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    I have been stripped of my DMBO title along with my legion membership, without any sort of hearing. I have been blocked from joining our garrison public forum as well as my wife. When The chips were down, I suspected what my GCO would say and he did't let me down! Everything I am doing to bring you your orders is on my stormtrooper honor . I'm still one of you no matter what anyone says.
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    As many of you know, the 501st elections have come to a close. The FISD membership has spoken. Congratulations to our 2018 FISD Detachment Leader Paul (Daetrin)!!!!
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    Greetings, troopers of the FISD! I am posting this to let all our customers know that I am doing everything in my power to satisfy all orders. If you have any questions please feel free to email me me at tk4205@gmail.com My apologies that this run did not go as intended. If you have ordered a Phasma coin, please stand BY - they are shipping tomorrow, 4/9/18 Hopefully patches will arrive this week for processing as well. IF ANYONE IS EVER UNHAPPY WITH ANY ORDER , PLEASE RETURN IT FOR A FULL REFUND .
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    In the interest of fairness, and what I personally feel should be common sense, I am going to add a point to this discussion for consideration of anyone who has, or will, purchase merchandise from any subgroup of the Legion. When the seller/MBO offers you the option of a full refund if you are not satisfied with it, there is an expectation that you are going to return that merchandise to the seller/MBO if you request a refund. Either you are satisfied with your purchase, in which case you keep it, or you are not satisfied with it, in which case you request a refund and return it. Additionally, the fact that merchandise that you purchased may later be given away as a prize is a possibility. You are not entitled to a refund because someone else somehow received the same item for free later. Please, as a Legion member, exercise some common sense and human decency if you are not satisfied with any merchandise purchase you make through the Legion. The sellers are your fellow Troopers in all but the most rare of circumstances, and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, just as you yourself expect to be treated.
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    OK, future Troopers, many of you have asked about how to set snaps for your armor connections, so I thought I'd whip up a little tutorial. Please note that the example that I am making is based on using the "double snap" connection system (see last photo). I highly recommend this method, especially on the back/kidney, kidney/butt, and ab/kidney connections, as it provides an extra layer of confidence. Yes, it costs a bit more to do due to the extra snaps involved, but you can be sure that no matter what happens, you will NEVER have a piece come loose or fall off on a troop. Also, this is the method I swear by. Many may have used others, but after countless troops I have experienced no problems. So here we go............ Materials needed: 1. Hammer 2. Soldering (woodburning) iron. (Available at home improvement and craft stores. WELL worth the $10-$12.00 investment). NOTE: The tip of this thing gets CRAZY hot, so be very careful where you set it. Many come with multiple tips, but I suggest the pointed one. 3. Snap setting kit. (Available at all craft stores). Please note that I am showing both sides of the base... more on that later. Convex side Concave side 4. For this purpose, I am using 2 inch (5cm) wide black nylon and 1 inch (2cm) black nylon. The 1 inch wide part will be attached directly to your armor. I suggest using E-6000 glue and clamps for this. 5. Snaps, of course! Don't "cheap-out" when buying these. The cheap ones come undone very easily and are garbage. For this tutorial, I am labeling the 4 parts as such: STEP ONE Cut the 2 inch strapping to about 4 inches long or thereabouts. Cut the 1 inch nylon into 2 inch lengths as seen below. The ends will be a bit ragged and will fray. Use the soldering tool to seal them. Again, using the soldering gun, make 4 holes in the 2 inch wide nylon as seen below. Be careful not to make them too large (just larger than the shaft of the snap base) or the snap may eventually pull out. Take one of the 1 inch wide nylon pieces and slide it up under one end of the 2 inch wide piece, even with the end. Once it is lined up, use the soldering iron to make holes in the 1 inch wide