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  1. Troop 10 Clan Silvius traveled to Illinois to visit family for vacation and we took it as an opportunity to do our first out of Garrison Troop. The Midwest Garrison folks in the Shorewood/Joliet area that hosted the event were amazing and we had a blast. We did a parade around the neighborhood and stopped to do group photos. It was awesome. So happy to have taken the opportunity.
  2. Troop 9 We did a May the 4th event in Waynesboro @ Stable Craft Brewery. The event is called "May the Horse be with you". They have done this event for several years now. I had upgraded my shoulder bells and chest piece, but the shoulder bridges on my new chest piece broke while getting dressed, so I had to revert to my old one (happy I brought the spare parts with).
  3. Congratulations on you first troop!
  4. Troop 8 Passion Community Church At the Movies-Powhatan So much fun to be back in White Armor. The kids were all amazed, and loved seeing us. I haven't taken that many pictures in a while.
  5. BBB is always and exciting day. It will be even more exciting for you as you don't have to build still! I can't wait to see your kit and your approval! Welcome to the FISD!
  6. Welcome Alejandro! We are looking forward to having you join the ranks. BBB day is so exciting. Be sure to ask a lot of questions both before you buy your armor and while you building. That is what we are here for!
  7. Welcome to the FISD! BBB Day is amazing! And for a commissioned kit, I but it will be even more exciting. Good luck! Can't wait to see you get approved!
  8. Based on this I'm going to guess it would be one of these three. Upstate NY - GARRISON EXCELSIOR - http://www.garrisonexcelsior.com/ NYC - Empire City Garrison - https://501ecg.com/ NYJ - Northeast Remnant - https://www.501stner.com/
  9. Cory, I'll echo what the others have said. Check out the build thread of others to get some ideas. There are also some great video on youtube of members building their kits or kits for others. I watched this series a few time when I built mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onQkQVB3JVw&t=1s Also, don't be afraid to reach out to your Garrison. Most of them have and "armorer" that would more than likely be happy to assist you. I know with COVID armor parties are bit more difficult, but If done with some proper social distancing and mask, you might be able to get a one on o
  10. So said, both the links in this thread are broken for the SE-14R. I was hoping to print this one as well. How did it turn out?
  11. Welcome Tim! Great idea to do the research. It can be a big investment. You want to make sure you get quality armor and do it right the first time. ;-) Can't wait to see your build thread!
  12. Amazing job Colin! Congrats on all your approvals!
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