forever. I'll get onto the Newly approved members sound off this week.
  5. That would be the worst ironing of a uniform I have seen to date Good luck with the task ahead, plenty of work to get that looking pristine again but it will be well worth it.
  6. You certainly have a great start with what you have acquired so far. In my experience, fans would be the first priority for basic airflow, some visor fog and just to make it that touch more comfortable.icomms are a fun gadget to have, but even just an Aker amp will make a difference to being heard in a noisy environment. hearing assist, well I never really though it was worth it until I decided to put one in. Suddenly I could tell who was talking to me from where they were standing, left or right, and I stopped asking people to repeat or just nod like I heard what they said. I could hear people talking clearly from quite a distance away, so it does take a little volume adjusting to get it just right, but man the first time I wore my bucket with it installed, it was a game changer. The beauty is you can have all these things and change your load out based on different trooping environments. Sometimes I just go fans, other times the whole shebang it's always a bunch of fun what ever you do as long as you can troop and enjoy it.
  7. First work towards eliminating the gap at the top between the bells and shoulder bridges. Shorten those elastic straps and try on the armour again before making any cuts. You might find you have rectifide your situation through simple adjustment rather than any trimming.
  8. I tend to agree with Mathias here. Everyone has different sized shoulders and chest measurements. The look to aim for and also what the Deployment officers look at in approvals is a minimal gap between the chest and shoulder bells. if you mount them correctly, there should also be minimal to no gap at the top where they meet the shoulder bridges. Yes a slight curve cut or trim certainly helps that chest to bell gap, but you will need to test fit, trim a little, re test fit and possible trim again. The cardinal rule is always better to not trim enough, than to trim too much. You can fix the former, but there is no coming back from the later. if it takes more time to reach the desired or perceived "perfect result" then take the more time option, it always pays off.
  9. Is that the zipper or Velcro of your neck seal at the front? If so, It should be turned around so it is at the back Looking good otherwise Paul.
  10. Adding an update in this thread for transparency. The New member introduction section will be partially archived as the older sections of it are filled with information, links and even sections of the forums that haven't existed for many years. They will be preserved of course, for our history documentation and placed in a new section of our archives. Work on this will start in the next week. Looking at this section into the future, it makes sense to keep between 1 and 2 years of intro's front facing in the current section and older sent to the archives. This puts it in line with a similar system we are using for old news letters although they will remain in a front facing archive for all members to access.
  11. All done for you Sarah, congratulations on your trooping achievements.
  12. I have flipped ends and started working from post 1 back. New Member Introductions Page 1 complete Sly11 Page 2complete Sly11 Page 3 complete Sly11 Page 4 complete Sly11 Page 5 complete Sly11 Page 6 complete Sly11 Page 7 complete Sly11 Page 8 complete Sly11 Page 9 complete Sly11 Page 10 complete Sly11 Page 11 complete Sly11 Page 12 complete Sly11 Page 13 complete Sly11 Page 14 complete Sly11 Page 15 complete Sly11 Page 16 complete Sly11 Page 17 complete Sly11 Page 18 complete Sly11 Page 19 complete Sly11 Page 20 complete Sly11 Page 21 complete Sly11 Page 22 complete Sly11 Page 23 complete Sly11 Page 24 complete Sly11 Page 25 complete Sly11 Page 26 complete Sly11 Page 27 complete Sly11 Page 28 complete Sly11 Page 29 complete Sly11 Page 30 complete Sly11 Page 31 complete Sly11 Page 32 complete Sly11 Page 33 complete Sly11 Page 34 complete Sly11
  13. You have a good plan with plenty of detail so you wont go wrong. The tough part is indeed removing as many blemishes, cracks scratches and dents as possible so you have a great surface to apply that super shiny finish. Some things will be well hidden due to reflections others will stand out , so spend as much time as possible getting those gaps filled and nice and smooth. keep up the great work Brit.
  14. Congratulations on your TK approval Luca
  15. It's really coming together Jason, nice attention to detail, i love it. Also great to put a face to the name as you model your impressive build
  16. Page 221 complete Sly11 Page 220 complete Sly11 Page 219 complete Sly11
  17. That's awesome Mike, great to see members out there both new and approved having fun.
  18. All done for you Richard, congrats on your first 11 troops.
  19. I know someone who has bought a set of these for their FOTK, I'll see if he can add some photos of the finished product and give us his thoughts on the overall product. Some feedback will be good before we add them to the vetted list, although I believe the maker who was supplying currently on our vetted list, is no longer doing so, so we are limited for choice.
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