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  1. Ok, then wait and see what's happened. Thx for your answer and info as well. Cheers...
  2. Hey thanks...but that means that we have no costs for this new host?....or is that coupled to the "mother's side" (Legion Board)? Thx for your answer ...but this doesn't answer my question.
  3. Ola troops... I can't find the topic with the infos for the forum support ( $ for the FISD )....I have too much dollars Can anyone help me please?!? Thx in advance. Cheers...
  4. Hahahaha ...nice holiday pic, dude .....I wish you the same and to all Whiteys and their family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Cheers.......
  5. Hohohoh...I can only say....happy holidays and a happy new year
  6. Never too late, Hans.... Really cool group picture....especially the photobomb-guy top left. Bit off-topic...your given name sounds a bit german...what's your history? Big greetings from germany
  7. Woooohooo...what a great weekend....absolute great movie incl an awesome event with my 501st dudes ^^ New imperial standard helmets--->> This is me....I love my bikerscout ...This is for Daniel--->> Photobomb ^^ --->>
  8. Awesome pic, gmrhodes13 @ Mark: It will be
  9. Oh yeah...maybe here in this topic?...would be cool....I will post a few pics of my memories See ya
  10. Hey my fellow Stormie dudes.... I wish you all a lot of fun at the movie theatres.....enjoy it, guys I see the movie with my family as recently as at friday. ....and at saturday I have a nice TFA-troop in a movie theater with a lot of 501st buddys....and after the troop we see the movie again.... The nerdy live is awesome Cheers.....
  11. Woohooo...Juan goes whiteyyyyyy Great build, dirty...äääh cleany dude...well done Cheers...
  12. Puuuuh... I'm too busy to view here in this forum But better too late than never It was an awesome event...and of course...the opening show was totally great...what am I saying...it was a blast Thanks for the event report, Pat
  13. Mmmh..it's too much of a sci-fi motorcycle helmet and too little of the typically stormtrooper lineage. Changes are ok for over 30 years...but this is too much in a strange direction. Call me a fan of the old shool 'original' stormtrooper helmet(it's still always a bad an impolite person ) and maybe I'm a nagger...I can live with it. But it lacks something for me....
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