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  1. Hello Michelle, Congratulations and welcome to FISD!
  2. Hello Dan, Depends, if you primary based (spend most of your time) and live in Japan, I say you give The Japanese Garrison a shout and join as one of them. I am not sure about the UK and the AUS (because of the geographical reasons), but if you happened to drop by in Hong Kong for a while you are welcome to join us at events, and I think the same goes to the mates at Singapore too, they are a bunch of crazy welcoming people.
  3. Hello and welcome to FISD!
  4. Congratulations! Welcome to The Legion and FISD!
  5. Hello and welcome to FISD!
  6. Welcome to The Legion and FISD!
  7. Congratulations on making EIB! Let’s do those fixies and move on to Lv.3 application.
  8. Hello Jim, Welcome! Seems like you are on top of things so far, good for you. Do fire at us if you have questions, may be by starting your build thread once the BBB is at your door steps? Good luck and have fun here!
  9. Hello Jason, Welcome to the Legion and FISD! Now go out and have some fun, make the kids scream smile!
  10. Yes. But if you are doing ESB, you will need to swap out the scope to a M19 (if you are bend on getting it accurate). Find @bulldog44 on this forum, he makes amazing resin replica kit of both M19 and M38 scope, direct from Japan. What you won't be needing from the kit is the Hengstler Counter and the Power Cylinders, you can toss them on the sales section here and look for a buyer.
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