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  1. Thanks again guys for being very helpful with the information I need. Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Dan! Yeah looking at the pictures I posted it does appear different in areas, trick of the light I assume as looks uniform in-person. Things I noticed when suiting up were.. 1. Need assistance chin strap 2. Ammo belt too long needs trimming as velcro doesn't align. 3. Must rewatch Dan's arm/bicep elastic video as mine not attached yet. 4. Want tactical padding for helmet as foam star is obstructive. 5. May need mobility cuts at rear thigh/calf's(but I like the look of them without cuts) 6. Might remove middle elastic at front centre chest/ab connection feels too restrictive. So...got loads to be getting on with
  3. Thanks Glen! I have no clue about computers and picture sizes it's a wonder I can even post them
  4. Thanks Joseph I'll add this to my to-do list.
  5. Hi Joseph, I'm happy to add some more pictures at your request. The belt was attached to the ab in the pic above, i've noted it has to raise a half inch or there abouts...it's on my to do list
  6. Hello everyone, updating my build thread with some fresh paint pictures.
  7. Sorry the pics appear blurry, as mentioned it's a first coat, and thinly applied...better with several thin coats than one thick coat can get messy. I will let it dry fully for 24 hours before i reapply 2nd coat. Thanks for the feed back.
  8. Hi, hope everyone's having a relaxing weekend. I managed to get a first coat on my ab plate buttons this evening.
  9. Quick question regarding suiting up, I discovered it gets really warm really fast, and I don't stay in the warmest of climates (Scotland) Do most troopers use cooling system in their helmets? Also on the same note troopers from warmer climates does the heat affect your armour's shape (melting) and colour (UV)?
  10. Static shot of fitting progress.
  11. Taking a break from the intricacies of the finer details and had a test fit instead.
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