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  1. Looking forward to watching this come together. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Awesome Justin, all the hard work is obvious in how good your armour looks. Good luck sir, but I dont think you'll need it.
  3. I must agree, this is indeed impressive for an item made from foam. Great work trooper.
  4. Indeed a few things to consider with this. 1. If they are different in several ways from the R1 TK, armour wise not just their carry, then it is worth looking closely at. If R1 TK's were not seen on screen carrying the SE-14R then I would not be inclined to just add that to the R1 CRL, it's just not the sort of thing we do nor other detachments I think. Talking about the subject is great, but adding side by side comparison images is what helps sell the idea to the staff and membership. Be prepared to have LMO intervention as well. They have a larger team this year and intend to
  5. You are doing a fine job with the helmet. Ears are trimmed very nicely just those tears to fix up and you should be good. Keep up the great work.
  6. G'day from sunny Queensland Luke! Welcome to FISD.
  7. Ok, I’ll get one of Admins to check permissions there, I’m AFK for the next 4 days and not sure on how they are set. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Congratulations to all our Centurions. 500 strong and hopefully plenty more to come in the near and distant future. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hey Tom,I have checked permissions for the newsletter archives and they are set so all members can see them, reply but not create new threads within to maintain the integrity of the archive. Not sure why you can't access them, maybe clear your cache and try again. I did refresh the permissions so I hope that helps.
  10. Another exciting milestone achieved, and a big congratulations to Trina who slipped into the 500th approved. Great work and also fantastic to have another female TK at centurion level. I hope you can inspire more women to do the same.
  11. This is another landmark news letter Glen, thank you for the huge amount of work you put into constructing these and getting them out to the members. So much info in this addition folks and another time to celebrate a detachment achievment. Congratulations Trina on centurion 500, so much awesome.
  12. Hi Trina, and thank you for your Centurion application! Before I go any further, my guess is you and everyone else who reads this approval thread is wondering why I am making this post, well you are about to find out. CRL and Centurion Application Requirements: All required photos have been submitted, and on behalf of the entire D.O. staff we are pleased to welcome you to the rank of CENTURION. Congratulations! That's right, you are Centurion500!! As it is a very special occasion, the deployment staff, Mario, ShaSha and Joseph have given me the
  13. In that case, I would also consider adding more wording about it being riveted to the actual ridge with the term "roughly" or "approximately" equal spacing to the end at either side. I think that can be cleaned up considerably it's just a moments thought, but the clearer we can be and allowing some flexibility is the best proposition.
  14. The suspense is killing me!!!
  15. I think we could simply change the title to say April fools 2021, that would explain away any misconceptions of it being true.
  16. Congratulations Max and welcome to Centurion rank
  17. Congratulations Max!! Welcome to Centurion rank. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. All missing Newsletters we could find have been reconstructed and reside in the one thread RECONSTRUCTION OF LOST JULY 2010 NEWSLETTER Content extracted from old planning thread in 2010 Greetings Troops! There is quite a lot going on in FISD! Costume Reference Library The 501st Legion CRL project is almost complete for the ANH costumes, and we're just waiting on the final word from the LMO to take them live. Once that it done, the ESB and Heavy Weapons Trooper CRL's should be live about a week after that, a
  19. Congratulations Grave! Wow super exciting to almost be there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. The Newsletter official launch made by Paul, Feb 16th 2010 Posted February 16, 2010 · IP Hello everyone, if you haven't heard the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment administration team has been re-elected and is already working to make 2010 another great year for stormtroopers. The command staff includes: Detachment Leader - Paul Hoeffer Executive Officer- Terrell Rebe
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