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  1. Welcome to the FISD, Morten. No matter what costume you have, this might be some useful information for your first troop: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/39382-your-first-troop-a-few-tips/
  2. For blasters we have this - okay, it only covers the Blastech E-11 and is not specific for 3D-printed things, but in the chapters #03, #27, #28 and #29 might still be useful for this build.
  3. Exactly this. Don't underestimate the time, a good blaster build can take. We just had @Dracotrooper completing his build after more than 2 years! But we have also seen builds here of just 2-3 months. It all depend on the level of accuracy and your time to build. In another thread you asked about RS Prop Masters, so I guess you are aiming for a classic Stormtrooper. In that case you might need an E-11 blaster. If you have access to a 3D printer, then go this route. Otherwise check out the popular resin kits and feel free to contact me for detailed questions on this topic.
  4. Congratulations on completing this truly exceptional E-11 blaster, Jesse. Following your journey from day one, I can confirm that I have never before seen anybody making such a blaster with more effort than you. Of course this was meant in a positive way. No challenge was too big for you, no way was too far. As for the build time, yeah, maybe you should get a fun-award for the longest build duration. Just kidding. Thanks for the great final photos to drool over and also for your contribution to the Blaster Reference during this build. I look forward to seeing this blaster accompanied with a nice suit of TK armor. Maybe that will be your task for the next 2.5 years.
  5. Yes, the resin is white enough when it is new. But this material tends to yellowing as time goes by. My TM armor is 6 years old and since about 2 or 3 years I am watching this slow process. Bot a big issue at all, just mentioning. If you want the inside of the mic tips to stay white forever, they should be painted before the grid gets installed.
  6. Hi Andrea, welcome to FISD and the Legion. Enjoy your armor and have fun when trooping.
  7. Impressive, most impressive. Oh, and welcome to the FISD, Chris. Looking forward to see one of these in a build thread here...
  8. Not sure if I got that right, but in case you should change your mind, I can help you much more on a classic TK, than a R1 TK. Not pushing you, just offering help. I guess there must be a reason why the ANH Stunts are the most preferred type of TK all over the world.
  9. Don't let that bring you down, Andreas. A few years ago, I was in the exact same situation. It will start getting easier, once you are familiar with all the specific terms, being used here and for your type of costume. Another help might be an (online) translator. Helped me a lot and I am still using it almost daily. If that does not work for you, there also is a section of FISD in German language. However, in case you feel overwhelmed and think about stopping your activities, I would suggest to register on the forum of the German Garrison instead. Just be aware, there are not many R1 TKs out there and for specific questions you might be asked to head to the FISD again.
  10. Hello Jose and welcome to the FISD. While waiting for your armor to arrive, you could start a blaster build - in case you already haven't got one. If you run into any questions, just let us know and we will try to help. Good luck with your Stormtrooper journey.
  11. Hello Wayne and welcome to the FISD family. Erm, you can't decide between ANH Stormtrooper and whaaaaat????? Okay, Stormtrooper then. Next step: ANH Stunt or ANH Hero?
  12. Hi Andreas and welcome here. I see you are located in NRW (me too), so in the end you will join the same squad (White Shadows Squad). I am one of two Attachés this squad has, so if you run into any questions, feel free to contact me via PM here. In case your BBB day is still far away, you might want to use the time to build a blaster...?! Looking forward to your build thread and trooping together in the future.
  13. Welcome to the FISD and congratulations on your order. For going the ANH Stunt way, RS is one of the best choices. You might have to do minor adjustments, so once you received your BBB (big brown box), don't forget to start a build thread with some photos of you, wearing the armor. This will help us to help you. In the meantime, you could get in contact with your local Garrison. Enjoy your Stormtrooper journey.
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