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    Belt position looks good but the thigh strips need to be trimmed. Cookie box from Tokyo Disneyland.
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    Congratulations trooper and welcome to the EI ranks
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    Gluing cover strips on the biceps, one side at a time. I wanted a tight bond, so I got full coverage by using bar clamps and C-clamps AND magnets, haha. THE CLAAAAMPS. Blue tape on the inside keeps any glue from squishing out onto the clamps and is easily removable after cure time. Last one set to cure. Next step is the forearms. The thing that was holding me back from completing the forearms was the overall length. I was debating between trimming the wrist end more, or cutting the elbows out deeper. I think I can manange with a deeper elbow cut. That decision was holding me back from setting a final cover strip length. But I've made the decision, so now I can progress. Taping the inside of the forearm to keep it in place for gluing. Trying to keep the line at the wrist edge even. I taped a couple popsicle sticks together and then to the ends of my bar clamps. I put one of them on the wrong side, but it ended up working anyway XD. "Dry fit" testing out all the clamping gets good coverage before any glue gets involved. Inside view. This will be a little more difficult to get the magnets set correctly once I go to glue this other side. And glue in place and set to cure.
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    Painted them black and applied with E-6000....they came out PERFECT [emoji1419] !!! The other side... No more SNAGGING my balaclava !!! [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So after attending and handling a handful of troops with me, my wife quickly got the trooper bug. We went through some options and ultimately landed on the Legacy TK but she thought we'd have to wait for a bit to order her kit. I told her we could at least order her boots first, little did she know I had ordered the kit pretty much as soon as she firmly decided on a Legacy. The boots arrived quickly from Imperial Boots: And then the BBB surprise: We quickly dived into pretrimming the kit and I started on some finishing work on the helmet, for some reason I really enjoy starting builds with the helmet. Frown trimmed: And then eyes: Then I started with fitting the left ear. Following the guides/dimples in the helmet for the screw placement resulted in the lower screw landing in mostly dead space, like so: So I clamped the ear down and drilled a new hole that caught both sections of the helmet. And then trimmed off the excess ear piece: One ear down: The goal is to have this kit done for MegaCon at the end of May, so we'll see!
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    Hello all! It has been a while since I've been active over here, but I'm happy to be back. With a name like "stormtrooperguy" you can probably guess that I'm into stormtroopers. My first suit was an FX kit bought in 2004. I replaced the helmet within a couple of months with a GF2. Eventually I replaced the body with an AP kit, then an ATA after that. Eventually I added a second suit... the highly controversial Death Trooper aka Zombie Stormtrooper. I absolutely love this suit and wear it as often as I can (which is only 2 -3 times a year). My ANH stunt was starting to look as messed up as my zombie suit, so I converted it to a sand trooper. I'm hoping to pick up a new kit this year and get a shiny suit back in rotation. So here I am, ready to help out!
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    Hi Josh Thanks for your patience and for your application for EIB! CRL and EIB Application Requirements; All required photos have been submitted and on behalf of the entire D.O Staff Welcome to the rank of Expert Infantry. Congratulations! Armor Fit / Assembly; In this are we review observations made by your fellow troopers and DO team. Some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armor. Great job on taking the initiative and really jumping on on all of the suggestions from your fellow troopers who have made this journey before, from cleaning up the paint from the frown down and adding some white to the Hovi tips. And like Sha Sha has stated, you being my first application I was probably a little to thorough but that should give you a head start with Centurion. if you choose to take it to that level.  Chest & Ab Section Really clean build, I like to measure a build with what the public doesn't see and the interior of your midsection really shines through, I like the way you did the interior strapping with combining the original bracket style with the security of some snaps. And the before and after photo of the button detail on the abs shows what a difference maybe an ⅛ of an inch can make. And nice job on taking your fellow troopers advice on the drop boxes. The last thing I would suggest is your left forearm is a bit long or your bicep could come up a bit so it’s not touching the hand plates While this won’t hold you back, it looks as if your shins could have a little tighter / more taper to them. Take a look at the attached photo and you can see the difference and it will really take your kit looking like you just walked off the screen. Centurion Requirements; In this section we prepare you for Centurion. Because Centurion photos show more detail than EIB, items pertaining to Centurion might be seen here and not here and additional photos may be required. We try to point out all that we can see, but the final accuracy is the responibility of the trooper. Helmet; The lower screws in your helmet will need to be changed out to a flat head style screw pictured below. (This is a common issue with Anovos Helmets) Ear screws shall be slotted, flat topped, countersunk and painted white. Shoulders; This should be a quick fix, looking at your white shoulder strapping it looks as if you have the snaps attached towards the outside edge. Attaching them on the opposite sides should take care of this. you can also cut the return edge shown as well and that should take care of it. (I would do one at a time and check the fit) There should be a minimal gap between the shoulder armor and the chest/back plates. Congratulations Trooper & Hope to see you move to Centurion!
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    Hello Joseph, Research is the key. And you have come to the right place for just that! Welcome to FISD!
