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  1. There’s a few things that need to be correct for it to work. I’m not sure on all of them but as a minimum I believe it uses emails to match you here and at the legion. So go through all the things like that on both the legion and FISD and ensure they match. If this still doesn’t resolve it before the election then it can be fixed manually by the DL.
  2. I've never heard of that vendor. They might be up and coming but the fact it's unheard of is generally not a good sign. If you can link to it they we can have a look but your best bet really is to stick to the vetted sellers.
  3. Hi everyone, I’m assuming the sudden influx is due to the census. Please let the admin team work through these and do not repost, they will get done in time. Also so remember that the only time detachment affiliation matters is for the elections in February. Prior to the elections a process will be run to sync FISD members to the Legion DB. This will not be run until just prior to elections. Thanks.
  4. I built my kit on an Ikea Lack table in my lounge over a sheet. You don't need as much space as you think. (A Lack table is 55cm/21.5" square)
  5. Looking at the photo of the armour and the CRL, I don't see the issue? None of them extend past the base of the button to my eye?
  6. Also use a sharp knife, sounds counter intuitive but true. A dull blade means you'll push harder, which means your more likely to slip, which means you're more likely to cut your self. Further when you do inevitably cut yourself a cut from a sharp blade will heal faster and cleaner than a nasty cut from a dull blade that was more of a tear. Personally I can't do delicate work in gloves, I'm far more likely to slip/mess up with gloves on.
  7. Also whilst I am here this is how I made my own fans: Fan wiring diagram by Christopher Pearson, on Flickr Pretty sure there's some photos of the build in my build log which is linked in my signature.
  8. I know I posted this elsewhere but its @pwhitrow that makes Tramp not Dan.
  9. I don't use TrooperTalk but something similar and had the same issues with the cheap adapters.. I've used heat shrink to hold them in place. I also try and secure the wiring as best as I can at the start of each troop so that the joins aren't moving about. I still have the odd issue but nothing like as bad as I used to.
  10. Dan doesn't make them, the guy is Paul who is a UKG member. Not a TK but troops a shadow trooper. Rom-FX is now had it's last run. If Johns sold out then there won't ever be any more.
  11. If you're struggling with air bubbles you can always mix a small batch first then (with a glove on) use a finger to poke the resin into corners and areas that trap air. Once that;s done, close the mould and pour in as normal. I used this with good effect on something that was bubble city before.
  12. This is the fibreglass helmet not the ABS one, they cost a lot more when new so the price probably isn't all that high.
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