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  1. Perfecto...Nunca los vi tan de cerca. Debería haberlos comprado Perfect ... I never saw them so closely. I should have bought them
  2. Hello Anthony!!! A few photos are missing, I think... -Left thigh ammo pack rivet close up(inside too) - Right thigh ammo pack rivet close up -Close-up of Hovi tips(a more frontal photo maybe) -Abdomen button plates (close-up) -Maybe a photo of the lower ear screw Thanks....
  3. Hello Paxton!!! Maybe while you are waiting you can adjust this a little... I see something strange inside your hovis ... Have you put something there? ...Can't see inside...
  4. Welcome to FISD Paxton!!! Congratulations!!!
  5. Muy bien Nora... Gracias por solucionarlo tan rápido !!! Very good Nora ... Thanks for fixing it so fast !!!
  6. Hola Nora. Me alegro mucho de que hayas decidido presentar tu solicitud para EIB. Magnífica armadura de RS Props!!!... Seguro que @justjoseph63, @shashachu ó @TKSpartan estarán contigo enseguida. Suerte con tu solicitud!!! Hi Nora. I am very glad that you have decided to apply for EIB. Excellent armor of RS Props !!! ... Surely, @justjoseph63, @shashachu or @TKSpartan will be with you soon. Good luck with your application !!!
  7. Hola Nora!!! Bienvenida al FISD!!!... Un saludo y espero ver tu solicitud de EIB en cuanto tengas acceso total a la web... Hi Nora!!! Welcome to FISD!!! ... Greetings and I hope to see your EIB application as soon as you have full access to the web.
  8. Hello Brett... Just edit your first post and paste this link: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/49592-tk-9593-requesting-eib-anh-hero-tm-976/
  9. Perfect!!! ... Start when you want !!!... Welcome to FISD...
  10. Hello Justin...Excellent work!!! The butt plate, seems to warp a little?
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