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    Halloween and Halloween decorating indoors and out. Christmas decorating indoors and out. Star Trek, computer puttering. Of course I love Star Wars too!


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  1. I failed in doing a simple search. So embarrassing, but Bazinga is much more fitting if you know me even though I've had decades of the Simpsons references. Bart
  2. Well that was annoyingly easy. Thanks. Bart
  3. Is it possible to get a user name change to what I am using on the 501st site to keep things consistent? I'd like to switch it to BAZINGA if it can be done. Thanks. Bart
  4. Hey you! I'm looking forward to seeing more of us in the shiny white here in Sask! Welcome! Bart
  5. Hey future Badlands member! I just replied to your post on the Badlands forum. I'm excited to have another so close to me! There is one other TK in Swift Current and one about an hour south. While I can't speak to the building part I can speak to the fantastic help you'll get from everyone on this forum! Many kept me sane the last few months (and I just had to do fitting not building) so be sure to post here and I will look forward to meeting you maybe sooner than later as yours just 2 short hours away! Bart
  6. Just love it! Thanks. I'll get it into my profile. Bart
  7. I wasn't very imaginative. It was the date I submitted my final approval photos to my GML. Never been good at picking things like this, but it did seem to roll off the tongue nicely. Bart
  8. If you don't mind, I'd like to send you some photos to work with. I can remove backgrounds, but not make anything as creative as you're doing. Bart
  9. Maybe if I could reach that area on a good day with no arms on! I can barely snap on both arms by myself right now! Reach my back? Nope! You flexible young guys... Bart
  10. So can you be persuaded to share the files for the box should I want to try that? I assume you just are hanging off your belt? I'd have to, I assume, ok this with my garrison if they allow it for trooping. I'm still learning all the rules. Bart
  11. Hi and congrats to you as well! Kind of feels special that mine happened around that same time as yours! 2) Yes to the taunt. It's an OCD thing. Always worried how it compares to everyone else. I looked at so many photos of people's backsides, thighs and crotch spacing in underwear it's embarrassing! It will make for good stories later on though. 3) I was pretty sure on that. Already had been preparing to tackle that now that basic is not good enough. Overall that now seems like one of the easier things to address. 4) I have a harness now instead of a belt for the thighs. So, if that works well I should have more adjustment room to lower. I think a half inch down would still leave enough room at the knees and give me the butt space too. I'd like to not cut anything if possible. Too stressful to this day making any cuts. The one thing that I was super happy with was the helmet height. I got rid off all padding in the top and put in a hard hat suspension system. Dropped it right into the zone and locks it nice to my inflated head so no bobble head feeling anymore! Bart
  12. I can't wrap my head around how you guys manage to carry around a dozen things in various spots. I still have to get the icomm and speaker set up in the chest and then think I'm full. Is this little box a 3D print? Bart
  13. Thank you. Okay, I will leave things as is for now and see how it goes. I have been making padding adjustments every time I wear it and it has improved somewhat in appearance. Bart
  14. Thank you and thanks again for all the encouragement and patience because you were the first to really get peppered with the questions! Got to start small. I'll be pretty awkward at first just moving around in it! Might need to do more table duty first and build up stamina. Bart
  15. I know I said I only cared about getting to basic intact, but that was two days ago. Now I'm thinking EIB. Bart
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