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  1. On a couple of facebook groups people have ask and the response has usually been it's pennies on the dollar. Oh well, what a couple of more months at this point!
  2. So I have 4 panels to go to complete the skins for this guy. Unfortunately for my patience, to fit my printer I had to cut them in half, thank you microsoft 3D builder, you made that process super simple. If you haven't used it, it's free, if you have windows 10 it should be loaded on your computer and it's as simple as tinkercad. So far, each of those panels will be taking my printer approximately, 1 day, 18hours and 11mins according to Cura.
  3. While all of that was happening my little printer that could continues to churn out panel/skin pieces. I have the front armature pieces printed as well, just need to stop at the Depot to pic up some PVC pipe and nuts and bolts.
  4. Clamps and glue, clamps and glue. Big step fellas, I laid the epoxy down. No going back now. A little sanding and leveling before... clamps and glue...
  5. Haha! I know right. You guys are currently up to date. That was almost 2 months of printing. Get your TK first then buy a 3D printer. Honestly it’s a lot of fun and I definitely recommend the Ender 3 pro. It’s been nothing but good times. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Here is Chopper with some panels. Everything is is just held together with painters tape.
  7. Hey, that wasn't so bad. See, just keep swimming, just keep swimming... And I printed and purchased some eye balls. I even started to glue! This is my first pieces glued together. I will be cutting a styrene top for the dome. I have a periscope and side doors to print to be fully complete with this dome but not needed at the moment to get this guy going. I'm off to start printing the skins for this dude.
  8. In comparison, these pieces are sooooooo small! It's gonna take forever!
  9. So much printing! Excited to see the dome come together! This is 6 pieces and just the top ring. I now have 12 pieces for the lower ring to go. All of those prints are 22 hours each!
  10. Q - Jorge, are you really gonna post up every print pic? A- Yeah, what else am I supposed to do. I have a lot of time in between prints!
  11. I going for the dome! I order PLA+ in orange. My OCD/ADD/XYZ will not allow me to print this any other color. I understand it will be painted with gray primer but I am gonna be staring at this thing for month before then. I need to see his head in the color it was went to be. Here it comes!!! One piece done and 17 more to go!
  12. Honestly, I am amazed by the people who design this stuff. Its a work of art in itself. All the skirt pieces are the same with the exception of one which has holes in it to attach the caster mount. and it's done. At this point I am starting to realize that I will be spending a lot of time gluing, using auto body filler, sanding, priming, filler and sanding again.
  13. What do I print next, Chopper has what they call a skirt. In the show it's where his 3rd wheel or rocket booster comes out of. Do I print that or do I start on the dome. The legs scare the poop out of me so I may just leave those last! Skirt it is!! days and days of printing...
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