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  1. Excellent choice, Carlos... Welcome to FISD. We can't wait to see your BBB...With that armor you will not have problems in your EIB and Centurion application...Try it. We are aiming to have 1000 approved by the end of the year. We only have 33 spots left now(Expert Infantry badge)...Then, achieving the centurion level will make you proud of your armor ... 100% screen accurate Good luck Carlos... Buena suerte Carlos...
  2. Perfect!!!.We all hope to see you with your EIB application soon!!!
  3. Only 33?????...OMG...I know there are a few troopers in my Garrison who will soon receive their armor...They will be here soon, I hope...
  4. Welcome back Emma, and of course, good luck!!!! This time yes, you will finish the armor...
  5. Hola Ulises. Por supuesto que podemos ayudarte...Para eso estamos...No te vamos a perder de vista...Pon un montón de fotos y haznos un montón de preguntas...Aún estás a tiempo de entrar en el top 1000 de Expertos en Infantería, y en el top 500 de Centurion... P.D. :Que buen verano pasé en 2019 por tu tierra(Así se siente México en la piel...)... Hello Ulises. Of course we can help you ... That is why we are ... We are not going to lose sight of you ... Put a lot of photos and ask us a lot of questions ... You still have time to enter the top 1000 of EIB, and in the top 500 of Centurion ... P.S. : What a nice summer I spent in 2019 in your country (This is how Mexico feels on the skin ...) ...
  6. Excellent, excellent, excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent,excellent, excellent work....
  7. Hi Adam. Welcome to First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment... We are waiting for your build thread. Regards.
  8. I recommend you to use self-locking nuts in this part, to prevent screws from loosening in the middle of a troop...Threadlocker, or a little hot glue also work...
  9. If you leave a small gap(small, not 1 cm), it is not bad. This will help keep your lenses from fogging up inside your helmet. I don't know if a heat gun is a good idea, can distort the view... Regards.
  10. The problem is that the print lines are visible. You can use a black "Filler Primer Spray" to hide them...
  11. Chemi

    Boots ?

    Honestly, I would try to find a better option...The manufacturer's name is in a very visible place. If you try to remove it and it looks bad?It will be money thrown in the trash ... Regards.
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