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  1. humperdingle

    Softening Holster Leather

    Neatsfoot oil will soak-in and soften the leather, assuming it is veg tan leather. Once applied, you can bend and work the leather to allow the oil to work its way into the fibres. If you soak the holster in water, it will inevitably dry-out the leather even more, as some of the natural tanning oils will be washed out, so if you go the moulding route, i’d advise that you also condition the leather after.
  2. humperdingle

    Painted and modified Rubies E-11 Blaster?

    Nope, they’re smaller than a standard E-11 based on a Sterling. Too many bits and pieces wrong or missing altogether. There are much more accurate E-11 kits or even fully assembled for not a huge amount more.
  3. humperdingle

    Humperdingle's CFO ROTJ Shock Trooper

    I know lol... maybe they just got bored of the stripey red guy
  4. Sorry, talking rubbish
  5. humperdingle

    Humperdingle's CFO ROTJ Shock Trooper

    It was supposed to be... I did send the pics to FISD folks to be Photoshopped but never happened in the end.
  6. humperdingle

    Humperdingle's CFO ROTJ Shock Trooper

    I should probably put a couple of photos here of my (long gone) BF Shock trooper, due to the great Photobucket purge... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Excellent work, mate. Centurion shouldn’t be too far off! Try to get it done before you get UKG branded, as Centurion requires you to have no visible branding
  8. Well done again, Daniel. And yep, get your EIB application up here before you have a UKG brand to deal with!
  9. humperdingle

    ISS member in New York...

    Hey folks, I’ll be travelling from Scotland to New York city next weekend. The missus has an itinerary of the usual touristy stuff for us to do but I’d appreciate any recommendations for Star Wars related attractions, cool shops and excellent pig-out eateries
  10. humperdingle

    Bri's Jimmi FO TK Build

    Cool, hope you get it sorted
  11. humperdingle

    Bri's Jimmi FO TK Build

    Ask Anna who painted short trooper’s battle buddy - they seemed to make a good job of that.
  12. humperdingle

    URGENT! Please need advice for a SDS battle spec armor

    Check my SDS list of jobs I did to get it up to UKG and EIB standard...
  13. humperdingle

    Ungluing (SDS) armor pieces

    Right, gotcha. My SDS kit had butt joints on the front facing glued parts. The backs were all open with velcro fastening. curious that they would glue overlaps
  14. humperdingle

    Ungluing (SDS) armor pieces

    I think it’s something like Stelmax 1985. Why are you trying to take bits apart? There may be an alternative?