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  1. CableGuy

    JeklynHyde's RS Prop Masters, ANH Stunt Build

    Nice work. :-) Just a little tip - sizing the coverstrips before gluing allows for coverstrip shaping at the ends. Here’s some examples; If the coverstrip is glued and then has to be cut back, shaping the ends can tricky and could lead to damaging your armour. If you had this planned already, just ignore me ;-) Best wishes Dan
  2. CableGuy

    Patrick's ANH E11 build thread

    Very nice. Looks like the switch has a very satisfying ‘click’ to it. Good stufff. :-)
  3. CableGuy

    E-11 Options

    Good option for a very reasonable price. My Imperial Warfighters one is an older version now, but still pretty good. His newer ones have a more accurate magazine amongst other improvements. Below is my Doopys Vs Imperial Warfighters. :-)
  4. Congrats, Trooper. Well done. :-)
  5. CableGuy

    E-11 Options

    Hiya. Assuming it’s for ANH, I’d check out: Doopydoos Praetorian Blasters Quest Canada Fieldmarshall Imperial Warfighters ShearTech Many of these are on Facebook or you’ll also find examples of them here on the FISD. Personally, I use a self build Doopydoos, modified with T-Jay’s kit. Check my signature for the build. Here’s how it turned out. :-) Dan :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. CableGuy

    Newbie here!

    Welcome aboard! The boys above have have provided a great link. Have a look though the getting started section, take a look around the forum at the various sections, and feel free to ask ANY questions you might have. The FISD is here to help you. Best wishes Dan
  7. CableGuy

    Future TK in Charlotte NC, In memorium

    Welcome Derek. Hopefully, out of the sadness of losing your friend, you can bring smiles and hope to others when you join the Garrison. Welcome to the family. :-) Dan
  8. Nice progress, Jesse. Good to see you’re still plugging away at it. :-)
  9. CableGuy

    Simes' ANH TK Build

    You’re doing a good job, Simon. Personally, I spent ages looking a screen used reference photos. CRL is designed to create a slightly idealised look across the legion, however, the TK itself is seen on screen. Whilst certain anomalies like “mr no stripes” are not allowed (because they were movie mistakes), many screen used features make the TK look better. Keep up the good work. :-)
  10. Good stuff, J. There’s a suit out there for everyone. :-)
  11. Hi Aris, Welcome aboard. I’m sure many of the UK sellers would ship to you. We have some of the best kits in the world coming from the UK so it’s an amazing time to be looking at joining the world of Stormtroopers. :-) The vetted sellers that you mentioned would offer more accurate armour than TKUK. This is not me being mean, just a fact when comparing the various vendors. However, TKUK kits ARE cheap and they can be cleared for 501st use of done correctly. If you can, try joining your local 501st Garrison forum and see if there are any build threads. This might show you some of the extra work that can be required to clear this kit (specifically the 3 piece helmet). Check out the TKUK Facebook page for examples of their kits, compare with screen used and other vendors, then see if the price and quality meets your expectations. In reality, if Joe Public sees a TKUK Stormtrooper, it still looks like a Stormtrooper to most people - it just depends how far you personally want to take it. It all comes down to personal goals/budget/preference etc. :-) Hopefully you can reach out to your local Garrison and see what they suggest. Best wishes Dan
  12. Hiya, Personally, I’d say it’s all about budgets and how accurate you want your kit to be. The cheaper the suit, the less accurate it will usually* be. Some people are driven by budget so these sort of kits might be okay. Others might want to save that little bit longer and buy something more accurate. (See vetted sellers list). If it were me, I’d always compare the suit you’re looking at versus screen used. Play spot the difference. Check this against the higher end kits and see if you can warrant the higher price for the higher accuracy. Here’s a side by side of the kit you’ve linked versus screen used originals. For me, I see lots of differences in the shapes of various parts, the helmet lines and proportions etc. Some might not see the differences and like the price so would go for it. Others might look at the vetted sellers and do comparisons and prefer the more accurate kits. Each to their own. Best wishes Dan
  13. Well done, Shaun. Great job overall. See you at Centurion. :-) Best wishes Dan
  14. Congrats, Chris. Great job. :-)
  15. CableGuy

    The Stormtrooper Hall of Fame

    Congrats, Eric. :-)
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