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  1. Placement of all attachment parts looks spot on, Robert. Like Brian already mentioned, you could do some details and weathering to push this blaster even further.
  2. No worries Robert. Don't feel pushed. Just wanted to mention this, in case you would go for a 2-tone paintjob.
  3. Well, in that case it does not matter. It only gets tricky, if you want the blaster to have a structured surface like the originals (wrinkle paint). The T-tracks were made from extruded plastic and did not have any structure. Some builders accentuate this in using different spray paints on these parts.
  4. Good progress. Did you glue the T-tracks to the receiver tube at this stage? Depending on your plans to paint the receiver, this can be much easier without the T-tracks attached.
  5. THAT sounds sooo familiar to me. Thank you Brian for helping another FISD member in the same situation again. Yep, since that day, my only workaround for not missing any PMs here is to log on daily! Would be happy, if this issue could get fixed some day...
  6. Welcome to the Legion, Robert. Here are a few tips for your first troop. Have fun.
  7. pm sent. thanks!


    1. T-Jay


      PM answered. :)

  8. What I like the most about watching new Star Wars trailers: - it brings back the excitement of a child at Christmas - the Lucasfilm Ltd. logo appears and expectations rise - the music, the pictures and the sounds make you feel home - tears of joy - and finally goose bumps all over Sometimes a trailer can cause more fascination, than the whole movie itself. Let's hope it will be different with this (last?) episode...
  9. Hello Peter and welcome to the whitearmor.net (FISD). Glad to see you made it here, as there is no better place when it's about Stormtrooper armor. Patience and research are the keys in this hobby and a good place to begin with is the Getting Started section. Lots of usefull information there that will answer many of your questions. As for the manufacturers, there are quite a few and RS Prop Masters or Troopermaster (both located in the UK) would be a very good product. However, instead of focussing on ordering the armor yet, I would kindly suggest to first get in contact with your local Garrison. Meeting these people, seeing their armors in peron (and being able to compare them) will help you to find what you need for your individual body size. Good luck Peter and hoping to hear more from you here soon.
  10. Hello Chris and welcome to the home of the Stormtroopers.
  11. Hello Jonas and welcome to the FISD. Why not? As Glen already stated, SDS armor can be modified to be approvable - even for higher levels. Would suggest to first get in contact with your local 501st squad or garrison. This will be helpful, no matter what type of costume you are working on. When talking to these people, you can discuss the required modifications to the SDS armor. Who knows, maybe you end up having two costumes...
  12. Hello Antoine, glad to see you signing up here. Since our 'recruiting' conversation in Speyer I was indeed waiting for this introduction thread and I am happy to see, you finally made it. You have taken your first step into a larger world. What happened in the meantime? Did you already check the CRLs and decide, what type of armor you are aiming for? Your body size is perfect for any classic Stormtrooper from the OT (original trilogy).
  13. Great additions to a blaster, that already was very beautiful before! If possible, I would recommend to rotate the trigger group retaining pin from position FREE to LOCK. The FREE position was used for disassembling this group.
  14. Hello Victoria, glad to see you started your build thread here. Regarding posting photos here are two links that you might find helpful: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/44598-posting-photos-from-google-photos/ https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/46368-photo-uploading-help/
  15. Impressive. Most impressive! These are great photos.
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