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  1. My beef as a GML is when the photos and text don't match. Drives me and my team nuts. Do we have photos for the various costume components yet? If not I wouldn't mind helping in the photoshoppery. If we do have some, could they be posted? I'd love to proofread each section and match the text up with each armor piece.
  2. A rather easy one, but one of the few things I could think of that shows the X. The 19 has no scope, of course. The X has the scope. And the X is a triangle.
  3. Check out this site. https://aurekfonts.github.io/?sort=license TONS!!!! of in-universe SW fonts. They're a lot of fun.
  4. I was sneaky and edited your post to have the image. You just copy the image source (right click, copy image location if you're on a desktop) and paste it in. The forum does the rest. (Savi's Workshop, Group B )
  5. A full phrase this time. It goes with the screenshot... It's pretty simple... Good luck!
  6. Wow, that new helmet is SO good!!! What a huge difference. Well done in remaking that! What designer is the new one if I may ask?
  7. That one looks really good. Their Hero version should be coming shortly. Metal rail, hollow folding stalk, and open front sight box.
  8. Jedi hate when you call it this.
  9. If you have a Dollar Tree nearby, their large (1 handed) kitchen strainer has the perfect mesh for hovi tips. Not sure if the other Dollar stores carry it, but the green signed Tree one does. You'll know it when you see it amongst the other strainers.
  10. Your Prusa is kicking buttplate! Definitely nice to have a couple/few printers and not retire that good boy. The abs look great. That's a fantastic project for time away from home.
  11. Historically it's been a stack of two IKEA LACK tables. They fit Prusa and clone printers very nicely. https://blog.prusa3d.com/cheap-simple-3d-printer-enclosure_7785/ Scroll to the end. I used to have one of these and it worked okay. You want a paver stone to set your printer on or you get a ton of resonance and noise.
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