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Thank you, FISD


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Hi folks,


Checking in today and I’ve just noticed I’ve reached 3000+ posts on this wonderful forum!! Wowza...


For me, this all started back in 2017. I wanted to renovate my yellowing SDS helmet and stumbled across “whitearmor” on google. I followed some excellent videos by Mike of Trooperbay and resprayed that helmet.


Following that, I read more and more on white armor and, not too far down the line, I bought my first helmet kit from Ross at RWA. I documented that here on FISD and received excellent support and advice. That was a big part of the build, helping and supporting the build.


After finishing the build, along with the armor kit, and clearing it up to Centurion, I was asked if I’d like to join the Imperial Attaché team - “HELL YES”, I said. :-)


I later joined the DO team, helping troopers reach THEIR goals of EIB and CENTURION. If it weren’t for the changing of the guard that year, I’d have likely carried on in the role, along with the legends that are Joseph and Tony. Alas, things changed, however, this year the FISD is back on track under the exquisite leadership of Andrew.



Anyway, enough waffling from me. I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the FISD community. I won’t get into shout outs as I don’t want to exclude anyone, however, I’m pretty sure many of you know who you are - people that have made this forum, this community, so welcoming, supportive, and knowledgeable.


Keep up the great work, everyone.----------


Best wishes


Dan / CableGuy


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Thank YOU, Dan, for the fantastic resources you’ve contributed to the forum! Only recently I was actually marveling at your three-year journey, and comparing it to my 10 months on the forum thus far. Talk about a fast progression on your part! I’m still in the infancy stage myself, or perhaps still “unborn.” Haha.

Looking forward to many more finer-detail gems from you for years to come!

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We both went for Centurion and joined the ranks of IA around the same time (and staff too), so I’ve always considered you my FISD twin. You have been a great asset to the detachment, cheers to 3k more posts.

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Thank you for all that you bring to this community, esp. as you provide quality posts not just the "nice" type comments to bump the count. Here's to the next 3000 :)



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What can I say, Dan... you have been a vital part of the FISD community and done an outstanding job as a Staff member, so here's to the NEXT 3000 posts, brother!  Cheers!:salute:

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