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  1. We are always available to help on the Southern Cross Garrison Forums Do what you can before Supanova and come find us in the Star Wars fan Zone and we can help with any dressing issues you may be having!!!!
  2. love this winning design for sure... in regards to the back could you just trace the same TK shapes on the reverse side so they take up the same space, maybe put the FOTK in front on the back side. (edited cause' i forgot the t in trace)
  3. hot damn that is one sexy coin! Congratulations!
  4. Welcome to the FISD Luke! my name is Andy and I am the CO of the Southern Cross Garrison; make sure you sign up to the www.501scg.org forums as well and we can help out ! Jump on there, introduce yourself and post some pics and we can help you out! thanks andy!
  5. This is epic, and will get me to dig out my other kit and start working on it! I'm excited.
  6. Every piece of SW news is sent my way, anything with a Stormtooper locally I get asked if that was me.... Someone hadned me an "ooshie*" this morning as she walked in as she knew i'd appreciate R2.... Its established I have May the 4th off every year as well as any dates for premiere events. Someone called me up and asked if I had a cape at work for something they needed.... I did... as well as a cheap Vader costume to go with it. I was asked about lightsabres, I had two under my desk... I've worked a shift on our service desk dressed as a Stormie.... so yeah I am definitely the Star Wars guy at work.... *limited edition collectibles from grocery store
  7. Sensational. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to throw this on my Stormtrooper themed Garrison shirt!
  8. oh man, that flame thrower and back pack is glorious! so good....
  9. Oh that flamethrower looks amazing. Look forward to seeing this build
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