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  1. themaninthesuitcase

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to the FISD. If your mando is anything to go by your TK should be ace! See you at the troops!
  2. themaninthesuitcase

    Hello from the Upside-down!

    Welcome to the FISD!
  3. themaninthesuitcase

    E-11 Grip 3D Model

    Looks really nice, well done.
  4. themaninthesuitcase

    Trying to find an E-11

    If you just want an E11 that will pass, 99% of those build changes you see don't need to be done. You could buy the resin kit, glue it together, spray it black and call it done. The only gotcha for EIB is the rear D ring (well more of a round rect) needs to be added but I did get one in the kit, even if it wasn't great. All the mods you see people do is to make up for some of the detail loss that was needed to be able to make these castings cheaply. Things like holes and deep grooves are filled in so that there's no deep holes in the mould that are prone to tearing. The longer a mould lasts, the cheaper each casting can be.
  5. themaninthesuitcase

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Liquid is a templating system created by Shopify to make it easier to design web shops. Anovos use Shopify to provide their web shop. Looks like there is an error in the template/software somewhere which is causing this error.
  6. themaninthesuitcase

    Early 2019 CRL update change requests

    Not very historically accurate though, no horns on a viking helmet. This is a CRL thread after all!
  7. themaninthesuitcase

    Newbie from England

    Welcome to the FISD! UK wise there's a pretty decent amount of choice but it can all be sourced here, some of the best armour is UK made. The biggest price variable is the kit but the reality is you're going to be in the £800-£1500 ish range depending on exact decisions you make. I think mine was about a grand but I didn't keep and exact cost recorded.
  8. themaninthesuitcase

    Early 2019 CRL update change requests

    Whilst this accuracy is all well and good when it comes down to it, this is not a replica group. I don't feel we should be enforcing the exact angle of the ear or brow height at anything less than Centurion. Troopers should, for the most part, look the same. If we're down to such minutiae as the brow gap being 5mm off or the ears being off by ~10° then I'd suggest we're already doing a pretty decent job. Provide the information, those who wish to built to it will always exist but I don't feel this level of detail should be overly enforced.
  9. themaninthesuitcase

    ANH Paint colour guide

    You’d need to use a translation guide, these ones came from what troopers have been using for a while. http://models2u.co.uk/downloads/PaintChart-RtoH.PDF That looks to have all the colours listed but you’d need to test them to be sure.
  10. themaninthesuitcase

    Need Sandtrooper Help

    The trimming can be done with just a Stanley knife if needed, ideally you’d have a metal rule too for straight lines. Wilko do a cheap aluminium one. The knife it’s self is what ever you can get, a pound land one will do. You don’t need to press hard just let the knife score, do a few passes and flex it to snap along the score line. If you can some curved lexan scissors from eBay will be about another £4 and help massively in some curved areas where it’s a pain to use score and snap. The only other thing you will want it’s some 180 sand paper. Once each edge is cut run some over to smooth off any sharp edges. Anything more than this isn’t needed. It may speed things up or make it easier but it is not needed.
  11. themaninthesuitcase

    The Stormtrooper Hall of Fame

    Awesome, thanks Aaron! I wish I knew who all the rest of the troopers were in the photo but I have no idea, there was about 300 of us that day! Though I can say Mason (TK30918) is the TK to the right of the AT-AT driver. This was his first troop having recently turned 18. Mason was the first graduate from The Galactic Academy into the UKG, and he did a great job on his first time out. Photo was by Marc Connor (TK40174), who many of you may know as the man behind Troopacoola
  12. themaninthesuitcase


    Matt is spot on. Looks like you didn't trim down the mouldings to just he plates before attaching them.
  13. themaninthesuitcase

    Is the following armor accepted

    Oh my sweet summer child.
  14. themaninthesuitcase

    Themaninthesuitcase Troop Diary

    Apparently the talk was videod by our GML I was up first, I had no briefing about what to expect other than there was stairs to be careful on, and nearly missed on the way off.
  15. themaninthesuitcase

    Themaninthesuitcase Troop Diary

    Troop #15 - 24 November 2018 - MCM ComicCon Birmingham (approx 5 hours in armour) A few firsts for me on this one: First time at the Birmingham Comicon, First time I've talked the wife in to coming along in an official capacity and also the first time away with out the kids in over 5 years! Day started with our briefing taking place on the main stage with use of the PA, this was a novel change from someone shouting across the changing room. After this the wife was whisked away for her induction briefing (safety talk and basics of spotting) so I didn't see her again until mid morning. MCM ComicCon Birmingham Between the UKG, Reel Icons, Rebel Command, Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs, 15th Cyber Legion, UK Colonial Marines and the UK Predators we had over 300 costumers plus a number of spotters. This was a record as far as I am aware and the presence was immense. First thing in the morning you couldn't not see a group of the costumers out working the crowd. IMG_6MCM ComicCon Birmingham583 Also new for me I volunteered to take part in a talk by our CO Garry Hales (also LXO) about the UKG/Reel Icons/Rebel Command and what we do from both a costuming and charity point of view. I was first up on stage, easier said than done there was a step, and was on stage for a few minutes and all the details of the costume and blaster where pointed out to the crowd. I was quite proud that the crowd was noticeably larger by the end of my bit, and that nothing fell off I was followed up by a snowy, an OT and FO Tie, Lord Vader, some stage invading Jawa, Batman, Iron Man and 2 Judges from Dredd(2012). Whilst it was only a small stage by the end of our talk it was a full crowd with many standing as well. Very proud to be part of that. MCM ComicCon Birmingham One of the big draws for MCM Birmingham is the big group photo. Sadly due to the size of the crowd (there were also other shows on at the venue) and the huge number of customers the normal ramp wasn't able to be used so we used the queue hall for a big wide shot. The final image for this is HUGE so rather than kill everyones bandwidth I'll add a video taken by our GWL Wayne Allen TK 52517 During a break my wife noticed a few cracks forming on my armour, one of which risked snapping a corner off the button plate on my chest. Rather than risk losing the corner I elected to de-kit for the day. I spent the rest of the day looking after the Rogue One team consisting of Director Krennic, 2 Death Troopers, 2 Shore Troopers an a Jyn. Having a nice sized group of R1 costumes together really gave a nice big impact MCM ComicCon Birmingham These guys were also cool, I guess. MCM ComicCon Birmingham These are members of our Reel Icons club, most/all are also 501st members 1 is an LCOG.