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  1. Keeping fingers crossed for you and looking forward to seeing you here again soon.
  2. Hello Kevin. Welcome to the FISD and sorry for the late reply. Seems like this mod has not yet been done here before as only very few people posted build threads of this blaster. But I guess with some trimming and adjustments it should be possible (not guaranteeing anything now). You can also send a PM to Chris (@fieldmarshall) maybe he knows more...
  3. Hi Fred, your work to shape the front sight cage is the right direction. You might find this thread helpful for your project: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32111-fisd-e-11-blaster-reference/ Beside of sanding the 'banana' T-tracks, I would also recommend to sand the bottom of both scope feet (see images in the gallery of the linked thread).
  4. Welcome James If you tell us a bit more about your preferences (original trilogy or sequel trilogy) and your body size, we can help finding vetted makers, suitable for you. Good luck on your Stormtrooper journey.
  5. I would say, all good as long as your end cap doesn't get any problems...
  6. Looking at these photos brings back some memories...
  7. Welcome back, Emma. Please also have a look at the requirements for the higher levels here. Good luck on your build...
  8. If the silver pops out too much for your taste, just dull it down with a black (or brownish) washing. Carefully dabbing the wet paint will leave some residue at the right places to also make that bolt look aged and weathered.
  9. Wow, that is a pretty complex link collection! Must have taken ages to make.
  10. Hello Adam and welcome to FISD. Congratulations on your choice and BBB day. RS makes a very good kit. You have done your homework. Can't wait for your build thread and photos. Before you start building, please also check the requirements for levels 2 and 3. Just little tweaks here and there - but so much easier to make during the actual build, instead of later corrections.
  11. Hi Joseph and welcome to the FISD. Glad you found this place, because it is the right one for your project. Good luck on your stormtrooper journey and do also have a look at the requirements for the higher levels (2&3) before you start building.
  12. T-Jay


    Hi John. No confirmed info from my side, but I experienced the same a while ago already (before the lockdown). Since I know DoopyDoo's, they have always been very low on communications, but always shipped what one ordered. Let's keep fingers crossed, it is just a temporary production pause... I am on their waiting list, too.
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