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  1. 16. Star Wars: A New Hope Live in Concert, 5/01/22 (1 May 2022) I travelled down to Starkiller Garrison territory to troop with them on 501st Day. When Garrison Excelsior troops with the Rochester Philharmonic, there's a traditional elevator selfie. I felt we should do the same with the Erie Philharmonic.
  2. 15. Maker Faire Western New York Regional; 30 April 2022 Stormtrooper with a potato gun: I had my picture drawn by a robot:
  3. Greetings and Congratulations from the far left corner of Excelsior.
  4. 14. Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra - Happy Birthday John Williams; 18 February 2022 Obligatory elevator shot (required for all RPO troops ):
  5. In case anyone hasn't seen it yet:
  6. 13. Regal Henrietta - Fan Film Premiere "Tomorrow and Tomorrow", 1 December 2021 A couple of our garrison members made a film, and Regal Henrietta hosted the premiere, which doubled as a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish. I know that there are pictures of myself with @tdurden and @Manbehindthemask, but all I have this shot of me: And the film itself:
  7. 12. The Strong National Museum of Play - In Another Galaxy, 21 November 2021 This is the most Stormtroopers we've apparently had together at one time: The "Christmas Card" shot: That's all for now.
  8. 11. The Strong National Museum of Play - In Another Galaxy, 20 November 2021 This is Excelsior's major troop for the year, and after four years I finally made it! Day 1: Waiting for the group photo: The Actual Photo (I'm to Chewbacca's left): TK-09510 and I about to detain a Rebel ... which one ... which one My first time as Blast-a-Trooper (with @Mordenkainen44: Who gave the Wookiee youngling a blaster?!
  9. Just hit the 10 troop mark on Sunday: (And restored the missing pictures in the troop log - sorry 'bout that.)
  10. 10. Al Sigl Community WalkAbout; 24 October 2021
  11. 9. Flower City Comic Con; 26 September 2021 Had one of my holster's Chicago screws come loose (right before the 501st/Rebel Legion/Droid Builders presentation, of course), so had to do a "field repair" halfway through the day; and I need to tighten up the ab/chest strapping and redo a couple of snaps; but overall a good day.
  12. 8. Flower City Comic Con, 25 September 2021 I found the droid I was looking for!
  13. 7. All Heros Free Comic Book Day, 14 August 2021 The hottest day of the summer, and I was more comfortable outside in the sun than I had been the weekend before in the mall. Unintentionally scared a couple of younglings, but I made friends with a strange dog, so that balanced things out.
  14. 6. Flower City Comic-Con Mini-Con; 8 August 2021 (I know there are those that say that a single con is a single troop, even over multiple days. I say that if I take multiple days off from work, and have a 3-hour roundtrip each day on top of that, that they're multiple troops. )
  15. 5. Flower City Comic-Con Mini-Con; 7 August 2021 My first troop in almost ten months, and my first as a TK since the Rise of Skywalker Premiere.
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