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  1. Joseph, are you sure this is not just the regular power cylinder with a reflection of the parallel cylinder making it look like something is connected to the scope?!
  2. It is great fun following this build and I really like how deep you dive into each detail. There is just one thing that stands out to me and I hope you don't get it wrong if I mention. The scope rail: if you shorten the vertical part on the front and give the full length a 'banana bend' it would better match the screen used rail. Again, I hope you get this as positive criticism. For the amazing level of accuracy you put into this blaster, I found it wrong to not mention this.
  3. So glad to see you are using textured paint in this build. Everything else would just not make sense here. Don't forget to turn the LOCK/FREE screw in the grip into LOCK position later. Oh, and great work done on the power cylinders, though we haven't seen any ones with a red wire to the outside.
  4. Great job, Adam. I also like the worn collar strap with your TK ID in Aurebesh.
  5. Congrats on finishing this beautiful blaster, Adam. Although it happened already three weeks ago, I am glad you still showed us your last steps. Yes, the electronics from a Disney blaster are not that loud but you managed to find a good way to optimize it. Wishing you a lot of fun with this E-11.
  6. Loving your Pink Floyd shirt. Seems we also share the same taste in music... Oh and great job done on the helmet of course.
  7. Yes, but I didn't want to hijack your thread here, so I just sent you a PM with a link to the photos.
  8. Great build, Dan. Did the same, based on a Tie helmet from RS and even transferred all damages and scratches visible at starwarshelmets.com What about running a black hose from hole to hole? (around the rear of the stand)
  9. Hello Matt and welcome to the FISD. You already have a Legion-ID, so you can request 501st access here to see more subsections.
  10. Hi Paul and welcome to the FISD. Why not getting in contact with your local Garrison or Squad?! Eventually you aim to joining them anyway.
  11. Hi Vanessa and welcome here. As you already have a Legion-ID, you can also request 501st access here to see more subsections on FISD. Hoping your first troop went well and have fun out there with your new suit.
  12. Thanks Adam. After reading about your specific blaster, I would now agree to use the hollowed counter for the electronics. The mentioned vent slots will also help for good sound and that is even better, if you hold the grip with your left hand, so the sound can travel straight to the folks.
  13. Wow, this grip is outstanding. Keeping fingers crossed for your new modification. Or inside the end cap, so the sound can escape easier through the charging handle slot. Bear in mind, the Disney electronics are not that loud. Maybe this works for you: In case it does, here is a link to how I installed the exact same electronics into my E-11.
  14. Looks like you've had a busy weekend...
  15. Hello Mike and welcome to the FISD. Congrats on buying your TK kit. If you have built clone armor, you will surely be able to build a TK, too. But don't underestimate the power of the dark side. However, as you already have a Legion-ID, you can request 501st access here to see a bit more of our beautiful FISD. Take your time, do your research, check other build threads (preferably those for Centurion level) and when the time has come, start your own build thread, so we can follow you along the process and give advice.
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