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  1. So, the armor now has gold leaf. Last time clearcoat, then done. Helmet is also in printing, will be gold leafed too.
  2. So i cutted the upper sides of the abs plate, they are now not visible anymore. Anyways, i have a new plan for some parts: 1) new helmet: im not really happy with the shape and some details, so a friend is now printing a new one, a cooler one 2) i will make gold leaf over all gold parts, it just looks cooler than regular gold colour. And with a new helmet i have to do this anyways
  3. So, all hard parts except the abs plate are done, weathered and clear coated
  4. Would say its more gold than white also, the hot toy figures blaster has also a golden detail under the middle ring, that part is also black in some renders
  5. One thing: CRL for the blaster mentions a white grip. Isnt it golden aswell?
  6. Softparts are currently under re-do at a friends house: -Kama will be remade CRL-accurate, including all panels, belt and holster -fleece of the inside of the gloves will be removed -neckseal will get black cloth around, since its too short And i need to make the grip if the blaster accurate, with horizontal lines. And paint it.
  7. Tomorrow is big weathering day
  8. so would you recommand cutting this part away? and the plate at the back too?
  9. One thing, to me it looks like the border of the 3 front parts and the side panels has a more brighter red than the border of the rear parts. Rear parts border looks like the border is made out of the fabric itself
  10. Looks good to me. At our current status as we dont have any specific more informations for the skirt would go with that what you have written. Can be updated when we have more infos
  11. So the main belt and front parts are now definitely from leather, while the rest is fabric? And the borders from the front parts and diamond parts are a brighter red than the border of the rear section?
  12. Would agree with 2 panels. The question is just, how are these connected, overlap or a different method
  13. To me its not a full rear skirt. Picture below! It shows clear that both panels are seperate, and that the left panel is abouve the right Second pics shows for me that it really could be an extra panel above the two big rear panels. There is a clear line where the arrows are
  14. So you say its pleated above and is not an extra piece at the rear?
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