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  1. The armor looks great !!! Maybe the sniper knee... Congratulations trooper...
  2. Congratulations!!!!... And welcome to FISD
  3. Congratulations Ardeshir...Amazing build!!!. Looking forward to seeing your progress with the FOTK...But first, next step with this armor...Centurion!!!!
  4. Felicidades Lluis... Y ahora, el rango de centurión te espera!!! Congratulations Lluis... And now, the centurion rank is waiting for you!!!!
  5. Si, por favor Lluis...Nos encantan las fotos Yes, please Lluis ... We love photos
  6. Hola Lluis... Excelente armadura...Enseguida alguien del DO estará contigo!!! Suerte en tu solicitud!!!!! Hi Lluis ... Excellent armor ... Someone from DO will be with you soon !!! Good luck with your application !!!!!
  7. Congratulations Sergio!!! Welcome to Centurion!!!
  8. Welcome to the FISD Nick, and by the way congratulations on your Birthday We really like photos... We want a lot of photos!!!!
  9. The number is in the thread title... Congratulations!!!!!
  10. Well, like the DO team says " some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armour." Most of the suggested fixes are simply strapping issues, like the gap between the shoulder armor and the chest/back plates or the belt position . The most complicated can be your larger Ab buttons plates. But following the indications of @TKSpartan , it is not very complicated... You will get the most screen accurate armor possible!!!!!
  11. Hello Dave!!!! RE-Wellcome to FISD...Lots of changes in your life...I hope everything is ok now, and you can finish the assembly of your armor...
  12. Light for this year that only brought darkness ... I hope this is the first celebration of many others during this 2020 ... A big hug to all those who were left behind and to their families ... This goes for them too . And of course, thanks to all the staff and all the people who made this possible ... Great job guys.
  13. Congratulations #1000!!!!!!....But, this is not the end...Now the centurion level is waiting for you!!!....Only 28 spots to the 500!!!!
  14. They never sleep. That's why their salaries are so high...
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