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    Halloween and Halloween decorating indoors and out. Christmas decorating indoors and out. Star Trek, computer puttering. Of course I love Star Wars too!


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  1. Congrats on your firsts! Let's see those pics! Bart
  2. I was fully expecting to find something locally but no go. I could get scuff buffer but that won't do it. Bart
  3. As I read on the forum this seems to be the correct product but I want to make sure. I have just a bit of white worn off where the bottom of the shin had slipped down while walking and worn off a small area of paint. I figure I could just get something at the local shoe repair place to touch it up but no such luck. I think I could just paint this on with a brush in a few layers. Is there a better solution out there that I should be looking for? Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint : Amazon.ca: Home Bart
  4. Nice turn out for those of you in costume though! One of the last ones I did in 2023 they had us tucked away from the main crowd, which was small to begin with, so we were left to our own devices much of the time to make our own fun too. Bart

    FISD Memes

    Just imagine what I paid to get it to Canada! Bart
  6. Also, if you haven't already done so please sign up at www.badlands.ca and post an introduction there too. Bart
  7. Oh nice to see someone else from Badlands. Welcome! Where are you located? Bart
  8. Excellent! Congrats on your first troop! The first one you will always remember. Bart
  9. One of my regular trooping buddies, and the only other TK in the city I live in, is female. We have a good time! Bart
  10. That's an amazing first troop! Congrats on this one and the many more to come! Bart
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