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  1. As far as I know the Baptys were used for filming in Tunisia with the Sandtroopers and therefore are not the perfect fit for us Stormtroopers.
  2. Hi Ken and welcome to the FISD. First of all you have done an outstanding job on this blaster. Don't worry about the power cylinders and the counter being angled. We've had this discussion a while ago and both is accurate. Most builders (me too) just find it strange to have parts on a blaster that are NOT parallel to the receiver tube. But we have seen both so that's fine and gives it your personal touch. Your blaster looks great and once the stand is finished, I am sure it will make a very nice display. As it currently appears 'factory-fresh' you might want to think about some fine weathering?! This often adds the bit of extra realism. Not sure if @justjoseph63 already mentioned, but here you can find interesting info with a specific chapter for weathering. Regarding blaster certification: armors and blasters can be built towards different levels of accuracy (Basic, Level 2 & Level 3). As far as I know you can only get your blaster reviewed as part of your full application for higher levels (incl. armor), which in both cases requires to already own the lower level and thus the 501st membership. In other words I am not aware of a process to only certify a single blaster. Maybe the staff experts here know more. However, we DO have an unofficial certificate in the Download chapter of the E-11 Blaster Reference. Just check the PDF document and scroll down to the last page. Printed and framed this will surely look awesome next to your display.
  3. Not sure if I correctly understood your problem but the first video in the following link shows how to disassemble and assemble the whole Sterling. Maybe this helps...
  4. Also helpful for all things related to the classic E-11 blaster: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32111-fisd-e-11-blaster-reference/page/4/#comment-422899
  5. Never too late to check in for seeing a good blaster build. As always, great work Joseph.
  6. Hey Ken, maybe our member Fieldmarshall is able to help you:
  7. Welcome to the FISD, Markus. Great story. Looking forward to seeing more content from you here.
  8. What sticks out to me is that both blasters have different kinds of T-tracks. While the tracks on blaster 2 look like having been bent to really lock into the venting holes, blaster 1 has tracks with no signs of any bends. It more looks like they have been shaped to have curved ends. This results in the question of why having 2 different types and/or methods of adding T-tracks. My guess would be both are rebuilds.
  9. Outstanding Blaster, Adam. Yes, there have been a few blasters in the past which I found outstanding, too. But from all E-11s I've ever seen here on FISD, this seems to be the most perfect one so far.
  10. Glad to hear you are back again Joseph.
  11. Hi Kian. Maybe you can start just with a helmet to see, if you can wear it with your glasses. If not, it would still be a nice display piece.
  12. Welcome to the FISD. Seems like you have already been pointed in the right direction. Any questions, just ask. And when things get serious, start a build thread so we can help. By the way, I like you current profile picture.
  13. Thanks for all your thumbs and the comment. Currently I am not sure about my next troop, but I will try to get more photos in the future...
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