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  1. Hi Vin, Welcome aboard! :-) For strapping etc, if you also need some of the other fixings, you could consider the strapping kit from RWA Creations. I purchased that for my first RWA build and it included the snaps, rivets, elastics, basically all the bits needed for the “practical popper” method. :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. No worries. :-) If you are thinking of trying to clear with the 501st as ANH or ESB, it might be worth checking with some GMLs regarding the accuracy required. Whilst your model is very nice, it is quite “digital” compared with the original armour. It looks more like the cleaner, more CG Rogue One armour. OT armour is very asymmetrical. Not trying to be negative or say that you can’t clear this armour, however, before you go too far, I’d start checking. If you’d like tips on what could be adjusted to resemble original trilogy armour more, just shout - I’m sure others would also be happy to give you pointers to make this more like ANH/ESB. Best wishes Dan
  3. Hi Adam, No harm in fitting the front coverstrips to the front. You can then size the rears to your thighs. Once the fronts are done, get your undersuit on and try the thighs on - tape them together round the back (masking tape) and then get some pictures (if you can). You can then look at where to cut. [emoji3]
  4. Just to check, are you looking to join the 501st with this design?
  5. Nice work, trooper. Just a little tip for you - if you take your photos from around 6 feet back (perhaps with 2x zoom) the proportions will appear better. Theo’s is handy for those trying to give advice on your build. :-) Keep up the good work. :-)
  6. Hiya, Just to show the other side of the coin, I’ve trooped my resin DD E-11 for two years and haven’t once dropped it. If you want the more detailed blaster, just being careful with it can keep it in mint condition. :-)
  7. Superb job, Caleb! That’s a build to be proud of. Suit looks great on you. I’m confident that you’ll have no problems with clearance. Well done, again - you’re now an awesome Stormtrooper! :-)
  8. Oooo, I love a nice DD build. Look forward to seeing your progress. :-)
  9. A pleasure, trooper. I’m really pleased that they are helpful. :-)
  10. Welcome aboard. An interesting project - looking forward to seeing how it goes. Btw, your English is great - no need to apologise. [emoji16] Best wishes Dan
  11. Hi Vin I got these from Mike at Trooperbay (via his eBay page). They are good quality and, from memory, the service was really good. He offers a “hand painted” style option which is what I went for. :-) Best wishes Dan
  12. Hey troopers, With RS Prop Masters now offering completed HDPE lids for their 10th anniversary celebrations, I'm guessing that the desire for painted, screen accurate helmets will like rise in the coming weeks and months. RS are only offering them as complete helmets, but I know many troppers/artists would rather build and paint their own. As such, I wanted to bump this thread for anyone looking to build a super replica helmet. :-) Stay safe, Dan
  13. thanks, guys. Appreciate the feedback. :-)
  14. Hey troopers, Working on the torso: I’ve better trimmed and sanded the parts, and now started on the original strapping system. Using screen reference material, plus the RS videos, for reference. 3mm drill used for the holes. The bolts supplied by TM are approx 3mm threaded shaft with a 5mm, flat head. As it’s my first time using this method, the chest went fine, however, I had to drill some additional holes in the top of the ab plate as the chest and ab brackets didn’t quite line up. Thankfully, these will not be at all visible. It’s a slow build (as I’ve had the kit since Christmas), but it’s really enjoyable. :-)
  15. Superb work, Peter. You’ve really earned this award through hard work and great research. Welcome to Centurion, brother. [emoji1303][emoji16]
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