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  1. Hello everyone, Been a busy August so far, I recently got married to a beautiful and wonderful woman. Not only is she awesome but is totally involved in the 501st. she has an approved officer and now is working on her Imperial Knight build and my daughter is also in the Galactic Academy as a Sith Acolyte and Jawa. It was a great day for a wedding, the weather was perfect. We did not want the wedding to be formal and had everyone come in costume or whatever they felt comfortable wearing, shorts, flipflops, and costumes. We wanted it to be more of a party then a stuffy event. I wore my Lord Adrass build and lent my TKCommander to a friend to wear for the wedding. It was a Fairytale meets Empire wedding.
  2. Sorry for the typos, stupid touch screens. Lol
  3. Bondservnt, there is a link above for (Great Lakes Skipper) it's a marine supply store. It's been awhile since I ordered any edging from them for my TKC. But I believe the item I used was "Bayliner 1733532 white 3/16 boat U molding." The stocking number is 1016902 and runs .75 per foot. You can go to the sight and put in (edge molding) and it will brung up several types, I know I used Bayliner. I would have sent links but on my phone.
  4. Hello all, been busy getting my Sith together, it's done and ready for approval. Some pics with Commander Blitz, who is our very own TK Soldermaster with his new build. Now ready to finish my Galactic Marine build which is almost done then onto an Animated Commander Wolfee.
  5. I'll post some pics on what I did to extend my Ab and kidney plate tomorrow when I have some better light.
  6. The best resource is getting in contact with your local garrison. I'm sure there are TKs there that woulg be more then happy to get you started. Don't get frustrated we all have been where you are now. A year ago I had no idea how to even start, I was afraid to get a Xacto even near my armor. Waiting for my armor I did alot of research and reading, and also contacted my local garrison. The Wisconsin Garrison TK expert Soldermaster was the first to talk to me, and was great enough to invite me to his home a day after Christmas. So I drove at the time 5 hours to get to him. He helped me start my helmet and a thigh. Now with the new found knowledge I went home and built and painted my armor in a month, nothing could stop me. Now I'm in the middle of building a Galactic Marine and a Sith Acolyte. Funny thing that summer my job took me to his town and now live next door to him.
  7. When it came to weathering my TKC I used several techniques. For the general dirty look I watered down black acrylic paint to about the consistancy of milk, same as you would for using in an airbrush for those of you that use airbrushes you would know the consistancey. I then used an apply and wipe tecnique. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First I used some sand paper and roughed up areas on the armor that I wanted scatches to be more prevailent, these scatches will realy show when you apply the watered down paint. I would also lightly hit my blue areas the same way. But what I did mostly with the blue painted areas was use a Xacto knife and add the nicks and scratches. For dents I just lightly heated up the intended area I wanted to add the dent with a heat gun, then used an object with a rounded end and gently pushed the end into the heated area to make the indent. I used a screw driver that had handle with a nice rounded end that worked great. After the dent was applied I then drybrushed the dent and surrounding area to simulate a blaster hit. Now back to the apply and wipe tecnique, I used a sponge to apply the watered down paint and then wiped the paint back up with a cloth, being sure to not wipe all of the paint up. very important when doing this make it look natural, don't wipe all in one direction but use a dabbing motion or circular motion. If you wipe in one direction it will just make your armor look streaky. I would suggest practicing on some spare ABS or the inside of your armor to get the look your going for. Acrylic paints are a water based paint, so it's easy to work with and no fumes so you can do it inside. When the paint dries it will stay on, even when my armor got wet or I'm cleaning it I've never had a problem with my weathering rubbing off. Hope this helps, Dan
  8. Looking good so far brother, keep it up! can't wait to see your future progress pics! Love my TKC!
  9. That is the correct trim, I used the same trim on my TKC.
  10. Thank you, I love my TKC in a sea of white it stands out, and people really love it. Sometimes you get mistaken for a clone... How I did the dents in my shoulder bells is very easy, all I did was use a heat gun and gently warm the area that I wanted to put the dent in and then used the end of a screwdriver that I had that had a nice rounded end on the handle and gently pushed it into the heated area to make the indent. You can use any item that has a rounded end, I just happen to have a screwdriver that I used. After painting and weathering the shoulder bell I then drybrused the dent and surrounding area a bit darker to represent the blast mark.
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