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  1. This is a TD cap from RS prop.
  2. giskard8

    Always a Star Wars fan!!

    Welcome to FISD! Nothing beats a BBB at the door.
  3. 2.5" inner diameter PVC pipe seems fairly common.
  4. Congratulations! Welcome to EIB.
  5. giskard8

    Greetings From West Virginia

    Hello Joseph, Research is the key. And you have come to the right place for just that! Welcome to FISD!
  6. Congratulations! Welcome to the Legion.
  7. Congratulations Zylo, Welcome to EIB!
  8. giskard8

    (WIP) TKC update to 2019 CRL spec

    Further up, the helmet: OPTIONAL Level three certification (if applicable): Ear bars shall have only one or two bumps painted in black (rank stripes). Neck trim shall be of an s-type profile rather than a u-type profile. Tears/traps shall be hand painted or use decals that emulate hand painted (with correct ANH TK details). Blue stripe continues over brow trim Ear screws shall be slotted, flat topped, countersunk and painted white. The blue strip now covers the brow trim. I also did some minor adjustment to the strip's position and some purely cosmetic touch up on other features. Before (green background) and After:
  9. giskard8

    (WIP) TKC update to 2019 CRL spec

    Working up to the abdomen plate and buttons: OPTIONAL Level three certification (if applicable): There shall be no split rivet or brad visible on the crotch tab of the ab plate. The left vertical row of ab plate buttons contain five buttons (fifth button must align one button higher than the top button of the larger button plate). All buttons on the ab plate are the same size and color and are visible (not covered by the belt). The fifth button is mounted vertically above the standard four buttons.  There are 2 rivets on either side of the ab, approximately 5/16"(8mm) diameter which are lined up with the ones on the kidney. The top rivet is 25mm from the top edge and the bottom is 25mm above the top of the belt and 20mm from the side seam, painted white (measurements are approximate). I have moved the "Left 5-Buttons" plate up a little bit so that the top button now sits slightly above the center plate if you draw a line across the ab. The one thing I did not do comparing to the reference pictures is re-shaping the corner of kidney plate and the ab plate. My suit was based on a Troopermaster ROTJ kit so the top corner of the kidney plate is rounded (and the whole plate is fused with the butt as one), while the corner on the matching edge of the ab plate is squared. I do not know if any maker do their kits as the game skin reference below (maybe CFO does?), but I guess one can always convert an ANH kit to ROTJ style but keeping the squared top of the kidney and rounded off the top corners of the ab plate.
  10. giskard8

    Newbie here!

    Welcome, you have come to the right place. Start by the pinned threads on this section: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/38-getting-started-read-this-first/ There is a lot to read and take your time, fire at us if you have questions. Enjoy!
  11. giskard8

    (WIP) TKC update to 2019 CRL spec

    Starting from the most obvious update from the TKC CRL. The ammo belt on the right thigh, according to the high res images in the following thread: Pre new CRL requirements: OPTIONAL Level three certification (if applicable): The thigh ammo belt shall be positioned on top of the lower ridge as seen in official references and is not rounded off like ANH. The thigh ammo is glued and has no rivets. Save myself from buying a new knee ammo belt, I opt to trim it down as marked in the following picture. I left the return edges on top and bottom untouched, but according to reference they should be flush (?). I might go back and work on them later but at this moment I would like to see the overall effect first before I decide if they needed to be trimmed further. Temporarily fixing it to position and check. Filled the hole for the original rivets with some white model putty. Didn't bother with ABS pasting since the blue paint and the weathering will cover them up, more or less. Acceptable, do you think? After painted over. Glued down with E6000 One thing: the size of the knee ammo belt in the reference skin seems a bit small compare to what is available with most TK kit sets (in my case Troopermaster). I have compared it with MTK, Anovos and RS Propsmaster they are all about the same size, more or less. If someone is bend on making it look exactly like the references, one might have to create his very own to match.
  12. giskard8

    TK 30005 reporting for duty!!!

    Looking sharp! Congratulations ~
  13. giskard8

    Future TK in Charlotte NC, In memorium

    Hello Derek, Welcome to FISD. Touching story on how you get inspired to join. Hope you will find our charitable mission a meaningful one, and it's going to be the best way to remember your friend.
  14. Congratulations! Welcome to EIB.
  15. giskard8

    Greetings from Georgia!

    Good to have another ESB TK in the ranks. Welcome to FISD!
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