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  1. Here's another image from Social Media.
  2. Sly11

    SE-14R Scope

    Got mine off evilbay for $6 Australian
  3. I would leave reducing the sides until you have done everything else. Kit up and have some full side shots taken and post them up so we can see how it all looks. . Be mindful that the but plate sides should align with the kidney plate.
  4. Hi Mark, first I would remove a lot of the return edge, leave about 4-5mm, this will give the butt plate a little more flex so it wraps around or fits you better. Once you have done that you can work on how much of that extra tab to remove, but I dare say most if not all of it will go. The main reason AM kits have it is to suit larger troopers and you look to be of a close to standard size build so I see no necessity for you needing it.
  5. My patches arrived today, and i just want to say, they are beautiful, I mean, in the flesh, they are absolutely beautiful. Great work Jason for a great design, and to Brien for getting them done in time.
  6. Welcome to FISD Jim, you're going to love it!!
  7. Keep up the good work Christian.
  8. It's true, all of it!! Good to see you are still around Clint.
  9. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
  10. Regardless of the truth to any of it, and who posted it first and where, there is one thing for certain! It has caused a disturbance in the Force
  11. Looking sharp Alicia, looks like everyone's got you covered. Good luck.
  12. Very cool, looks like you are enjoying being part of the legion.
  13. I cant say I have ever had a problem with them "YET" and I transact frequently through. I always have a balance in the account which varies depending on what I am selling v buying. This is through Paypal Australia, so maybe we are not as suspicious here
  14. Congrats on your troops Lindsey, keep racking them up.
  15. Welcome aboard Brian, hope you dream becomes reality by May 4th, good luck and get cracking!
  16. This is only a minor set back Dave, you got this easy brother. I must compliment you on a very detailed build thread, nice work overall.
  17. Hey Derek, great start, we love photos so please post plenty
  18. Greetings Hassan and welcome to FISD. Once you have your Big brown box, be sure to start a build thread and post photos and progress. This will assure you get plenty of feedback along your journey and we will make sure you hit your dream goal of Centurion.
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