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  1. Most of the forum is open to anyone, no login required.
  2. Alright, I didnt' know that our CAPCHA key was not working with invisible capcha. I'll switch back to the older one. I made the change to lessen the amount of spammers.
  3. I'm willing to put an airsoft BB into my 2mm ABS TM if that helps. Just remember to not use the accurate but flimsy acetate for your eyes on the helmet.
  4. Indeed, various regional laws make it a mess. I could own a full auto AR-15 lower (which would be a machine gun in the US) without issues, but I can't own a barrel which is unregulated in the US but a firearm here.
  5. He means actual firearms. But forgets that the US is not alone in this world.
  6. Screen accurate builds since as early as 2010 at least, have been built without the shoulder-bicep strap.
  7. Ah, alright. Well perhaps more glue will keep them down. Otherwise I'm not sure. Hopefully you can reshape them if you try again. Perhaps this video has some tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4WKYsX6yak
  8. Hmm. Looks like two issues, yes they are a bit warped, but using cloth gloves wouldn't hold them down very well. Latex handguards more or less requires rubber gloves for the proper look and adhesion. When using rubber gloves it's important to use glove liners in cotton or lycra or it will get uncomfortable really quick.
  9. How warped are they? Got a picture? Latex is the more accurate alternative. But it is indeed stiffer. Silicone works well if you're going for an accurate but "idealized" look. Should you choose to stick with latex but worry they are coming of the gloves, some CA glue should work to hold them down.
  10. You should be able to find sheet aluminum in a well stocked craft / model making store. Or even large home improvement stores.
  11. I'm flattered and I'm sure your build turns out fantastic, but I had no part in those files. I've never done any CAD or 3D printing at all.
  12. Since your username is public, everyone knows what it is, and thus has 1/2 things they need to log in as you. All they need is to guess your password. Using the email which is not publicly shown, one would have to guess both the email and the password, making things much more difficult. It also brings us more in line with how "every other site" with a login works. Which is good in of itself. Consistency is good.
  13. Screen accurate to which suit? The video you saw might be looking at a different suit. Not all were assembled exactly alike. RS will build to match their original suit that they own though. I would have kept it as it was.
  14. I used my magic admin powers to impersonate you, and I could view every thread I tried. Do note that some sections of the forum are off-limits to you until you're cleared 501st TK.
  15. That is all highly individual and only you can know how much is enough by testing and testing again.
  16. Locitus

    Hovi-Mix Pa2 (TK mic tips)

    Original Hovi-Mix mic tips displayed by Dan_O. Images from Dan_O
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