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  1. Not sure what happened as you did do the right thing, but I've updated it now.
  2. Good to see you out again Dan. Looks like it was a nice troop.
  3. This is the current series 9 run of trading cards, nice to look at and see what's out there. You can apply for your own card here: Both are in the Garrison Merchandise Forum which if I remember need you to be a 501st member to get access to.
  4. Congratulations and welcome to the UKG.
  5. Maybe message the GML and check that all is okay. 2 weeks isn’t crazy but normally I’d expect less. Could be something I’ll you’ve not picked a legion Id.
  6. Hi Mike, How exactly did you apply? Have you been to the UK Garrison forum yet as you would need to follow some steps there. If you've only applied on the 501st site then that is what the issue is. IF you want a bit more of a step by step do feel free to message me but this is a good starting point if you've not: https://www.ukgarrison.co.uk/forum/ucp.php?mode=register https://www.ukgarrison.co.uk/join-us.html
  7. @CableGuy if you find some of the smaller parts need more detail let me know and I'll see if I can do them in resin for you.
  8. 100% and it's all the more annoying knowing that they have filmed something for most stuff since TFA with in an hour (or a lot less) of me. Scariff was about 5.5 miles from me! I drove part them setting up for Kef Bir and the crashed death star after a tip off from a friend who saw the crew loading up on snacks!
  9. I know there was some huge issues with getting stuff in and out of ports for quite a while and I don’t know if that’s actually resolved yet. So I don’t feel like they are fobbing anyone off like Anovos did. I don’t have have a stale here fwiw, but I would love to see them succeed where previous attempts failed.
  10. Troop #19 - 09 July 2022 - Hero's and Villains - Hemel Hempstead (approx. 5.5 hours in armour) Time flies when there's a global crisis, but was back in the white again last Saturday. Was nice to be able to put the armour on again, even it was a bit more snug than I would like to admit. Turns out 2 years of significantly reduced activity had an effect after all! More or less remembered what to do, was "the quiet one" for most of them morning but warmed up a bit by the afternoon, though this is relative as I've never been an overly chatty trooper. Hoping to be able to troop a bit more going forwards, as began to return to normal "life" went into overdrive a bit as everything tried to make up for lost time with club events and birthday parties galore. These seem to be easing off a little now hopefully making room for a troop or 2. Photos to follow once they are posted by the spotters. Me (TK-10911), Luke Titcombe (SL-60401), Jon Hannaby (TK-14097) Photo by Steve Dredge (TD-10450) Luke Titcombe (SL-60401), Me (TK-10911) Photo by Steve Dredge (TD-10450) Steve Buckley (TK-1902), Me (TK-10911), Jon Hannaby (TK-14097) Photo by Steve Dredge (TD-10450)
  11. Hi Chuck, To apply for EIB you will need to follow the instructions in the first post. It can be helpful to look at a couple of recent EIB passes to see the format in action and also double check your suit before application.
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