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  1. Unfortunately there is an issue with the mail provider where the mail we send out is being detected as spam by the receivers mail provider. This is blocked before it even gets as far as a spam folder so there really isn't a lot we can do at the moment, but the web team are aware. So it's not just you. If you drop me a pm with the troopers user name and email I'll have a look manually for you.
  2. We don't punish a new trooper for buying a recast armour, that wouldn't be fair on them. We will not however condone recasting, allow sellers of recasts to sell here, and will heavily recommend away from them. This hasn't changed. Do people come here with recast armour? Yes, we help them get the most of that armour with the goal of joining the 501st and being the best trooper they can. Will we recommend seller? No. There have been a number of recast incidents recently, but for the most part none of them have become a large seller which is a small victory and probably due to the effort put in by members here to direct new recruits to reliable vendors.
  3. Recasting of Anovos is still recasting and will be treated in the same manor as anything else.
  4. Troop #17 - 27 October 2019 - MCM ComicCon London (approx 4 hours in armour) Autumn means MCM, so once again it was back to the Excel in London for what has become a rather big convention. Apparently the venue was at Capacity on the Saturday when I was there. I started the day with a stint on the club stand. It was pretty quiet first thing, possibly due to the stand location, so it was mostly prep work to get things ready for the day. The stand got much busier later on and the guys and girls on then had to work far harder than I. This meant I actually got to take a few of my own photos as my phone wasn't in my case for once! Reel Icon Collin Wells as Hellboy After kitting up I went out with 4 other TKs and a Vader. Normally this would mean a patrol of the venue but due to how busy it was we needed more spotters than where available so it was decided to stay on the stand. This brought me to lunch and a bit of food TK-10911 Chris Pearson, TI-29784 Laura Mechem, TX-27875 Nick Wooderson, TK-13570 Tracey Fennell Photo by TD-77670 Richard Pottle After lunch I kitted back up and ended up doing a bit of a marathon stint on the club stand. I ended up being the only OT TK for a long period and I didn't want to leave the stand with no other "iconic" characters. That said there were a couple of FEMs, a Deathtrooper, a Verso and a TIE which gave some great photos. Nick in the DT also pulled a bit of a long shift here which can't be easy in that kit. TK-10911 Chris Pearson, TK-28103 Laura Pragnell, TX-27875 Nick Wooderson, TK-13570 Tracey Fennell Photo by TD-77670 Richard Pottle I did one more stint after that but the long shift had taken it's toll. I was losing feeling in my hands, probably a combo of too long in kit and the new under gloves I was trying. It's taken about 2 days for the feeling to return and it's still not right even now but getting there. Lesson: Don't be a hero if you're done go in. So not the longest amount of time in armour this time, I've done far longer but it was more spread out. In the end this wasn't my favourite MCM, it was just too busy and the club stand was in a bit of an odd location. Fortunately the people of the club make it worth it. You meet so many new people at these and get to see old friends you only see twice a year and it's like you only spoke last week. Next stop MCM Birmingham in November for a rematch.
  5. Retrobrite is hydrogen peroxide, same thing. Well now it is anyways, people use a peroxide creme. Before it was hydrogen peroxide and 11 herbs and spices to make it into a creme. Short story long: get a peroxide creme, paint it on, wrap in cling film to stop it drying out, leave in the sun for a bit to work, wash off. Repeat if needed.
  6. People use it to de-yellow sun damaged armour. The reality is white plastic is not very consistent even from the same supplier, the sun will yellow parts pretty fast too given a chance. Peroxide is probably a good start point, have a look for retrobrite on youtube for the technique.
  7. I'm just going to throw it out there that you can get 1 good kit from the vetted list for about the same money as the 2 for 1 deal from TKUK. Yes its 1 not 2 kits if you're sharing with a friend. Also the reality is that difference isn't as big as you think once you factor in the cost of the under suit, boots, gloves, belt, blaster, paint. tools and other build supplies etc. Yes it's the cheapest, but I have bought enough of "the cheapest" in my time to know that unless you know why you're going for the cheapest it's usually a mistake.
  8. This is my take. People have made it work but the work required is extensive and it will never be as good as something that was better in the first place. Take a look at the getting started posts and you will find a number of suppliers that are known to be reliable. There are many others not on that list. that doesn't mean they are out to get you or have bad product just they've not been through the vetting. If you find someone else please do ask here first or have a search for them on the forum before spending any money. Also stay away from eBay.
  9. Hi Michael, You're best bet for some local help will be to head over to the UKG (https://www.ukgarrison.co.uk/join-us.html) as Glens said. I'm pretty sure we have a few troopers over Suffolk way, but until we know a bit more about what you've got and about you it's hard to offer anything overly useful advice wise. Once over at the UKG create a Work in Progress in the armoury and post some pictures of what you've got and one of the armoury team will help guide you. Feel free to post some pictures here too of course. Chris (UKG Attaché)
  10. You’ll need to post in the thread linked above or it won’t be seen by the right people.
  11. There’s a few things that need to be correct for it to work. I’m not sure on all of them but as a minimum I believe it uses emails to match you here and at the legion. So go through all the things like that on both the legion and FISD and ensure they match. If this still doesn’t resolve it before the election then it can be fixed manually by the DL.
  12. I've never heard of that vendor. They might be up and coming but the fact it's unheard of is generally not a good sign. If you can link to it they we can have a look but your best bet really is to stick to the vetted sellers.
  13. Hi everyone, I’m assuming the sudden influx is due to the census. Please let the admin team work through these and do not repost, they will get done in time. Also so remember that the only time detachment affiliation matters is for the elections in February. Prior to the elections a process will be run to sync FISD members to the Legion DB. This will not be run until just prior to elections. Thanks.
  14. I built my kit on an Ikea Lack table in my lounge over a sheet. You don't need as much space as you think. (A Lack table is 55cm/21.5" square)
  15. Looking at the photo of the armour and the CRL, I don't see the issue? None of them extend past the base of the button to my eye?
  16. Also use a sharp knife, sounds counter intuitive but true. A dull blade means you'll push harder, which means your more likely to slip, which means you're more likely to cut your self. Further when you do inevitably cut yourself a cut from a sharp blade will heal faster and cleaner than a nasty cut from a dull blade that was more of a tear. Personally I can't do delicate work in gloves, I'm far more likely to slip/mess up with gloves on.
  17. Also whilst I am here this is how I made my own fans: Fan wiring diagram by Christopher Pearson, on Flickr Pretty sure there's some photos of the build in my build log which is linked in my signature.
  18. I know I posted this elsewhere but its @pwhitrow that makes Tramp not Dan.
  19. I don't use TrooperTalk but something similar and had the same issues with the cheap adapters.. I've used heat shrink to hold them in place. I also try and secure the wiring as best as I can at the start of each troop so that the joins aren't moving about. I still have the odd issue but nothing like as bad as I used to.
  20. Dan doesn't make them, the guy is Paul who is a UKG member. Not a TK but troops a shadow trooper. Rom-FX is now had it's last run. If Johns sold out then there won't ever be any more.
  21. If you're struggling with air bubbles you can always mix a small batch first then (with a glove on) use a finger to poke the resin into corners and areas that trap air. Once that;s done, close the mould and pour in as normal. I used this with good effect on something that was bubble city before.
  22. This is the fibreglass helmet not the ABS one, they cost a lot more when new so the price probably isn't all that high.
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