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Thank you Paul for being the FISD DL!


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Paul, thank you for your 5 years as DL.


Without you, the the face of the TK, would be very different.


Thank you for building and your dedication to the FISD.



To Paul!!!!!! :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute:






Now go have fun man!!!

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a big buckets off to Paul for making the FISD what it is today!!! it has been an honor serving under you. now go take a good nap, and just think,,, now that you are no longer DL the keyboard companies stock will plummet :P

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THX a lot bro... for all you have done (and will keep doing for sure) for us guys wanting to wear a white armor, even if it is dirty.


Cheers for those 5 years as DL!



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Thank you Paul for everything that you have done. Your efforts often go unrecognized and you have been able to get through all the tough times. Its been a honor to work with you and I hope we get to do it again some day! :)

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Though I'm still very new at all this (and I've known Paul for even less time) I have to give my sincere appreciation for all the incredible work Paul has put into the FISD, Garrison Titan and the Legion as a whole. Though I've not met him in person, I believe Paul has proven himself to be respectful, courteous, understanding and patient to an amazing degree.


As much as a newbie I am NOW, after lurking on the forums on and off for about a year, I was even more overwhelmed with all of the details and aspects to the 501st before Daetrin came along, gave me a virtual handshake and some guidance for starting out. He also helped out a close friend of mine who was also considering entering the Legion, and to this day, even though his personal life has put membership on hold for the moment, he still lets me know how impressed he is with the Legion, Garrison Titan and the FISD. Were it not for Daetrin's advice, it is possible my friend could have ended up being too overwhelmed with it all and just gave up. Thanks to him, it doesn't look like that'll happen, which is awesome!


Though it could be simply that the 501st Legion is a more respectful community than most, being made up of volunteers who really enjoy their work, I honestly didn't expect the man in charge, who I'd imagine to have far more work on his plate than most of us, to have such a kind spirit even when talking to the greenest recruits. It reflects very well on Paul's personality, and if it were possible for me to have known him longer I am certain my perspective on his character would not change. Hats off to you, sir! :salute:



I look forward to trooping someday with you, Paul. Thank you, again, for all you've done. Sorry if all the praise is over-the-top, I'm not that great at writing to-the-point. :laugh1:



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Bloody Hell! I must have had my head in the sand. I missed the announcement of your retirement Paul!


Thanks mate for all you support and help over the years. It's been a pleasure. :salute:


Without this place, help and support CFO wouldn't be here now......


Cheers buddy, you deserve a good rest!



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Thanks everyone. What made it all worthwhile is all of you. I created a framework and a place to hang out, but it's you the members that really provide the magic. No man is an island, though he may live one one.


I'm truly blessed with all the frienships I've made in this journey. And - let's not forget that Ed & Terrell each took a turn at the helm, though I was close by. There've been so many who've made FISD a true home for TK's.


My dream from the start was to have a place where the stormtrooper costume could be first and foremost - where we weren't the butt end of Legion quality, and where we could take pride in being the best costume ever to come out ot Star Wars (my opinion, at least). I'm glad that this dream has been achieved, and it's my sincerest hope that evermore all Legion stormtroopers find a home here.


Enjoy folks - I raise my glass to you in turn :pint1:

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