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  1. I did mine with a brush and a steady hand, but if I was doing it again I'd get a black posca pen in probably 1mm size and save mucking about with the brush. How I did the stripes:
  2. Congratulations and welcome to the UKG and FISD!
  3. In what seems to now be tradition: Celebration has spurred a fresh kick of First Order enthusiasm. And is also traditional I've started by re-doing work I've already done. I remembered that I had the STEP files @The5thHorseman kindly sent me.I imported these into Fusion 360, and organised things. This done I re-did all the TLJ mods I did previously on the STL files, in about an hour or so vs a lot more before! Pretty picture time. Standard colours doesn't show much: But if I enable "Display Component Colors" it shows things much better. Pink is all the original file. Edits are: Front barrel - has the 2 extra top holes (I have made a picattiny rail that fits, undecided if I will remake this again) End cap - removed a lip to better match reference images End cap - Swivel - removed old hole and added a rear mount notch for a D ring. This seems to my eye to better match the reference. It makes it very simple to add a D ring as it's just clamped in place as the part is held on by an M3 screw. D Ring - I've modelled one but this is a place holder for a metal one I plan to get shortly. End Cap - Clip - squared off the corner, still nut 100% on this one but I still think it's different to the TFA one. Rear barrel - This is the big one. Removed the "ring" and old slide and put a new one in on the front face. Bar the End cap - Swivel this is all effectively the same as what I have already done (and released). The swivel will be added once I check it works as expected as I need to confirm the wire diameter. I have also started rebuild some of my custom parts starting with "Trigger 1" This is effectively a recreation of the one I have already printed but given it uses S curves isn't quite the same shape, pretty close though. It has the extension out the back to trigger a switch but I've yet to re design this. This gives me 2 buttons at the grip, one for each trigger that I can use to trigger different things. Currently I plan to put the front torch on one trigger but not sure what to do with the other. The obvious choice is a blast sound and lights but I know I would use it and space is "limited" in these, and a lot of the rear barrel is already taken up with the battery, charger and main power switch. The other choice is I fit a latching switch somewhere for the torch and then I have 2 momentary buttons I don't know what to do with! The torch is pretty bright though so having on when wanted on a trigger seems sensible? What do other FOTKs do? Answers on a post card.
  4. Seeing these builds finally being completed is making me so excited to get one for my self. I've tried so many ways to get an FO but this really feels like the most achievable and they look so good!
  5. In the UK it's just some grey drain pipe of the correct size. You could get it in B&Q or Wickes.
  6. Hi Adrian, Have you signed up over at the UK Garrison forum yet? If not it really is something you need to do. https://www.ukgarrison.co.uk/forum/index.php We have a slightly different approval process to most garrisons. We have a work in progress thread that is monitored by the armourers. The armourers can be thought of as deputy GMLs who are experienced in one or a small number of costumes. They are experts in any given armour and will be able to point you to exactly what you need to be approved in the UKG. Whilst it’s great to see you here, the advice you need to follow is there as they will be the ones who are going to grant the approval. Good luck with your build and hope to see you at a troop. Chris.
  7. One of the builders is a member, they posted a video on their Facebook and instagram feeds.
  8. Keep trooping is the new name for Imperial Boots, they changed it as it's not just boots anymore. I have had mine since wave 4? I think it was, I find them very comfortable, well as far as Chelsea boots are comfortable one me anyway.
  9. Welcome to the FISD. Lots of us have built these since they came out so make sure you have a read up on those. Save your self from the same headaches we had!
  10. Hi welcome to FISD. I am sure you could air brush it, but really you're going to want something bigger. Spray cans are a perfectly acceptable option and can give great results with some care. Before painting do make sure you prepare the surface, a couple of people in my garrison had issues with pin holes that needed to be filled.
  11. Merged the two threads as they are the same subject.
  12. Hi, DA is a known seller. However do make sure you consider all your options before rushing into anything.
  13. I wonder if it might be this kit having searched that name on IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7196975/mediaviewer/rm3259954689/ The key phrase in that quote is "he believes", it is not the most convincing statement. Without clear proof we will only have their word on if this was screen used or not. Either way I hope you enjoy the suit.
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