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  1. Springs came. They were quite a bit over the length I asked for so needed to be trimmed. Not overly easy to do accurately but when trimmed to ~13mm these were perfect. So final specs 3.18mm dia 13mmlong . I ordered 2 and I used the softer of the 2, not sure which one that is but I think it's the stainless 0.41mm wire Been a busy week so not much happened but I did manage to get the last part printed so yeah "just paint" to go.
  2. Progress? Twice in a week? Outrageous. I assembled the sight assembly similar to I did before, but actually glued it. So used a drill bit to align the top to the riser, line it all up and then use a 3mm drill to add a locating hole to the top through the riser. This allowed me to use the 2 drill bits to align the parts whilst I super glued them together. Today a bunch of odds and ends came in so I was able to finish the pre-paint work. First the axle pin for the pulley: The drill bit I used was about 1.8mm diameter. An easy and che
  3. Ugh you're all so demanding! I had the air brush out for something else so I ended up starting some colour! This is the cocking handle, that apparently needed sanding^, and the red thingy that goes on the side. Hot glued to a cocktail stick for something to hold but is easy to remove. The handle is just in a matt black primer, I need to decide on matt black or satin black for the blaster. Any input would be appreciated. The "red thingy*" is white primer (both primers are Vallejo if you care) and then some gloss Tamiya Red. I wi
  4. Found some mojo just before the new year and started working on things that have sat idle for months. Part of the problem that broke me was rushing things and making silly mistakes and wasting lots of effort/materials/money. This time I am taking it slower. Starting with my blasters, and specifically the smallest this SE-44C first printed before TLJ even came out I've printed all the small parts again in resin, though I apparently forgot the trigger so that is to follow. I had primed the main parts in the summer but a 400grit sanding has gone through in a few areas
  5. I used these on my build: https://amzn.to/355YdSu I am confident I could do 5 perfectly in the same time it takes to do 1 with a hammer. I've not tested them with non prym snaps though, but I would expect them to work with any snap so long as it's not larger than 15mm.
  6. Nice one Dan, decent amount raised. I wanted to do one but we don't really have the space out the front here.
  7. Welcome to the FISD and the UKG. Hope to see you at a troop once we can get out again!
  8. Well done Dan. Lets hope we can catch up at the Excel next year, even it that means in October!
  9. As far as I am aware only 2 vendors are selling suits cast from screen used, one ANH stunt and one ROTJ. The above vender is not one of them. The history of most armour available gets murky fast and there are places you can find this out if it interests you. But you don't need to. The best best is generally to have a look at the recommended list, speak to your GML and see what people you will be trooping with have. You'll probably get good recommendations for vendors that serve where you live and those recommendations would be better than me in the UK recommending anything.
  10. No we still have to do that, but we have costume management built into our forum too.
  11. Darren maybe post in your WIP thread on UKG And ask what’s up. Our GML is normally pretty hot on stuff so clearly something is up. If you have applied on both UKG and the 501 sites it should be sorted by now.
  12. I went back to work mid July so time went away again. I am working at home so I could carry on printing but I ran out of room to store parts. Once I get some time to assemble what I have I'll get back to printing more. It will also give me some time to lose the lockdown weight and check stuff I have done actually fits before making more.
  13. Welcome to the FISD! If your a midlands lad I'll see you in Birmingham once the world reopens enough for conventions to not be a terrible idea. Would have been great to build a suit whilst shielding!
  14. Helmet is progressing well. Before assembly I tested the new modified vocoder hole. It's a good fit but a little fiddly to get in and out due to the shape. I think the fit is good and will work great. I need to back up the hole with some sheet at some point but I'll do that later in the process. The bottom of the helmet was built up in subsections. Essentially halves, working from the front backwards. As I went I welded each seam whilst I had easy access. Before final assembly I sanded these down to remove any sharp points and roughness. O
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