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  1. There are alternatives but some are US only or require you have certain devices. Others mean you need to set up an account and pay a fee etc etc etc. Ultimately paypal is the only real option unless you are a business and in a position to set up to take credit/debit cards.
  2. Pretty sure its generally just some grey guttering down pipe, so 68mm which is 2.68". edit: @philas you appear to be in the UK just pop to B&Q/wickes etc and gray a length of the 68mm down pipe. It's about a fiver for 2.5m.
  3. I really should have put a small profit margin on those oh well. Enjoy your build
  4. This could be part of the issue: It's not an encrypted connection to the site. Everything you sent there went out over the internet in plain. I'm not saying it was using this site that cause the charges, but I can tell you there's no way I'd be sending payment over an unsecured connection.
  5. I saw that last night, I'll be grabbing have grabbed a ticket.
  6. Congrats Kris looking forward to seeing it.
  7. I’m on my iPad so it may be a shade different on a real computer, but: top menu > account > my attachments from there you can delete any you want to.
  8. I suspect the 501st probably doesn't even cover 50% of orders. You can't always assume that we (the 501st or similar groups for other costumes) are the primary market for stuff like this. They are making a product for a market that doesn't want to have to muck about with Bondo and paint so they can look cool 2-3 times a year at costume parties/Halloween and conventions.
  9. Fair enough, that I did not know. I retract item 4
  10. Red flag 1: ebay Red flag 2: multiples of multiple parts in at least 2 different whites screams recast. I also suspect the lighter colour parts are HIPS just from the colour. Problem the third: parts are already made using who knows what glue something 4: it’s trimmed, how well?
  11. This is my Anovos forearm in an RWA bicep. IMO close enough for government work, especially in natural light. RWA ABS (flash) by Christopher Pearson, on Flickr RWA ABS (indoor shade) by Christopher Pearson, on Flickr TM is also pretty close (disclosure he sent me those hand guards purely to do the colour comparison, I still have them if you want more photos) Troopermaster ABS (direct sun) by Christopher Pearson, on Flickr Troopermaster ABS (Indoor shade light) by Christopher Pearson, on Flickr The TM is probably a touch closer, but you do need to remember the white will change for each batch and also how long your armour has been in the sun.
  12. Hi, welcome to the FISD! If you’re interested in becoming a Stormtrooper the your in the right place. I’d also advise you head over to the UK Garrison as well and sign up there too. We have a mentor program which will guide you to a clearable suit. There’s a few little bits the UK is a bit different for process wise so it pays to be there from the start. Chris.
  13. I saw them post about a week ago of some pictures of some rough blocks I assume were to be machined. https://www.facebook.com/BackStageProps/photos/a.1008718475923599/1974083752720395/?type=3&theater Seems to suggest they found a CNC to use?
  14. John did a final run of 100 RomFx last year. I think there are still some left but I couldn’t tell you how many.
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