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  1. I am 4'11", but I'll do anything I can to fit in this!
  2. On that forearm, your sides are WAY to big. The cover strip is like 15mm, so you cut it back to about 7mm, then glue a 15mm strip over it. ATA writes the measurements in inches
  3. I guess I have to close my "Pacific Outpost Thread", I am now part of the MidSouth Garrison! Amazing group of troopers here! I traveled up to the Lexington Toy and Comic Con, it was amazing! I had no idea it would be that big! I was fortunate enough to run into the famous Fem Biker, Lindsay Shepard! She is also an amazing Slave Leia!
  4. That is how the Hasbros look...more than fine for basic approval. Nice job!
  5. lol, I loaded up on beach time before I left...have not been doing anything else! I also took some with my SWAG shirt! I put my FISD patch closest to my heart!
  6. Not exactly a costume, but we are planning a "blackmilk" clothing shoot at Conooga. I had my artoo swimsuit, but when they released the "trooper dress" I just had to get one instead! Of course, we know it is a TD, not a TK, so I call it the "move along" dress! Here is my test shoot!
  7. For rubber, you need the Gel Superglue...just like the hand plates. It should stick.
  8. Congrats Eric! Will be a great year for TK!
  9. Looks like Eric has it covered! The Hawaii girls are amazing!
  10. It was so hard leaving Hawaii...but it was for the best! I still hope to get a house here and a vacation condo there someday!
  11. Hawaii was really fun, I certainly loved the weather and the people. The plan was to stay in the Islands, but sometimes, fate jumps in and changes things up! My guy got a great offer with a Healthcare Company in Nashville, and they even paid the move, so time to transfer garrisons! It was a crazy trip, we shipped two cars to WA state and I drove my Mustang through the snow and over the mountains and made it to Nashville safely. We got are renting a great house for now, and plan to buy at the end of the lease. The Midsouth Garrison has been very welcoming! I look forward to trooping with them soon! Being in Nashville means I am much closer to the cons and shows, so I hope to get to meet more of you troopers soon! I plan on Conooga and Lexington Comic Con in March for sure. Of course, I am only four hours from Atalanta, so Dragon con is a must! Julie
  12. Oh wow, possible first Pacific Outpost Centurion! Could not be a nicer guy! I am cheering for you trooper!
  13. Hmm, my story is a bit different I guess. Growing up, and all through school, I was a science fiction geek. My dad was really into Star Wars and Star Trek...I'd watch all the movies and shows with him. I had my own Star Wars toys, which was considered out of the female gender sterotype at the time. I remmebr the boys in my neighborhood not letting me play video games because they were not for girls LOL. Still, I was not a tomboy at all... I'd just rather play Han Solo and Leia than Ken and Barbie. College and beyond was not much of a social life....I was shy and awkward, a bit overweight, frizzy hair and big glasses Rather than going out, I'd stay home and read books....I guess it was one of my roommates who triggered the makeover for me...she got me into fitness, eating right and working out. As I got in better shape I wanted to get nicer outfits, and then went blonde, got contacts, makeup, all of that....I got a job as a Hooters girl and really worked to overcome my shyness. (Those who have met me will tell you I am much more reserved and quiet in person than I am here) With that, my social life improved too So now, I guess I am not recognized as a geek because of my look, but I still enjoy video games and sci fi, i still read alot, and love all you Star Wars guys and girls. I would still consider myself a geek though! Julie
  14. Man, I just realized that webshots shut down and all my early shots are not here anymore
  15. I did WoW, and dabbled with SWTOR a bit when it first came out...I am pretty much just farmville and cafe world on facebook right now LOL!
  16. Thank you for the post. I am just at a loss for words, and you said it quite well.
  17. LOL, all true story, I was there. All though you left out some of the late night photos
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