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  1. Welcome to FISD Terry! I'm about to build my Second TK using Dave's AM armor this time (once it arrives). My first set was an ATA kit. Be sure to make a build thread so we can help you along, and be sure to ask questions. We are here to assist in anyway we can!
  2. Troop 19 We were invited to attend the Falling Creek Middle School Multicultural night.
  3. I totally need help! My banner is so cringe. I'll reach out via PM!
  4. The waiting is just something awful. And unfortunately Dave was in Hurricane Ian's path. I am happy to hear he and his are okay. This unfortunately more than likely means more delay. I'll keep him in my thoughts. I just hope my BBB gets here before the end of the year.
  5. Welcome to FISD and to Garrison Tyranus! I'm down in the RVA (Galactic Center Squad). Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to Troop together! With Unquestioned Loyalty
  6. So: Official weigh in to start the program was 302lbs Official goal weight is 220lb In the two weeks since weight in I'm down 7 lbs and 1" on my waist. The adjustment period hasn't be easy as my wife ended up having to have surgery and my work schedule got all screwed up, so I haven't be able to stick to the diet or the exercise schedule. But with all that behind us (fingers crossed), we hope to be settling into our routine. I've been averaging about 10k steps and "exercising" for at least 90 min a day (mostly just walking). The calorie intake is down to around 1200/day and the water intake is up to about 120oz a day. I'm hoping that once we get into routine the rest of this week, that I can get those numbers to move a bit more like I did the first time I did this program.
  7. Deposit made on AM 5.0, so now the waiting begins in earnest. I'm told BBB day should be in October/November (3-4 months). I ordered the B options that comes with all the goodies to make it Centurion, including your flexible hand guards @justjoseph63. We'll see how patient I am with the build. Centurion would be nice, but I'm not 5'7" 140lbs, so EIB maybe the best I can do. LOL
  8. My son Jarod (TK-12140) is scheduled to start the local police academy on 1 Oct 2022. This weekend he and I sat down to work on meal plans and exercise schedules. We are starting out easy. The goal is 3 miles a day, two independently and 1 together after dinner each night. We'll visit a couple of the local gyms next week to see what they have to offer. My first appointment with the Medical weight loss group is Tuesday 5 July 2022. This program is 800 calories per day no more than 50g of carbs. It is a Medically supervised keto like plan. I'm hoping in the 3 months we have until he starts the academy that we can get him ready for the academy PT and get me at least 1/2 way to my goal. This program is rapid weight loss, it was originally designed as an alternative to Bariatric Surgery for folks doing large joint replacement (Hips, knees, etc). They found if they coupled it with a maintenance plan after the original rapid loss they had a 90% success rate of keeping the weight off after 5 years. It worked great last time, except I wasn't able to start the maintenance plan, so I hope that I'll get down to weight goal, and start the maintenance plan to keep it off this time!
  9. Those pictures from SWCA are great, but does anyone have the one with the folks not in Armor that joined them?
  10. Wow am I glad to found this thread. In Feb of 2019 my wife and I started a medically supervised weight loss program run by our local hospital. I was 320lb and very unhappy. After consulting with my doctor, we set a weight loss goal of 100lbs. She told me this was very conservative and very doable in this program. She wanted me to shoot for 200lbs, but I haven't weight 200lbs since I freshmen in College, so I didn't think that was a realistic goal. By Jun of 2019 I was down 50lbs and very excited about what could happen. I saw that ATA was having an anniversary sale, and I bought 2 ANH TK kits from him, and decided it was time to join the 501st. (There is a longer story here, but I'll tell that another time). October 2019 came and I was down to 240lbs. I ran my first 5k at my son's college during the parent weekend. I came in 5th in my age group. It wasn't hard to beat the others as they walked the 5k. But I ran the whole thing and was amazed that I completed it. when we returned home I had 2 kits waiting for me. I was crazy excited. and figured my son and I would build them over Christmas break. I didn't have a clue, but I was just starting to read the forums and getting and idea. Nov and Dec I slipped a lot, We had a 10 vacation to Orlando where we did both Disney and Universal theme parks and then the holidays came. I gained about 20 lbs back and was a bit depressed, but was ready to work on my kit. My Garrison's Armorer lives near me and we spent every weekend in January together learning how to build my armor. I was back to 250lbs and fit the kit to me for my approval in Feb of 2020. I attended my first Convention as a 501st member and ran the both most of the weekend. I was so proud to wear my kit. Then Covid hit. Trooping stopped, the medical weight loss program stopped, my son's school went virtual so he has to come home. And the weight started to come back. So here I sit, June of 2022 and I'm back up to 300lbs. I hate how my armor looks on me, My second costume (my tie reserve) doesn't fit any more. So I'm miserable. Luckily the weight loss program is starting back up in July and my goal of getting to 220lbs is alive again. I don't have any pictures currently, but I'll update this post/thread later. I'm just happy to have found this thread so I can start participating and helping us all encourage one another! And hopefully by the time I lose the extra weight again, Dave's Darkside Depot (AM) or Troopermaster (TM) will have plastic again so I can order a new kit to build to at least EIB. Thanks in advance for the encouragement. I've seen some of the post and it make me thrilled to find another part of the FISD to participate with.
  11. Troop 18 Star Wars Day Joliet Public Library (Hosted by the Mid West Garrison) This was the biggest troop I've done outside of Celebration. Waiting on some pictures we took of the TKs. We had 10 total. I wish I had remembered to grab the banner. LOL
  12. Troop 17 We were invited to greet patrons for the Richmond Symphony Empire Strikes Back in Concert. If you haven't see it, it is pretty cool. The Symphony plays John Williams score live while the movie is showing. It is very cool.
  13. Troop 16 We trooped at the North Chesterfield Library in Support of the Chesterfield PAL for Star Wars Day at the Library.
  14. Troop 15 Monacan High School Spring Concert
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