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  1. Hmmm. I might be drooling over this build a little!! Keep up the good work. :-)
  2. Nice work, Jayke. :-) When you get back to the eyes, here’s a nice example of how much you can open them up. Note that they were a little rough and ready and potentially cut with a sharp blade.
  3. Good to go - you have them on the correct sides. [emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303] Best wishes “TUBESTRIPE POLICE” ;-)
  4. Well, the helmet is now white. First off, Hycote White primer. Ears attached ready for gloss. Even attaching the ears caused a small amount of damage. Or, “weathering”.... ;-) Now on to the gloss white. Halfords Appliance Gloss White has been referenced in the UK many times and is also the spray I used for my previous re-spray. It’s proper white so I will not be going straight for an aged look. This ended up being about 2&1/2 coats (if that’s possible).
  5. Looks okay if you’re going for Rogue One. Brow could do with coming up a bit, though. :-)
  6. Congrats Simes. Great news. :-)
  7. Thank you, gents. It's great seeing it in this state. Whilst it's a little hard to explain, it makes it feel so close to the originals and gives it a real nostalgic vibe. Can't wait to get the next coats done.
  8. More progress. As well as tidying up the teeth, the first two coats of oxide red primer are on. After a quick wipe down with some isopropyl alcohol, two coats of paint around 10 minutes apart.
  9. Here’s some nice screen used examples for inspiration. :-)
  10. Hi all, A little more progress made this weekend. •Faceplate and back/cap aligned and fixed (2x pop rivets either side. •Ears sanded and shaped to fit, holes drilled and ears fitted (temporarily - bolts in but nuts not fully tightened in theses pics) •initial opening up of the teeth. Used my favourite Dremel tool for this. Will use files for the finer work. Really please with it so far. I’m about 85-90% happy with the face and ear alignment. Paints are ordered so that’s hopefully not too far away. :-)
  11. Hi Christopher, There quite a bit out there these days. To help get the most feedback, you might want to try posting this in the “weapons locker”. Personally, I went with modifying a doopydoos kit. This resin kit is low cost but is pretty detailed. To take it above and beyond, many builders opt for “T-Jay’s completion set” which includes many upgrade parts to make it more realistic. 3D printed ‘can’ be an option, however, they require a lot of sanding to make them look decent. Many just print and paint and these look a little rough, to my eyes. If you wanted a rubber blaster, Praetorian Blasters and Sheartech would be two that I would consider. Here’s a link to my own Doopydoos E-11 with the T-Jay’s completion set, if it helps. :-) Best wishes Dan
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