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  1. Amazing thread!!! I've got a Black Series bucket sitting on a shelf waiting for this very same treatment. I'll be following your steps exactly. Thanks!
  2. Another week down. Back pain is much more manageable now and almost gone. Crohn's pain gone. Workouts are going well.
  3. Looks like a good repair! I'd certainly enforce the back side with an extra layer of plastic in that general area. A wide arc of glued in material (doesn't even have to be ABS) would help strengthen the plate and keep this from happening again.
  4. (20) 8/13/22 - Elijah's Toy Drive 2022 20 TK troops! This troop was a memorial toy drive in honor of a little boy who died of cancer five years ago. We had a decent showing with 7 troops. It was Brandon's first official troop in TK armor (center pic). Our group with the organizers. This large fellow showed up. With Green Lantern photobomb. Thor and Mr Pool. Both looking dapper. With some rebels and the Galactic Academy. I noticed Han's gun placement once I was sitting at the keyboard and about fell over laughing. Good times!!
  5. Those thighs are CRISPY! And dare I say perfect. Well done.
  6. I always blank out kids faces. I have no idea if we have to do this or not, but I choose to do it.
  7. It's a piece of nylon strapping. I *know* I have some non-sticky velcro around here somewhere but couldn't find it. Still, basically anything that doesn't stretch is what's needed for this mod. It's just shoring up half the elastic to keep it from stretching, yet still allowing flex. And I didn't get the TD. None of the vendors I reached out to replied... alas. But I'm happy with my magnet hinged one. My elastic is indeed doubled over and the center snaps are already front-justified. They could probably be more toward the front, but I've never been unhappy with how my shoulder bells hung. This mod was only about keeping the elastic from peeking out under the shoulder bridge. And they're comfortable, hold their position, and have performed flawlessly for almost 20 troops now. You built good straps. Now they're just ever so slightly improved.
  8. This fix was prompted by an FISD facebook post. Note my shoulder. The elastic is pulling away a little. It's not bad, but not ideal. I don't mind the gap so much, but I do mind the white elastic peeking out. Trooper A.T. Nguyen posted a fix involving some velcro sewn into the elastic shoulder bridge on the inboard side. So I replicated it. Look at this result!! I could not even dream of this shoulder alignment previously. You can see the elastic, but it's not pulling out. Just epic alignment. This is what I did. Note the new strapping on the inboard edges of the shoulder elastic. It's completely hidden by the ABS bridges, so no black to be seen. Very noobishly sewn in by hand. I also E6000'd the void areas. It's STRONG. The enforcement on this elastic gives enough strength for the shoulder to be up where it's supposed to be all by itself. No armor adjustment needed. It just stays magically in the ideal spot and always looks Centurion-quality. I'm super chuffed about this upgrade. I also upgraded my top shoulder bell straps. Now it's held onto the bells by FOUR snaps each. I made some L shaped straps and redid the snap plates glued to the bells. The new snaps live on the front edge to resist coming free when I reach across my body. Why would I do this? I was pulling the shoulder bell straps off while suiting up. Attaching the right side would make the left come unsnapped due to how I contort my shoulders. With the 4 snaps, nothing moves or unsnaps at all. I'm on 3 troops with this mega-snap setup and have had zero problems kitting up by myself. It's fantastic. Also... I may have more snaps than shoulder bell now.
  9. NICE!!! Congrats on the first troop. And with Vader even! That's kinda rare around my garrison.
  10. Mental health has improve a TON!!! And thanks Mario. I had a fun photo idea. Does your gym have a DLT-19? Ol' 18-Poundy was right at home in the weight tree while I had the bar out for squats.
  11. My back sprain seems to have not been a sprain at all. It's just weak and in bad shape and I guess I strained it too much by diving into heavy exercise a month ago. I've been doing more PT style exercises to strengthen the weak lower back area. I've also been rolling around on the foam roller and some tennis balls. The balls let me hit pressure points and relax tense areas. It's made a world of difference. I also managed to dig a hole in the middle of my right hand while working on my car. Too much screwdriver pressure in the center of the palm, lol. Several layers of skin peeled up. Very yucky. It kept me from really grabbing much last week. It's mostly healed now. Stupid hand... So I've been jogging since I couldn't do much else. My dog LOVES it. I hate it. I'm not at all a fan of running, but it's been keeping me in workouts and raised heart rate. Overall health is still much improved over a month ago. Just some weakness in the body that's slowly getting addressed.
