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  1. Making good progress by the looks of it. Just out of interest, do you have separate pictures of your arms away from the armour? It’s possible that the biceps are a little wide compared with the elbow end of the forearms. Is there much room in them?
  2. Hiya, Just my 2 cents, but, I’d keep the tabs, 100%. It’s tricky to get the boots on sometimes, especially with other armour parts on, so the tabs make it a lot easier to pull the boots on. ;-)
  3. Ah, thanks Glen. I’ll try the same next time and see if I get the same result. :-)
  4. Hi Glen, I was trying to embed the link (as it looks nicer, lol). Sharing the plain text to the link works fine. :-)
  5. Thanks, Andrew. The system seems to show there are only 8 or so photos/attachments. If so, if I could find out which ones they are, they could be deleted and replaced with external links (Tapatalk or imgur). Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi team, I no longer appear to be able to post embedded links to my YouTube build videos and I believe it’s because my attachment limit is reached - as below; I’ve logged in to my account but can’t find an easy way to review and delete relevant old attachments. My attachments cannot be located, apparently: Could anyone advise me on this, please? Thanks in advance Dan
  7. Hi troopers, More updates on this Troopermaster stunt helmet. The following video runs through gently removing the masking fluid to recreate the ‘chipped’ appearance of the seen-on-screen helmets. https://youtu.be/dDmuw5OQJYk The next video shows the first round of painting the details, in this case, using Humbrol Satin black #85 for the traps, tears, ears and vocoder. https://youtu.be/Saqc67Fkvnk I’ll post some photos later today. :-)
  8. Lovely work, sir. :-) If I may give the mildest of constructive feedback, the t-tracks, rear part of the Hengstler counter and the grip were plastic on the E-11 so, ideally, would not have the ‘metal effect’ weathering. This is now listed as a Centurion level requirement, if you choose to go that route. :-)
  9. Great to hear you’re heading for Centurion. :-) If you do end up looking for a higher grade belt, their are some really good options out there. Personally, I prefer the ones without a plastic insert. For out and out accuracy, the original belts did not have a plastic insert, rather they were made up of around 8 layers of fabrics/materials. Personal recommendations would be BurkBench Designs or Troopermaster. Both can be found on Facebook.
  10. Hey there folks, A few photo updates to post. The helmet is now gloss coated and lacquered. After the primer, I applied two coats of Halfords Ford Diamond white paint. Unfortunately, the helmet fell over whilst the paint was drying and damaged the paint work: Thankfully, I was able to salvage this, flatten the damaged paint over that area, then lightly sand once the paint had dried. More paint had to be applied to cover the damaged areas. After this, I applied a coat of clear lacquer. The helmet is, to be honest, shinier than I was planning, however, this will be lightly weathered. Also, checking many screen caps, despite the scratches, chips and damage, the originals on screen were clearly glossy and reflective as seen here; Painting details and weathering to come. :-) Thanks for stopping by.
  11. Great work, Jesse. I’ve really enjoyed following this from the early days. Sharing thoughts and ideas in those early stages really helped with my own build. :-) Hope this takes pride of place wherever you choose to display it. If you ever get to build your own TK armour and need any pointers, the FISD has your back. Best wishes Dan
  12. Hey trooper, Welcome aboard. :-) To save you a lot of regret down the line, I’d highly, highly recommend staying away from TKUK. The actual plastic armour moulds (shape, size, colour) are far from accurate. Try this list of vetted sellers: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/11538-the-various-types-of-armor-and-where-to-find-them/ Any questions, just shout. :-) Dan
  13. Welcome aboard. Looks like you’ve made a good start. :-).
  14. White primer added. Really looking forward to the gloss and clear lacquer to bring this to life. :-)
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