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  1. Based on the poor quality traps, paint, shape and vocoder, I’d also agree that it’s SDS, or at least derived from an SDS battle spec. Run, trooper, RUN!! ;-)
  2. That’s not too bad, Trooper. You could add a little tab of ABS behind the gap if you’re worried about it. Also, just to make life easier for you in the long run, you might benefit from posting all of your questions in your build threads rather than separate ones for each part. If you want to go back and check things later, it’ll be much easier in one place. Keep yo the good work. [emoji1303]
  3. Hi Simon, Looking REALLY nice!! Not far to go now. :-) Regarding the belt, personally I found that a little Velcro added help to position the belt; For the shins, I’d probably look to bring them down an inch of so to sit a little further over the boots. Either Velcro or poppers can be used internally to attach the boots tabs to the shins (see my thread for one method of this). Example of shin position; Example of poppers and Velcro methods on boot straps; *Not screen used - these are my personal boots. Other than that, I’d perhaps suggest dropping your biceps and forearms by around an inch to reduce the gap from the forearm to the hand guards on your gloves. Keep up the great work. :-)
  4. Nice work, sir! :-) If you wanted an alternative method, feel free to check out my build (linked in signature) for a fixing method for the stock. I used a v-head screw and located this into the dedicated slot in the underside of the tube. When you then Attach the rear end of the stock (either glue of coach bolts) this will hold it in place. This will last better than glue only. :-)
  5. You can do it, buddy. It’s just a little challenge. ;-) You could try gently prizing it off with something firm. At very worst case, you could get it off with the dremel then shape a new guard out of green stuff. That would be too bad. Keep it going, sir. You got this!! :-)
  6. Hey Jake, Great progress. I feel your pain when you’re struggling to find time. Just a little something - it look like one of your flash guards is on top of the blaster. These should go in the right hand side. Here’s some pics. :-) Keep up the good work. :-)
  7. Nice progress, Simon. :-) Regarding the drop boxes, do you have a picture from the rear, showing the drop box elastics?
  8. Haha. Tube stripes look super to me. Good distance from the cheek and nicely applied. [emoji1303]
  9. That’s looking really nice. The gallery pictures show the brow trim ending in different places on different troopers, so, nothing wrong with what you have (to my eyes).
  10. Hiya, Yes, if you’re looking to reduce the thighs then trimming at the back will work well. I’d remove the coverstrips and try test fitting again with tape to get your ideal fit. Just remember to try and take even amounts from both sides and to keep the coverstrips centred. Keep up the good work. :-)
  11. This older post needs a share, just to highlight this amazingly created helmet. This is art right here!
  12. I know this thread is a little older now, however, I’ve just re-read it and and VERY impressed with the results. Top job, David!
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