piece. This will assure that the holes for the snaps line up correctly. (VERY important)! You should end up with this: Repeat for other side, but be sure not to get the sides mixed up, as one set of holes may be wider. Insert one of the male bases into one of the holes in the 2 inch wide piece. Flip it over and place one of the male snaps on the post. Place the base in the concave side of the snap setting kit base. Place the striking rod in the center (straight up and down) and strike it several times firmly with the hammer. The inside shaft should be sufficiently widened to keep the top from coming off. There... your snap is set! NOTE: Do not attempt to do this step on a regular table. You need a hard surface, and a heavy duty workbench or concrete surface works best. Repeat this step for the remaining 3 holes. Now onto the 1 inch wide strips.. Insert one of the female bases into one of the holes, then (as above) place one of the female snaps on top. Place the female snap base into the convex side of the snap setting base. Again, using the striking rod, give it a few good whacks. (Getting the hang of this now)? This is what you should have at this point (only one end shown) CONGRATULATIONS, you have one strap completed! Now that you realize how easy this is and have it down to a science, repeat as necessary. NOTES 1. For added security, the double snap system can be applied to other areas as well, including shoulder bridge attachments and bicep to shoulder bridge, (example below) This is especially good for those who wear packs (HWT, Sandie, Spacetrooper). 2. Snaps set in elastic (as seen above) can pull out over time with repeated use. I recommend doubling the elastic over before attaching the snaps. 3. Be sure to use the female base on all the straps that will be glued to your armor. The reason being is that the bottoms are flat, insuring a tight seal. 4. Some folks set the female snaps in ABS instead of nylon when gluing them to the armor. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it's just a different way of accomplishing the same goal. The reason I use nylon is that I find it conforms to the curved parts of the armor better, and gives a larger surface area for the glue to adhere to. 5. Some use CA (super) glue to attach the 1 inch nylon to their armor. I have found that it can get brittle and break off or even cause warping on ABS due to the heat it puts off while drying. E-6000 needs to be clamped and takes more time, but trust me, it's worth the wait. 6. When gluing the 1 inch nylon to your armor, do NOT keep the 2 inch wide nylon attached with the snaps. Some of the glue may seep through the hole in the snap and glue the whole connection together. Not a good thing. If you should have any questions, just ask here or PM me, and best of luck on your build! Photo 1 (Double snap system.. note clamps). SHOUT OUTS: Gary jr. ( @flashpoint0214 ) The guy who introduced me to the double snap system! Jeremy (Copper) who supplied the nice clean photo of the double snap system.
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    Eric @Tolo has been with FISD a long time, including stints as DCOG and most recently as DXO. As things happen, Eric's personal life has changed for a positive for him, but for us it meant that he couldn't do what he needed and stay on as DXO. Eric - Thank You! for all you've done for FISD and we wish you the best. Fortunately on FISD, we believe in staff development, e.g. taking on new people to staff roles, and then grooming them for higher office, either here on FISD or elsewhere in the Legion. Many former FISD staff have gone on to be GCO/GXOs, SLs, and DLs. Continuing in that fine tradition, Andrew @Sly11 has graciously agreed to step up in to the XO role. Many of you know him from his solid work as a Deployment Officer, which he as rocked. Please join me in congratulating Andrew for a promotion well deserved. With unquestioned loyalty, TK-8020 "Daetrin"
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    I gotta' say that being a Stormtrooper has given me experiences that will last a lifetime.... being on stage with "Weird" Al Yancovic, trooping at Disney on many occasions, meeting Brian Muir (the guy who designed the original OT armor) and meeting hundreds of Troopers at Celebration Orlando last year. I started this whole thing a bit late in life, but I'm definitely making up for lost time, lol. That's me standing behind the banner (center) along with a few friends.
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    And with that - goal achieved! Thanks everyone - this is a huge relief for me and the web team.
