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  1. Had 2 4 day passes in my basket and they sold out in the 15s it too to double check and press buy Just the Saturday for me now then sadly.
  2. Hi welcome to FISD Your best bet is to start reading the introduction threads but as a great starting point read this guide to armour vendors
  3. Hi Deborah, can you send me a PM with details of what you're trying to do and I'll see what we can do to resolve this for you.
  4. If you're after a Hero (what Luke and Han wore), vs the Stunt (what you see most of) which what most of us actually use, then TrooperMaster is probably your first port of call. If you are happy with a Stunt then you have a bit more options and it depends what you want to spend. RS are made using moulds taken from a screen used helmet. RWA is sculpted helmet but has been refined and is a pretty decent option too. All 3 of the above will be available as a kit, or you can pay a little more for a built one.
  5. Welcome to the FISD. If you update your profile with roughly where you are we may be able to point you at some local people who will be able to help you as well.
  6. Not to be too eager but can some one with more of a clue than I chip in with what the det will need to do for a celebration? I only did 1 day at CE3 as it was around the time I cleared so couldn't go as legion/UKG @CableGuy you've just been volunteered too.
  7. Looks like a busy Spring for me then
  8. Account deleted as requested.
  9. Even if it's no use for armour you'll use it, it's handy to have around!
  10. https://www.wirelessmadness.com/bob-smith-industries-un-cure-ca-debonder-1oz-bsi161
  11. Account deleted as requested.
  12. For reference nothing is automatically 501st approved. It needs to be built to the standards and to fit the wearer correctly. Some suits will make this easier than others, RS would be. good starting point.
  13. Hi David, There was a security update that made that change. Your user name is public so some one already has half what they need to get into any account. If you message me what you think your other accounts email is then we can start figuring out what the issue is. Thanks. Chris.
  14. I like to use "poor mans fibreglass" for repairs. It's quick and very solid. I try to tack the fabric in place first with a few dots, then once happy flood it afterwards. Don't be tempted to use accelerator though, it can yellow the armour.
  15. Perfect is the enemy of done. Looks like you've done really well, and I look forward to seeing further iterations. Spoken as some one who can't ever leave things alone and has piles of versions of stuff literally next to him.
  16. I've cleaned (the outside) my armour exactly once. It's covered in marks and scrapes. I know they are there but on a troop no one will notice them. Some spend hours cleaning and inspecting after each troop, I am not that person!
  17. Hi welcome to the FISD Once you’ve had a look at the links above but before you buy anything head over to the UK garrison and have a chat with our armourer team with what you intend to do. This can help prevent any nasty surprises down the line. We’re pretty lucky to have some excellent armour makers in the UK so there will be some good options for you without needing to worry about import issues which is nice given the current state of things.
  18. The best way I've used for this is to upload to YouTube and have them as an unlisted video. If you then copy the link here it should auto embed if you use a browser (not tapa talk) Nope, you'll need to keep it hidden I am afraid. Most people in the UKG have them inside the chest plate. I don't have a tramp (too spendy for me) but after a few options I've ended up with just a speaker in my chest and a mic. I don't worry about effects as they always ended up being more trouble than it was worth.
  19. It's been super weird seeing peoples photos from MCM this year having not been there. Looks like you all had a good time and hopefully I'll be back with you next year.
  20. Thanks Germain, I've got those now. Baked in or not the step file hopefully will be a bit easier than working on the raw meshes which can be really slow for tasks like Booleans and so on. If I need to make any further modifications I'll see how I get on with these.
  21. How are you judging what it sounds like? What you are hearing in a helmet is nothing like what others hear. Are you taking video or similar?
  22. It would be nice to have them if you don't mind! Some of the mods get very slow in fusion working with the meshes so if I was to go back again having the step would probably speed things up a lot!
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