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  1. I am interested in getting some FISD trading cards please and thanks ,I am already awaiting my series 6  501st legion cards. so If we can do this too . Thank you so much .

  2. Is there anyway to make it so a PM or post shows us who the member is with the real names, like the legion boards do? I get so many messages asking about money and this and that and 99% of the time I have to know a name, not a forum name. IM going crazy having to bounce around and search out a forum post to find out who they are so I can go find out what they have and so on.
  3. i use velcro on the back side of my boots but it does the same thing. Mine is not AP but the T/MC armor, basically the same armor as AP.
  4. I think the drop boxed could be moved in a little so they align with the front edge of the outside box on the belt.
  5. We know that some members have cut them shorter. Meaning cutting off one of the many boxes running down the side. members under 5'5" would surely have to trim theirs down. But yes, photos of your problem will help greatly in insuring what you need is done right.
  6. Sorry, found it in the actual CRL. Look harder next time Tray.
  7. Is there a color associated with the lightsaber they carry? Is it blue? Is it red?
  8. Once you get access to the Trading Card section read the pinned topic "How to order" first. It has all the info for you. After you read that and are ready to submit your info go ahead and open the submission thread and post your info. I'll do your proof. You'll ask for changes or approve and pay. And then cards are sent to you. 2 options are best for International members. 1. Order 2500 and make use of the shipping cost and cost for cards. 2. Two members each order 1000 cards from one garrison and split the cost of the shipping. Easy peasy. Kids love cards!
  9. Notice the belt has the smaller boxes in the front and it's wide above the drop boxes. The adjusted photo shows two colors on the ab dots. Looks like a strap from the chest to back on the sides under the arm
  10. just take a wide strip of plastic and glue it along the inside between the two pieces. Maybe 2" wide by the length so you have 1" of glue per side to insure proper hold. This should do a good job of fusing them together. You'll need to insure clean edges. straight lines and then you can paint it afterwards.
  11. I've heard nothing but great things about the soft good. As for wait time, most places have a wait time. Nothing new there. Plastic is terrible really. Like stated earlier, the TFA has a lot of orange peel. Hopefully that's just because they know people have to paint the TFA armor. If the TK's are that orange peel this will show everyone that a $350 ANOVOS kit is a B-grade kit.
  12. Regardless of being Disney, Hasbro or Star Tours, this should cost $20 and $7 for the paint. So this is ridiculously expensive. There are a lot better options than this one. Keep searching friend. They are a dime a dozen at most stores.
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