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  1. I mean, if we're all commenting on that fine looking buttplate, I'm gonna join in.
  2. revlimiter

    FISD Memes

    Chatting about Avatar with @Morgi this morning got me inspired and side note - I had to wrap [ img ] ... [ /img ] tags around my links to make them post. I guess imgflip changed how it works
  3. The amount of abuse I've put my AP armor through in the past year with nearly ZERO damage is truly exceptional. I sit in it like I wasn't wearing armor. I climb and run. I've laid down and crawled around. The AP armor just takes it. I wipe it off and polish up the scratches and it's ready for more action. I honestly love how the RS armor looks and drool over it constantly, but I wouldn't trade my AP for it at this point. Look at my troop log linked in my signature to see the AP in action.
  4. There's a Facebook "Star Wars Blaster Builder's group" if you're into building your own or printing. There's a few on there that build by commission like @Troopacoola. And, as a proud owner of a Blaster Factory E11, I can say nothing but good things about it. It's a bit heavy, but very troopable. Troop-able? Troopeable? You can carry it for several hours comfortably. It's very well built and not at all delicate, so no worries about it crumbling in your hands. You can see my own build here: There's also Quest Design in Canada that makes a lovely resin blaster. I have one of those as well. It's lighter than the Warmachine/blasterfactory, but not as robust. I've broken several pieces off over the years and have been replacing those bits with metal parts from Warmachine. There's also the Rubies toy blaster (white and orange) you can get on amazon. It's not very accurate (it's actually the model used for the Rebels E-11) but you can make it accurate if you've got crafting skills. It weighs just a few ounces and won't break when you hand it to a kid. They paint up nice and are easy to troop with. As Justin said, there's rubber blasters on etsy and it's best to steer clear of them. Just not worth it when so many other options exist.
  5. Congratulations!!! I'm all kinds of jealous of these. Fantastic looking venues.
  6. MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!! 5/4/23 - May 4th Troop 1 - Magnet Schools of America Certification Celebration 62nd TK troop, 17th for 2023. TI-50597, 11th troop and 3rd for 23. The first troop of May 4th was at a school to welcome the kids in. This selfie was the official troop pic. Juno handled as best she could (she's amazing) but we technically had no handlers for this troop, which is a rarity. The kids were STOKED for us to be there. A little rowdy but great kids all around. We walked all over the school, gave out stickers and high fives, and then settled at the top of these stairs for pix with the kids. A school admin took this one with my phone. These upright postures won't be that way for long. Some trooped from 0730 till 2230. 5/4/23 - May 4th Troop 2 - UNM May the Fourth '23 63rd TK troop, 18th for 2023. TI-50597, 12th troop and 4th for 23. The local university's May 4th celebration was a high point for me in 2022. I was excited to return. And more excited to share it with my wife! This is some of the mob we entertained. I mean, we had two Vaders! Who wouldn't be entertained? Make that THREE Vaders!!! The boss was somewhat less than entertained by my new armor addition. And of course, the photo booth strikes back! I will drive hundreds of miles for a good TK photobooth. They're always a highlight for me. Much of my time trooping was IN this photobooth. We TKs would rotate in and out of the booth depending on if people wanted to have us in their pix. Good times and tons of smiles. Then I went home and took a nap... Others did several troops between, which was far too hardcore for me. 5/4/23 - May 4th Troop 3 - NME Movie Night: Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back 64th TK troop, 19th for 2023. The last troop of the day was a 2130 showing of ESB. MANY of us answered the call. I didn't get to do this troop in 22 and was jealous all year. I mean, look at us. We're a fine army of Imperials! I checked tickets... (and trooped with my E-11b for the first time!) I sold tickets. I selfied in front of a full theater.... (after which I yelled out something like "What datapad?!? No one here saw me selfy'ing with my data pad!" which just killed the crowd ) And then me and the boys settled in for a showing of the greatest film of all time.
  7. A troop is one event. You can have many troops on a single day.
  8. You guys are seriously nigh identical. Down to the height.
  9. Yes sir! The idea is zero white showing while standing and you will very very likely have to cut the top of the ab plate to have it hidden under the black side extension. Just about everyone with this style armor (new generation?) needs to cut it under the armpit like that. As a bonus, it'll be a lot more comfy and breathe better with that plastic removed.
