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  1. Now that I have the right arm pieces assembled, I decided to try them on (with the proper gaskets and gloves as well.) I have to say that it doesn't look too bad in my opinion: And a test to see if I can touch my helmet Here's a side by side of now vs my initial fitting. I'm pretty happy with how I've managed to size things down, although the bicep is still pretty big: I also started work on the left arm pieces:
  2. shashachu

    TheSwede`s FOTK build

    Looks fantastic! And the way you sanded them actually makes it look like you've got a return edge there as well. Nicely done.
  3. I have the 4 part as well. I feel like I just did something slightly strangely. Oh well will probably work.
  4. I have no idea how it's supposed to be glued down...or do most people leave that area unglued? My hands are small enough to glue the whole thing. Or is it easier if you use a stronger adhesive? Who knows!
  5. Took the clamps and magnets off the forearm this morning and it looks...okay? Haha. It's pretty wonky. I think it should be okay but it'll need a lot of filler and sanding.
  6. I'm beginning to see why the FOTK forearms seem to be the bane of everyone's build. The 4-part KB forearms just don't have much gluing surface to hold everything together, and the fact that I've sized them down probably doesn't help. I was kind of able to glue the elbow side of the flat inner forearm piece to the rails (which are not flat so really don't provide that much contact surface for glue), but the wrist side (the box) just had nothing to adhere to. So I ended up making little gluing brackets out of scrap ABS to try to hold everything together: Would you believe this single forearm took me 3 hours? :'( And it's still full of gaps. I'm hoping that the filler with help hold things together some. One detail that I left out was that I've decided to do my build with E6000. It might be something I'm kicking myself over later, but it's just the adhesive that I'm most comfortable with, and with the amount of disassembling and reassembling I've already done, I just don't see this build working for me with a more permanent adhesive.
  7. Personally I'd probably just trim the curled part off, glue with an inner cover strip, then fill the seam. (Caveat I do have a KB kit but haven't gotten to the ab section yet.)
  8. shashachu

    Ravyn's ANH TK Build

    Many of us short troopers cut the first notch (wrist side) off of the forearms. Totally approveable. And I believe you should cut at the other trim line on the inner forearm unless that makes them too small.
  9. Wow can't believe how fast you're blowing through this build! And glad you found the heat gun useful and not that scary - it's my #1 indispensable tool for armor building. I'm just way too impatient to use a hot water bath. From the back, the kidney looks just a tad bit big. I wonder if a touch of reshaping to get it to match the width of the back better would make it look more proportional?
  10. Nice work! Easy pass!
  11. shashachu

    Sharkbait's TFA Captain Phasma Build

    @TheSwede has a newer KB kit and a great build thread: He made some interesting mods to the 2-part forearms so it should be a good reference.
  12. shashachu

    Sharkbait's TFA Captain Phasma Build

    Awesome! Following your build because I have a KB FOTK, so mine will be pretty similar. Looks like you have the upgraded kit with the resin TD and 2 part forearms?
  13. shashachu

    A pretty short trooper

    Sometimes it can help to let the E6000 sit for a minute or two before putting the cover strips on so that it gets a bit tacky and will hold things in place better.
  14. shashachu

    TheDon's Build: BSP/KB Props TLJ FOTK

    Actually just found some good photos on Facebook: