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  1. Hi Jesse, from what I can see, you already found the exact same pictures, I just wanted to send you. Your setup in this photo seems absolutely correct and you should get a proper magnification of the engravings in the reticle lens. You said it is blurry. Hm, that is strange. Okay, try the following steps: 1. Flip the reticle lens. Maybe the wrong side was facing the big lens and the thickness of the reticle lens distorted the distance for a good magnification. 2. Check the installation of the big lens in that housing. It has a plain and a domed side. Plain side should point towards the reticle lens, domed side towards your eye. To flip it, just unscrew the big retainer ring and it should drop out of the housing. 3. Try playing with those two lenses. Change their distance and check if you need more or less distance than what you currently have with that metal piece of the monocular. Had no such issue yet and keeping fingers crossed...
  2. T-Jay

    Introduction - Matt Wilson

    Hi Matthew, I can only second what @lucnak said and encourage you to start a build thread here. A lot of eyes will be available for help.
  3. Welcome to the ranks, JC. Any plans to go for level 2 and 3?
  4. Congratulations Freddy! Guess you will have the Centurion badge when we meet on our next troop...
  5. Hi Freddy, welcome to the ranks and congratulations on completing your first troop - without any damages as far as I can tell. It was my pleasure meeting you in person and I am looking forward to both, your applications for L2+L3 and our next troop.
  6. T-Jay

    G'day from Brisbane.

    Hi Mark and welcome to the white zone. This thread will help you getting an idea of the costs. Steve (@starsaber25) already posted a good link regarding the types of armor and where to find them. This one will tell you, how to then join the 501st Legion. And this one is useful for your first troop. Last but not least, there is this one to level up your suit for EIB or Centurion (do it, do it ) That is what Q @gmrhodes13 meant with his words "you have a bit of reading ahead of you"... Any questions, just let us know.
  7. Not bright enough? What you ended up with, looks perfect to me. Like the Terminator's eye. Seriously, you are not installing a laser pointer. You just want red light inside your scope. And it looks superb on that photo.
  8. Easiest to discuss this on the upcomming troop next Saturday.
  9. Good luck Freddy, hope you will be joining the ranks soon.
  10. Sorry Marko, looks like I missed to reply earlier. You can align the rear foot of the scope to sit above the folding stock hinge. In other words, just move that scope 3cm closer to the rear sight. Great idea with the red light inside the scope. Excited to see this working...
  11. T-Jay

    Kia ora from New Zealand

    Hello Alistair, welcome to FISD. You already have a 501st ID so you can request 501st access to this page here. And for your 1st troop next Saturday, you can find some tips here. If you want, you can also submit applications for the higher costume levels here. Link(s) may only work after your 501st access request has been granted.
  12. Hi Jesse, congrats on your latest progress. Using a coloured primer, always changes the game. It not only hides the green stuff, but also shows the last few weak spots - in case there are some. Very small issues can even get fixed simply by sanding that area. Maybe it is just the photo, but in this picture your rear sight sits critically close to the end cap. Looks like maybe 2 mm got lost because of that cut through the receiver tube. I understand you want the locking mechanism of your end cap clip to work. But do not forget the end cap needs a little gap to the rear sight, so you can rotate it for removal. By the way: this reference photo is from our Blaster Reference pictures straight out of photobucket.com. Seems like their 3rd party hosting service works again...?!?!
  13. T-Jay

    Hi from Brisbane, Australia

    Hi Esther, welcome to the FISD. Glad you have been forwarded to this place. Have a look at the Getting Started section and ask whatever you want. Once you get your BBB, start a build thread so we can help you. You will find there are 3 different levels of accuracy for building your TK (Basic, Expert Infantry and Centurion). I highly suggest to aim for level 3 right from the start. In the long term that is easier than upgrading your suit later. Good luck on your TK journey. That number plate rocks!
  14. Whaaaaat??? Maybe I have seen to many photos where hot glue was used for such cases, but I never expected that. Sorry Jesse. The same would have happened to me.