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  1. Looks good trooper! good luck, looking forward to seeing you get your TK number!
  2. Welcome aboard! If it hasn't been mentioned yet, make sure you start a build post once you do get your kit. We all love seeing new kits getting built and it is a great way to show off your work and get help with parts you aren't sure meet the requirements! Good Luck selecting and building the kit for you!
  3. As part of my journey in the 501st and FISD, I'm helping my son build his TK. He is going from Bridge Crew and TI Reserve to ANH TK, and we are hoping to meet EIB requirements, (I'm modifying mine as we go along). Here are a few pictures of our progress thus far.
  4. Welcome aboard! I will watch your progress with great interest. I'm a novice 3d printer my self and I would love to see this get approved! Good Luck!
  5. Your build is coming along great! Keep up the good work. It can be long process, but it is all worth wild in the end. I've loving the pictures, gives some great reference to your process, and will be a huge help to others running into similar challenges. Keep it going!
  6. I need to do some more research, what it this "green" plastic? And for $650 I could get another kit... :-) I'm sure these are amazing. I hope all that want one get one.
  7. Welcome, looking forward to checking out your build page! I'm thinking of picking up an AM4.5 kit myself as my ATA Works kit is a tad small on me. Thinking of turning it into a TD. Good Luck on your way to Centurion!.
  8. This is just amazing! Great job Trevor! Congrats on both amazing kits! Welcome to the Brotherhood of white armor!
  9. That's awesome Cameron! I'd love to see you do an update to your build thread if you made one to show how you do the shimming. I have to shim mine as well (the big hold up on my EIB application). You're on the home stretch! Your kit looks amazing. Best of luck!
  10. Congratulations! It is an amazing feeling. Can't wait to see you post up your Troop log! Welcome aboard Trooper!
  11. ¡Bienvenido a FISD! Buena suerte con tu kit. Haz preguntas si las tienes. ¡Para eso es que estamos aqui! Lo siento si esto no se traduce bien, estoy usando el traductor de Google
  12. Good luck to you! I've not seen anything like this, it would be interesting to see. Most of use get vacuum formed ABS armor from one of the approved vendors. But if you've got the skill, give it a shot and check with your GMO to make sure that it will get approved!
  13. Can't wait to see your build and approval pictures! Feel free to ask any questions you come up with!
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