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  1. Money already dropped Pre ordering. How to resist buying the armour
  2. man that hot toy is sexy..... makes me want to do one of these guys real bad now....
  3. So much swagger when he strides on his, flamer on shoulder and just lets loose. I want one
  4. Just sat down and tracked my TK usage from my consolidated trooping logs... straight up to 70! hazah! pls can I have the 50! this will spur me into some weight lose again to get the TK back to its best....
  5. Finally sat down and collated all the TK Troops I have done over the years especially given I am tracking my trooping for my other costumes! Troops: 30/05/15 - Empire Coffee Co troop 21/09/15 - Nixon Watch Launch 01/10/15 - EB Festival - 02/11/15 - EB Festival - 03/11/15 - EB Festival - 04/11/15 - EB Festival - 10/10/15 - KinoKunia Star Wars Reads day 11/10/15 - Mater Dei School Fair 17/10/15 - Leo's 5th Birthday 28/10/15 - EA battlefront TV spot 7/11/15 - 6th Birthday party in newcastle 12/11/15 - Microsoft Story Opening 14/11/15- Good Games Release 14/11/15 - Impact Comic Cbook Festival 18/11/15 - EB Battlefront Launch 03/12/15 - Dreamnight 16/12/15 - Randwick Ritz Midnight release 17/12/15 - Event Cinema George Street 18/12/15 - John Hunter Hospital 31/01/16 Combined Birthday Party 26/01/16 NextGen Family Fun Day 15/03/16 Surprise Birthday 23/04/16 Spingwood Wedding 04/05/16 May the 4th 07/05/16 Central Coast Comic Con 08/05/16 Starlight kids Fundraising EB Bondi Junction 15/05/16 Hawksbury Relay for Life 21/05/16 Hills Relay for Life 28/05/16 Men and Machines Car show 17/06/16 SupaNova Sydney 18/06/16 SupaNova Sydney 19/06/16 SupaNova Sydney 03/09/16 Blood Drive 10/09/16 OzCC 11/09/16 OzCC 14/09/16 Google BrandCast Event 17/09/16 Galactic Blood Drive 18/09/16 Gamma Con Canberra 24/09/16 Charlie/Alfie Combined birthday party 25/09/16 Its More than just Sneakers Swap Meet 01/10/16 EB Expo 02/10/16 EB Expo 15/10/16 Star Wars Reads Day: Dymocks Sydney 16/10/16 Mater Dei Fair 19/10/16 Sydney Children's hospital party day 12/11/16 Croydon Festival 20/11/16 Sons of Obiwon Open day 27/11/16 Good Games - Destiny Star Wars Card Game Launch... 28/11/16 Events Cinema Mannequin Challenge 3/12/16 cerebal palsy xmas part 10/12/16 Kids flix warringah mall 14/12/16 Rogue One Premiere 15/12/16 Hoyts Moore Park Charity Troop 15/12/16 Hoyts Moore Park Corporate Troop 22/04/17 - BrickExpo 23/04/17 - BrickExpo 30/04/17 - Lego Death Star Guarding 04/05/17 - May the 4th 05/05/17 - Disney Meet and Greet 06/05/17 - Central Coast ComicCon 01/06/17 - Fandom afterparty awards 15/06/17 - Channel 7 Promotion for Record 19/08/17 - Kidsflix Bondi Junction 12/11/17 - Kidsflix penrith 19/11/17 - lukas' christening 09/12/17 - A league Star Wars Round 28 14/12/17 - Corporate Screening I 14/12/17 - Corporate Screening II 14/12/17 - Corporate Screening III 18/12/17 - Jason Clare Charity Screening I will try and get back to this and add photos....
  6. I am finding myself preferring the white version.... still not a massive fan of that bucket though ;/
  7. Would be nice to see Veterans and the like with older armour like the old mark 6 and earlier armour with space marines.
  8. funnily enough when i saw the drawing and tee that's what popped into my head as well... Loving the Sith Trooper, not a fan of the Jet trooper.... the plate that sticks out on the chest would look aerodynamic and would line up with the bucket I would have thought....
  9. Love my RT MOD kit and will be happy to recommend it to the bigger trooper. Thanks for al you have done and passing on the torch! Sounds like a lot of great work pandatrooper ! Exciting times ahead
  10. How am I just seeing this Sez! Welcome to FISD !
  11. Thanks for your input Phil, Glenn and Andrew! Good to see some debate and clarifications on something should be trivial Totally understand the different armour makers and their nuances and am glad we have some wiggle room especially like you say the symmetrical bits! Thanks for the input gentlemen
  12. Morning from a dreary Sydney members of the FISD, i am one of the GML team and our TFA Phasma has finally been finished and she has applied for approval so is with us to judge! running through the CRL we hit a snag with the CRL and words that don't necessarily match the words; namely the thigh pieces.... https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_TFA_captain_phasma the CRL words say: Thighs -Thighs are reflective metallic silver in color -There are seams on the inside and outside of each thigh. -A clip greeblie is present high and across the outside seams of each thigh. -The right thigh (when worn) includes a base for a weapon holster. Holster does not need to be functional. and the image looks like this: So the problem we hit is that seam the words just say there are seams, but the image shows its curved. All of the on screen shots and used costume photos seem to show the seam is straight.... Wondering if we could get the CRL updated to either say its curved or change the thigh image so that is not curved and this confusion is avoided?
  13. I ran out of Tandy Snaps with JUST the externally visible ones left to do when I ordered new ones back in 2015 I think? the new ones arrived with the names so I had to find a spare that wasn't stamped! I got lucky!!! Still swear by Tandy Snaps though!
  14. This is exciting never been to Chicago so it will be fun And a long trip from Sydney, Australia regardless
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