  12. 7/30/22 - School Supply Givewaway My 19th TK troop This was a huge school supply give away put on by a half dozen organizations around ABQ and held at a church. The scale of this giveaway was staggering. There must have been 3000 kids and each of them got a backpack, papers, pencils, binders, crayons, etc. It was incredible. 2.5 hours of trooping. 501st, Mercs, Rebels, Ghostbusters, and NM Avengers were all in attendance to entertain the families in the huuuuuuuuge line. Did I mention it was huge? Hours of standing in line. Mr Pool had the right idea for a costume abbreviation. I'm a little jealous. About here is where a kid said "aww, the Star Wars is taking a picture with Spiderman" and we both nearly fell over. One of two togruta mercs in the world. His armor was stunning. They had a concert and food event at the end once the school goodies were given out. The troopers were invited up to play.
  13. Long long ago, Nikon had a really unique point and shoot with a rotating lens. I keep thinking how much fun it would be to hack one up and make it work in the electrobinocs. Coolpix S10 if you're wanting to search for it. It had a 10x optical zoom also.
  14. If I'm telling you the obvious here, my apology. But that's the wrist comm pad molded to fit on the back of the TIE bucket. I'm about 98% sure that's right. Not many of the original buckets had that feature and none were on screen but yeah. Almost certain that's just the comm pad. I remember seeing it in the big TIE pilot helmet thread on RPF. I'd link it if I could find it, but that thread is eluding me right now. If you're asking where to get a comm pad molded to fit the helmet like that, I'd have to plead ignorance. I bet that you can get a flat vacuum formed one to work on the back of the bucket with enough glue, heat, and love. -edit- Found what I was looking for. https://www.therpf . com/forums/threads/original-tie-pilot-helmet-roll-call.328895/ remove the spaces from the URL. It wasn't letting me paste. ... and now I'm wondering if I'm breaking rules by pasting an RPF link.
  15. So... I took circuits I and II in college as well as machine language and a few other such classes... and the old me that took those is embarrassed by this me who built the blaster. I could not find a really cheap chip. Nothing blank. No cheap ALU or anything. The best I could do was about $1 each from amazon. Not the most expensive prop addition ever, but also nowhere near as cheap as it should have been. They're 16 pin decoders. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CHTJZVM $10 for 10. 16 pin socket. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00SWO3U1C $8 for 40. I'm sure somewhere else has 14 or 16 pin chips for much cheaper, but I just wanted the easy button lol. And all the 14 pin chips I found were much more than $1 each.
  16. Thank you all! This was such a fun project. I hope I have the heart to install the BlastFX and reduce the accuracy...
  17. Whew, over a month passed. I guess I've been putting off this update since I didn't wanna be "done" and put the blaster on the wall until my BlastFX kit comes. But DONE comes for us all... so here's the Leia Leveller's most screen accurate form that I am willing to achieve. I got the banana bend in the rail and totally reshaped the nose to fit nicely in the barrel. It didn't take a whole lot of effort, but a bit more than was expected. I also got the greebs from Joseph installed in their spots... though I suspect the rear one fell off for filming and was originally farther back. Starboard side. I just love this thing. So pretty. So satisfying to hold. The port side beauty shot. I'm very satisfied with this. And I'll be even more satisfied taking it all apart again to put in the BlastFX guts. and lastly... My daughter put on my torso and arms and posed for me. She's 10. The plastic was uncomfortable and the blaster was heavy. I didn't get the rubber gloves out. But having this shot fills my heart with happy little laser blasts.
  18. Front raises are super super rough on rotator cuffs. I would never suggest those to anyone. There's many other ways to get upper chest activation. Definitely be careful if you want to do those. I do side lateral raises. Same thing, but directly to the side in a T formation. It's more for trap activation though.
  19. My own week update: I sprained my back... no. That's not right. My back got sprained last Thursday. I have no idea how and there was no sudden twinge when I was bending over or anything. It just started to slowly hurt while I was sitting at the desk and then it hurt a whole lot. I've been lurching around like Frankenstein's Monster for most of the week. Not great. I stretched for over an hour yesterday which helped a lot and was able to do an abbreviated workout today. Not a lot of weight or cardio effect, but it felt good to work out. Fortunately, not much in the way of side effects from 4 days of sedentary life and then today with a small workout. Crohn's still on the ropes and scared of my newly found health.
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