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  1. In case you want to add some weathering (still possible), you can check the 'Weathering Chapter' in the FISD E-11 Blaster Reference. Maybe it inspires you...
  2. Very good, Colin, very good. Keeping my fingers crossed for your Centurion application...
  3. That is correct. Your work on the hollowed resin scopes was absolutely outstanding! Thinking of a full blaster kit with the same high level of details makes me want to start right now. In other words: whenever you do this, I would be honored to build it. Guessing I do then need an acrylic glass case not just for the scope, but the whole blaster, he?
  4. Wow Colin, very well done!!! Glad to see, there is nothing left to tell from that earlier flaw.
  5. My Phoenix Props kits a few years ago all had a one-piece folding stock, which (as far as I know) was cast from the cleaned Sterling parts set that you have now. I always wanted to see (and have) a detailed resin folding stock. Yeah, it might break - but I would take that risk.
  6. Welcome to the ranks, Ian. Now that you mention it, these could sit a bit closer to the shoulder bridge. Maybe you can reach this by shortening the strap. To keep your lower legs from rotating, you can use velcro between boots and shins.
  7. Great work, Greg. Glad to hear you were able to get all issues with the electronics fixed. Can't tell how it sounds, but it LOOKS really good. The only thing I noticed is the bayonet lug. Seems it needs to get rotated by 90 degrees: For the weathering, maybe Chapter #29 of the FISD E-11 Blaster Reference will inspire you and help you with that...
  8. Good idea with the additional rubber washer. 'Poor man's fiberglass' (CA glue and a piece from an old T-shirt) works very well to reinforce the thin material around the mic tips. Oh and, great posting (as always )
  9. Good luck, Scott. Keeping fingers crossed for you. Even with primer, I experienced the same after some events. The bottom of the handle simply is a prominent part of the E-11 and I had to retouch this area several times...
  10. Hello Quinn, welcome aboard. ... and prepare for 'not being able to sit down' during events. The information in this forum can be overwhelming, so don't hesitate to ask your questions here or in your build thread. Enjoy your TK journey and have fun.
  11. And if Glen's idea does not work for you, maybe you can install your speaker inside the Hengstler counter box. Getting the wires there can be challenging, but I have seen people running them below the scope rail or right through the receiver pipe into the counter.
  12. Hi Josh and welcome to the FISD. Is the blaster meant for trooping or display only? (asking because of the weight, less weight is better for long trooping days) Beside Praetorian there are other sources for rubber blasters, but these always turn out heavier than other kits. Resin is better and 3D-printed kits are the light-weightiest on the market but require serious sanding.
  13. Hi Garrett, welcome to the FISD. May I suggest to start with this this section, which will answer many of your questions. If you tell us about your height and body shape, we can help to find an armor that fits you. And if you tell us where you are located, we can help getting you in contact with some local people. Seeing different armors in real life is an eye-opener. Any questions, just let us know.
  14. Great story Dave. I am happy for you, in the end everything worked out. Wishing you a lot of fun with your TK armor and your boys. Maybe some day they want their own armor and you can troop together...
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