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  1. edit. Mark is not the name of the person offering MTK kits. His name is mike, and he is trooperbay.
  2. I simply use 1/4" chicago screws for the canvas belt to plastic belt and for the holster. Everything simply comes apart with a flat head screwdriver. The snap and rivet idea seems nice, but the Chicago screws look just a tad bit better? I guess it's all up to our own personal ideas. Using a Chicago screw is as simple as punching a hole, and using a screwdriver!
  3. Looks great! I did a TM just recently but it's nothing like this masterpiece! This one is a modded ANOVOS. This one is almost like your original too! Not my build but it really shows what the stunts look like!
  4. I can make a fully aluminum ESB e-11. My info website is www.e-11blaster.com
  5. I know where you can get one! Bondservnt@aol.com
  6. I am still building armor and was wondering why I am not listed as an Attache' I was the person who originally suggested the program itself and I am disapointed that my designation does not show my status as an attache'


    please advise me of any changes, and I hope you can help.

  7. I wear this on my off duty uniforms and I kinda wish it was back on the website
  8. Hello sir, I have noted that my status on the forums has changed.  RE: attache'  I was wondering how I can get my status back as I am still building armor for troopers,and have not been active on the main FISD forum for a few months.


    Any help would be accepted.




    TK bondservnt 2392 still active and still an attache'



  9. TK bondservnt 2392 here. I miss the logo with the helmet and the 2 crossed E-11. can we have it back? This used to be at the top of the page? The FISD
  10. so proud of you!



    Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 11.54.23 AM - Edited.png

    1. gmrhodes13


      Why what have I done LOL

  11. I made this tutorial for general advice. Not to be confused otherwise
  12. there are posts here that I do not agree with, they post photos, and they are incorrect. please people don't just make a knee jerk reaction and paint the blaster with crinkle paint.
  13. I have only posted the wrinkled finish blaster as a ref to the magazine. I think it's best to ignore crinkle paint on e-11. sorry for the necro post. believe me people, crinkle paint is not on the e-11.
  14. Good job! Glad the TD tutorial helped!
  15. Very impressed overall for the adoption of this program. A resource much more helpful than just winging it into the EIB program! Kudos!
  16. photobucket just rasomwared all your photos.
  17. go to photobucket and download everything. then do massive updates to all your threads.
  18. I request the FISD logo be added to the top of the sight.
  19. I am running a signature that has been hacked. all my posts have hacked image tags that I cannot change. I demand the ability to modify my signature from my profile page.
  20. the graphic link provided to me by the e-11 blaster team has been changed to a broken graphic and I can not edit my forum signature.
  21. I cannot edit my signature. functionality LOST.
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