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  1. It is safe to vapor polish plastic. I am a ME in polymer science and plastics. I will agree with this statement, I wouldn’t use it directly on the plastic or paint. I did state only if it’s solid color thru. This thread was about polishing plastic, but I see it’s really asking about polishing paint. Or the subject is now, rather. In that circumstance, yes. Vapor polishing will not give the best result. Nonetheless, doing proper research into various methods of polishing and knowing the piece being worked on is always my recommendation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yep. Been a forum moderator for many years. I know the tediousness of what you and the others are working thru. I am following the top post, unfortunately, I’m not an all access member yet. So I’m limited to some of the “lighter” forums. I like to read and lurk a little. I’ll keep an eye out. (Raises glass) -Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Interesting. So DD’s commission builds aren’t out of the box ready? I suppose that’s why you got more soft parts? Yes I can imagine it’s not without some anxiety. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Glen, I know this is tedious work. Thank you! If I can help, I would be happy to.
  5. Good morning! Completely agree with the previous comments before me. The question your asking is really your question. To their point. Some people prefer to have that experience. And some are looking for the fast route. I will tell you my choice. I chose to buy, yes at a high cost, a fully commissioned set of armor. I did a lot of research, and I’ve also purchased the posible mannequin, electronics, etc. I have a degree in ME, PSY, BA, and Statistics. I am more than capable to build my own. But for me.. my decision came down to Volunteering and Trooping. I highly desire to help people. I have personal experience with children with needs and I saw the affect in their spirits and strength when the troopers come and volunteer. It fills my heart immeasurably. That was my deciding factor. But much like different ingredients in chicken soup, even the 501st needs variety of people. You should decide what gives you the most benefit, personally. Either way, you’ll not be disappointed. Good luck future trooper! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Garrett this is an amazingly well detailed build thread. Thank you from those of us who are building too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Vapor Acetone polishing for about 10 mins. Does the trick on ABS resin. Super easy. It will remove paint though. The plastic will need to be Naturally the same color uniformly.
  8. Sent! I like this!! I want to offer some of my professional experience. I am a degreed BS in ME specific to Polymer Science of Plastics. Yes, most all plastics can experience some level of chemical reaction to paint. There's "a way" to do it. Example is all the plastic parts in the automotive industry. I won't go into all the chemical formulas about how certain types of alcohol or specifically ethanol can render down the polymer chains of ABS from polymers to monomers. Anyway, a thin coat of either clear or binder to the plastic before applying any color, will prevent any breakdown or bleeding. Krylon brand paint has a couple extra carbon elements in the paint which help it grip and bind really good to plastic, especially ABS since it has a Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen backbone. You "can" use an acrylic paint if you like, however, I strongly suggest using an oil de-binder first, like Dawn dish soap, rinse, and let dry for at least 30-45 mins.. followed by light sanding to give it a rougher surface.
  9. the shipping info isnt out, and I am looking already lol! I hadnt even thought of that... yep, ill be a mess waiting.
  10. Wait.. what? Glen are you saying I can apply or request access to TK ESB Detachment now? My armor is ordered but it wont be here for another 2 weeks. Am I reading what you said correctly? I thought the detachment access needed the 501st profile link? Is that just a link, regardless of an approval?
  11. And where would an aspiring Trooper acquire said black steel mesh?
  12. Here's one of the best ones I've seen on Youtube
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