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  1. That’s coming on really nicely. Looking forward to the next update. :-) Just a little thing I noticed: if you are going for out and out accuracy, the rear foot of the scope usually lines up with the coach bolts for the folding stock. Example below; Keep up the good work. :-) Dan
  2. CableGuy

    Scimitar's ANH Stunt Build - AP

    Nicely done - looking great!! :-)
  3. Nice job on the repair. :-) +1 for a little trim on the ears, btw. ;-)
  4. CableGuy

    Hello from Florida

    Hi Jacob, Welcome to the FISD. :-) A great place to start is signing up to your local Garrison. As they’ll be your trooping buddies when you complete your kit, they’re worth getting in touch with. Regarding armour, here’s some great info on suppliers: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/11538-the-various-types-of-armor-and-where-to-find-them/ If you want to take your armour above and beyond, check out the EIB and Centurion programs: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/35371-eib-and-centurion-what-do-these-terms-mean/ As Tino said, feel free to ask any questions that you might have and we’d be happy to help out. Best wishes Dan :-)
  5. Welcome aboard. :-) As above, check out the likes of Cricket’s build (as well as others) for smaller troopers. Some great tips and tricks in their. :-)
  6. CableGuy

    New TK Anovos Build - 1st time build

    I’d agree with my fellow Daniel. ;-) From the RS gallery: Wonderfully wonky. :-)
  7. CableGuy

    New TK Anovos Build - 1st time build

    Hiya, Reshaping the parts in hot water should only be used if there is a specific part where you need to adjust the shape. Most armour is made to the right shape in the first place so won’t require a hot water bath. If you find a specific area that isn’t quite fitting you correctly, post it up and we’ll advise ref hot water bath, if required. :-)
  8. CableGuy

    Dmorja: new adventure starts

    Coming on nicely. :-) Just a few things that stood out to me. The sniper knee is leaning forward quite a bit. Ideally, the sniper knee follows the line of the shin ridge: As below, bringing your shoulder bells closer to your chest, and raising the belt to just touching the ab buttons, will be simple changes that will really increase the look of your kit. Also, you mentioned the left shin - it doesn’t seem to taper down as one would expect. Don’t forget to paint your thigh ammo pack fixings white: Going back to your left shin/calve, it seems to be leaning. Not sure if this is a dressing issue or if the cut lines are off? The cover strips should also stop at the ridge; Also at the back, your hair is clearly visible under your lid. A balaclava will solve that. Personally, I’d still try to fit some tabs to sort the butt issue. It looks like it’s overlapping the kidney and dying to ride higher. Clearance is in reach. Keep up the good work. Dan
  9. Hi Patrick, That sort of gap should be okay for basic clearance (subject to the rest of the suit meeting the requirements etc). If you’re aiming for EIB then you would need to shim. CRL - EIB: “Any gap between the abdomen and kidney armor is no more than 1/2" (12.5mm) wide.” I noticed a couple of other things from your pictures. Your smaller ab buttons are currently too large and include all of the return edge. That whole return edge should be removed, as per reference pic below. Your waist ammo belt has a lot of excess above and below the boxes: ANH reference. To my eye, it also looks like it will be a little long once you add the 3 square buttons. Do you have a WIP (work in progress) thread running to track your progress? Best wishes Dan
  10. CableGuy

    Lorelei's 5'4" ATA ANH-S Centurion-Hopeful Build

    Hiya. Nice progress. :-) Just a couple of things, although it might be the lighting on a couple. You mentioned possibly over trimming the side of the chest. To me, it looks like you have lots more that could be trimmed off for more screen accuracy: I’ve also marked on this what looks like a molded cut-line (?) Ref It looks like there are more cut-lines on the top of the kidney plate: Again, might just be the lighting but thought I’d mention it, just in case. :-)
  11. CableGuy

    oCMANo's ANH TK build [AM 2.0]

    Well done, Aaron. :-)
  12. CableGuy

    Linus' ANH Stunt Build (TM)

    Beautiful work so far. Really nicely documented, too.
  13. CableGuy

    TK85421 Q's Troop Log - 169 TK Troops

    #167!!! Wowza! Keep trooping, sir. :-)
  14. CableGuy

    Jeff's ANH Stunt (RS) Build

    Hi Jeff, I’ve been following your progress on FB too. Looking at these pics, I think those magnets might be part of the issue. For this sort of project, they look very lightweight. You need nice strong magnets to hold the coverstrips down whilst the glue is curing. Personally, I didn’t use inner coverstrips on my build and all is well after 10 troops. So, whilst it is certainly an option, I wouldn’t say that it will necessarily solve the problem - strong magnets are a must to ensure a strong bond. Mine were approx 10mm x 20mm. Here’s a video of my armor maker doing the thighs and shins. I’ve shared similar videos before as they worked for me but I’m not saying it’s the only way to do it. Just a suggested option. Hope that helps a little. Dan