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  1. 5. 2022-12-03, Nördarnas Julmarknad (The Nerds' Christmas Market) (Hero) I took part in a Christmas market troop where I did some "Lucia" walks** together with @Coil in his Din Djarin armor! We were really appreciated here by the staff and we handed out many gingerbread cookies and took pictures with people (you know, the usual ) I also had the opportunity to take some pro shot action photos which I will post as soon as I get them! ** Something we do here in Sweden, called Luciatåg which directly translated means Lucia train, Google it if you're curious
  2. I think I found a VERY close match? https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/hockey-helmets/969157-jofa-wayne-gretzky-signed-helmet
  3. We are on the right track with hockey helmets I think
  4. I searched for hockey helmet interiors and found @dashrazor posted the interior of his helmet, and the pads looks extremely similar to the cutaway
  5. Have you gotten an estimated time on when it will be done? A Christmas miracle maybe?
  6. Do you want to learn Photoshop? I could just go through my files and thought process and the few tools I use if you're interested?
  7. Pay me in posts on the forum, so that you spread that new banner like wildfire!
  8. Amazing news! Congratulations Arvin! Judging by how good your armor looks, I'd love to see some applications in the EIB and Centurion threads in the future
  9. No problem! Their customer service is amazing and you can also ask for some extra pieces of ABS to come with your order in case you need to cut some extra out or if you need to create some shims to make the ab plate and the kidney plate to line up without any gap! In that case if you have asked for extra pieces of ABS the color and quality will match which will make your life a whole lot easier! Hope to see you as a TK soon!
  10. Very good to hear, thanks for the update! Be sure to start a build thread or pre-approval request when you get it and we'll help you out when the time comes!
  11. I have had no issues with my soft parts, they supply great quality through and through in my biased opinion (since I bought my armor through them ) Why are you wondering about the soft accessories by the way? Do you have any questions?
  12. Amazing Terry, welcome! I know how you feel! The first troop was extremely rewarding! If you have to wait for your armor like I had to, I can suggest becoming obsessed with the EIB and Centurion applications, awesome activity to pass the time!
  13. Are you using Velcro for the shoulder bells?
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