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  1. Congrats, Brian, on finishing both of these blasters. They turned out great and I love the wrinkle paint, too. Just wondering about how close the end-caps are to the rear sights. Can you still push and rotate them? It usually takes a little gap there to do so. Looks like the Phoenix Props blaster still needs the muzzle screws on the front. Got some - in case you lost yours, let me know. Again, congratulations on getting these two beauties ready. I guess your next project will be a blaster rack...?
  2. Sorry for being late to the party and once again welcome to the Legion, TK-66744. You wrote a great story and it really tells how much you wanted this, Luca. Now you have reached this goal and you have taken your first step into a larger world. Enjoy your time as a Stormtrooper and have fun out there.
  3. Congrats Luca, glad to see you made it. After your first troop you will surely find more little things to improve. That's part of this hobby, so don't worry...
  4. In case you should come across a suitable acrylic tube for this purpose it makes sense to slightly sand the outer surface to get that frozen effect. This helps hiding the actual LEDs and improves the look. But for the moment I keep fingers crossed for your scrap plastic packaging material.
  5. Yes, it actually works the same way. You need an online host (like Youtube) to upload your videos to and then place the link in your thread. That should work. Oh, and great job done so far.
  6. Welcome Charles. Do not forget to request your 501st access here. Have fun and enjoy being a 'bad guy doing good'
  7. Yes, it was fun yesterday and time flew. I was surprised to realize we had met for about 10 hours in total. I keep fingers crossed for the basic approval application and hope we took care of the issues for the higher levels, too...
  8. Regarding the helmet padding issue: I guess that is because Luca was taking the photos while being in armor, without any other person. We will definitely take care of his padding (and other little things) when meeting for the approval photos at the end of this month.
  9. Hi Luca. A thing that sticks out to me on the above photo is the upper end of your forearms. Maybe you can still trim those sharp edges around the elbow to look softer. I can't paint a coloured line into your photo but what I mean is to cut away a triangle shape of the outer half, lining up the inner and outer half to match in one straight line. In case I wrote it too complicated, you know how to contact me.
  10. Hi Marco and welcome back here. Keeping fingers crossed for you to reach your weight goal. Glen already pointed towards AM and RT armor. Here are some links: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/50707-tk-6427-requesting-esb-centurion-status-am/ https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/50357-tk-20112-requesting-anh-stunt-centurion-status-rt-mod-491/
  11. Instead of literally shorten it, maybe you could just install additional snaps on that strap to get the same effect and to vary in future. Yes, we'll definitely look over everything when we meet for taking for the approval photos. Also I am curious to see Richard's ideas on improving points, so we can get the best out of your armor. And yes, for the basic approval I would suggest to skip mobility cuts for the moment. You are slightly taller than me, so that should work.
  12. Maybe you can just warm it up and bend it more forward? Looking at the full rear and full side views on page 1, everything seems to be where it should be. Or lift the butt plate, kidney plate and rear armor by shortening the shoulder straps from front to rear. Maybe that works... Wait, this cannot be undone. Is it really required? How tall are you? I am only 175 cm but can easily walk stairs (both ways) in my armor without having any mobility cuts. Found mobility to heavily depend on the strapping.
  13. Very good. Many troopers use the standard foam padding and end up with the helmet sitting too high above the shoulders. By trying different thicknesses you will be able to lower your helmet as much as possible. As a side effect, this will also improve your vision through the helmet eyes - especially on short distances right in front of you. Try it.
  14. No worries Luca, you are on a good way. Hope our phone call yesterday helped you with a few things and to get an overview of the 501st Legion and trooping on events. Just sent you some PMs with additional info to consider. You can contact me anytime.
  15. Ha, ha. Yes, by moving to NRW and getting basic approval, you will definitely join the same Garrison Squad. Being one of two Imperial Attachès in that Squad, it is my pleasure to help you getting in contact with our local community. For some events there are ways to attend even without an official membership. For example as a handler. A simple way to learn a lot. Feel free to drop me a PM here to discuss any further things. Would love to help, because that's what we are here for. As for the higher levels, I just wanted to make sure you are aware, because if you plan to reach these, it is far easier to build straight to these standards, than to later change your suit.
  16. Hi Luca, seems like you already have your build running and got some help from others here. Once you have your basic approval and TK ID, request 501st access to this site here to unlock even more hidden posts. Are you aware of the optional higher levels and do you aim for these as well? Did you have a chance to get in contact or meet with local 501st people in your area? By the way, what area do you come from? Maybe we meet on a troop one day.
  17. My pleasure, Brian. Though this time Google made life a bit harder than usually. Anyway, it finally worked to also upload both PDFs and to update all PDF-links here. As always, if you find broken links, missing pictures or anything else, don't hesitate to post here or send a PM.
  18. Okay, a new chapter has been added to cover the recently found Greeblies and the Table Of Contents has also been updated. The new info about the mounting methods of power cylinders and Hengstler counters have been added to chapters 24, 25 & 26. Next step is to update the downloadable PDFs...
  19. Hello Dave, welcome to FISD.
  20. The wrinkle pattern turned out great. For a moment I thought to be looking at a picture of a real Sterling. The LOCK-FREE screw in the grip is a bit deep but no urgent need to correct this. Great result and a good paint job done on the inner bolt. T-tracks look very straight and perfect.
  21. Oh yes, I was wrong with that. So, as you still have a month left, this thread here might be useful for you...
  22. Good luck and a lot of fun on your first troop tomorrow.
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