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FISD Forum Fundraiser

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Greetings troopers!


For a while now FISD has been hosted on the Legion web servers who cover our hosting costs along side those of the Legion. We do still have costs we cover ourselves, the big one being the email service.


Over the last few years this has been generously paid for by members of staff, who have already covered a chunk of this year.


In order to fully fund the email service we need to raise $150 to keep the emails going until the end of the term.  We would like to let as many of you contribute as possible, so we are asking for a $2 donation towards the running costs from any members who are in a position to do so.


Now you might be asking what do I get out of this? First we all get emails! You also get the warm feeling of knowing you are a trooper helping troopers.


All members who donate will also have the 2024 supporter banner added to their profile.




We are now funded, thank you to all of you who donated. 


With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Your FISD staff team

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Donation made.


WOW almost the same cost in fees: $1.49 AUD ($.097 US)

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Transaction ID 5GT30116KS511522K
I think I forgot to include the forum ID and TK number. 
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