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  1. I mean really.. its uncanny. I cant even imagine the shock on peoples faces. you even got the eye redness and the stubble right on. I must know.. what else do you have in the works youre keeping secret? Bunny slippers or not
  2. Has any one else notice that of all the characters Glen has, the one that stands out the most is his Grand Moff? I mean, when you have the time, or get lost in thought and the screen is steadily scrolling through the images from his signature page, you can't help but to notice that one character is nearly spot on. Is it the facial hair? Seriously this guy needs a medal.
  3. Hi Glen, Yes sir, I did get he Legion Captain of the Guard's approval and move authorization. That part is complete. I have registered at the Star Garrison, but its been a while and I am beginning to suspect the individual whos name is tied to the "new member" registering users post may not be getting the messages. I did look up the GWM and the GWL.. e-mailing those individuals. I was hoping to find an active poster here somewhere. Fingers Crossed.
  4. Joseph I feel like you are trolling us. LOL!! https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/7e694f27-e51a-460c-89fd-2e2585488294
  5. This right here is likely going to be 90% of all of us, world wide. When you really think about it in black and white, it almost seems crazy. Spend the equivalent cost of your first car as a kid, just to wear a Halloween costume, in the hopes any child .. or adult, will be happy. Nuts right? But we love it. The word you used is "joy" and theres a lot to be said about people who find their own enjoyment, bringing that joy to others. Its been stated here many times in many posts, but you are definitely in the right place. There is no higher golden standard than the 501st.
  6. Sad day. TK-1787, your watch has ended. Indeed Bucket off.
  7. Hello all, I have recently relocated from the Carolina Garrison to the El Paso area in TX, (Star Garrison). While I have registered on their forums and local site, I have not been successful in finishing my access on the site. If someone from the Star Garrison can contact me, I would be greatly appreciative. I am ready to get back out there trooping. Thanks, Harder
  8. Yeah, they are some smart people with awesome contingency plans. They have duplicates made, and are remaking them now. The temporary studio is already up and running.
  9. I did this. Its magic. I admit I needed to clean up a little of the edges, so taping off correctly is the key. I have not decided to do the inside of the armor for two reasons. 1. the RSP authenticity stickers with my suit ID and name in it would be an issue... And 2. I have had to modify slightly and or repair some snaps etc. already. I know that once I am awarded Centurion (Because I will... WILL have it), that perhaps I will change my mind, but I can not do the armor until I have that rank first.
  10. I would recommend, start your Build thread with this info. This helps new members who are starting their builds, to see the prep work and the forethought put into simply getting the plastic and getting a E11.
  11. Here's my milestone... FIRST troop. Thrilled to be a part of it. Many thanks to the Carolina Garrison for the setup. This was at the Shriners 13th Annual Comic Expo proceed supporting Orphan Relief funds.
  12. Hello Rosario, welcome. As the other troopers have pointed out, this is the best place. Use this thread as much as you like, These forums are reviewed very often and very active. Stay there in the new recruits section and read read read all the threads before pulling the trigger on a set of armor. Then post a build thread in your respective armor section. We look forward to helping!
  13. Welcome DJ. Looking forward to seeing your build thread.
  14. Here we go! 2021 2/20/2021 -- Captain's Comic Expo (Mt. Pleasant)
  15. ABS will most likely sink if put in water. Unfortunately so will PVC. If do an ASTM burn test, ABS will have a yellow flame with bluish flickers. Black soot can be seen in the air. PVC has a blue flame with yellow flickers, same for the soot as ABS. If you’re familiar, PVC has a fruity smell when burnt vs ABS is mostly acrid. It’ll be hard to “Prove” however paint from your local hardware store will support bonding to both PVC and ABS collectively. You could, I suppose, send a small sample of each to a rheology lab and that will be definitive. Usually costs about $200 and they’ll need at least 30-50g of polymer to do the test. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Man, 2015?! Yes, life gets in the way sometimes. Glad to have you back tho.
  17. Welcome to FISD Tim. RSP is a very reputable builder. Did you see they recently had a fire? They were on top of things to keep their master molds stored elsewhere, and they are back up and running again. So orders might be a little longer on delivery. FYI. I would still order from them again if I had the opportunity.
  18. Thanks Mario and Tony. You guys have definitely helped a lot. Part of this approval is yours too.
  19. Thank you! I’m already working on it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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