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  1. Congratulations Eric, actually a very good design but all designs presented were really awesome... Waiting to purchase for this new coin...
  2. http://artneo.es/electronica/19-amplificador-de-voz-imperial.html Based in Spain
  3. Run foolish, there's only one gap left for the first 500!!!! [emoji12]
  4. Congratulations Max...499th, thats actually a beautiful number... Welcome to Centurion ranks!!!!
  5. Congratulations Grave!!! Welcome to Centurion ranks!!! Now you are one of first 500...
  6. It’s a very good design... I prefer that Roman Empire style, but this design for the annual coin run or for the EIB would be fantastic... You are making real art works. It's going to be hard to choose with this level of masterpieces.
  7. Ou yea...this last version is the best...[emoji7] Wonderful job
  8. Congratulations Jakob... willkommen to Centurion ranks. Finish line is very closer...only 3 spots...
  9. Congratulations brothers and Welcome to Centurion
  10. Congratulations Jim!!! Pleased to see another new Centurion
  11. felicidades Guillermo!!!! Bienvenido al EIB, a trabajar para Centurión!!!! Congratulations Guillermo !!!! Welcome to EIB, now it’s time to work on Centurion!!!!
  12. Trading or in the next run...[emoji6]
  13. I use imgur app to upload the images but the computer version of imgur and forums to post...
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