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  1. Thanks for linking my comparison Glen. At some point I will be nodding mine but I’ve not gotten round to it. I just want to mention some of the parts are a bit fragile and a friend broke the back temple part and had buy a new helmet to replace it. I also think that his approach to the rear seam that needs to be added is the right way to do it. Just a needle file, you don’t need to take a Dremel to it. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/51311-funkster’s-3d-printed-tlj/?do=findComment&comment=751200
  2. These are imperial boots and they have the black stitching on them. I got them in 2021 iirc.
  3. I've literally never polished mine in 6 years Though I know some who polish it all the time. Most armour is either ABS or an acrylic capped ABS, a few are other materials but rare enough to ignore for now. You can polish or clean it straight away, you don't need to apply any protectant or sealant. I see you have an RS commission, it will probably be ABS unless you chose PVC when ordering. The helmet unless you requested separately isn't painted. It may look like it but all those lumps bumps and runs are artefacts from where it was cast from an original screen used helmet warts and all! The reference to "hand painted" will be the gray, black and blue bits.
  4. Our CO Gary spoke with Jedi News and how this happened, how it went and what is to come https://www.jedinews.com/podcasts/articles/radio-1138-episode-92-futures-festival-at-pinewood-studios-with-gary-hailes-uk-garrison/ Good listen.
  5. Have they got worse in the last few years? I have some from probably the 2nd or 3rd Wave they did and even 2 days solid it was fine. Yes my feet hurt but I'd been stood up for 2 days so that's going to happen. Granted they could be better but they are not the worst inner soles I own.
  6. Congratulations on your approval! This really is a stunning build. 3D printing armour is no simple feat, and this has come out great.
  7. It was a good one wasn't it, great to troop with you!
  8. Troop #20- 18 November 2022 - Futures Festival - Pinewood Studios Troop #21- 19 November 2022 - Futures Festival - Pinewood Studios Most photos by Sam Jones ID-5866 So this was 2 days that will be hard to forget. We were asked to attend the Futures Festival at Pinewood Studios, the home of Bond, Star Wars, Alien, Marvel and so many more. The Futures Festival is a careers fair to try and fill the gap in personal in the UK TV and FIlm industry, the number I believe is the industry is 21,000 people short. So this was their chance to show those soon to be leaving school or deciding on their futures what there is, and there's something for everyone! PinewoodSat_191122-131 by 89Batman, on Flickr It was an early start but our base of operations for both days was the world famous 007 Stage, the largest sound stage in Europe complete with the enormous water tank. Breakfast was laid on both days, which was welcomed by all with long queues. Each day started with a parade out of the 007 stage, down 007 Drive, making a turn on to Goldfinger Avenue before moving on to where ever your squad was assigned. WIth around 200 people attending each day between UKG, Rebel Legion and the R2 builders, we where all assigned into squads of around 8 or so grouped by costume. So Vader would have a small escort of troopers or you may be in one of 3-4 squads of 8 stormtroopers, there was also squads of TIE pilots, Sandies and Snowies amongst many others. The Friday start was watched on by crew from a nearby set, even at somewhere like Pinewood a column of troopers is something to stop work for! As we would make our way around the site, it was never far before some one would be getting a photo or a video as we passed. PinewoodFri_181122-055 by 89Batman, on Flickr Our days were spent at various locations over the whole site, some went to places other didn't as there was a lot of ground to cover. The majority of my time was spent on posts near to the Sean Connery Stage, close to the main entrance to Pinewood. This stage was home to stands by ILM, Disney, The Third Floor (you have seen their work) as well as demos of film cameras, lighting and 3D scanning technologies. Tontine wall, provided by Rebel Legion, inside the Sean Connery Stage. PinewoodSat_191122-086 by 89Batman, on Flickr A more quite corner of the SC Stage PinewoodFri_181122-125 by 89Batman, on Flickr On Saturday I took part in 2 of the industry panels. We had 2 troopers at each showing to flank the speakers for that panel, with an officer ensuring that the attendees where seated with the occasional bad search or ID check by a trooper. When the panels started the troopers would retire and would be replaced at the change over. Prepping for the first talk of the day PinewoodSat_191122-198 by 89Batman, on Flickr As mentioned this was a very memorable one and I hope something I'll be able to do again. The UKG team did a fantastic job organising this event, and the Futures Festival and pinewood staff made sure we where well looked after. Really one for the books. FInish off with a few more photos that I liked. Marching down Goldfinger Avenue PinewoodFri_181122-274 by 89Batman, on Flickr End of Friday with Squad 6. Heading down 007 Drive PinewoodFri_181122-325 by 89Batman, on Flickr Trouble with the carpets PinewoodFri_181122-405 by 89Batman, on Flickr Close of Saturday Group Photo. Sadly I missed the Friday one as I had to leave as soon as we finished that day. PinewoodSat_191122-452 by 89Batman, on Flickr And another including the fantastic staff and spotters who looked after us all day PinewoodSat_191122-462 by 89Batman, on Flickr
  9. A friend is about 90% finished with those files and its looking great. It's not an easy build though, I started for me and also have a full 70% size one and it's a LOT of work to do.
