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  1. I wonder if the plaintiffs who settled were paid, because apparently the lawyers representing Anovos weren't.
  2. Very nice design and execution! Always love seeing new techniques to deal with the shins. I hope this doesn't come across as trying to detract from your method, but I feel it's worthwhile to note that in Cricket's method the magnets attached to the outer cover strip snap down into a matched recess inside the leg armor/inner cover strip, so any side to side movement of the magnets isn't possible which maintains their pole/pole strength. Image for clarity:
  3. Along with other members of the Georgia Garrison, I participated in the filming of a very high quality Star Wars fan film called Scorekeeper. It was officially released today. Check it out on YouTube and enjoy!
  4. I see you got everything in there! Good job, looks great!
  5. Not even a little offended! I can't claim credit for blacking out the inside, the inspiration came from many threads here. And stuffing all of the electronics inside just took some time until I found the method that fit around my head, hope it works for you too! Yes, shortening is a good idea IMO, especially if you're screws/bolts are long, you risk scratching your face. If you look at my second picture you'll see I shortened the exposed screw to just above the nut, I left a little length on it just so I'd have an easier time getting the nut threaded with everything else in place.
  6. Not at all. Unless you have visible wires hanging out or something like that, then you'd likely be asked to clean those up. And as far as the audio system goes, it's EIB/Centurion ready out of the box as the Hovi-MIX tips meet the Level 2 requirements.
  7. Troop #: 24 Date: February 20, 2020 Location: Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel Event: Bert's Big Adventure Sendoff Event Charity: Bert's Big Adventure I was able to do this event last year and was excited to be able to participate again this year. Another cold day in the hangar for the sendoff portion but still a very rewarding experience. Bert's Big Adventure is a huge charity in the Atlanta area, their big event each year is to send children (and their families) who have chronic and terminal illnesses to Walt Disney World for five days, all expenses paid. They also have numerous other events throughout the year. Jimmy wants to be a Stormtrooper when he grows up, so Cricket's son graciously donated his armor to Jimmy, seen here in a test fitting/photo op: All of the costuming volunteers: With the boss: Rebels snuck into our Imperial group shot:
  8. Both my ANH TK and Shadow TK are double snapped with nylon plates and I've had no issues with unsnapping so far (24 troops plus other events in the ANH, probably half that in the Shadow), E6000 is quite strong once it's cured. One plate did have a corner lifting but that was probably my fault during the gluing process.
  9. Your results may vary, but I did not have any reaction with my Tandy snaps, E6000, and the armor, all of my snap plates are nylon. I did place the glue on the nylon around the snaps, so perhaps that helped avoid some of the interaction between the E6000 and the metal. Maybe test glue a plate or two in an inconspicuous area (the ab to chest plate connection comes to mind as the upper ab is usually hidden under the chest plate) and then go from there. I did not clamp my plates, just held them in place with my fingers for a few minutes and then left them to cure. E6000 seems to set a bit faster on nylon than with plastic/plastic connections because it can "breathe" through the nylon. Also, be sure to lightly sand the plastic where the plates are going to go for better adhesion. Tip: I have found that sometimes searching this site via Google works better than the built in search feature, just type in site:whitearmor.net and then your search terms and see if that helps for future searches.
  10. Well Lou beat me to it, exactly what I was typing up regarding the bug lights.
  11. Great work! I used 2" thick memory foam cut to size for Boba's pouches, looks like you could use 1" thick for that pouch. I like the memory foam because it doesn't give the pouches hard edges, which makes them look naturally full. Then again, they're thinner cloth pouches. It's also still easy to cut to accommodate a speaker or a small box for trading cards.
  12. By saying "with a folding stock", do you mean a functional folding stock or just present but non-functional?
  13. Troop #: 23 Date: December 7, 2019 Location: Peachtree Street, Atlanta Event: CHOA Christmas Parade Event Charity: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) This year was not so bad as last year, the weather was actually cooperative and the parade moved at a much smoother pace. A huge improvement over the sideways, almost frozen rain of last year and the long times spent standing still in it. My wife got to march in her Legacy: Look ma, I'm on TV! A great turnout as usual from all of our Georgia groups:
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