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    Some pics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I asked the same thing over in @Ruthar's thread, pinned in the build section. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42295-ruthars-first-order-stormtrooper-build/?page=5
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    Jumping in to say hello from the upside-down land of Australia! I was approved with my TK last year in May, but I have only just jumped on the forums! I am currently serving as Executive Officer for both Underworld and The Flagship Eclipse Detachments. Looking forward to spending quality time with my TK family this year!
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    They look great, going to buy a pair for myself - nice find
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    Perfect! Thank you! Wanna try and get as much of this right...from the ground up!
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    Hey Great work with the capacitors. Shape and size are perfect. The only thing that you should think about is the diameter of the wires of your caps and resistors. They are much to big. It will be hard to make the front connection. A smaller wire makes the job much easier. 0.7mm (1/36“) is the diameter of the Original ones. Here some pictures to show the difference. Cheers Christian
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    Oven is an idea! I'm quite wary of using a heat gun. Fortunately they're lying peacefully now, at least: but if they rebel at some point (or I swap lenses) I'll give the oven a shot Thanks for the options! So yep, I assembled my eyes tonight. And I CA-glued some fiberglass screening (and a bit of glove) into my frown outline: and trimmed that down. Sliding the completed eyes onto the face was a happy squeal moment, to be sure. It looks like a real bucket!! I had to polish up some bucket scratches before moving further, though, so I spent a while sanding to 2,000 grit and then Novus-ing it up. The results are satisfactory. Smudge's smudge remains on his nose despite it all. (Insert nose/spite/face pun that I'm too tired to riddle out.) Tomorrow I'll use my heated workspace to E6000 in the eyes, frown, ab button plate, and new kidney-butt attachment points. Moving along!
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    Congratulations Trooper looking very sharp
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    Hello trooper, congratulations and welcome to the ranks
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    Well, a little late to the party but still CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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    You can also refer to Tony's build thread, lots of great detail and even thought not the same make should still be helpful
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    Boots look fine, just double check they don't have an extra seam on the inside, there are a lot of boots out there that have a stepped seam join, although fine for basic approval it won't allow you to go higher if you aim for EIB or Centurion, can be quite rewarding achieving those levels of build accuracy.
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    Here I am to show progress thus far ... I figured out a way to upgrade my 'wings' - I originally made them out of thin aluminum and thickened them with plasticard but it didn't hold when I attempted to make the three 1/16" holes using a drill bit. I now have one made of plasticard entirely and then thickened the 'wings' I also did away with my initial attempt at rear resisters. I now have them at the correct OD and length. I went out and bought a black plastic tube. The inner wire is 1/16". I will use some armorture wire to get the insulated wire additions in due time as well. Just moving along like a snail; slowly but surely [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G390W using Tapatalk
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    Extremely!!! I had told him that I couldn't get the kit ordered until after the new year at the earliest, and not to expect anything until February/March. He had no idea that I was able to get it ordered and delivered before Christmas. (A huge thanks to Andrea over at RS Props for making it happen, too. The customer service over at RS has been consistently outstanding!)
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    Greetings, Troopers! After almost 2 years of nagging, I finally convinced my hubby to join the dark side in white armor. I surprised him with his very own set of BBBs from RS Props (a big one and a little one) on Christmas morning. Here's the moment of unwrapping. You all know the feeling. Now it's up to me to build it. And I'm super excited about this build because I won't really need to do much alteration to the plastic at all. At 5'10" and about 165 lbs, my husband is in the 'out-of-the-box trooper' size range. This thread will be pretty limited with regards to detail stuff (this is my fourth TK build, OMG!), but I wanted to share the bits and pieces of progress on this full-sized build anyways so I can get feedback when I need it. During the past few days, I've done some initial assembly with inner cover strips. Ooh. Ahhh. His compression garments arrived yesterday, so we're hoping to get time this weekend to do initial fitting of the limb parts. I would love to get moving on building his magnetic shins, but I can't until we get his boots for proper sizing. I'm on the lookout for a pair of TK Boots (not IB Boots) in size 12, so if anyone has a pair they'd like to part with (or has a lead), I'm your gal! TK Boots has told me they're currently out of stock, and unknown if they'll ever get more in.
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    Thanks Brian for the well wishes; I can always count on you for that [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G390W using Tapatalk
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    Wow!! Paul continues to improve on his BlastFX offering. I had asked for a rotary switch over a year ago...now it being available, thats very cool!! Sent from my SM-G390W using Tapatalk
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    Yes, the BlastFX kit is really awesome! My son couldn’t stop testing it. And the scope display looks fantastic, especially in your beautiful hollow scope kit Brian. As soon as I saw movies of that combination I was sold! And on top of that Paul is a great guy to deal with, very helpful. He even sent me the latest BlastFX version with functional rotary switch, which wasn’t available yet when I placed my order. Really cool! Thanks for the heads up! Fortunately I already noticed and screwed the rear sight in the correct position, leaving just enough room for the end cap to move. Thanks guys! Looking forward to completing this project. If only I had more spare time...
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    Yeah, the AP kit has identical arms- both have the dimple in the biceps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy New Year Troopers!!! Last month’s submissions to the Field Exercises was tremendous! It was great to see more new buckets sharing their holiday expeditions, making smiles, and warming the hearts in the season of giving. Even for me, the big ol’ jolly Santa Claus was starting to question his apparel with us having less screaming younglings and more hugs. This month we honour TK - 82214 Zac with his mic drop photo for St. Nick - never underestimate the power of the dark side big man.
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    We exist solely to infuriate you. *bows* What can I say - I wasn't willing to sacrifice the entire mount by drawing in false sanding lines in more artistic places. Alternate (also true) excuse: I'm really really bad at applying makeup.
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    Looks good but I’m confused why you made an ankle bracket instead of a belt? Oh wait never mind, that thing might fit my thigh. Damn you high metabolism people! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Haha!! THERE he is! Your gif game is much stronger than mine. And wow, I never thought about "low brow" being a double insult around here for Stunts... them's fightin' words, Matt! Last night I worked on my lens mounts. Figured out a way to hold the shop-vac tube near the Dremel so it sucked away all the dust before it got everywhere so it ended up being much cleaner work than expected. A bit of putty filling to do along the edges before a final sanding and painting (of the edges only) but I held a lens in there and it looks great so I'm excited!! The one thing is there won't be any ventilation around the eyes which is something I've seen mentioned with great importance placed on it. I could potentially cut little notches so only parts of the mount are flush with the lens, but I've also heard people with as many fans as I'm planning on having don't really have lens fogging issues. Plus, baby shampoo on lens solutions etc. Basically I'm not worried. But maybe I should be. Lens mount trimming process was - place mount on eye, scribble with sharpie on high points, sand down with flat front edge of Dremel sanding bit, repeat. ( @TheSwede I may have missed my chance to draw eyes on my untrimmed bucket, but I did get to give it eyelashes, so there! ) Here's a before and after with the other mount: I'd say they're coming along well. I also made my thigh garter belt last night - a stripped down part of the belt I bought from work to use as strapping. Speaking of which, I am loving this material! Making strapping for the kidney-butt connection with it and it's soo rigid. Today is Cousins' Day Out so no work will be done but I may sneak some in tonight. 'Til then, y'all!
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    You: This is not the build thread your looking for New FISD members: Your right it’s not your ab buttons are upside down. Come on guys let’s check out that Bud Spakler guy he seems to know everything, but I hear he’s a low brow TK stunt that uses binders, a com mic, and chatter when he troops. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk