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  1. On the tutorial for the BLE, the RX and TX labels are wrong for the male 3.5mm jack. Once I swapped it around mine began working.
  2. Forgot to tell you that everything worked great last weekend at our local comic con we did Saturday and Sunday.
  3. I've got to remember to do that tonight actually with my fans on and everything. I have a convention this weekend so want everything perfect.
  4. Works great now! Only thing I can think of next is putting the calibrate feature in the app.
  5. Still waiting for it to show up in the Apple App Store
  6. I got my BLE fixed too. The Yellow and White on the 3.5mm needed to be swapped. I did exactly like your photo shows so you might want to change it. Having the same issues too with profiles.
  7. # Sound effects [effects_dir=/sounds/] # Background loops [loop_dir=/loops] # Startup sounds [sounds_dir=/sounds/] https://github.com/becauseinterwebs/TKTalkie/blob/master/3.0/SDCard/profiles/SAMPLE.TXThas this as well. Simply change to effects_dir=/effects/
  8. On the Teensy you sent me? I have the BLE wired up like this on the right: I can try swapping them around before I end up replacing the entire end.
  9. I got a present in the mail yesterday, Brent! Thanks for the quick delivery! I noticed on mine too I get the startup sound instead of clicks. Didn't have time last night to really look into it so glad Erik figured it out. I am going to redo the end of my BLE as I was getting Time Out error when trying to connect to my iPhone.
  10. I suppose it's worth giving a shot tonight. It was working until I started messing with the female 3.5 jack being loose. Fingers crossed!
  11. The SD card is good. I can insert it in the card adapter and my computer reads it just fine. I get power to my BLE as well.
  12. LOL I have the absolute worst luck. I'm pretty sure my audio shield shorted out last night since it refuses to read the SD card. I have a few at the house from times my several burnt Teensy 3.2. I'm hoping I can get one to work or I will just throw in the towel and order one built by Brent. At least I know my BLE works
  13. This one is what I have and works: http://www.ebay.com/itm/172395308212?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  14. I read through the Github files and know it's the SD card not being read. I am having to replace my female jack for the BLE to plug into because it's a loose fit.
  15. I noticed if I don't have the BLE plugged in it, I get three loud beeps.
  16. Crappy solder job. I fixed it and it's working! I might throw some glue to hold things in place on the bottom of the board
  17. I'll check tonight. I had trouble soldering into the jack so I'm sure it's something stupid like that. Glad I don't have to have it plugged in while I troop. As soon as I get it working I'll share a video of my setup.
  18. I just downloaded a LightBlue app so I'll test when I get home from work. It would flash, then I'd enter the profile name, choose the BLE, put the code in and as soon as I would pair it the BLE light would become solid but the app froze at that greyish tint and eventually say timeout.
  19. I get the slow blinking light on the BLE, I can find it on my iPhone but as soon as I try to connect it the screen has a slight grey overlay and it sits for about 30 seconds or so and comes back with Request Timeout Error. If it's something silly like checking my solder on the BLE to 3.5mm I will double check tonight. I'm also curious if once we have the settings the way we want, profile loaded, etc. do we have to always have the BLE connected?
  20. Last step is to pair to my iPhone 7 Plus. I keep getting Request timeout error. I've changed the device access in the SETTINGS.TXT and it still won't pair.
  21. I bought both. The Pyle is ridiculously loud but in my experience, hard to fine tune. Turn it barely on and it's plenty loud. I ended up using it in my radio to play TD chatter and have the 1506 and TKTalkie in my left shoulder tool pouch (it fits perfectly). I run cabling through a discrete hole in the back and up to the ammo pouch where I have my battery, and wireless receiver stored.
  22. Hoping to have mine all setup by a May 4th (Star Wars Day) event.
  23. Thanks, I thought you meant you designed one to house the BLE. I will drill a hole but perfect for people new to this project!
  24. Thanks man, I don't have any troops until May so just doing some maintenance and playing with electronics until then. Sorry to hear about the printer. Will you release the file so we can get cases printed locally?
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