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    Stormtrooper costuming and building a strong Stormtrooper community for anyone interesting in building / creating this great costume. The goal is simple; expand the white armor to all those who ever dreamed of becoming of Stormtrooper. And if you ever loved Star Wars, you know you have!!


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  1. Wow damn. I haven't been on FISD for a while and a few of my TK's said "have you seen what Kevin is working on..." Amazing as ever Kevin. I do have one question for FISD staff - do you guys intend to pursue making the McQ TK concept as a 501st approved costume? Or will this be a treated as a nice addition to the FISD contributions to the costuming community. Thanks! Hey - that's me! http://stickerobot.com/blog/die-cut-stickers/cool-custom-die-cut-star-wars-stickers/
  2. Great pics and good to see the FISD banner still in use!
  3. Paul, a pleasure of starting FISD with you, serving as your XO and as DL. Welcome to retirement
  4. is impressed with new forum!

  5. Hey you might need a different avatar for this board
  6. Absolutely, that's why we appreciate your "stuff" so much!! The armor looks great! Hope you are feeling better chief.
  7. Nice photo Paul (and familiar flag
  8. Hi Michelle, When I went in '06 I had my armor driven down by a friend in the Garrison who had room in their car (and I flew). The car and crew I'm riding down with this time is pretty packed. But, we can likely bring your E-11 for you. Let me know.
  9. Hope I'm not too late. Paul, you have $$
  10. I'll be there. My current plan is to sport my swanky OSCS clone armor + Java 2 lid.
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