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  1. Not as yet. We really need a member to want to build this costume so we can create the CRL with them. As it stands the base is looking like the R1 TK with a paint scheme, a degree of weathering and of course the back pack and weapon. the down side is we don't have the info on one side of the pack only some assumptions of how it may look. This can indeed be a set back with the LMO's unless we have a Black series or Hot Toys reference to get us in.
  2. An update has been made to these Polls, the addition on Poll 7. to include the correct clip greeblies across Biceps, Thighs, Shins and Spats. We already have the inclusion of the correct TLJ greeblies in the Helmet poll so I have simply set up one additional poll to cover the greeblies across the rest of the parts.
  3. It's awesome there are finally live action clones as opposed to pure CGI.
  4. If we are updating the clips on the helmet, it make sense that we update the clips on the forearms, Biceps Thighs, shins and spats. Did i miss any? I think I will add these additions to the polls at basic level to save people having to run the risk of damage in removing them if they then decide to go for EI or Centurion. Does that sound reasonable?
  5. Wow Adam, you are a legend to keep that at bay under your own steam, that's impressive. I am positive you can get back on that horse and work yourself to wellness, you've championed it before so you are in control of your destiny here. Think of it like centurion Level, it's not easy to achieve, but it is possible, you just need the focus and drive. In your case, your body is centurion level, you managed it on your first build, now your onto a new build and you are hungry for it again. You got this.
  6. Mine has lasted to this day as I recharge it frequently because Lithium ion batteries can die of neglect. They tend to love a frequent charge as a good rule of thumb. I also use a good digital charger and only recommend protected batteries.
  7. Hi all Please head on over to the Detachment only general discussions section of our forums where we have set up a series of TLJ/Tros CRL additions and changes to our current CRL. With each poll is a brief to explain what the addition or change is, but there is also a thread where 2 years of discussion took place getting us to the point we are now at. Of course with some of the new proposed additions there will be a need to update some images in the CRL and possibly even the main CRL model which will come under discussion after the Polls close in 2 weeks. You can find the original discussion thread which contains images and research HERE https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/35-detachment-only-general-discussion/
  8. Just an FYI if you are reading this thread, proposals for changes will take place over in the Detachment Only General Discussion sections of our forums. Polls will be set up for membership input. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/35-detachment-only-general-discussion/
  9. I would assume so, lots of Clone parts there too, so far from our purview.
  10. What you need to know It is now allowable as per all FISD CRL's, that 3D printed blasters, other approved weapons and accessories pertaining to each specific costume are allowed. There are some very simple guidlines to be followed which will help us to uphold the quality expectations of our higher leves Expert Infantry and Centurion. Below is the wording exert form our CRL's which appears at the header section and in blue in the Optional level 2 for each weapon and accessory. This broad coverage should help eliminate anyone missing the specific details. For higher levels of approval EIB and Centurion: For costumes with only blasters. 3D printed blasters can not contain visible print lines and must be sanded smooth for a more realistic appearance. For costumes with both blasters and accessories. 3D printed blasters and any approvable accessories can not contain visible print lines and must be sanded smooth for a more realistic appearance. Below is a series of images supplied by BigJasoni TK-51923 (Jason) of some of his 3D printed blaster examples. Correctly completed painted and detailed. To note, there are no visible print lines. This is a good example of the work needed to bring a 3D printed blaster up to the expected standard and finish of a resin cast or metal blaster. SE-14R Examples of some 3D printed blasters and the type of print lines and other defects that must be sanded, filled and primed for that perfect look This piece has undergone an initial rough sand, but is far from ready for painting. As you can see there are plenty of lines and crevices needing more sanding, and plenty of filling. other surfaces are looking quite clean. below we see more support material that requires removal, further sanding and filling. There is plenty of pitting and other slight defects that need to be rectified.
  11. I think the best option will be to have a dedicated pinned post in each section that outlines what is and isn't not acceptable using your supplied images. I shall set that up in the Expert infantry section now and add your images along with credit for supplying them. Please by all means once it is set up add more images with any explanations you see fit. Edit I have now added the post please feel free to add more examples and please title them acceptable or unacceptable for finished or raw/incomplete.
  12. Hello everyone A mass update is underway that covers all our CRL's. We are introducing some text that covers 3D printed Blasters, weapons and accessories. This has been added to the template at the opening section of all our CRL's as of today, but I will also be adding it specifically to the EIB section of each CRL. The detachment staff all agree this is a common sense addition for anyone considering not only using a 3D printed weapon or approvable accessory based on the costume, but also that at our higher levels the expectation is that is should resemble one of the several high quality resin or metal versions available. This does not affect basic level as blasters and weapons are not required. The following text is now viewable at the top section of all our CRL For higher levels of approval EIB and Centurion: For costumes with only blasters. 3D printed blasters can not contain visible print lines and must be sanded smooth for a more realistic appearance. For costumes with both blasters and accessories. 3D printed blasters and any approvable accessories can not contain visible print lines and must be sanded smooth for a more realistic appearance. The ANH Stunt already has similar wording in the Level 2 section which will be duplicated across all in the coming week. UPDATE: CRL's have now been updated . I believe most will agree that maintaining our standard is important and that acknowledging 3D printed items are a viable source of additions to your costume that the standard of finish should be as good as, if not better than other available products. There is also a new post in the Expert infantry section with some example of correctly finished 3D printed blaster and images of incomplete prints and the work needed to bring them in line. With unquestioned loyalty Sly11 TK11469
  13. Glen, please check in on the Deployment office staff section
  14. Hi Austin CFO cast from original is a RotJ reputable vendor on our list. He is on these forums as sskunky, (Mark) so shoot him a PM and he will give you all the details you need. Failing that you will find the list of good vendors in this thread below. F
  15. Greetings all Please join me in congratulating our two newest 3D contributors award recipients. TK14082 Bryon "trooper96" for earning his third 3D contributors award for multiple files he has produce and shared. You can check out his outstanding work HERE & HERE TK51923 Jason "BigJasoni" for earning his first 3D contributors award for his R1 ammo boxes You can check out his outstanding work HERE
  16. Wow Glen, that is unfortunate. I guess we should keep our expectations low at this point. It's one thing to supply, another to the expectation that you should receive a quality product at minimum.
  17. It's come out really well Tim, very nice.
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