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  1. 2019-12-20: WFAA Good Morning Texas We had a chance to join the local TV ABC-affiliate WFAA to do some promotion for The Rise of Skywalker! Here I am helping out with the weather report. 2019-12-22: Dallas Sidekicks 12/22 Game For the last troop of 2020, we escorted Mike Quinn (Nien Nunb) during the Dallas Sidekicks game.
  2. Video embedded here for posterity. From left to right: TK-77520, TK-13911, TK-9727, TK-51453.
  3. 2019-10-29: Star Wars Reads 2019 - Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children This was a great event. We got to visit the Texas Scottish Rite in Dallas to hang out with some kiddos who are staying there. 2019-11-09: HAF's Annual Dallas Gala The keynote of the event explored the intersection of Hinduism with Star Wars. Neat stuff! 2019-11-24: Leo's Make-A-Wish Reveal We had a chance to be part of Leo's Make-A-Wish reveal! Not only did we reveal his wish, we also presented him with an honorary membership to the Bounty Hunters Guild, as well as a special message from a special bounty hunter in The Mandalorian! 2019-12-07: Dallas Holiday Parade Loved doing this parade last year, so back at it again! Love having all these TKs together! 2019-12-14: Dallas Mavericks 12/14 Game This was a very long troop. Highlight - we hung out with game attendees, pretended to be statues to scare Mavs players (ended up on ESPN, almost half a million views on Facebook!), and made our first TikTok video!
  4. Hello there! Like others have said before, the place to go for Sandtrooper resources is the MEPD forum. http://forum.mepd.net/index.php The builds are of course similar, and I've seen people doing their build threads both here and there, so starting a build thread on here is probably a good idea. For all tips on weathering though (and the Move Along Captain is so iconic!), def hit up the MEPD forum. Also, there are no Centurions with MEPD - level 3 equivalent is SWAT where you emulate an on screen trooper (like what you want to do!). Good luck with the build! It'll be loads of fun.
  5. Thank you for the update! Excited to see the progress. How was the experience pulling the helmet together?
  6. Looks like you might want to request detachment access here https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/16-501st-trooper-status-requests-include-link-to-your-501st-profile-in-your-request/
  7. You can find Paul here https://www.facebook.com/TMProps/. He's often on the board as well (@troopermaster)
  8. 2019-10-05: MDA Muscle Walk of Dallas 2019 This is a great troop that I did last year (see troop 12), so naturally I trooped it again this year! Got to the venue bright and early, and saw hot air balloons take off nearby - super neat. We had a chance to take pictures with the families there for the walk, firefighters, as well as the local marching band / cheering squad! With this troop, I hit 50 troops with my garrison, and 35 troops as a TK!
  9. 2019-09-28: Dallas Autism Speaks Walk Just me and a Jedi hanging out at the Dallas Autism Speaks Walk. This woman wanted to paint my bucket blue! Fun aside - it's always hilarious to share changing rooms with other folks ... we shared a changing tent with the SONIC Cherry Limeade and Coney Dog mascots. And Chester # 7 (apparently there are ten of them?) from Cheetos.
  10. Jessy - feel free to give me a ping, I can connect you w/ the folks in TW as well if you are planning on visiting! Just hung out with them a few months back
  11. Excellent! We got lots of troopers down that way. Make sure you sign up on our garrison website and introduce yourself - http://www.stargarrison.com/forums/forum.php Also, if you are on Facebook, make sure you join our recruit page - very active folks on here who can help answer questions as well! (We also post armor parties here often) https://www.facebook.com/groups/296336407050926/
  12. Welcome, Clay! Where in Texas are you located? We have armor parties often and people willing to help, always good to see a new recruit!
  13. 2019-08-31: Texas Rangers Star Wars Days 2019 This is the last year the Texas Rangers will play at the Globe Life Park in Arlington, so of course we had to come out for Star Wars night! The crowd was great as usual, and we had a chance to get on the jumbotron a few times. We didn't track down that many photos, but here's a shot of all of us at the getting ready area.
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