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    Hi all, I’m so pleased to share a few pics of my first official troop. On Saturday 17th March 2018, I was inducted into the 501st UK Garrison. The event was MCM Comic Con Birmingham, UK. After spending the morning learning the ropes of spotting for other costumers, I kitted-up around 12:30 for my branding and induction photos. Then, my first march.... We were lead to an empty hall in the exhibition centre to form up our 250 odd costumers, then paraded through the whole of the adjacent Photography Show UK, then back through Comic Con. What a way to take your first official steps as a TK!!! The highlight for me HAD to be me and 4 other TKs marching with Lord Vader through the Con, back to the Photography Show for a photo shoot. I’m on the far left. I don’t think I’ve ever met such a lovely bunch of people. They truly are a family and one that I’m immensely proud to have been welcomed into. :-) Anyway, I’m sure this will be the first of many and I can’t wait for the next one. And here’s a video taken by a member of the public on the day (I’m the 5th TK to pass the camera). What a stunning range of costumes!! Until the next update, thanks for now. :-) Dan
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    Could I add a suggestion to your great info piece? When making magnet sachets, it's a really good idea to make sure that you've got polarity-correct pairs. An easy way to help identify magnet pairs is to assemble them using fabric with high-contrast colors. Kind of like this:
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    I wanna play. I'm Steve and I am from the Empire City Garrison. I've been a member of the 501st since 2014. I have always wanted to be a stormtrooper since I was a kid. Finally I started to get serious around 2011 and found the FISD. I did some research and realized how expensive this hobby was so I decided to step away after a few months. I finally made my way back in 2013 and decided it was time. Like many of you it was a very exciting time but also very stressful. I was always wondering if I had what it takes to build a set of armor. I powered through it and haven't looked back. I now have 5 costumes built and am currently working on an ESB vader. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from my time as a member: 1ST TROOP: CELEBRATION ORLAND ECG: CELEBRATION FISD STAFF PHOTO: I'll also leave this link here. This is a little "about me" story that is posted on the ECG blog: https://501ecg.wordpress.com/2017/06/14/why-we-troop-tk-10466/ Steve Sheades TK-10466
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    Hi again, folks. I’m Dan. Proud member of the 501st UK Garrison. Thoroughly looking forward to May for the London Comic Con event. This’ll be my biggest event to date. Love the FISD, 501st and UKG community due to the many lovely people I’ve encountered so far. Here’s a coupe of my favourite pics of me in my RWA kit. Best wishes, Dan
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    Oh I am not the creator. You are! i am a simple sword maker. You are the Samurai !
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    Hey everyone, as most of you have probably noticed the boards were upgraded last year, and now some of the old assets look outdated (or outright broken). We also can't find the source files for a lot of them, so long story short, I've been tasked by Paul (Daetrin) with doing a refresh on the various icons/awards/etcetera peppering the boards. This thread is to serve as a PSA as well as for gathering feedback from the membership. I have two goals in mind with this refresh : 1. Hi-Res assets - with the explosion of super-high PPI displays we want to future-proof by creating any new art at higher resolution (this also opens the door to potential print and other uses down the road). 2. Streamlining/Consistency - All of the art has been made over the course of several years by multiple people, so what exists right now isn't as consistent as it could be. I'll do my best to get everything to 'gel' together better. Where possible, I will show the new images in regular and 2X (hi-res) versions. Before I dive in, a brief detour into some of the consistency stuff, namely color... there has been an attempt to clean up the "color coding" going on with user ranks and the various awards and other art that tie into them. Here's a brief run-down of the colors I'm using and where they come from: (I may eventually go through the effort of converting these over to Pantone colors, but it's a lot of work so this will suffice for now.) User Rank Images These are the first thing I will be tackling, and the new (proposed) art addresses a few issues. The "classic" FISD logo has been replaced with a (revised) beret flash, AKA the simplified shield logo. This has the benefit of looking better at smaller resolutions as well as being more OT/FO TK agnostic (no helmet!) - a goal of the detachment this year is to make FO TK's feel more at home so I'll be doing my best to help where possible. I am also switching to the same font used in the forum header (logo) for consistency. These are the proposed user title graphics - there is now a "Guest" title which we may or may not use, but completes the set of user groups in current use: Service/Achievement Ribbons (Part I) Much like the user titles, we can't find the original files and they had to be re-drawn. The current ones are ever-so-slightly off-center, which I will be fixing: First off, I'm proposing some slight color tweaks to the ribbon colors themselves in the interest of consistency: The Achievement Award Ribbon's center blue strip has been adjusted to match the "official" FISD blue (it also stands out better on the dark gray forum background): The Service Award Ribbon's center lilac strip has been changed to the staff "burple", this way both Admins (Red) and Staff ("Burple") are represented: The ribbons have been redrawn at high res, and the stars have been redone to match the new user titles: Next up will be tackling the other two ribbons (Master Armorer and Attaché Achievement)... stay tuned.
