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  1. For example, I'm ID-17032 and TS-17032. I'm waiting on TK-17032 (pictures submitted). And I'm already planning CX-17032.
  2. The wrists are just the right size to slip my hands through, and that's after I removed the return edges. I sent our GMLs pictures with the biceps lowered about a week ago - I haven't heard from either of them yet.
  3. Welcome from just across the Lake in Buffalo-Niagara.
  4. I ... I think I might be done. I should redo the bicep straps, and I need to re-glue a couple of magnets, and there's a couple of things I want to fiddle with in the helmet ... But ... I didn't take all the photos wanted for a Pre-Approval thread, but here are the "basic" five:
  5. I originally thought about using velcro for the shins, but I decided on a method similar to James': Except that I'm using these: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Magcraft-Rare-Earth-1-2-in-x-1-2-in-x-1-8-in-Block-Magnet-10-Pack-NSN0911/204691493 I had used a double pair of regular bar magnets as a temporary measure for the right shin upper closure. There are now two pairs of rare earth magnets in each shin. I'm currently working on shaping the belt and on fixing that crack ...
  6. Wow, I haven't updated this in a while ... So the good news is that I thought that I had everything ready for my Pre-Approval thread/submission pics on Saturday night. Then the right shin kept popping open, the left end of the belt popped off, and ... well, you'll see below. Almost there, stay on target ...
  7. Alay beat me to it. There are three are four events currently scheduled/planned around Albany - I'm over by Buffalo, so I lose track of what's going on in the Capital Region.
  8. If you take a look through the "tall trooper" threads, you'll find there's more than a few of us your height. Those same threads will give you an idea of where to get armor that should fit you. And welcome.
  9. Great, now I'm going to think of this guy as "Commander Duck." Do you think maybe someone at Lucasfilm Animation is familiar with the Donald Duck remarks about the FO helmets, and decided to have fun with it? After all, Disney animators have a history of putting Easter Eggs in their work ...
  10. The FO Commander appeared in this week's episode. And my first thought was "And there's the next CRL-in-progress for the FISD." The "anime-inspired" style takes some getting used to, but at least they didn't take inspiration from the more ... abstract anime out there.
  11. 170321 is the service number of my current canine.
  12. Well, I already evened out the kidney and butt plates, so that's done. Yeah, the original owner did some ... interesting things with his build. Weird snaps and return edges everywhere. I drilled out and replaced the incorrect snaps with the correct ones, but now I see that I basically have to do the following: Well, I can take care of trimming those when I do the ab buttons.
  13. I haven't updated this in awhile (and I don't know if anyone can read this right now), but the only things left before starting a Pre-Approval thread are replacing the Ab buttons (a quick trim, paint, and glue) and a little work on the helmet (I'm playing 3-D Tetris with my head, the helmet pads, and the electronics).
  14. ID (still working on the TK) 17032, requesting 501st access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28380
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