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  1. You’ll need two red stripes on the tubes, too And I suspect the bicep lines are a touch too long but you’d need to post up side-on pics.
  2. No cover strips on ROTJ.
  3. Cool, PM me your email and i’ll send some pics
  4. Imperial Boots are great - lovely soft leather, nice and close at the ankles too But yeh, go slightly bigger.
  5. In fact, i’m selling a very nice E-11 (not Doopys), if you’re interested, seeing as you’re in the UK.
  6. Oh yep, you’re quite right. A strip of aluminium from a DIY store And screws to attach. Oh, and a bracket to attach the Hengstler
  7. Welcome, Lee... there have been two or three folks cleared with TKUK kits in the UKG. Scan the armoury for those WIPs for the best idea of work required to clear
  8. The complete resin kit does, yes. As long as everything is in the right place and the right way round
  9. Check “Sheartech” on FB - Excellent solid rubber blasters that you won’t mind the odd knock. I’ve made a few Doopys kits and you certainly don’t want to give them to randoms to hold.
  10. Neatsfoot oil will soak-in and soften the leather, assuming it is veg tan leather. Once applied, you can bend and work the leather to allow the oil to work its way into the fibres. If you soak the holster in water, it will inevitably dry-out the leather even more, as some of the natural tanning oils will be washed out, so if you go the moulding route, i’d advise that you also condition the leather after.
  11. Nope, they’re smaller than a standard E-11 based on a Sterling. Too many bits and pieces wrong or missing altogether. There are much more accurate E-11 kits or even fully assembled for not a huge amount more.
  12. I know lol... maybe they just got bored of the stripey red guy
  13. It was supposed to be... I did send the pics to FISD folks to be Photoshopped but never happened in the end.
  14. I should probably put a couple of photos here of my (long gone) BF Shock trooper, due to the great Photobucket purge... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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