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  1. Scimitar

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Ha! I plan to, just maybe with a different armor manufacturer if it comes down to it.
  2. Scimitar

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    I'm waiting to see if it actually ships per their last estimate (shipping prior to Celebration in April). If it does not, then I will be cancelling. Of course a week after I get my refund they'll start shipping. lol
  3. Scimitar

    Mayo's ANH Stunt (AP) build

    Keep it up! You'll appreciate later that you curved the plastic ammo belt when attaching it. I didn't do that the first time I built my belt and there was stress on the plastic reinforcement inside the canvas belt and quite a bit on the rivets when I snapped it to the ab. It's a small detail but it will help with the longevity of the connections. Regarding the garter belt, I think it's just fine where you have it, you want to be as comfortable as you can be. And when you're fully kitted up it won't be very visible as the ammo belt almost completely covers it up. Most of the general public won't even notice it. When it comes time I'd also recommend running the garter straps along the sides of your legs instead of the front, this allows for more flexibility and movement. You can see how the belt and straps sit in my setup below:
  4. Scimitar

    Mayo's ANH Stunt (AP) build

    Yup! Using a template is very helpful in getting everything to line up when you go to put the snaps in the straps. At first I was punching holes though my template and then heat sealing the edges but I switched to just using the soldering iron to make the holes. That removed a step and, with the properly sized iron tip, it made the holes just the right size for the snap posts. Build is looking great! Keep up the good work!
  5. I've sorely needed to update this thread, it's been a crazy month to say the least. Troop #: 9 Date: December 3, 2018 Location: Atlanta Hospice Center Event: Private Family Visit Event Charity: N/A We were asked to come visit a 17 year old girl who had beat so many odds but who was facing the end. The family was determined to celebrate every moment and had asked us to come visit her in the midst of all their activities as they are big Star Wars fans. This was definitely one of the more emotional visits I've done so far, but the family was so happy to see us (especially the dad who had no idea we were coming) and our presence seemed to bring a bit of comfort to them. It was a tough but amazing experience. --------------------------------------------------------- Troop #: 10 Date: December 7, 2018 Location: CHOA Egleston Hospital - Atlanta Event: Snapshots with Santa Event Charity: CHOA My last troop for the year was Snapshots with Santa, as always, the kids there loved us and Santa was a lot of fun himself. Each time I do an event like this I marvel at how strong these kids (and families) can be considering what they're facing. It's truly amazing. And I always hope that we make their day a little brighter, even if just for a moment.
  6. The best source is TrooperBay: https://trooperbay.com/trooper-helmet-s-neck-trim
  7. Scimitar

    Empire Strikes Back Parkas!!!

    They sold out online last night around 12:25 am EST, at least that's based on the posts I saw elsewhere. Sounds like most of the stores had long lines waiting this morning for them too. Probably safe to say they're all gone now.
  8. I had my fans and Ukswrath hovi-speakers on for the duration of the parade, no issues and fortunately everything is still working as it should, which is a real testament to the speakers themselves as they are exposed. My electronics "boxes" are mounted to the sides of the helmet near the ears, so I think that kept them unexposed to the water that did get in. And man, was there water everywhere. I dumped quite a bit out of the helmet at the end. There was a lot of stopping and standing during the parade, so to keep myself distracted from the wind and rain I was mentally designing a vinyl/patch to represent the event. I need to sit down and put it on the computer at some point. I was joking that day that I should have worn a diving suit under the armor. Seriously though, the cold weather compression gear by Tesla works really well. But I'd only recommend it for a colder, outdoor event, anything else and you'll likely get too warm. Not sure how it would do in a rainy event, it might get pretty soggy with the additional lining.
  9. Troop #: 7 Date: 11/25/18 Location: CHOA Egleston Hospital - Atlanta Event: CHOA Egleston Visit Event Charity: N/A After almost a month without trooping a last minute request popped up for this visit. I feel that visits such as these are why we do what we do, bringing smiles to kids (and adults) faces. Helping these amazingly strong kids to forget their reality for just a moment makes a huge difference. I was the only Garrison member with a costume able to attend, fortunately I did have a Garrison handler come too, so I mixed it up with the other group that was there. --------------------------------------------------------- Troop #: 8 Date: December 1, 2018 Location: Peachtree Street, Atlanta Event: CHOA Christmas Parade Event Charity: CHOA Charity Event It was cold. It was raining non-stop. It was windy. That didn't stop a group of around 80 members and handlers from going out and marching down Peachtree Street. And we were very well received! So many happy kids and parents calling out characters or yelling thanks for being out there. Definitely a memorable event just due to the weather. A group of us decided to remain as canon as possible (candy cane blasters were the only non-canon items as blasters were not permitted this year) and it turned out very well with the way the groups were organized in line. Some soaked folks decided to bypass the group shot: One of our members is notorious for wandering during the parade, so pre-parade we showed him what we'd do if he decided to wander off... Here I am mostly center/right screen (with the binders) on TV. .
  10. Scimitar


    Second the FogTech solution, worked extremely well yesterday in a very rainy parade!
  11. Thank you! Thanks Greg! I'll probably hit it with the heat gun since I don't particularly want to take the two pieces apart at the split riveted seam. lol Thanks Matt!! Thank you sir! Thanks a bunch!
  12. Scimitar

    Request your EIB Certificate here:

    Requesting EIB Certificate please. Eric Ripley TK-17529 Letter Dan Thank you in advance!!! You are welcome!! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/17529-eib.png
  13. Thank you Dan!! Centurion app will be coming very soon for sure!! And noted on the suggestions, thank you! I've been trying to decide what to do with the appearance on the ab plate return edge, only because the return edge is the same depth compared to the kidney's return edge, it's just the ab return edge is at an upward angle instead of 90*. I may try to heat it and bend it down so it matches. Either way, I'll handle it soon! Thanks again!