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  1. Congratulations, welcome to the Legion. You should also take a look at our EIB program for higher level approvals.
  2. HotToys just released some photos of their upcoming 1/6 scale figure. Facebook post
  3. Check out this section : https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/16-ongoing-sales-project-runs/ We have several vendors here deal with neck seals too.
  4. The armor is the same, less the canvas belt setup (2 rivets vs 4 rivets fixing the holster on the left side). With Hero you have the option to carry a Thermal Detonator at the back or a Grappling Hook Assembly (you still need the Detonator for clearing into the Legion).
  5. Hello and welcome to FISD. A lot of help you can get on this forum, do not hesitate to ask. Have fun here.
  6. Dumb question: Is there an actual FO Mountain Trooper patrolling in the Park?
  7. Hello and welcome to FISD. Some of our vetted sellers here deal bigger kits, definitely go check out the list as Dan suggested. Have fun!
  8. Just a few adjustments and you are gold. Do go and check out our EIB and Centurion program as Joseph said. It's a waste if you don't!
  9. One word - Don't. Anovos takes your money and doesn't deliver, and there is a "no refund" policy in place. As Mark indicated above, FO is less adjustable in many ways. Of course you can fill the space with foam to reduce wobbling.
  10. Hello Charles, Welcome to FISD. If you indeed go for RS, do spend some time to check out the “Expert Infantry” and “Centurion” application section on the forum. If put together properly, a set of RS is capable of passing the program with ease. Good luck and have fun here.
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