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  1. T-Jay

    TK-72117 Checking In

    Congratulations and welcome to the team, Colin.
  2. T-Jay

    Hello from Seattle

    Welcome to the white family.
  3. T-Jay

    Linz AM ANH build thread WIP

    Sorry but I am located in Germany, not the UK. Wish I could help though... I would give Tony's idea a try and look for the screen accurate poppers.
  4. Hi Luis, maybe that is because you need 501st access first. You can request it here with your TK ID.
  5. T-Jay

    Greetings from Kiel Germany TK90874

    Moin Lars, welcome in the white zone. Looking forward to seeing your EIB thread once you have 501st access...
  6. Micro project successfully completed. Congratulations Jesse.
  7. Keeping fingers crossed for you James. Good luck.
  8. Good luck Jennifer. Looking good.
  9. T-Jay

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

    Hello Alex and welcome to the FISD.
  10. T-Jay

    A Friend Can’t Create a New Account

    I guess he did not receive the confirmation email from FISD?!?! Same happened to me recently and I was locked out. Still getting no emails from FISD...
  11. T-Jay

    Greetings from South Korea!

    Hello Yoomi and welcome to the FISD. Wishing you a wonderful time when trooping with your husband.
  12. T-Jay

    Matneato's TK Stunt Build (Anovos)

    Great start Matt. Everything looks well organized. Good luck with this build.
  13. T-Jay

    Hello from Alabama!

    Welcome to the one and only place for Stormtroopers. Once you get your BBB you could start a build thread to receive tipps and advices. Enjoy your TK journey.
  14. Hi Marko, the power cylinders look great and that was a crazy cool idea to build the resistors from wood. Not sure about 3D printed front sight guards, but @fieldmarshalloffers his aluminum version and you could also contact Derrek (@Dday) to ask for a resin version.
  15. T-Jay

    New Member from Gibsonia PA.

    Hi Kevin and welcome to the FISD. Once your build is finished, you can post pictures in a pre-approval thread to have the staff checking your suit. For the microphone/amp system I would suggest the AKER voice amp, a small and compact solution, that can be enhanced with the iComm to add the static bursts. Edit: Q was faster Emergency stuff for your tote could be things like CA glue, white electrical tape, spare batteries and so on.