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  1. The wrinkle pattern turned out great. For a moment I thought to be looking at a picture of a real Sterling. The LOCK-FREE screw in the grip is a bit deep but no urgent need to correct this. Great result and a good paint job done on the inner bolt. T-tracks look very straight and perfect.
  2. Oh yes, I was wrong with that. So, as you still have a month left, this thread here might be useful for you...
  3. Good luck and a lot of fun on your first troop tomorrow.
  4. Great finds, Henry. Thank you for posting here. Looks like I soon have to update the reference. Next two weeks will be busy for me at work, so it will take some time to get this added. Thanks again.
  5. You did a great job hollowing that folding stock. For the rattling of the tube, you can of course glue it in place. I would just consider to postpone this step after you have done the paintwork. Otherwise it could get hard to reach the inside of that folding stock.
  6. Hi Ron. The thickness of the spring wire should be 1.8 mm. As far as I'm aware, every builder managed to make the spring like you described (wire and broom handle or something similar). Even self-made springs cause pressure - enough to keep your receiver's end cap sitting without any rattling. Depending on how accurate you want to go, there are more things inside that area of the Sterling as you can see here and in these two videos. Hope this helps.
  7. To be honest, that doesn't look bad to me. Many builds out there do not have a textured surface at all - but this one has. Looking forward to your next update.
  8. Sorry to say but I can confirm the fumes of these type of paint lasts very long. In my case with the VHT paint it took more than half a year to fade. When opening that closed cabinet with my blasters inside, I sometimes can still smell this paint mixed with the oil and grease from the real Sterling. Crazy stuff. And yes, you really only get the right result, by strictly following the instructions on the spray can - including temperatures and constant humidity. Nevermind, the weathering of this E-11 will surely catch more attention later, than some imperfections of the wri
  9. Over time, some improvements were made to the Completion Sets. Early sets for example had issues with the aluminum stripe snapping while bending it. Because of that, I changed to a different supplier and from then it worked fine. Not sure if your aluminum stripe is affected by that, but if you post a sharp closeup photo of one end, I might be able to tell and possibly replace it with the newer version. Also I am not sure, if the green stuff and the CA glue might have become useless over the years. Please check that as well. And in case we end up with a 2nd shipment,
  10. Hi Thomas, great to see you starting your own build thread here. Looking at that first picture, it reminds me of the good times: resin instead of 3D parts Guessing this will be one of the very last DoopyDoo's builds as it seems like the production is discontinued - at least we haven't seen any kits from DD shipped during the last 18 months. But who knows, maybe it is just a little break... Good luck for your build and keep the photos coming. Oh, your Completion Set was from 2016 so better skip the Haribos.
  11. First of all, I highly appreciate the time consuming work in the background to keep this forum clean. Many thanks for that. Would it be an option to inform the owners of affected threads to make them aware of this move? Otherwise I could imagine, people miss the 6 months time frame and precious information might be lost.
  12. You can contact @justjoseph63 for a set of them. Not sure yet, if he still has some left. Oh, and welcome back.
  13. Thanks for the link, Glen. Yes, COVID slowed down everything. Seems like DoopyDoo's haven't sold a kit for about a year or so. And because my completion sets are tailored to these kits, I only had very few requests. In the long term, I might have to quit offering them. For the moment however, I still have enough stock to help you, Richard. Click on that link and if you like what you see, just drop me a PM.
  14. Hi Marc. Any chance for a sale thread here on FISD? (for the non-Facebook people)
  15. Hi Chuck, welcome to the FISD. You can request 501st access here. And here you can then go for the higher levels.
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