  10. Not sure what happened as you did do the right thing, but I've updated it now.
  11. Good to see you out again Dan. Looks like it was a nice troop.
  12. This is the current series 9 run of trading cards, nice to look at and see what's out there. You can apply for your own card here: Both are in the Garrison Merchandise Forum which if I remember need you to be a 501st member to get access to.
  13. Congratulations and welcome to the UKG.
  14. Maybe message the GML and check that all is okay. 2 weeks isn’t crazy but normally I’d expect less. Could be something I’ll you’ve not picked a legion Id.
  15. Hi Mike, How exactly did you apply? Have you been to the UK Garrison forum yet as you would need to follow some steps there. If you've only applied on the 501st site then that is what the issue is. IF you want a bit more of a step by step do feel free to message me but this is a good starting point if you've not: https://www.ukgarrison.co.uk/forum/ucp.php?mode=register https://www.ukgarrison.co.uk/join-us.html
  16. @CableGuy if you find some of the smaller parts need more detail let me know and I'll see if I can do them in resin for you.
  17. 100% and it's all the more annoying knowing that they have filmed something for most stuff since TFA with in an hour (or a lot less) of me. Scariff was about 5.5 miles from me! I drove part them setting up for Kef Bir and the crashed death star after a tip off from a friend who saw the crew loading up on snacks!
  18. I know there was some huge issues with getting stuff in and out of ports for quite a while and I don’t know if that’s actually resolved yet. So I don’t feel like they are fobbing anyone off like Anovos did. I don’t have have a stale here fwiw, but I would love to see them succeed where previous attempts failed.
  19. Troop #19 - 09 July 2022 - Hero's and Villains - Hemel Hempstead (approx. 5.5 hours in armour) Time flies when there's a global crisis, but was back in the white again last Saturday. Was nice to be able to put the armour on again, even it was a bit more snug than I would like to admit. Turns out 2 years of significantly reduced activity had an effect after all! More or less remembered what to do, was "the quiet one" for most of them morning but warmed up a bit by the afternoon, though this is relative as I've never been an overly chatty trooper. Hoping to be able to troop a bit more going forwards, as began to return to normal "life" went into overdrive a bit as everything tried to make up for lost time with club events and birthday parties galore. These seem to be easing off a little now hopefully making room for a troop or 2. Photos to follow once they are posted by the spotters. Me (TK-10911), Luke Titcombe (SL-60401), Jon Hannaby (TK-14097) Photo by Steve Dredge (TD-10450) Luke Titcombe (SL-60401), Me (TK-10911) Photo by Steve Dredge (TD-10450) Steve Buckley (TK-1902), Me (TK-10911), Jon Hannaby (TK-14097) Photo by Steve Dredge (TD-10450)
  20. Hi Chuck, To apply for EIB you will need to follow the instructions in the first post. It can be helpful to look at a couple of recent EIB passes to see the format in action and also double check your suit before application.
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