  10. Thanks!!! I've got 3 tomorrow as well. Wish there was a free comic book day one here... I'm hoping to get to 100 by the end of 2023. That's my goal anyway. I'm aiming for it. 5/2/23 Bernalillo County Fire Department May the 4th promo 61st TK troop, 16th for 2023. This one was a mid week troop at a fire station in the mountains. They wanted clean, white TKs and nothing else. Five of us answered the call. Randy wasn't in the group selfie above because he was a little tied up. We were there to help Fire & Rescue film a promo video for May 4th. We were "new recruits." Tye and I got to practice our aim with the big hose. We did well. The cones were completely safe. Don't want to risk any cones after all. They're expensive. Brandon and Wayne tried on this strange off-world gear. And their weapons. Not sure what to do with these weapons... Ah, yes. That's more familiar. Fire Team Rio Bravo signing off. (I'll be pasting this to our Fire Team log too!)
  11. YES!!!!!!!!!! That double strap thing is something I (am pretty certain I) read and then couldn't remember the exact details. Thank you Glen!! Front offset + side would be great for action, sitting, and not rotating. Excellent. That's what I'll replicate. Cover strips glued on the outside edge - check. I also especially like the relief cuts. Much better than the regular Jimmi thigh cuts. My whole beef with updating the CRL to have the back coverstrips offset is exactly as you mention - how they look offset depending on the wearer. Since many stunt actors wear these costumes, the thighs are different depending on who's inside. I'm sure there's someone who would fit the costume perfectly and have a nicely centered cover strip. Maybe the whole stunt cast that season did their squats and have tree trunks, thus the wide fitment. But that's my beef. Since we make our armor sets specifically for our bodies, and no one else is likely to be in our armor, there should be no requirement to have the rear thigh cover strips offset. Passable? Sure. Just not a requirement to have them offset. Centered is the ideal fit for the ideal trooper, which is everyone here. Stunt actors don't have that luxury. Anyways, didn't mean to soapbox. I understand why they're often offset on screen. I just really hope we don't have to emulate that here. and again, thanks for those photo references!!
  12. I've been trying to find THE answer for exactly what a Rogue One TK needs for their thigh strap and I'm coming up short. Help a brother out? I'm usually quite good at ferreting this kind of thing out. The CRL - The thigh armor is mirrored for each leg and not interchangeable. The cover strips are bevelled and approximately 1/8" thick that does not extend beyond the thigh and has a smaller cover strip layered thereon. The top edge of the thigh armor is unadorned, and the bottom edge has a raised detail that fallows the bottom edge contour. The small ammo belt consists of 5 evenly spaced rectangle ammunition boxes and is installed on the bottom of the right thigh, there are no visible screws or rivets. OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable): Thighs are loosely held closed in the back with elastic, shock cord (bungee cord) or white Velcro and are designed to remain flexible. Cover strips will cover both the front and rear joints. OPTIONAL Level three certification (if applicable): The bottom outside edges of the small ammunition belt are angled at approximately 45 degrees. Thigh armor is suspended by a black strap approximately 1” 25mm in width with a plastic side release buckle that is covered by black webbing or elastic that runs down the side seam of the leg. It seems to call for a single strap with a visible (yet covered) buckle on "the side seam of the leg". But... there's no side seam. The armor is smooth on the side and the pants, I think, should also be unseamed. Also, a single strap on the outside edge of the thigh armor would do a poor job of holding it up well. It would always want to spin. My own ANH thigh strap is just outboard of the front cover strip by about 10 degrees. @11b30b4, our lone R1 centurion, has the strap at about 80 degrees from front. Is okay moving forward? And if so, how far forward can I cheat this? @equuspolo has a beautiful thigh strap system on his FOTK. Two straps, mostly positioned at the front. One at dead front and one about 15 degrees outboard. I love this as I believe it would allow the maximum maneuverability. Easy sitting too. And less rotation. This is from the archive. While I disagree with the thigh cover strip alignment (that's an argument for another time), it shows one strap past 90 degrees on the right side. It's more like 110 degrees from the front. There's gotta be another strap in the front, yes? I don't see one in the front. How would this even stay oriented correctly after walking 5 steps? Seems odd. I've gotta be missing something. And that's why I'm asking for help.
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