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  1. 45. 2024-03-02, SciFi World 2024, Stockholm (Hero) Finally time for a convention again! We've had a ton of fun today, joked around all day. At the beginning of the day I was like: "Today I'm going to be an annoying Stormtrooper", and had the best time ever! They have a super cool trench run simulator here! A good old Snowspeeder We met Joonas Suotamo (the new Chewie). Such a sweet sweet dude! Met an adorable little Vader that liked to choke out our Officers a little too much! You gotta start somewhere!
  2. Hello and welcome to the FISD Leia! We suggest that you start a build thread if you haven't done so already, so that we can follow along with the progress of your build, and answer any questions you may have regarding fitments and the like! Take a look at some of them that are there already, as they can give valuable insight into the process! How excited are you? Do you have all the parts already?
  3. Nairy

    FISD Memes

    With risk of being very childish here, if you could get away with it, which one would you choose? (Featuring TK-10551 of the Swedish Garrison)
  4. Wohoo! That's awesome, congrats on taking the first big step into this crazy hobby!
  5. Hello Markus! Just checking in, how are you doing? How are your plans for EI looking?
  6. That's great to hear, we're all glad that we can be of service! Do you have everything you need or is there something else we can look up for you?
  7. Is there anything specific you'd want to know that we can help you with, just ask away here!
  8. The ANH TK is our most popular costume! I think it is a great choice too with all the different makers available! This thread might be a good read, if you haven't read it already!
  9. Hello Connor, and welcome to the FISD! You're in just the right place for everything Stormtrooper related, and it looks like you've already started to read up a bit on the different types of armors best suited for the taller person! Great! When you say Stormtrooper, do you mean the ANH (A New Hope) Stormtrooper?
  10. Hello and welcome to FISD! It's an awesome idea you've got going on here! As for the Rebels TK helmet, I think WTF: Walt's Trooper Factory is one of the vendors, I've seen some Rebels Tie pilot helmets from there and some TKs before!
  11. Yeah main lobby hang is what we're up for as well! Gonna change into normal person clothes and see the movie after the break Did you do this?
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