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  1. Welcome Brent. Looking forward to your build.
  2. I think it depends on which kit you have. Is it 3D printed, or a metal kit?
  3. Looking good. Must be exciting to see pics of them making it.
  4. Awesome job Paul. Welcome to the ranks. Be proud of what you accomplished
  5. Welcome back. Looking forward to your OT TK build
  6. Gloves arrived yesterday from Endor Finders. Very happy with the quality of the gloves. There is a bit of bleeding of the black onto the white, which they say will happen on their website. Nothing that a bit of polish / cleaner wont fix I assume. Such a big upgrade from the dishwashing gloves the original TK's wore.
  7. Congrats Arvin. Welcome to the 501st.
  8. Awesome. Keep up the good work.
  9. Troop 6 - November 26, 2022 Hamilton Retrocon This was an absolutely awesome troop. We were lucky enough to have Garrick Hagen (Biggs), Angus MacInnes (Gold Leader) and Roger Christian (Set Decorator and Production designer) From A New Hope. They were all very friendly and happy to share stories of their experience working on the original episode. Roger is the person that made Luke’s lightsaber, the E-11 blaster that we all love as well as the other blasters and even R2 D2. We raised money for the local Children’s hospital and 4 of us had the honour of escorting the trio into their evening panel discussion to the Star Wars Theme song. That was truly the highlight of the day. Some shots of our group during the con: Photo ops with Garrick and Angus: Also picked up a jacket from one of the other garrison members that he was no longer using that had an FISD patch on the shoulder and the large 11” 501st one on the back. The escort of the guests into their panel.
  10. Awesome to have you here Terry. Make sure to create a build thread and ask lots of questions.
  11. Congrats on your approval. Looking forward to seeing your troop log once you get out there.
  12. Hi Adam. ‘Great to have you here. Welcome. Which TK are you leaning towards?
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