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  1. Nice build you have there. Welcome to FISD!
  2. Congratulations! Welcome to FISD.
  3. giskard8

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Hello Shawn, Welcome to FISD. Just as others have mentioned, research, read the build threads, and take it slow (think twice, cut once). Nothing beats the BBB day! Hope you will have a good one.
  4. giskard8

    Hello from Manitowoc, WI!

    Very nice Carson you have a clear defined goal. Welcome to the FISD!
  5. giskard8

    Starting my other journey

    Welcome to FISD!
  6. giskard8

    Hello from the Upside-down!

    Hello and welcome to FISD.
  7. Congratulations and welcome to EIB!
  8. Congratulations and welcome!
  9. giskard8

    How much is a Tie Pilot?

    Our Garrison had an explosion of TIE pilots last year, TIE can be a bit more expensive than a TK, here is a quick breakdown: 1) Hard parts: Helmet, Chest box, Chest & Back pieces - US$500 - $800 depends on which vendor you purchase from 2) Belt, Gloves and Boots: check out Imperial Boots 3) Compad - US$15 (3d-printed locally) 4) Black Flight suit (must) & Officer Hat (optional) - US$180 (Tailored size by Eadu Armory) You need not to throw cash and don it all at once. Get the soft parts first (2 3 4) and registered as a "TIE Reserve Pilot" with your garrison and start trooping, after that you can slowly build the hard parts and upgrade to a full TIE Pilot.
  10. giskard8

    First time builder - WTFs ESB

    Nice. Just watch out your left side shin sitting a tiny bit lower than the right. Nothing a bit of foam padding can't solve. Did the cat approves?
  11. giskard8

    Hello from Utah, Alpine Garrison

    Welcome to The Legion and FISD. Nice to know your family is digging it too!
  12. giskard8

    Helmet Transport

    This. Standard for our Garrison's TK. Make sure you order "L" size.
  13. giskard8

    Hello from the North!

    Welcome to FISD!
  14. giskard8

    My Brown Box Came!

    Welcome to FISD John. Just pull those dropboxes on your belt to the right position you are fine. Go and impress some kids!