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  1. Hiya, You could go for what I call the “hybrid method”. This uses Velcro at the top and middle positions, but uses elastic and Velcro at the lower point (near the boot). This gives some flex at the heel. It’s easier to see it than explain, so here’s me chatting about it. Regarding the bra hooks, I have to disagree with them being “nonsense” (sorry Rascal). Although the RS shins/calves don’t align very well at the back, many kits do line up well and the bra hooks are fine for that. They give flexibility, especially around the ankle. Hope this helps. :-)
  2. Hi Nick, You’ll probably end up with something like this: If you have photos from a few feet back, that would be really useful to help with suggestions. :-) As you are aiming high, I thought I’d mention that almost all ANH coverstrips have small, 45° corners. I’ve put some examples below. Ideally, you’d cut these before you glue the cover-strips down.
  3. Painting the tubestripes… NERVE RACKING!! [emoji33] Hey troopers, Welcome back. I’ve not painted the tubestripes onto this beautiful helmet. I’ve gone fully old school, using just masking tape and freehand painting. As I discuss in the video, I certainly wasn’t overly pleased with the results as I was doing it, however, once I took a step back and came back to the helmet the next day, I realised that they weren’t anywhere near as bad as I first thought. Here’s some photos of how it’s looking now. And now for some “arty” shots, including my “replica” helmet mixes in with an ANH screenshot: And finally, here’s my latest video of the build, including the tubestripes being painted: Thanks for reading, Dan
  4. Hey trooper, I’m not familiar with the lineage of AP, so not sure if it’s supposed to be supplied with specific left and right arms, however, the original suits definitely had specific left and right arms. As below, one has 11 divets, one has 12.
  5. Saw this photo on Instagram. Looks SUPERB displayed like that. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji16]
  6. Hiya, Depending on how accurate you want to go, you could trim the front edge of the front largest tab off, leaving a nice raw edge. The below is a lovely example of Han’s suit - note the raw edge. This helps it conform a little better the the shape of the chest, too. (And it’s just a super accurate detail).
  7. I’d say it’s personal preference. Personally, I’ve got two suits and neither have internal coverstrips. So far, I’ve not felt the need for them. :-)
  8. I don’t think ESB decals have a left and right, do they? The stripes leaning forward is more specific to the Set for Stun trooper. The below ESB screen used is pretty much the same as Tim’s decals.
  9. Hey troopers, I’m back with another little update. I’ve now painted the tubestripes onto this wonderful helmet. I’ve also added the chin strap and foam Star, etc. On the day of George Lucas’ birthday, the sun was shining here in the UK, so I took some “glamour” shots of the helmet, pre-tubestripes. The following day, I painted the tubestripes (a nerve racking experience every time I do them) with Humbrol Enamel 109 (a different shade to the one listed in the CRL) and took a few more shots. Nearly there, folks. I can’t wait to get it completed. [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] Best wishes Dan
  10. Haha. Well, my latest build (another mock-HDPE helmet) WAS Mr No Stripes until yesterday. Lol. But I painted the stripes yesterday… :-( Hehe. This is actually based on another ANH trooper, so the marking and weathering are not matched to MNS. I’m just being silly. Hehe
  11. Hey trooper, Yes - there are certainly people out there that will do commission builds. I’m in the UK and there are a few good options here. Hopefully you can also find someone local that might be able to help. It’s a real shame you can’t reach your local Garrison. Hopefully some of our USA based troopers will chip in to this post and help you out. Best wishes Dan
  12. (Not sure if this is the most appropriate forum section, but, here we go….) Hey troopers, Many of you are probably aware of the infamous “Mr No Stripes”, a trooper well known for being part of the group that stunned Leia in ANH. He delivered the line “She’ll be alright. Inform Lord Vader we have a prisoner”. Assumed to be a costume error (as they forgot to paint his blue tubestripes), he is now a part of Star Wars history. After a recent chat with a fellow stormtrooper fan, I decided to have a look and see if our friend Mr No Stripes appears anywhere else in ANH. I knew that he appeared in the blaster fight with Leia and Luke (grapple hook moment), however, I didn’t realise he was also present in the Luke vs Troopers fight following Obi-wan’s departure and a few other shots. Here’s a few shots of this icon: If you know of any more appearances, do let us know. [emoji2956] Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes Dan (CableGuy)
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