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    It’s not every day that we get to celebrate a century, but today is that day. Matthew (Mworm1974) TK-11874 is our 800th Legion member to achieve Expert Infantryman status. Please join me in congratulating the 100 troopers who put in the extra effort and time to take their costumes to a higher bar of accuracy and excellence. Well done you! :pint1:
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    One more piece to the E11 puzzle.. the trigger guard.. stamping look great now i can move forward completing the frame.
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    One of our new members is a student at Algonquin College which lead his teacher to reach out to us to pose for some life drawing! Photos by Mark Templeton.
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    Hey FISD! This is Mike, from the New England Garrison. I am a bigger fan of the more infrequent Stormtrooper armors seen in Star Wars lore, so you'll probably never see me in the clean (however iconic) white armor. I've been lurking around on the forums since 2013, and finally got my zombie Death Trooper approved on January 2016. It's not the ideal primary trooping costume, so I have added a Spec Ops Magma Trooper which cleared in February 2017. I am currently finishing up a Shadow Stormtrooper from The Force Unleashed video game which should be done by this May 4th!
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    Hi I'm Chris, from just North of London in the UK. I first met the UKG back in 2005 at a work function but it wasn't until 2015 that I did much about it. A combination of timing and luck after seeing the TESTED videos previewing the Anovos kits. I ended up being the first Anovos kit cleared into the UKG, and was cleared all the way to Centurion. I also was one of the more popular photos on their instagram feed. Have dabbled with several other SW builds, I have "half" a TIE and "half" a Shoretrooper (including a cast from screen used part) in a box somewhere! Most of my recent time has been invested in a screen accurate Lucius Malfoy OOTP Death Eater costume for the non Star Wars wing of the UKG: Reel Icons.
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    Hello again! I’m Frank, I’m located right outside Philadelphia Pa in the US and am a Garrison Carida member. With 1 troop in I’m having a blast. I proudly wear my AM TK and love the bright white. Currently I have made the purchase of a used Biker Scout so soon enough I’ll be a TB, from there I’m not sure what’s I’ll do for my third. FISD has been a huge help to me and hopefully I can continue to pay it forward with what knowledge I’ve gained. I will say I’m a member in multiple detachments and this is by far the best. Everyone is active and like an internet family, I’ve already made a friend through here. Don’t have any pics of me trooping yet but here is my recent trading card. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I didn't know where else to put this, but I just wanted to show off my newest wall decoration! I liked my Centurion certificate so much, I engraved it into wood so it would look like a plaque. Its so awesome!
