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  1. Thanks for all the recommendations! I am considering them, but I'm kind of a "material" person and choosing between resin, plastic or metal, I would almost always choose the metal. I don't mind the weight, as far as right now, so I'd like something that provides the real steel feel. Besides weight, screen accuracy, cost and support for good vendors, is there any reason I wouldn't want to choose the eBay aluminum replicas? They look pretty good, but I can't seem to find any review of them, positive or negative, only people that have purchased some M38A2s here on the forum. I guess a polymer/resin scope would also be easier to mod due to soft material. Not trying to stir any pots, just want to have some cake and eat it too.
  2. All I saw were the electronics for the display, I was wondering about the entire scope so I would just detach my current one. I was thinking about something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/E11-blaster-M38-Tank-Telescope-1942-Scope-Replica-KIT/122795049049?epid=881057613&hash=item1c9727c059:g:TYcAAOSwIVhaAHe3
  3. Anyone know of any good m38 scope replicas? Just got done here at SWC2019 and I'm going to "double our efforts" in preparation for 2020! I was thinking about the kit from eBay for 100-150, but I haven't seen many reviews about it. I do want something functioning
  4. Do you guys know if the approvers will care that the scope opening is at the 12'oclock position rather than the 6'oclock position? I believe the reason for this inaccuracy was done because this replica comes with a working 3.5x magnification scope, and in order to maintain a level plane for the scope housing, they had to shift the relief upwards. I can make the modification by dissecting the front of the scope and re-affixing it with a 180 degree rotation; however, it'd ruin the sight picture
  5. @justjoseph63 as always! Much appreciated solid post joseph! Unless someone knows another place, it looks like i'll be ordering a pack from the seller you linked. I think the 2 details in addition to the T-tracks are the extractor on bolt detail and serrations on the rear sight. It doesn't seem to be listed as a requirement, but seems easy enough to do for better accuracy.
  6. Charging handle removed with 3 screws! I'll just sand and repaint the correct color, easy-peezey! Keep throwing suggestions my way boys (and girls)!
  7. Yea, i'm already experimenting with concepts to move it forward. Good thing there's already a screw hole drilled, just need to add the stabilizer hole, extend some screws and I should be good with that. Definitely need to un-silver the charging handle/bolt.
  8. welp! good thing we have the experts here I don't think the counter is anything passable, it's just printed on. Would you happen to have a link to centurion requirements for the blaster?
  9. Hey Happy Holidays guys! I'm not dead! Moving was kind of a big deal and didn't have the time to get settled in enough to get back to work. The suit is right next to my computer, which I spend 16 hours a day at! Need to get back into the groove! Hopefully getting this addition will boost my morale! I got a nice addition to the suit, I picked up an E11! This is an airsoft replica, I haven't done the search yet, but I'm hoping there isn't too much to mod to this blaster for Centurion.
  10. I like the Chicago screws idea, thanks! Just got back from BM, a little R&R, then time to get back to the TK!
  11. Yea, I joined the ANOVOS FB build group and it was not what I had expected, nor what I want to be a part of. (Actually they're not that bad, I only saw a couple of posts with mediocrity, but they have the right intention of following your guide). I had no idea the amount of detail and craftsmanship required to build one when I initially purchased the kit; only after I received it in the mail and found your thread, I understood the dedication and skill required to do it right. I do consider myself a bit of a snob when it comes to legitimacy, and couldn't picture myself building this suit half mule. Thank you and all for keeping the artistry and craftsmanship alive in the empire!
  12. Has there been an influx of poorly assembled/put together TK suits?
  13. Oh! Ok, I bought some double sided rivets for the thigh ammo belt. I was actually referring to the pop rivets, also used on the belt ammo (dangling ones). Is there any benefit to using either?
  14. Finally hand some time and space to use the dremel and the engraving bits... One button was extremely stubborn... i couldn't get the bit to angle enough around the outer rim and ultimately had to make some clearance... resulted in some damage. Guess i'll be ABS pasting this as well! Question about belts. I see a lot of rivet usage - is there any reason to use a permanent method like that? I don't have a riveter yet, would snaps work to mount the ammo pack? Is there any functional/approval behind it besides for screen accuracy?
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