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  1. Apparently I need to cross the river and troop with you guys more often
  2. Mini-Me's hair is a little longer, and a little lighter above and darker below, but:
  3. Mine took 4 weeks, but I did order it the first day they were available, so I was probably at the front of the line. As @MaskedVengeance stated, they’re $59.99 plus sales tax and shipping.
  4. So this showed up a few days ago: Not the worse likeness (I don't think my nose is that big, though ...)
  5. 20. Al Sigi Community WalkAbout; 23 October 2022
  6. This was announced a couple of weeks ago, but I don't recall seeing it here: https://hasbropulse.com/pages/selfie-series I know some of us have gotten custom backing-boards and made custom figures, and now you can get a professionally made Black Series Stormtrooper figure of yourself. Available today in the U.S. (no dates on availability elsewhere unfortunately).
  7. 19. Flower City Comic Con, 25 September 2022 What better way to celebrate Mark Hamill's birthday than to spend the day doing Star Wars with friends? Morning group photo: Afternoon group photo (One of these things is not like the others ...): The Scouts had an indoor archery range, which we couldn't pass up: I ran into the new Imperial Medical Droid: And we had a Spaceballs moment:
  8. 18. Flower City Comic Con, 24 September 2022
  9. I'm no good at getting screen captures, but the newly streaming "Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Jedi's Return" has some nice, clear shots of the Kenobi-style stormtroopers.
  10. Thanks, @gmrhodes13. You would think that I would have remembered to look there.
  11. Jason, I would go for one of Jimi's undersuits, but for the life of me I can't seem to find his contact info anywhere - here, the 501st forums, RPF, Facebook - I'm having no luck. As for the helmet - that's when Andy said "I'm tired of relaying information - talk to him yourself!" So I didn't get the helmet info before. If I had access to a 3D printer, I probably would print Nico's bucket. But I don't, so for now the plan is the Black Series conversion. If/when I get access to a printer, my priority is your redesigned belt boxes.
  12. Just getting the BBB picture out of the way. I had been thinking about getting a Rogue One kit after finishing up a couple of other works in progress, but some unplanned weight loss has made my ANH-S TK a little loose, and this kit came up for sale on the 501st boards, so ... Armor: 850 Armorworks Helmet: 850, but I'll be doing a Black Series conversion (trust me, it will look better) Boots: Imperial Boots Gloves: Imperial Boots Neck seal: Imperial Boots, but will be replaced with one that fits better ... Undersuit: Still need to confirm Blaster: Came with an Imperial Arms kit, but I have a @trooper96 kit I plan on using instead I haven't done much with it yet. It's already been rough trimmed, which is good - for the most part. The original owner trimmed all of the teeth off of the front belt, so that required a replacement. They also had the forearms and biceps completely glued, which required some disassembly and reassembly on my part to install the velcro. And the shins ... well, see for yourself: At first I thought "Oh, both sets of shins open to the right - I'll have to fix that." Then I realized that they had glued the inner shins together as one set, and the outer shins together as the other. This has been fixed. What else - the cover strips have been added to the biceps and forearms (sorry, no pictures at the moment). I ordered shoulder straps from @BigJasoni's Etsy shop to replace the 850 ones, and bought a couple of ab closure kits as well (more on that later). And one last set of photos from an armor party (my first attending) earlier this month: A little ugly, but I was just getting a rough idea of where everything should sit. Hopefully I won't have to trim anything off of the ab/kidney. And one last thing for this first post - I would like to thank @11b30b4, @BigJasoni, @TheRascalKing, @TerribleBen, @Twelveravens, and @Imperial Valour . The detail that you guys put into your build threads has already been a lot of help.
  13. 17. Star Wars Library Visit, 27 June 2022 A previously-traditional troop (before my time) that started-up again this year.
  14. So, what I'm getting from this is that if I want my R1TK build to represent the Stormtroopers shown in Rogue One/Solo/The Mandalorian and Kenobi, I need to buy an extra set of ab parts from 850 Armorworks and not paint the ab window/USB port. Well, if I must I must. @Parquette would you please re-post these blaster and holster shots? As far as I could tell, the holsters were simply ESB-style E-11 holsters, but additional details are always appreciated.
  15. Not to further hijack the thread, but are you coming to the armor party on the 18th? I could bring my ANH-S TK bucket for you to look at. I’ve got @ukswrath’s hearing assist, speakers, and fans in it, with no problems.
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