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  1. Congrats! I am in awe. I hope to get mine to EIB standards in the new future. Thank you for your hard work and sharing these images. This helps other Troopers, like me, see what we need to do to meet the requirements.
  2. Number 6 in the TK. VAComicCon 8/22/2020 This was my wife's first official troop. She is Mara Jade DS-32076.
  3. Congrats Trooper! Welcome to the front line!
  4. Jason, Welcome to FISD and Welcome to my home Garrison! I'm one of the FISD Attaches for Tyranus, if I can help you with your build, please let me know! James
  5. Congrats Trooper! Welcome to the front line!
  6. Welcome Trooper! Congrats on your successful build!
  7. Welcome Dylan! I've got an ATA kits, and I just finished building one for my son. Make a build thread, do a search in the forums for some build guides. Take lots of pictures, and ask lots of questions. It seems a bit daunting at first, but take your time, and don't rush. E6000 is your friend as you can take it apart if you make mistakes. Also, cut slowing, and take a little bit at a time, it is easier to remove more than it is to add it back on. There are a few great building guides on youtube as well. I watched several members youtube build guides. Also, join your local garrison and see if they have any build parties. I know with the social distancing it is a bit harder, but we've do a few, and since we are normally wearing masks since we are working with glues and abs shavings and it is a good idea anyway. Good luck and let us help, just ask, I'm sure there is someone here that I can give you some pointers.
  8. Welcome to FISD! Be sure to create a build post and show your progress once you decide. I don't think you can go wrong with the classic ANH Stunt TK! Be sure to ask lots of questions, that is what we are here for! We want you to have the best kit you can build, and we are here to help!
  9. These are what I used on mine. https://www.amazon.com/Excel-Curved-Lexan-Scissors-2-Inch/dp/B0006O5KEG along with the "score and snap" method.
  10. Looks good trooper! good luck, looking forward to seeing you get your TK number!
  11. Welcome aboard! If it hasn't been mentioned yet, make sure you start a build post once you do get your kit. We all love seeing new kits getting built and it is a great way to show off your work and get help with parts you aren't sure meet the requirements! Good Luck selecting and building the kit for you!
  12. As part of my journey in the 501st and FISD, I'm helping my son build his TK. He is going from Bridge Crew and TI Reserve to ANH TK, and we are hoping to meet EIB requirements, (I'm modifying mine as we go along). Here are a few pictures of our progress thus far.
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