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  1. Getting there. :-) As you say, the eyes are the main concern at the moment as they are too far apart. The teeth are possible a little shallow, too. Sounds like you’ve got the updates planned though. Hard to be sure of anything else due to the fisheye effect (as the camera was quite close) but overall it’s looking solid. Keep up the good work, Chris.
  2. Hey trooper, Yes, the ears are always a pain in the bum. ;-) As Glen mentioned, the bottom of the ear don’t always sit flush, however the s-trim can partly cover this. Here’s my latest RS build - the left ear is aligned to match the rear line of the trap (as per most screen used helmets), yet there is still a gap at the bottom. More photos and discussion here, if you fancy a look.
  3. Hiya, Yes, I’ve used both Green Stuff and Milliput in the past, both work really well. It starts soft and allows you to shape it to the parts, then dries hard ready for sanding. Dan
  4. Hi Rodney, I used a drill bit that was almost the same size as the resin “hex screw” that goes into the bottom of the grip. Then, after painting, I glued the hex screw/bolt into the grip. Here’s the relevant part from the FISD E-11 Blaster Reference. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32111-fisd-e-11-blaster-reference/?do=findComment&comment=414148 Are you referring to this Blaster Reference for ideas?
  5. Welcome aboard, Millssy. [emoji1309] I’m not familiar with that costume, (I’m an old school Original Trilogy guy), but I’m sure there are some knowledgable folks ready to help you. As you’re in the UK, head over to www.ukgarrison.co.uk and sign up to the forum. The team will be happy to guide your through your build and get you ready for clearance. Best wishes Dan /CableGuy
  6. Many congratulations, Glen. Another fine costume. [emoji2956][emoji1303]
  7. Hi folks, I’ve reworked the weathering a little and added the white lettering to the M38 scope. With that in mind, I just HAD to take some new, swanky photos and share them with you all. For anyone that wants to learn a little more about the processes involved, and to see more photos of the finished blaster, here’s a new video: Thanks for stopping by. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. :-) Dan
  8. Ooo, can’t wait to see your build, Tino. [emoji16]
  9. Go for it, Glen. It certainly gets my approval. :-). (https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/50841-build-log-the-new-jmc-e-11-from-troopacoola/)
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