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  1. T-Jay

    Airsoft E-11/Sterling + Tino's + Doopys Build

    Thanks for letting me know, the completion set finally arrived. Guessing it took 3 days longer than standard, because of the higher Christmas traffic. Looking forward to your next progress.
  2. T-Jay

    Patrick's ANH E11 build thread

    All good mate. This is not rocket sience. Your scope is roughly where it should be.
  3. Jakob, you got it! Popcorn is ready...
  4. T-Jay

    Patrick's ANH E11 build thread

    Hi Patrick, glad to see your announced build thread. You already made some good progress. The scope rail turned out well. Looks like you made the 90° upwards bend on the rear end. In the above photo (maybe it is just the angle), it seems like the M38 scope sits a bit close to the rear sight. A quote from the FISD E-11 BLASTER REFERENCE: "The rear foot of the scope should be aligned with the folding stock pivot." Maybe you can still adjust this.
  5. Hm, not sure if you knew, but scopes and counters are both available with hollowed body to install electronics. See here: FS: Bulldog Props M38 & M19 Resin Scope Kits and the version 2 counter from the completion sets.
  6. T-Jay

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Ah, he finally got convinced to start posting on FISD. Welcome Patrick. Glad you made it here. That list sounds very interesting - though I am not sure if I would ever buy a completion set... Can't wait for your build thread...
  7. T-Jay

    Fieldmarshall build

    Fully finished and painted scope rails can be ordered as upgrade option (item #35) in the completion sets. If you only need the rail, drop me a PM and we will find a way. Please note, these rails are specifically designed for resin builds. The rear end goes straight into the rear sight and requires a drilled hole for mounting it.
  8. T-Jay

    Airsoft E-11/Sterling + Tino's + Doopys Build

    You can be proud of this, James. It looks good. You also did the Z-bend on the rear end. That meant some extra work for you. Well done! Just a side note: the counter arm is very close to the receiver tube and will cause scratches there in the future. After painting the rail, you could wrap the arm's lower end with black insulation tape. Or you can ignore it, as the counter will later cover this area. Up to you. Just wanted to mention it.
  9. T-Jay


    The boys definitely got you covered. Look through the Blaster Reference and some build threads to get an idea of what is possible. We have all been where you are now. When I had this kit in hands the first time, my thoughts were "I glue it and paint it black". God knows what this then turned into... If you want more help you could post your build progress here to have many eyes watching and giving advices. The result will benefit from that.
  10. Now that the issue is solved (sorry for being too late to help) you should ask an Admin to re-name your thread and turn this into a nice build thread. What about that? You might think there are enough DoopyDoo's builds already, but most people use the full resin kit. You chose the pipe kit and that is always interesting to watch.
  11. T-Jay

    Airsoft E-11/Sterling + Tino's + Doopys Build

    Yes, I would suggest that, as the current rail locates both, scope and counter, in wrong positions. If you can correct this, then use it. If not, a new one would be better.
  12. T-Jay

    Airsoft E-11/Sterling + Tino's + Doopys Build

    Hi James, glad to see you started a build thread. Looking forward to your next postings... Nah, he has something better in the mail soon... (though I can not say for sure, if that is meant to be used in this build here)
  13. Hi Carl, first of all: Congratulations on finishing this superb build. It is outstanding in its own unique way and a real reference for those, wanting to do the same. Great that you had the chance for a side by side comparison. And I have to say, yours looks way better than the one from RS Prop Masters. Very well done mate.
  14. T-Jay

    Fieldmarshall build

    Surprised to see the front muzzle and the end cap lock are black. Is there any specific reason for that? Are these not made from aluminum?