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    Hi everyone, So, after a long time of thinking about it, I finally went ahead and ordered an HDPE helmet from DA PROPS (UK). The kit was delivered in good time and included all the the parts required for the build. As many of you might know, I’m a little particular with OTTKs and requested this to be supplied in-trimmed. As below, where the back section meets the tubes on the face plate, the lower edges were quite flared. After a rough trim and trial positioning I knew that I didn’t want to cut the flares off so I used heat to correct them. I’ve made a start on the eyes, using various screen used helmet pictures for reference. Whilst I’m not looking to emulate a specific Stunt trooper from ANH, I really want to capture the feel of the originals. In that light, I hand cut the eyes with a Stanley knife, periodically comparing (split screen using LiveCollage) to screen used helmets. Starting small and slowly taking more and more away. More to come soon.... :-)
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    Congratulations Dan!!!!!! Welcome to the ranks and I hope to get to troop with you soon! Wish you all the best!!!! So happy you crossed the finish line and now can enjoy being a 501st trooper.
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    Better but I would lower it just a bit, that brow that is
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    Congratulations Jason welcome to Expert Infantry, fantastic job
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    This stuff looks great! Love the soda/Thermal Detonator tub! I've been designing a few things *inspired* by Galaxy's Edge as well, cause after being there, it's just full of cool design choices!! I know they created the font they used specifically for Batuu, but man, I hope either they end up making it available or at least if we can find all the letters/numbers through menus/cards/pics to make our own, cause I WANT to use that font!
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