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  1. Hi Brett, happy to see you started a build thread. The current setup looks very promising. Following... When I think of an operational folding stock, which also has to be light weight, the first thing in my mind is the kit from @fieldmarshall. Don't want to keep you from building your own stock, I was just not sure if you were aware of that option. You are based in the US, so even shipping would not be an issue. However, I would totally understand if your prefer to build your own and keep this option as a backup plan.
  2. Hi Matthew, welcome to the home of the Stormtroopers.
  3. Hi Kirsten, welcome to the FISD. Ask any questions you have and start your own build thread once you get the ball rolling.
  4. Hi Christopher, willkommen im FISD. Genau, erst mal 501st-Access beantragen, damit du mehr Zugriffsrechte bekommst und dann immer her mit den Fragen.
  5. Good job Marko! Your latest progress reminds me of some photos from the blaster reference. Now the real challenge will be a matching paint job and weathering on the rest of your blaster. Keeping fingers crossed for this...
  6. Your ANH Stunt armor however could receive some light weathering and still be screen-accurate with that. The 'newspaper-weathering' is simple to do at no costs. Here you can see how this looks like.
  7. Congrats Sean. Have fun out there with your armor.
  8. Welcome to the FISD Bleach. Yes, get that compression suit first and then use it when test-fitting your armor, because you will wear it while wearing your armor. If you are in doubt with cutting or fitting issues, just start a build thread and we will be there to help. Good luck and enjoy your trooper journey...
  9. Welcome back, Kevin. With your TK ID it should be possible to request 501st access here.
  10. That sounds like a good plan. Ideally the top should be closed. If you later have enough leftover material from item #15 (ABS stripe), maybe you can cut a disc and just glue that to the rear end of the inner tube.
  11. Great job so far. Can't wait to see a video of this blaster when everything is completed...
  12. Hello Joseph and welcome to the FISD. Don't get me wrong but if we knew your height and weight, it would be easier for us to assist in finding a suitable TK costume for you. Of course you don't have to publish this. It would just make life easier for us.
  13. Hi Tina. Glad to see you starting a build thread here. Sounds like you ordered some cool stuff from Brian (@Bulldog44) and Chris (@themaninthesuitcase). This should make a nice blaster. This pvc tube is meant as a backfill behind the venting holes in the resin receiver. Just paint it black, slide it in and it will simulate your inner front barrel. No drilling required except for the spots where your scope rail and folding stock will lock in. You are on a good way. Keep the updates coming...
  14. Congratulations on completing this beautiful armor. Have fun with it and enjoy your first troop - like the ones to follow. Stay hydrated.
  15. Hi Matthew and welcome to the FISD. I can only second what Jordan already said. If you want it, go for it. Leave any insoles out of your boots and any paddings out of your helmet to compensate your height.
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