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  1. Birthday, Also sounds a bit like TK421 so an added bonus! 671
  2. Caught it for the first time today and loved it, Vader's still got it... took me back to my childhood with that feeling of being absolutely scared out of your wits by his menacing presence on screen. Pity there wasn't a large couch to jump behind but I couldn't take my eyes off him! The two Guardians of the Whills characters were also a highlight: The nod to these two troopers having a quiet chat in ANH was also appreciated:
  3. I meant to ask the other night, how's the suit holding up?
  4. 12110, Are they black or green? Would they fit an ATA lid? Got a picture? What's the damage? Cheers!
  5. Inspiring stuff 1636, Up to video '21 of 45' and they certainly build confidence in the member to construct their own kit. By the way... please take your drill off 'hammer' (you won't need hearing protection). I'll definately be scoring a belt sander prior to my next build to speed the trimming process up. All the best!
  6. Chasing a current supplier. What should I use... Green or Black? Cheers!
  7. Anyone got any shots of reinforced examples from a new build, to prevent the bracket cracking issue and how has it held up during trooping?
  8. For the record, my boot height is 170mm: Never had a riding up issue. www.caboots.com size 10.5 (I take a size 10 US in runners purchased locally but the 10.5 stormtrooper boots fit perfectly). Paid 114.49 AUD (including shipping) ordered 10 Sep 04, received 20 Sep 04. ​Looks like the stock they currently have available still have a seam present on the front of the boot: https://www.caboots.com/cart/product/stormtrooper_ankle_boots/ ​p. Anyone have a supplier of level two certification boots?
  9. Nice job Aaron, Found your next 1:1 project:
  10. Brilliant modification to adopt for the calf armour 3482, I noticed for level two certification "There is no seam present on the front of the boot." so I'll need to invest in some new boots: ​ l. I see you've gone for Saxon's... what was your whitening process (Waproo product details)? http://www.horseland.com.au/saxon-equileather-pull-on-jodhpur-boots-20115900.html I see 1287 has a nice video tutorial here: ​m. What is the actual height of your boot (from the top of the sole to the top of the leather) and in your opinion, what height would a boot need to be to alleviate the need for an anti-riding strap)? n. Can you don your amour with no assistance? o. How much of a return edge on the inside of the forearms have you left?
  11. October 2007 brother, Always been a bubble lense kind of trooper, so an 'ATA ANH Hero level three certification' build planned at this stage. General question for troopers with rubber or rubber-like chemical gloves, in black: i. What's your donning method... do you slide the fully closed forearm armour on after you put the gloves on (the latex or latex-like, painted white hand guards slip through the fully closed forearm armour), do you slip the fully closed forearm armour on then don the gloves, feeding them back into the fully closed forearm armour or do you don the gloves then close the forearm armour around your forearms (not fully closed armour, just an opening set like the calf armour? Is the opening set still level three approved considering the ease of donning/removing the armour? No such thing as a stupid question right? j. Does a trooper need to achieve level two approval prior to achieving level three certification? ​k. Does an E-11 need an ammo counter and power cylinders for level three certification? Thanks for being my sounding board lads! Any other down under troopers in here besides 3483, 4582, 8079, 8351, 11469 and 85421?
  12. Currently using Microsoft Edge after upgrading to Windows 10 for free and for some reason can't paste any text while writing a post, Are there any browser-savvy troopers out there with a quick fix to allow pasting of text? Exhausted my skills and not too keen on installing Firefox. I also have some issues with editing a post... sometimes I can only edit via 'full edit'... sometimes I click the edit button and nothing happens. Wow, I just tried the 'Paste from Word' icon method and it worked! Looks like I'll have to use this pasting method from now on!
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