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  1. So almost a year now since I was approved. 19 official troops and some more unofficial events/conventions under my white ammo belt (I really need to update my troop thread here & troop some more too) and the AP armor is still going very strong. I've had a couple small cracks to deal with but nothing major, one of them was actually a result of how I was packing the armor into the rolling case, easy fix there. After building an Anovos kit (more on that in a second) I've really come to appreciate the proper thickness and durability of the AP kit. I've put some automotive detailing experience into keeping it shiny and mostly scratch free and it makes a huge difference. Posts are more fun with pictures, so here I am meeting the big boss at Dragon Con: And lucky guy that I am, my wife now has a Legacy TK to troop along with me in white armor. She also has an approved Mara Jade & Padme Lake Dress, somehow she ended up with more approved costumes than I have! For now... Back to what I was saying about Anovos, I snagged a great deal on a Shadow Trooper kit and built it just in time for Dragon Con (as in I was finishing the last pieces after we checked in to the hotel). I need to make a few minor adjustments and then I'll be submitting it for approval. Apparently Shadow Troopers can find all of the droids they're looking for: That's all for now!
  2. Your certificate was added to your request post here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/40769-request-your-eib-certificate-here/?do=findComment&comment=658427 Just click the link provided there to access a digital copy of your certificate to save and print out. Congrats on EIB!
  3. Awesome!! Our concert is at the end of this month and I am very much looking forward to it!
  4. Saw this video this morning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dz4eSdEWQA Looks like Anovos provided numerous helmets, some in multiple quantities, for display at SWGE.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, it's @Cricket!!
  6. I have Ukswrath's audio system, hearing assist, and fan kit and I recommend them all, especially for having a clean, self-contained helmet. I'm still working on the hearing assist, when I use it with the fans on it tends to buzz just loudly enough to drown out what's going on outside the helmet, I'm going to install some padding to dampen/isolate the fan vibrations though. Should fix it right up. I love the audio kit too. For crowd heavy troops I'll run a splitter and an Aker under my chest plate for more volume but for a majority of the troops the audio kit is more than sufficient. Here's how I stuffed everything in my AP helmet. It gets a bit tight going on or coming off, but once it's on, I have plenty of room. I glued each component on some scrap ABS as a mounting bracket/surface and used the ear screws as main mounting points. I backed the brackets that go up into the helmet with industrial Velcro to support the weight and to keep them from flopping down. I did find that it made a noticeable difference to aim the mic directly at your mouth for the most volume possible, so I used Velcro to secure it like so:
  7. So we did a preliminary test fit of most of the parts (didn't quite have the arm pieces ready yet) and any needed return edge trimming has commenced, as well as gluing down the nylon snap plates into the torso pieces to get it ready for strapping. Meanwhile I was not satisfied with trying to fit the Thermal Detonator endcaps over the provided pipe. So I took some measurements and a few hours later I have a properly sized 3D printed pipe and a perfect fit with the endcaps. Now time to sand and paint it. (If anyone building a Legacy needs one of these, PM me. )
  8. There is some visible depth from the outside when they're level like that. Here's a quick close up shot I just took, hopefully that helps!
  9. From your picture it looks like you still have material left to remove if you want. If you'll notice from the inside view of my helmet I removed the plastic from the openings until it was gone/level with the frown itself. Larger openings for a bit more venting, at least that was my reasoning. lol But if you're happy with them as they are now, you can use hobby files (that's what I did, mine came from Hobby Lobby) or an Exacto as Mark suggests to square everything up.
  10. You're going to be encouraged by many (including me) to go for Centurion if you're already aiming for EIB. It's really not a big step past EIB and the AP kit makes it very easy to achieve. To answer your question, you can use the provided U-type trim for the helmet opening for basic and EIB levels, but for Centurion you need the S-type trim as found here: https://trooperbay.com/trooper-helmet-s-neck-trim
  11. If you're comfortable using a Dremel, that's the easiest/fastest way to get it done. Otherwise, cutting and filing by hand is the other way to go about it. This is my AP faceplate after I got done trimming the teeth and eyes with a Dremel, I did use a small file (from the inside) to clean up the corners of the teeth :
  12. Right, but again that's not what we agreed to when we ordered, we agreed to being able to request/receive a refund at any time up until the pre-order shipped. It's quite dishonest to take someone's money under one agreement and then suddenly change the rules, leaving the customer with no choice or recourse. I decided a long time ago to ride my pre-order out but this change stinks for anyone else who gets fed up with the wait from this point forward. Of course, it's not like they were actively giving refunds anyway, so not much is really changing. lol
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