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    It was but its correct Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Since the video section of Flickr is still not accepting new video's, here's a YouTube link instead: Fortunately everything survived the build-in process! Cheers
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    There's a big difference, actually. While the principle of using nylon webbing may sound more practical, it gives zero stretch and limits your movement in armour. Not only that, the zero stretch means it will pop your snaps or crack your armour when you move around too much. I know some people use webbing exclusively but I would strongly advise against it and use elastic instead. If you use quality elastic it will last a long time and if you have to swap it out eventually, so be it.
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    Congratulations on your new TK ANH approval. Well done, next is EIB and Centurion
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    Happy St. Phasma’s/Patrick’s Day You fierce Lads and Lasses! ~May the sun shine warm on your bucket! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nice work trooper, Imgur is the way to go with posting photos, once you upload just copy the "direct link" straight into your post. Just a couple of things to really make your build stand out: Could bring your forearms up a little, they are touching your handguards. Ridges on forearms not matching, rotate the right arm to match the left. Shoulder bells could come in more at the top, reduce the strapping length. Adjust position of shoulder straps at the back so they are aligned better to back plate. Thigh cover strips should stop before the lower ridge. Drop boxes should align with the end of the plastic belt, you may need to add a dap of glue to the straps to help them stay in the same position. Ab button paint could be a little smaller, the smaller ab plate could be trimmed a little more, also the plates do not have rounded corners There are also a few images the DO's will want to see which I don't see in your application (perhaps they are in the links) Blaster both sides and D ring Thigh strip rivets, inside and out. Sniper plate from front and directly side on to show sniper plate to shin alignment. Butt/cod rivet/snaps. TD screws (and should be "pan head") S trim Green lenses Helmet screws top and bottoms. A few tweaks and I'm sure you will be fine, good luck
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    Hi Josh! Thanks for making all of these changes, but they aren't actually required for EIB approval. (Although your armor looks great!) Mike was super eager to jump into reviews but hasn't yet been familiarized with our process. We will get this sorted out. Thanks, Sha Sha
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    Hey Dawn, thank you for the detailed update and your teams Bio's. We know Mr Brager well Looking forward to seeing your CRL improvements and guides over the next few months.
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    UPDATE: I took the necessary steps to secure my website by creating and activating an SSL Certificate provided by my host server company. From now on, when you log into www.imperialissue.com you'll now see it's preceded with "https://" not "http://" Your browser will also indicate the site is secure. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Rob "TKittell" Kittell
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    Apologies for the lack of progress. last few months have been all work and no play. But I'll be back to it soon .
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    Weekend update... Boots complete! Pop-rivets that were long enough to go through all three thicknesses of leather, so holster complete! And work tentatively begins on the helmet - teeth and eyes filed out... (That was a bit nerve-wracking - knowing when to stop/how far I dare go...) Going to concentrate now on finishing the helmet before I start trying to tailor all the rest of the parts. (And in other news, Doopydoos resin kit arrived, so that's another project now!)
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    I wear my grappling hook box in lieu of a TD (in the center of the back), but always wondered why a TK stationed on the Death Star actually needed one, lol.
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    Wowowowz! So much feedback already Thank you all so very much. I absolutely appreciate it! I am very thrilled to have read each and every comment on here. You know, I think I'm gonna do it. I'm about maybe 5'6 (at very least) naturally or 5'7ish (at very most), somewhere near there, but in gear, and with brief shoe mods, I'm assuming I'd be 5'8 or 9ish in the coustume. You see, I've always been the type that really gets into the cosplay / character...I suppose you could say I'm somewhat of a "method actor", in a sense. I would not go for a character, if I felt was totally out of my reach to pull off "appropriately". I'd go for a character that was possible, in my opinion, that could potentially work. And it has seemed most of the Star Wars characters were outta my reach, in regards to height :/ So, I have always felt concerned with that... I didn't want to feel odd, you know? But perhaps I'm kinda overthinking it somewhat a little too much, and might actually blend in well quite nicely. I feared the thought of having to trim armor (would prefer not do myself, so I can stay safe), and possibly not being completely happy in the final outcome on how it looks on me, after investing a lot in. Might as well try, right? Settle it once and for all, rather than to wonder. But I've noticed there's a slight few stormtroopers that seem to appear shorter, compared to most in the films...plus Luke Skywalker was a stormtrooper...well, sorta...briefly...haha so I'd use his height as refference, too. Anyways, think this might be the forum for me. I have been on 3 others, but, jeez, this is by far the most feedback I've gotten, so far, and it is encouraging. I am, in fact, *NEW* here, but I've always been procastinating on the thought of becoming a stormtrooper... and so finally I have joined this forum...despite the procastinating thoughts that has transpired. I have been invited into my Garrison since early of 2017, and couldn't really pinpoint on a coustume. I'd start builds, and then reconsider...but this year...this year (2019) is the year I officially want to become a full 501st Legion member! So hopefully that will happen I will be posting more topics, and reading here quite often. Feel free to be my friend. I am wanting to have a build that is very accurate, but also ready to go with my measurements, rather, I don't want to build from scratch, because I don't want to ruin anything, and would love to get approved ASAP. I'm thinking Stunt or Hero Stormtrooper, and currently eyeing RS prop masters. What are some alternatives, that can offer me ready to go armor? What do you recommend for someone that is like me? Thanks, again...I really do appreciate it.
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