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    Tubes are getting clean up and prep for ano....... so close now
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    Hi all, After posting on other threads, I’ve had a few PMs regarding what I used to line the interior of my RWA TK lid. So, here we go... [emoji4] I take no credit for the idea - I saw a fellow UK Garrison member (CTID here on FISD) using this method and really liked the results. So, the main lining is Black A4 Size Eva Self Adhesive Foam Sheets. They can be easily cut to size, easy to adhere and give a really nice finish. Another thing I really like about this method is that you can use existing or additions strips of this foam to conceal internal wiring. From the outside, especially lower angles (child view), there is no internal white on show. The fan system is self built. The 5v blower fans are powered by a cylindrical Anker powerbank which fits nicely in the “cheek/tube”. Individual switches allow for flexibility. Any questions, do let me know. Best wishes, Dan
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    For anyone wondering what the various logos, bars, and titles to the left of posts is all about, this is the thread for you! User Ranks Found above the avatar, rank is determined either by post count or other criteria: Private: 0-24 posts Corporal: 25-49 posts Sergeant: 50-99 posts Lieutenant: 100-149 posts Captain: 150-199 posts Major: 250-499 posts Colonel: 500-999 posts Commander: 1000-1499 posts General: 1500-1999 posts Field Marshall: 2000-2999 posts Grand Moff: 3000+ posts Expert Infantry: Users who have received an EIB Award Centurion: Users who have been granted Centurion Status There are also special ranks given to Command Staff and Extended Staff, such as Detachment Leader, Deployment Officer, Combat Photographer, Hall of Fame Curator, etc. Achievement and Service Awards The FISD Achievement Award is granted for exemplary service to, or outstanding achievement for, FISD. Tradition holds that persons currently serving on staff cannot be granted Achievement Medals (or else it can become too self-serving). Thus, if you see a staff member with an Achievement Medal, they've all earned them prior to joining staff. To date only two people have ever earned a second medal, and no one has ever earned a third. Award Levels FISD Achievement Award (1st Award) FISD Achievement Award (2nd Award) ... FISD Achievement Award (6th Award) (and so on) The FISD Service Award is granted to recognize the contributions of Command Staff for their commitment to keeping the detachment running. Each award represents a full year of service. Additional awards are denoted by a star (1 Gold Star = 5 Silver Stars, 1 Silver Star = 5 Bronze Stars, etc.). A frame denotes fifteen years of service, with additional stars for further years. Award Levels FISD Service Award (1st Award) FISD Service Award (2nd Award) ... FISD Service Award (9th Award) FISD Service Award (10th Award) ... FISD Service Award (16th Award) (and so on) 3D Contributor Award This program, as with others, is an optional Detachment-only award incentive. It recognizes members who have gone above and beyond in contributing to our 3D forum section. The Silver award can be earned numerous times over the years. The Gold award is given to those that have contributed at such an astounding level that it is deemed appropriate. All awards are given at the discretion of Command Staff. Award Levels Silver 3D Contributor Award Gold 3D Contributor Award For more information please refer to this thread. Attaché Outstanding Achievement Award This award is bestowed to those who consistently exemplify the meaning of an Imperial Attaché and have gone above-and-beyond in helping their fellow troopers for at least one full year: For more information and a list of recipients please refer to this thread. FISD Master Armorer The FISD Master Armorer program is an optional, detachment only incentive award to recognize individuals who have directly helped another 501st stormtrooper to achieve Expert Infantry status. Some people spend countless hours helping others, and want to reward their results as well as incentivizing new people to help as well. Award Levels FISD Armorer (5+ "wins") FISD Senior Armorer (15+ "wins") FISD Master Armorer (25+ "wins") Centurion Badge These are awarded to those who have reached the highest levels of costume approval for FISD. These are awarded only once, to the person, regardless of costumes: Expert Infantry Badge (EIB) These are awarded per costume, thus a person can have more than one EIB award. Stars (like the awards above) indicate multiple awards, and appear above the EI badge (1 Blue Star = 5 Gold Stars, 1 Gold Star = 5 Silver Stars). Award Levels Expert Infantry Badge (1st Award) Expert Infantry Badge (2nd Award) Expert Infantry Badge (3rd Award) ... Expert Infantry Badge (6th Award) ... Expert Infantry Badge (12th Award) (and so on) For more information on the Expert Infantry and Centurion programs, please refer to this thread. EIB and Centurion requirements can be found in the corresponding costume CRLs (as Level 2 and 3), additional information on how to apply is available here for EIB and here for Centurion.