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  1. To be clear, I never said the ab was TM. The thighs look more suspicious though. But it was a looong time since I was DO and spent serious time looking at armour details
  2. Looks a bit like a mix between TM and ATA parts but reworked and distorted due to the bad pulls.
  3. Those pulls look terrible.
  4. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. I have one of these from the first run. It's a beauty.
  6. Something like this should cover most use cases and not break the bank. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. I'm finding 23 HWT EIB in the database. They have numbers but they are shared with every other EIB.
  8. It would be. But the community at large, not just the star wars one, thinks recasting an original production piece is OK. Of course, some collectors disagree as it devalues their own collection but they are a minority. The issues pile up when recasting another recast like the CFO/JoeR in recent discussion or an original sculpt. CFO and JoeR worked together to mould and cast a production made helmet that JoeR owns. Community belief says only CFO and JoeR can say who gets to make additional copies of "their" casts.
  9. I for one, and I know others will be with me, are very grateful for the publication of those images. They have been instrumental in improving everyone's suits.
  10. Gotcha. My bad, I seem to have spoken too soon as I didn't go and read up. Sorry Mark.
  11. For what it's worth, staff didn't move it here. This is where Mark posted it. I also agree it's a shame a lot of newbies don't pay attention to this part of the forum. There's a lot of history here to learn from.
  12. INC is basically a ROTJ armour with an ANH helmet + various accessories.
  13. These are the ones I found at least. But coins haven't been very important to me. ;)
  14. You need to be 18+ to join 501st. But most garrisons have some sort of youth club for younger ones where you get to take part while not being a full member. But if you're considering a TK, regardless of if you're building it yourself or buying it pre-built - make sure that you've finished growing so that it doesn't get too small for you before you can join for real.
  15. Matt's problems have been attitude, actions and delivering the armor on time to those who paid. He screwed over a lot of people back in the day. Apparently you're a lucky one. Since you already got all the parts you'll be fine.
  16. Look for troopermaster. He's on the forum, on the recommended sellers list and on facebook.
  17. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/search/?q=TKUK
  18. CFO who replied above, as well as TM both make ROTJ armor and parts.
  19. This is usually decided on by your garrison.
  20. Unless it's an old FX style helmet, stat also came with a separate vocoder piece. A picture would help us identify the helmet if you don't know yourself.
  21. Crazy. Even more crazy that all of those posts are actually useful.
  22. Check the gallery for reference images.
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