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  1. Welcome to FISD. As Glen said, check out those sections on the forum, there are also a number of build threads for ladies you might find useful. Also check out the ”Advanced Tactics” section, you might find start aiming high (lv.2 clearance or above) actually be easier for you in the long run. Good luck and have fun here.
  2. Hello Dan, I used XF-66 for the Grey, I think it’s the closest thing we can get in Asia region. X-18 semi-gloss Black also fine. I hand painted the AB plate buttons using X-4 (which is gloss) then mask it off and put a coat of semi-gloss clear spray on top (Mr.Hobby / GSI) to protect it against from rubbing off. You can check mine below and see for yourself, all the details on the helmet are hand painted with Tamiya color and a coat of Mr.Hobby semi-gloss can spray paint.
  3. giskard8

    Wedding Troop

    Awesome! Next we want to see are some mini-Stromtroopers from the couple. XD
  4. giskard8

    TKC Request for CRL Updates Thread

    Thank you, Glen. Couldn’t find the right words to describe the effort you put into compiling this, in such details and depth. I wish I was as thorough as you are when I first start researching for my build. As Randy pointed out, I too lean towards the OT TK heritage for the Knee Belt / Ammo Belt. Yes, to me the TK Commander is different (and the TK Incinerator for that matters), but I still want it to be in somewhat unison went standing beside a squad of OT TK. A lot has changed since the release of PC version of “The Force Unleash”. We have seen figures and busts, big and small released (as secondary visual references). The new DICE “Battlefront” series gave us many references of the game style TK. I theorize the developers can go full ANH/ESB style but they chose to honor the “tradition” of going ROTJ-ish for game characters. Hence is it perfectly logical to follow the new in game model for high definition details for these game-born characters. I think the proposed CRL change is not a 100% “game” or 100% “screen look” thing; instead this is a “Best of both worlds” solution that will make TKC build easier to follow and much more achievable for a higher standard, for both new builders or conversions of existing set. I too will look into my set and apply some of these changes.
  5. giskard8

    Chubby thighs rear cover strip question

    Hello Partick, If you can post a picture here maybe we can help to assess the situation better. Making ABS paste is not really that difficult, the trick is you have to be really patient and let the paste cure fully before sanding.
  6. That's really depends on how do you want to approach your build. You can either purchase a new kit to build yourself a Shocktrooper Helmet from bottom up, or look for a used one in the trade section of the forum. Hopefully this might help - my case: I had a set of Stormtrooper armor about 3 years old (kit made by MTK), it was the set I used for joining the Legion in the first place. The set had seen a lot of action and the the helmet has since yellowed. I decided to get a new kit to replace it and have the set re-purpose for something else. I finally had it taken apart and redid the whole set from helmet to shins, gave it a coat of white paint and converted it as BF Shocktrooper. Since I am spraying the whole set from top to bottom, I really don't have to worry about color differences of the yellowed helmet and the rest of the armor. I am not looking for anything beyond basic approval, the major thing was to swap out the canvas belt with a cordura one (like Snowtrooper or ROTJ TK), pair of bubble lens for the helmet, a new set of hand plates (again, Snowtrooper or ROTJ TK), white U-trim around all the edges etc... The really really major thing was to fuse the kidney and the butt plate into one, in order to get the set approved. Helmet - with a fresh coat of paint, and later, weathered down a bit: Hope this give you some idea on making your own set of TK Shocktrooper.
  7. The “ShockTrooper” version of the Hasbro Black Series is just a re-paint version of the R1 helmet. I am afraid most GML will reject that, just as Ben said.
  8. giskard8

    Site Slow Loading

    Same here.
  9. Congratulations! Welcome to the rank.
  10. Jim, You might want to try replacing the white straps connecting the back and chest plate with something more sturdy. From the picture above it looks like the weight of your arm parts are pulling the strap out of shape, hence the uneven look (I think you have got your measurements right). If you can’t find a thicker material, maybe folding the strap into double layers would help.
  11. giskard8

    Hello from Australia

    Hello Ron, Welcome to FISD. Are you looking for a DIY kit or a commissioned set? If you are getting a commissioned set, I heard they will ask you for measurements to ensure it fits. If you are doing it as a self-build, there are few things you need to consider. I built an RS ABS kit as Sandtrooper about 2 years ago. It’s a nice kit but as Q said, they are a bit on the thin side, I had to make a lot of repairs and reinforcement to prevent some tiny cracks here and there from getting worse after a few troops. Lucky I use it as a sandy and any repair marks are easily passed as, or can be covered as weathering. I am 5’10” and weight about 78Kg. The suit fits me fine with just a bit of trimming. The problem I have is with the shins, there is virtually no room to spare for me, I have to use it as is with a gap in between the back side, which I use the cover strip to hide the closure. And both shins are left side which feels a bit strange to wear (that’s a screen lineage thing, I will let the experts to fill that in). I highly recommend you make contact with their sales rep before pulling the trigger, just to make sure their set will fit you. I heard (not confirmed) they do larger pieces on commissioned set than a DIY kit. We recently have a Garrison member commissioned a set from RS, he’s larger than me but it fits him fine and look very nice, and I think it’s a very good deal considering the amount of time and effort if you have to build it by yourself (Personally I will go for a DIY set, I enjoy the building process and it’s just a personal choice). I have no experience with their PVC armor, may be some of our fellas here can shine some light on this.
  12. giskard8

    Hello from the Cotswolds

    Welcome Andy, I too was a scale modeller but switched hobby to armor making. Although the tools used for building a suit are some what different, you will find being a scale modeller a great help in putting together your first armor set. You might want to do a bit of digging in the "Advance Tactics" section on the forum besides all the armor building threads. You might find aiming high (build it to lv.2 or lv.3 standards) will be easier (and much more rewarding) for you in the long run, especially you are skilled in model building. Have fun and just feel free to ask on the forum if you have questions.
  13. Hello Anne, Just as Randy said, great to learn you are in for building a TKC (last I check there are only 60 of us in the Legion worldwide). The CRL for TKC is ramping up for a major change, may I suggest you to go to the “Hard Armor” section and check it out? (Don’t worry, everything is going to change for the purpose of easier to follow) Fire at us if you have any question regarding your build.
  14. giskard8

    TK 72715 Checking In

    Welcome Trooper! Gear Up, get out there and do some good!