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  1. That was a busy weekend for you. And I now have a lot of improvements to make on my armor prior to the next troop.
  2. Hello Leif. After meeting you last October on that troop in Leverkusen, I am glad to see you signing up here, too. Whenever you run into a question with your approval process for higher levels, don't hesitate to contact me. Good luck from your old neighborhood 'L-town'.
  3. T-Jay

    FISD Memes

    If it goes on like this, by the end of the year the majority of FISD-content will only consist of memes ...
  4. T-Jay

    FISD Memes

    You will officially be promoted to the rank of the 'Detachment-Clown' Sorry mate, could not resist this time.
  5. Hello again Marc and welcome to the FISD one more time. Sorry for being late to this party, I am currently a bit busy. However, I am sure we will cover a lot of your questions in a few hours. Looking forward to our phone call tonight.
  6. If you display only ONE blaster (instead of a whole collection) I would clearly avoid the pugman version. You will also find more sources for the regular ANH E-11 and (if correctly built) it has a far more realistic appearance and details.
  7. Hi Alan, welcome to the FISD. Maybe you want to get in contact with local 501st members in your area?! This might help to tackle all this. Feel free to send me a PM with all your questions if you want.
  8. I found spade drill bits to be very good for this kind of work, because you have more control while drilling.
  9. Joseph, are you sure this is not just the regular power cylinder with a reflection of the parallel cylinder making it look like something is connected to the scope?!
  10. It is great fun following this build and I really like how deep you dive into each detail. There is just one thing that stands out to me and I hope you don't get it wrong if I mention. The scope rail: if you shorten the vertical part on the front and give the full length a 'banana bend' it would better match the screen used rail. Again, I hope you get this as positive criticism. For the amazing level of accuracy you put into this blaster, I found it wrong to not mention this.
  11. So glad to see you are using textured paint in this build. Everything else would just not make sense here. Don't forget to turn the LOCK/FREE screw in the grip into LOCK position later. Oh, and great work done on the power cylinders, though we haven't seen any ones with a red wire to the outside.
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