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  1. Additional Troops: Fan Expo Holiday Show 2019 -1 day Rise of Skywalker Queensway Cineplex 2019 - 1 day Rise of Skywalker Oakville Film.ca 2019- 1 day Mississauga Toy Show 2020 - 1 day
  2. Was getting into first hour then walked out. Reason for walking out....3 smeg-heads behind me kept talking; "this" is going to happen, "see this happens next". After asking the to stop talking 3x I had enough and walked out. Will try to see it again. But from what I saw in the first hour had me captivated
  3. With apologizes, catching up with Troop logs. Have done 24 Troops join the 501st Canadian Garrison last year Fan Expo 2018 -4 days Hamilton Comic Con 2018 - 2 days Santa Claus Parade 2018 Brampton Comic Con 2018 - 1 day Oshawa Comic Con 2018 - 1 day Mississauga Toy Show 2019 - 1 day Genre Con 2019 - 1 day 1st Milton Scouting 2019 - 1 day Toronto Comic Con 2019 - 3 days 80's Toy Fair 2019 - 1 day Forest City Comic Con 2019 - 1 day Weird Al No Strings Attached Tour 2019 Elmvale Sci-Fi Fantasy Fair 2019 - 1 day Fan Expo 2019 - 4 days (3 days in armor) London Comic Con 2019 - 3 days Hamilton Comic Con 2019 - 1 day Mississauga Toy Show 2019 - 1 day
  4. So far no one has asked to hold my E-11....so far, but I know the rules. I may want to place a small flashlight on E-11
  5. Hello, Nik here from Canadian Garrison (GTA area). Extremely happy to be a member of the 501st Legion (been a long "road" for me) Approved August 2018 Fan Expo Troop-am one with rifle
  6. If I can I will go with 3D printed E-11 Blaster
  7. Purchased my kit from WTF (Walt). More than happy with it and the quality of the kit!
  8. Guessing not as heavy as the metal on I had at Fan Expo
  9. Was able to get glue at Canadian Tire, though some hobby shops carry it. Screws/snaps I purchased at Tandy Leather in Mississauga
  10. Thank you for the information. Even though I've had 9 troops so far it's good to fall back and re-read guidelines to keep in memory
  11. I've noticed different variations of the E-11 Blasters; 3D printer, resin, metal & plastic. Which is best? I've had the use of one made with metal but is heavy to hold for periods of time during a troop.
  12. Still unable to post in this area of forum. Have posted in "501st Trooper Status Requests (Include link to your 501st profile in your request!)" and followed directions. Is there something else that needs to be done?
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