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How did you choose your TK ID?


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Are TK numbers different than TD's or does it fall under the same guidelines?

As far as I know, the numerical characters are the 501st unique designation. Under the same number, you can change the alpha prefix to whatever costumes you own... TK for Stormtrooper, TD for desert stormtrooper etc... Am I right? :D

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My TK-ID is 42134. I was thinking of a number while I was building my armor, and thought “The first three digits of my log in at work is 421!” I added “34”, because it is a favorite number between some close friends and I.

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On 3/23/2016 at 2:02 AM, Surfintrooper said:

Zip code also.<br>

But after I got my number, I thought of a good way to create one that would be unique for each TK. <br>

Using the number for the letters of each TK 's initials. The letter "A" =1 on up to "Z" =26. <br>

That could even work for assigned numbers in an actual military situation, as they would all be unique. And if any 3 letter combinations ( first, middle, last names) did repeat, a 1 and so on could be added to the end of the repeat ones. <br>

Mine would have been TK-23137. Still available. And I actually like it better than my zip ode.

I actually did that for my screen name:

B=2, D=4, W=23, C=3.......BDWC= TK-24233

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I wasn't sure if I should post in this thread, or Glen's post, so I opted with the more recent of the two. And here is a link to my post on the story behind my nickname (MV).


Three years after creating my account and starting my 501st journey, and I finally have my very own shiny new TK number. 73692. When I first started my build (actually before I had even purchased my armor) I started brainstorming what TK number I might want, and began by compiling all the spoken numbers from the Star Wars films. The most known were 1138 and 421, but I desired something a bit more nuanced. My birthdate and zip code were also available on the 501st ID list, and for a time I got hung up on variations of 3263827 (Death Star trash compactor). I also considered 501+ my age, which was available, but elapsed time has now rendered my current age unavailable. A number corresponding to a scripture verse referencing helping others, due to the abounding assistance I've received from other troopers, was also on the table, as was the Lego set number (75276) of the mini Stormtrooper helmet. (Seriously, somebody needs to jump on that Lego TK number, and you heard it here first lol).






However, I eventually decided on a string of individual numbers spoken in sequence in A New Hope.


10 - 7 - 3 - 6 - 9 - 2 - 11 - 5


Anybody recognize the sequence and corresponding film scene? I'll give you a hint below, as part of a more in-universe explanation, though this is not a full character backstory as others have written in this thread.



An Imperial Cadet at the time of the Battle of Yavin, MV was horrified to learn of the senseless rebel attack and subsequent loss of Imperial peacekeeper lives. Vowing to avenge the deaths of his comrades, he selected a TK ID number that contained a sequence of numbers spoken by the self-proclaimed "Alliance" scum pilots in an intercepted transmission from the onset of the battle. Thus he would carry with him a constant reminder of the tragedy throughout his deployment to spread peace, freedom, justice, and security across the galaxy.



Back to real life now. In fact, back in 2019 or 2020 I wrote that aforementioned numerical sequence on a small sticky note and stuck it in my wallet for safekeeping, and for the past three years it has remained in the exact same spot, prominently placed atop my driver's license. Much like my TK character's mini story, this was to serve as a reminder to press on with the continuation of my armor build.






And now I can finally remove the note and regain easier access to my real life ID. Haha. For those of you who still haven't sorted out my TK ID:






TK-73692 standing by.


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I waited (it took) 42 years to get my own TK armor and in that time i had thought of many different options of what number id like to have. Went into a small panic when the application stated " pick your 5 favourite IDs". Owning an armor was my dream so wanted the ID to be about me - selfish i know but is what it is. So i opted for my date of birth (as I was also to be "born" into the 501st) as being the most fitting. But not in its standard format. So a quick re-arrange and i found all 5 in the master list. And there we are...TK-10962.

Sent from my SM-A127F using Tapatalk

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There is also a thread on the legion forum which can be an interesting read for those interested


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Mine is what you get when you look up "Morgi" on a phone's number pad: 66744 :smiley-sw013:


Since Morgi is my nickname on all 501st sites and a nickname from the time I discovered the 501st it seemed more than fitting.


Shout-out to @T-Jay who convinced me to go with that instead of my birthday :duim:

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