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  1. Hey Chris. I am open to a zoom call or something if you would like since we are pretty much starting out at the same time on AP kits. I can fill you in on what my experience has been with the pieces that I have worked on and the things I have learned (including which way is up on the biceps). Just let me know if you are interested.
  2. Thanks for the forearm info. I have them trimmed and sanded and ready for cover strips. Just want to make sure they look ok before doing the strips. They fit fairly snug over my upper forearm, so I can’t trim down the raised areas under the cover strips anymore. Should I still go with a 15 mm cover strip or should I cover the raised area with a thicker cover strip? I removed the entire return edge on the wrist and most of it at the top.
  3. I have another question about the forearms. They have some curvature which looks like they would fit as a right and a left but both of mine are the exact same. Is this normal or did I get sent 2 of the same arm?
  4. @gmrhodes13 hey Glen. One question. The photo you posted of the biceps above looks like the cover strip doesn’t cover a lot of the raised ridge. I was under the impression that it should cover most of it. The raised area on mine is about 19-20 mm. Should I cover it with the normal 15 mm cover strip or should I go up to 18 mm or so ?
  5. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Now that I understand which way is up, I am ready for sanding and cover strips. Please let me know if anyone sees any issues at this point?
  7. You got this. Lots of helpful advice here and they don’t laugh too hard when you put your pieces on upside down.
  8. Ok. I turned it around. it fits so much better. Go figure. LOL So do I trim this piece on the red line? and does the cover strip get cut on the angle with the line of the top of the biceps, or does it still get cut square and stick up on 1 side?
  9. LMAO. glad I asked. It seemed too tight at the top.
  10. Ok. I started the biceps tonight. I think I measured 8 times before I made any cuts. LOL. I have a few questions for the experienced armor makers. Is this fit ok? The top is pretty snug but there is a lot of room at the bottom where my elbow is. I can taper the bottom down but then the raised areas where the cover strips go will be very triangular. When I bend my elbow, it feels pretty comfortable. I still need to trim the return edges clean up the corners (red lines on the 4th image) and trim the piece that is overlapped to create the butt. The next question is about the part sticking up in the next photo. Do I trim it along the dotted line? If so, then is the cover strip trimmed on an angle as well or does it still stay square? Final question, with respect to the cover strip, the raised area is pretty thick (about 25 mm which is a lot bigger than the norm. Do I cut the strips to the width of the raised area to almost completely cover them even though they will be very thick? Thanks
  11. BBB day is finally here after 6 1/2 months due to supply chain issues. This is better than Christmas morning. So excited and a bit nervous to be honest. I think I will follow Panda troopers videos with respect to the order and building as I found them very easy to follow.
  12. Congrats. Looking forward to your build
  13. Would some of the shoe padding that people use for corns work on the inside of the shin piece? I think it is called Mole Foam and Dr. School’s makes it?
  14. Hope you are feeling better soon and good luck with your exams. The armour will still be there when you are ready.
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