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  1. Thank you very much Glen @gmrhodes13 and Mario @TKSpartan Before continuing with today‘s update I just have to mention three minor corrections to this build. Daniel @CableGuy has collected some very good information about ANH helmet building and painting in some of his YouTube videos. Watched these just recently and then found flaws on the eyes and the paint job on vocoder and the HOVIs. See the following photos for the corrective actions: Okay, now to the update. Looking at the helmets from TIE-pilots and Magma Troopers, I found tubes or
  2. Many thanks for your kind comments, Brian. Glad to hear you like it so far. Ha what a funny coincidence, because I am working on aurebesh letterings right now. You will see the result in the next update, coming on Friday.
  3. In the last update the brown MUJI box got added to the 'utility belt' and I thought about what it could be for. A red cross came in my mind but we all know there is no 'First Aid' in the Star Wars Universe – there is Bacta. That made me think of something else - and that belt looked so empty with nothing else attached to it… Looks okay, maybe I change it later because the canister wobbles a little and the wires can be seen... In the opening post I mentioned gaps between face plate and blast shield. These needed to get filled. Di
  4. Sounds good, Brian. Is it still possible to remove the T-tracks? That would safe a lot of extra masking work when painting.
  5. Thanks Mario and Brian. Many thanks, that is what I indeed hoped for. And after these years your MUJI box made it onto that helmet and soon into my collection. Closer to the finish line but the aim is to put the maximum possible additions / alterations onto a single helmet, so yes, there is still something more to come...
  6. More work done, here is the progress. And then things got weird... Next update probably comes next Friday. List of modifications so far: 1 - Blast Shield 2 - Black Interior 3 - Two-tone paint job 4 - Antenna and radio 5 - Utility belt 6 - Universal supply box Have a nice weekend.
  7. Sprayed the inside of my helmet black for the same reason as Brien (@Harbinger) with simple spray paint. I totally love it but it got some light wear and tear during the 40+ troops made with it. Guessing that won't happen with Truck Bed Liner.
  8. Reading this, I somehow feel bad now for buying a commissioned TK back then. Congratulations Mark and welcome to the ranks. As you said, a few tweaks here and there and you will surely have loads of fun with that suit.
  9. Just changed my google settings to be located in Japan and here are the results for 'laser cutting online' : - fractory.com - ponoko.com - sculpteo.com - cotter.co - oshcut.com - laserboost.com - onlinelasercutting.com.au - sendcutsend.com Haven't tried any of these myself, it is just what google came up with. Keeping fingers crossed...
  10. Okay, today we will finally see the color on that last unpainted piece of the helmet. But first to the teeth... Before painting the teeth, I first had to do the lower face. The two-toned paint job on this helmet helps to make it look like the lower section is a removable part that can be changed if damaged. I wanted this to have a metal-like appearance to give the impression of a new unpainted part and that these helmets are being made from Durasteel. A simple silver paint was not sufficient, so I checked my cans of Humbrol Metal Cote but 27001 was t
  11. I hope so, Brian... Meanwhile the work continued: The last photo got posted to discuss the best color option for the ear screws. They could be painted in matte black, NATO green, Humbrol grey or I could leave them brass as they are now. What do you think? Thank you for reading and commenting.
  12. Oh, you will. Let's just wait until we can meet again in Leverkusen... A 'Pfefferschnitzel' is highly overdue. Thanks for mentioning Glen. Green and yellow sounds like a good combination, too. But to be honest, I already have something in mind for that last white spot on this helmet... Sounds like a great idea but in this case I am only building a helmet, not a full costume. This fact is limiting when it comes to integrate paint schemes and colors. However, I am still pretty confident...
  13. No problem Jakob, you only took a two-years-break. Not sure about a source for the receiver tube but I might be able to help with the scope rails. Please check this thread and if you like item #35, send me a PM. Great to have you back and looking forward to your build progress...
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