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  1. Hello Zachary, Welcome to FISD, follow the above link, there is also a section dedicate to TKC build, do check it out. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/39-stormtrooper-commander/
  2. Hello Pete, welcome to FISD forum. Admire your determination and looks you have a good idea there.
  3. Congratulations Andrew. Welcome to the Legion.
  4. Since someone bring up the E-11 Blaster issue recently, should we revisit the CRL and bring the specs. in line with "The Force Unleashed" Stromtrooper? E-11 Blaster (ESB) Based on a real or replica Sterling submachine gun, scratch-built, or a modified commercial toy Stormtrooper blaster. OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable): Folding stock is placed in the closed position. No ammo counter shall be present. D-ring mounted on the rear. Sterling based blasters have the correct M-38 or M-19 style scope. The M-19 scope is preferred. No power cylinders on the magazine housing. Scratch-built, resin cast, Hyperfirm rubber cast blasters shall have a total of 6 T-tracks on blaster (leaving the lowest row on the magazine housing side uncovered). If using the Hasbro E-11 toy blaster, it is modified to have the correct number of T-tracks (6 total), with a lower row of open vent holes on the magazine housing side. This is accomplished by covering the pre-existing rows of holes with T-tracks, then grinding off the lower integrated T-track on the magazine housing side, and drilling a new row of holes in its place. OPTIONAL Level three certification (if applicable): Hasbro / Rubies blasters are not allowed, even conversions. The blaster may have minor weathering or base metal exposure, however, T-tracks and grips shall have the appearance of black plastic. Honestly I have been through the game several times on XBOX 360 and PC and I don't really remember seeing a stock extended E-11 inside the game, however I have distinct memory of seeing one on the back of the box from Gentle Giant's TKC bust model.
  5. ESB version is also allowed. If the said Blaster is good for your EIB application it is also passable for CNT, if the CRL did not states addition requirements for Lv.3 (in red-brown text). I think the only thing the CRL missed is: Hasbro blasters are not allowed, even conversions.
  6. Welcome to the forum Daniel, outstanding job.
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