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  1. Currently printing up the foot shells for this guy. This is literally taking forever!
  2. While waiting on legs to print, paint to dry and all the sanding I did also work on a smaller project for this. It's a periscope that will pop out of the top of the dome. It was a easy print and I was able to source all of the metal (nuts, bolts and tubing) from Ace Hardware.
  3. While all of this has been printing I have started to spot putty the dome and also sprayed primer on the frame. 3D droids guy say to use Rustoleum Filler Primer. I forgot how much the smell of this stuff lingers after it's been sprayed. I'm going on about 4 or 5 days and I can still smell it. This is only the first round. I am gonna be sanding, filling and adding more primer in the near future. The weather here in Georgia has been wonky and it's prevented me from taking this outside.
  4. Still printing legs. It feels like forever! 5 more pieces and everything will be printed for one (1) leg... ugh. I still need to go back and print all of the same parts below the shoulder for the other side plus one more shoulder piece. I don't remember when it was the last time I wasn't printing a leg part.
  5. Troop no 78 Event Name - Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Scottish Rite Hospital, The Zone - Atlanta, GA - Event Date 02/16/2020
  6. Chopper is way simpler than an R2. He doesn't really have a lot of fancy strobe lights, no flaps... flapping away. He's is pretty basic and straight forward. When it come to additional features outside of just head spinning and moving on wheels, I decided I wanted to immediately start with having his arm (center of his body) move in and out. So while leg prints printed. I started putting together all of the piece to get this going. Again, I really need a clue.
  7. So as I have been hanging out on facebook droid sites, I was asking around about a cut acrylic piece for choppers leds on the side of his head. I finally did get in touch with a guy whose post I originally saw but unfortunately, the sizes did not match. (Droids don't have CRLs so it's all up to artistic expression) This droid not being as popular as R2 definitely has a bunch of builds with differences some subtle and some obvious. A few days latter a fellow chopper builder reached out and said she would give it a try. She had me visit her etsy shop. Purchase some lenses for another item and remark that I needs this cut for my chopper. Well what I received soon after was amazing. The fit was spot on. The thing that impressed me the most about this whole deal was I basically gave her a drawing with some general dimensions on a piece of paper, hand drawn. This is what I got back! Blown away.
  8. Days later, new pieces are looking good. New shoulder piece is currently printing and should be done by the morning.
  9. So something is out of wack. But which piece, technically I have 3 pieces that can be the culprit and all of them are 24+ hour prints!! Someone on facebook mentioned a center hub needed to be printed, it was less than 24 hours to print so I decided to go for that. That should tell me if it is the 2 pieces I epoxied together or the rounded shoulder piece. Here goes nothing! Ok, so the hub doesn't fit. After starring at it long and hard, It looks like when I modified the slots into that lower shoulder piece I must have changed the overall size of the piece. (Curse you 3D printing gods!!!) So... I now need to reprint those two pieces because I was overly confident and epoxied them together instead of just letting them sit like I did with everything else!! Here is more proof that the rounded shoulder piece printed right. The hub matches the cut out perfectly. oh well, it's been a pretty smooth ride so far, right?
  10. Next up and 24+ hours later... You know what, this is going pretty good. Why was I so scared. I should have know, everything is gonna be alright... Wha....! Why is this... it's ok, breathe... So I take it to facebook cause no one responds on the astromech forum and I get what I absolutely did not want to hear. Something is messed up. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr......
  11. Here is another piece... Starting to look like something. Now I have 3 pieces left to go to finish this one shoulder.
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