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  1. Belt is done now. Just want to cover up the rivets with some white elastic or soft side of the Velcro to protect the armour.
  2. Hey Dan. I have the hovi tip speakers, so just the acer electronics are in the helmet. Thanks for being concerned. Really appreciated.
  3. So I finally got my lenses installed and did some work on the inside of the helmet. I followed @kamikaze’s helmet interior and have the acer amp, icomm and fan battery pack up top. Still need to fill in some of the gaps up top with neoprene, install the fans and get some cable management going. My head seems quite large for the helmet and I won’t be able to put the switch controls up front in the face area because my face is already in there.
  4. Thanks Joseph. That is the exact guide I used for the rivet holes. should I use nylon or Elastic for the snaps on the abdomen?
  5. Quick question. I will be doing my ab plate rivets today. I have seen a few ways of strapping on the left side; 1. Straps from the rivets only 2. Rivets by themselves and snap plates added around them. 3. Both straps from the rivets and snap plates together. 4. Rivets attaching the strap on one side and snaps on the other with the second set of rivets not holding the straps. Is there a preferred method for this that works better or are they all fairly equal?
  6. Did some test fitting with the torso , arms and helmet today. Had trouble snapping on the shoulder bells because the snaps were very tight and then I couldn’t get them off. LOL. Still felt good to see some semblance of a storm trooper when I looked in the mirror. Then I snuck into my daughters room.
  7. So here’s an update. This did not work. The CA glue pulled off the silicone. I assume the activator is the key to making it stick.
  8. Yes. The locktite is CA glue. I followed Just Joseph’s thread on attaching the hand guards by placing them onto the glove while wearing it and tracing it with a pencil. Then lightly sanded the glove on the area it would be attached. Then you can see exactly where to place it when the glove is off your hand.
  9. I am ready to size my ab / kidney plates but am anxious to make the cut. I will leave a couple of inches in case I gain some weight ( which I tend to do). my question is about the return edges at the top of the pieces. They seem to be different shapes. I know that for centurion, the tops should line up. 1. Do I need to heat and bend the raised return edge on the ab plate to match the kidney plate one? 2. On the one side, the notch on the bottom of the kidney plate doesn’t line up with the ab plate- should I just trim the notch up at the front to meet the ab plate? Assuming that I need to keep the tops level.
  10. You get the TK number when you join the 501st when your costume is complete
  11. I actually did the exact same thing yesterday. I messaged Mark at AP props and this was his reply: ”you need CA glue with promotor that's the only thing that will work.Just apply a very thin strip all around approx 1 cm from inside edges, don't put any in the middle so when the gloves stretch there's less stress on hand plates. I actually tried something a bit different last night by putting CA glue on the underside of the silicone and let it dry then glued it to the glove with the E6000. Will need to wait until tomorrow to see if it worked. The CA glue did stick well to the silicone and didn’t crack off when I flexed it around.
  12. Painting is now completed on the helmet. Please let me know if anyone spots any issues. I cleaned up the gums as suggested earlier. One quick question on the belt snap covers. Are they squared like the one in the image or do I trim back to the edge where it curves? The movie used ones seem to be embedded in the belt.
  13. I bought stencil templates from trooperbay and they worked great.
  14. Great job on the ears. It really is a tedious task and not having a deemed would make it even tougher. Keep up the good work. It seems things are starting to get better for you and you are getting more comfortable with the build. ‘’also love the cat tree? Helmet stand”
  15. Is this the right way to put the neck seal on or is it upside down (I tend to like to put things on upside down apparently).
  16. I went with 2. From what I understand it is more for a backup so you don’t have a strap failure.
  17. Having just done the snaps on my AP set that I am building, there is definitely a learning curve to setting them. As many have recommended, I bought the Tandy snaps as you want quality ones to make sure they hold. I got the 100 pack and likely wasted 10 to 15 when I started with mistakes in setting them, there are lots of videos that show you how. From my experience, don’t hit the snap setting tool too hard as it will bend the snap post and offset the 2 pieces. Make sure you are on a solid surface. I used my garage or basement floor which is concrete. The circular motion with the setting tool is essential to get the snap post to flare out evenly. Just go slow with the hammering. justjoseph has a great resource in the all in one TK Index as Glen and Mario pointed out above.
  18. Have my helmet painted to Mr No Stripes CRL now. LOL I beefed up the vocoder as recommended by @CableGuy to give it more of the stunt look. How are the teeth and gums? Any corrections I need to make if I am going for centurion?
  19. Congrats. Well deserved awards.
  20. I think I figured it out. I believe it was a mixing issue. The store I bought it from is no longer carrying Humbrol paints, actually I think that Humbrol is no longer supplying in Canada unfortunately. As a result I suspect the paint sat on the shelf for a very long time and had settled excessively. Dropping a few ball bearings into the can and shaking for 10 minutes seems to have fixed the issue.
  21. Got a bit more of the strapping completed. one question about the butt plate. Should the edges be even with the back of the notch in the kidney plate? Mine are a little bit longer as you can see in the side shot. Should I trim them back to make the edge line up with the kidney plate notch?
  22. Yes. It is the #5. I stirred it for a few minutes with a toothpick. Could it be because yours is going onto white paint and mine onto very shiny abs? couls also be the brush but the black went on thick. maybe I will drop a few ball bearings into the container at shake better?
  23. Started the first coat of the grey. The Humbrol paints really go on thin. Guess it will need several coats.
  24. Thanks Dan. That is the look I am going for. I will raise them up. I actually have been using your references for this. Thanks for doing the videos. They are all very helpful.
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