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  1. Welcome =) The test-troop yesterday was very successful.
  2. I usually print it in DIN A3 and got perfect results so far. They are the same size as the pauldrons I use for my sandtrooper that where made by trooper1 and his work is awesome. (Crest of the Village I grew up, Swiss Garrison Logo, Crest of the canton I live in)
  3. I have the same box for my TK and everything fits. Helmet and blaster included.
  4. I've added some Worbla Kobracast to stabilize thin sections. Be aware, that this stuff must be heated before applying.
  5. Congratulations on the 500th Centurion! I'm curious who will be the 501st Centurion Regarding that 12" FISD-Patch: Is there a Chance that there will be a reissue of this patch? I know the chance is low as there just was a big backpatch for the EIB1000 but it would be awesome
  6. Question for the other way: How can i subscribe to those? I'm sure I was once subscribed to the newsletter and got that on my normal mail. Since a few months that's not the case anymore. Or do I misremember something? Nevermind. I found it Popped up on the side of the forum somehow.
  7. So... where's the "March to 3000" merch?
  8. Are you sure it was the UKG website where you registered? I'm not sure if the UKG has an exemption, but normally you join over this form on the website of the legion. -> https://www.501st.com/members/join_form.php
  9. Can that one trooper please fix his biceps armor? That's not worthy of an EI
  10. I had to wait a week if I remember correctly. In the end I was added 1 day before my birthday. Best gift ever ;D
  11. Finally Good luck, should be easier to approve than mine ;D Edit: Just saw that it landed in the Centurion Area. I'm sure a Mod can move the thread into the EIB section
  12. A fellow trooper visited me yesterday and we fixed some rivets on his armor. I hope he starts his thread soon
  13. Ueli Isch TK 19844 EIB A4 TKSpartan Thank you My pleasure, and CONGRATS! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/19844-eib.png
  14. Thank you very much =) It's astonishing how helpful the FISD is. It's a real joy to see But I can't promise if I do Level 3. First I have to finish some other projects (A Mousedroid, a Sandtrooper and a Zombietrooper). But I'm trying to convince a fellow trooper and our CO (both with IronMotion Armor) to go for EIB to help the FISD to reach that magic 1000. I assume they have the same things to fix as I had, so that should be easy for them. Cheers!
  15. He only registered a few days ago and is already trolling. He really did his homework ;D
  16. Little Stormie had a visit at the dentist. Scratched the paint away with a toothpick and with the help of Sonax Schleifpaste (sanding paste) on a cotton swab. André from IronMotion recommended that product. Works great for Humbrol colors. (I'm just posting this if anyone in the future has the same problem and finds this thread in the search results ;D ) Anyway, Results: The first two pics are after I removed the color. The teeth in the middle had some ugly borders after that. So I painted them with a layer of Humbrol 05. Picture Nr. 3 is the final result. The color isn't fully dry yet. Better now?
  17. I'll do that tomorrow as it's midnight over here. And first I have to get paint remover without acetone. Thanks for your patience so far
  18. That's no light effect, that's me being stupid. I really forgot to paint it white (It was a long day... ) Did that with white edding. But can add acryl color if you want.
  19. Good news everyone I redid the Ammo pack with double cap rivets. Now the other good news: I was in this leather shop, looking for single cap rivets and I asked him "You don't have split rivets, do you?" and he said "Of course I have" which was totally unexpected as I didn't believe a leather shop would have such things. Switzerland ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The bad thing is, they're golden. The good thing is, it's only a coating. After I sanded it with 400 and 5000 sanding paper, it looked like in the picture below. Now I can mirror myself in them So, the question is: What do you think, should I redo the cod rivet and replace it with the split rivet? On one hand, it'll look better and the rebels can see themselves when they lie dying on the battlefield and we march over them. On the other hand, I never worked with such rivets before and I feel a bit weird to have pointy things in that region In theory I could also redo the ammo pack with those, but I believe that the double cap rivets are more stable and according to the CRL they're okay too.
  20. Cod rivet done after a lot of swearing because those rivets are the worst. (The bronze part didn't split properly. Wasted ~5 rivets for this part) It also was a real pain to remove the ammo pack rivets only to find out, that these darn rivets are to short to re-attach the pack. Anyway, tomorrow I visit the capital city. There should be a store with the right rivets. Maybe I'll redo the cod rivet too. Anyway... time for something relaxing before I go real mad. See ya tomorrow.
  21. That's great! I'll fix that as soon as I'm home and provide new pictures (May take a while. It's 08:27AM over here )
  22. As far as I know, most TKs over here use the normal rivets from Prym. Only one uses the split rivet but he got it from RS and doesn't know a source in switzerland for these. I also searched the websites of the biggest stores over here and only found plastic rivets or "Musterbeutelklammern" which are clearly the wrong ones. Maybe it's just a miscommunication due to language, but the crl states A split (bifurcated) or single cap rivet is present on the lower tab (cod area) of the abdomen armor. And when I google "single cap rivet" they look exactly like the one pictured below. Not to sound rebellious or something, I'm just confused Edit: I have these too: Is it possible that those above are double cap, and those below are single cap?
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