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  1. I’ve removed some posts that were a bit too far. If something no longer makes sense that may be why. If so let me know.
  2. Just a polite reminder that most of the world isn’t able to watch The Mandolorian until March. Well legally at least. As such please try and keep away from spoilers.
  3. Welcome to FISD! Im guessing your a UK member? If so make sure you head over to the UK Garrison and get your WIP thread going over there too as its a requirement of the clearance process. Good luck trooper.
  4. I didn’t look properly as it was first screening but passing glances looked ROTJ to me. Though one looked R1 so it wasn’t super clear.
  5. @JAFO please don’t bait. I don’t know what the group is or what anyone does or doesn’t have but calling people out is not on.
  6. Mind the tone please. There are people behind those images.
  7. Welcome to the FISD. Best bet to get a steer on sizing is have a chat with the armourers over at the UKG and they will be able to tell you what will and won’t be okay fitting wise. https://www.ukgarrison.co.uk/join-us.html
  8. This is 10 minutes with a hack saw, but I do know that this isn't for everyone. Also check out sheartech and imperial warfighters, both do a few options including rubber ones if that's something that interests you.
  9. To be fair you don't get very much to un-bomb. You get enough for maybe 3 or 4 small images but not much else. I'm not sure what the actual number is though. Due to the size of the membership hosting images is just not a viable option for us.
  10. The undersuit can affect the fit greatly, especially against some normal trousers. Even a small amount can effect the fit by a lot so by fitting using trousers you may end up with a very loose fit.
  11. Sorry but I don’t see what this will achieve. The only way I can see Anovos doing anything much about the back log is if they are legally obliged to and this can’t do that. They already know full well who they owe product to.
  12. Welcome to the FISD! I feel the strapping kit is very overpriced for what you get but if you want convenience it’s an option.
  13. I’m reasonably sure my grandfather once met RBP. He was a scout master back when they were still called that and scouts wore the hats, and possibly still carried staves. He lived just down the coast from Poole, where the first scout camp was held on Brownsea island. He had several major scout awards, sadly these were all stolen along with his WWII Service medals in the 90s. The scouts runs in my family, I was a scout and achieved my Chief scout award, my sister was an explorer after guides and my mum ran was group scout leader right up until she passed away. The scouts planted a memorial for her in the local park where the scouts, and cubs where often to be found.
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