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  1. Great story and well written, Michael. Wishing you a lot of fun on your troops.
  2. Hi Evan, welcome to the FISD. Have a look at the Getting Started section and ask any question you have. Enjoy your trooper journey.
  3. Sounds like a plan, Simon. Regarding the power cylinders, here is a link to Andy's (PlayfulWolfCub) research thread. He went into this topic like no one else before. Not sure if you knew this PDF. Regarding the monocular, here is a link to 'Update #24' of my Lucky#Eleven build, how to best install the lenses AND the reticle lens. Maybe it is of any help.
  4. Honestly, I love following this build. Not only because the updates are coming on an almost regular basis, but also because of the precise way each item is installed. Seems like somebody is eager to indeed use EVERY item from his completion set, he?! That is how it should be.
  5. Dovetail mod and knurling pattern on the front sight cage. Together with your front sight pin and the small grub screw, you have taken this section of your blaster to the limit. By the way, your build seems to run smooth and pretty fast. Keep the updates coming...
  6. Welcome to FISD and don't forget to post some photos of your BBB day.
  7. Just a rough summary from what I know about OT-TKs: - Sandtrooper armor was the first armor built for ANH - it was developed further into the Stormtrooper armor by changing/adding small things (shoulder bridges, drop boxes below the belt, different sniper knee plate, abdomen button plate, black painted stripes in the grey helmet traps, no back pack or ammo pouches) - the Stormtrooper armor splits up in 2 versions: Stunt and Hero. Stunt can be seen as the common armor, while Hero was then slightly changed for close-up shots (low eye-brow, bubble eye-lenses, smaller frown, different holster attachment and I think different hand guards as well) - the Stormtroopers in the second movie (ESB) were reworked Stunt armors from ANH (holster on other side with different attachment, other hand guards, helmet frown painted in black) - the Stormtrooper armor in the third movie (ROTJ) has a different shape, a single-piece kidney and butt-plate, U-shaped lips around all edges and a helmet with bubble eye-lenses (and a different face) You can find all versions here in the CRL and check out the details. Let us know, if you need help with that. Side note for trooping: many people confirm to have a better view through the helmets with flat eye-lenses, instead of bubble-eyes.
  8. WOW! This must have taken a while and some serious efforts to bring these up. Very nice. That selector lever and the front sight pin are stunning.
  9. Hello Simon and welcome to the FISD. Congratulations on your armor and for being so close to the finish line. The first thing in my mind regarding your issue with the shins was wider cover strips. Would that be an option? Maybe on the front AND rear side? Photos are always good for us to help you. When uploading them straight into this forum here, your storage capacity is limited and forces small resolutions. Most members therefore use a free online photo host (like photobucket, imgur, flickr, etc.). This allows higher resolutions and makes it easier for everyone. Here is a tutorial for Imgur (as example).
  10. Welcome to the white zone James. Did you already decide for a specific type of Stormtrooper armor? (ANH, Stunt, Hero, ESB, ROTJ, TFA, TLJ, R1, TFU, ...) Just curious.
  11. Hello Jason, welcome to the FISD. Sounds like you are already doing the research work. Once you decided what specific TK version you prefer, we can help you finding good vendors with suitable armors for your body size. Keep the questions coming, whenever you have one. And good luck on your TK journey.
  12. Good customer service for a good blaster kit. Quick question: when Chris @fieldmarshall uploaded the first pictures of the main receiver tube, I noticed relatively large welding seams on the flash guard and the ejector port guard. Do you think these can be trimmed or sanded down? Or would it become to fragile?
  13. Welcome to the white zone, Kirk. "extensive model building background" - that sounds very interesting. Curious to see your work. Ask any question you might run into and don't forget to research, research, research...
  14. Ah, he finally did it. Great to see your build thread here, Simon. That is some serious progress right at the start. Hollowing the inside of the folding stock is not an easy task. Well done! And the first 3 aluminum pieces are installed.
  15. Heads up David. Things like that can always happen - to everyone. I am sure Chris will be able to help with a new screw. In the end, the only bad thing will be the waiting time to get it shipped. But you have enough other work to do on this beautiful blaster, so keep the pictures coming.
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