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  1. Hi folks,<br><br> Long time on here for me. Phew it's busy.<br><br> As some of you may remember I used to make my old 'flubble lenses'<br><br> Flat in the centre yet bubbled out wide.<br><br> They were very popular but when I moved over from the UK to Ireland I sadly sold everything.<br><br> Is anyone still making these lenses?<br> I often get asked am I still making them and I'd like to point people in the right direction other than saying no.<br><br> Thanks<br> John <br><br> PS: whoever it is owes me patent money lol
  2. Sorry Gents, no no new movements on this. I move to Ireland soon and will start a permanent job. Hopefully when I get settled I'll have a nice old shed/garage and start tinkering again. I've still got all my stuff and haven't thrown anything. Bottles are still here but sat in a box in the shed for now. I did make the rods and my take on the side detail I ddi try to make in a kit form so I could offer them to others but it's looking near on impossible to do it quickly. My apologies for taking so long on this, and my V2 eyes
  3. You've only got to look at the pulls showing the rest of the moulds to get a strong hint that's recasted. Most people who make moulds from scratch make everything nice and pretty and smooth, even the waste areas. those look like they've had something like plaster poured into them. Check out the ends of the bicep here http://htatinfo.wix.com/htat#!fotos/c60z
  4. The UKG has a mentor and armourer system. This is to help new members with builds and ensure a quality product at the end. Other garrisons may have this too. Check your local garrison for such a system or even the next armour party that maybe being held. If there isn't one, suggest it and join the garrisons forum
  5. I think GF helmets are quite small But it's hard work finding them anymore
  6. Just looks like Han's lid to me. Luke's had a very low brow but Han's didn't really
  7. Why don't you just sell your hasbro and go for a pipe blaster?
  8. also, seen as you're a member here, you can also visit and read this http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=375
  9. It's actually meant to be attached to the straps of the backpack
  10. He has a set ready to go as we speak for £900. I'll send you his details John
  11. Depends totally on the GML to be honest mate. I'd say he probably would get cleared. What garrison would he fall under? It's not the best, but historically awesome he could get cleared. Shouldn't be could He'd just not get the EIB stuff here. Very ironic twist to the flow of that suit if he doesn't
  12. Jon Berry and his GF from the UKG make ace Halo armour. I've sent him a PM for you I don't have a contact but I guess they'll be in the RPF or RPB His girlfriends name is Amy I think
  13. Sound advice That was the answer I was about to type myself
  14. Yes just notch out the lower section of the thighs mate. You could probably lower your calves too by opening up the ankle a little
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