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  1. AP is good stuff! Mark (his screenname here is @ABS80) has a current sale thread listed in the For Sale section here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/45623-ap-trooper-kits-discount-offer/ Quite a few of us recently finished building AP kits, they are very good quality and you will not be disappointed if you go that route.
  2. Thank you very much!! Thanks Daniel!
  3. Scimitar

    TB 8308 Soon to be TK!

    Welcome and good luck with the build!! Lots of great, helpful folks around here!!
  4. Thank you very much! I'm hoping the strapping lasts a long time. And I love magnets, after borrowing Cricket's idea for the shins I was hunting other places to use them. lol Thank you sir! And for all your help and input too! Haha! You're going to get EIB for sure Matt! But thanks a bunch! If you look really closely in the first two pictures you'll see me holding a remote for the camera in my right hand. Haha! Some of the shots turned out like this (stormtrooper aim and all that):
  5. Looking great Matt, good luck!! You got this!!
  6. Name: Eric Ripley Height: 6'0” Weight: 160 lbs Armor: AP Helmet: AP Blaster: HyperFirm E-11 Boots: Imperial Boots Canvas Belt: AP Hand Plates: Rubber (AP) Electronics: Ukswrath (Hovi-tip Speakers, Hearing Assist, & Fans) Neck Seal: Darman's Props Holster: AP Build Thread: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/43527-scimitars-anh-stunt-build-ap/ Pictures Front: Back: Left: Left Detail: Right: Right Detail: Abdomen Details: Action Shot: Cod & Butt Plate Attachment: Interior Strapping: Helmet Front: Helmet Right: Helmet Left: Helmet Rear: Bottom Ear Screws: Hovi Tip Details: Lens Color: S-Trim: Blaster Right: Blaster Left: Blaster D-Ring: Neck Seal: Thermal Detonator: Holster Attachment: Thank you for your time and consideration!
  7. So the base underneath all that is a retired Ford bus (you can sort of see it over the Jawa's shoulder in the picture above). I don't quite remember what they're made of but the panels are attached to the bus via a metal framework system and are removable and all fit inside the bus itself. It's amazing to see in person!!
  8. Scimitar

    Magnetic shin closure glue failures

    The Velcro option works great for a lot of people, but like Cricket I have also handled and fixed a fair amount of shins that popped open during troops (floppy thigh ammo packs are a close second). I've also seen a fair amount of photos posted publicly where the closure has noticeably failed. I will say that if you at least properly align the backs of your shins and/or give them a hot bath so that the Velcro isn't being strained you shouldn't have any issues. Most of the failures I've noted in person is when the back halves of the shins are naturally pulling away from each other. That said, I'll echo the comments that the magnet closures are basically fire and forget, no assistance needed, no worries of them coming open, and you know they'll look just how you intended them to without any extra effort. And there's just something about them clicking shut around your leg that's kinda fun.
  9. Scimitar

    Scimitar's ANH Stunt Build - AP

    Ah. Yeah, both of these are on the return edge too, just up towards the front instead of the back. I thought about doing something similar to what you did but I'm going to try to keep the edges for now. I'll drill a small hole at the terminus of each crack, reinforce underneath, and fill. May add some reinforcements on the opposing sides too. Haha! I get how it is with small projects, or any projects for that matter. I got so caught up with trooping I haven't had much time for anything else, I'm enjoying it so much. You'll get EIB and Centurion too!
  10. Scimitar

    TheSwede`s FOTK build

    Congrats! You did an amazing job on this build, and so quickly too.
  11. Troop #: 5 Date: October 28, 2018 Location: Zoo Atlanta Event: Boo At The Zoo Event Charity: N/A We had amazing weather for this event, considering it had been cold and raining in the days leading up to this event, so the turnout was awesome. The Great Jawa Horde was out in force and Sandy the Sandcrawler even made an appearance. I attempted to protect my Garrison mates and take out a zombie, but you know how that goes... --------------------------------------------------------- Troop #: 6 Date: October 30, 2018 Location: Coweta County Central Library Event: Coweta County Library - Star Wars Reads Event Charity: N/A This was a smaller event helping to support family and literacy programs at one of the local libraries. The turnout was still great and the kids really enjoyed our presence! Might be worth a watch: Curse you Han Solo!!! I am wiped out!